Mar. 7th, 2014

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Know what i dont feel like doing... Homework and work orders.... Know what i gotta do anyway? Homework and work orders T_T lol.

It feels too cold to do anythinggg!

Homework done! On to my orders!! and laundry! woooo laundry.

In other news, hung out with Tyler today!!! It was really fun.. Went to Wendys and nerded it up at my house. Kristenn wish you were hereeee D;

So, I wrote a paper.

A brief history of Environmental.... uh... History

A really really long time ago... Everything was really hot, like, ridiculously hot. It was so hot that there was lava and explosive gasses EVERYWHERE.

Eventually, scientists say due to conduction, the hot-ness of lava flew out into space and left the earth. It is also theorized that the lava was sick of being hot and molten... and fired the hotness. Another theory is that the hotness really didn't care for the explosive gasses. It would have been quite stinky. The hotness, being sad over this, left the earth in search of something better, where it would be appreciated.

Either way, as the Earth cooled down, everything turned into liquid. The surface of the earth was afraid that the liquid would get sad like the gasses, and quickly formed a crust all the way around it to prevent the liquid from escaping. It was sort of like that crusty film that forms on top of the jello when you don't cook it right.

Even though the earth formed the crust, some of the crust started to crack. Some may say that the crust was under too much pressure from work. The liquid inside the earth saw this as a chance to escape! It believed in the heart of the cards and turned itself into a gas, like MAGIC. Perhaps the liquid was ending its lifespan and this whole shape changing thing was simply regression.

A lot of the liquid escaped its crusty prison, but was going to miss its friends. It decided to stay above the earth, only this time shapeshifted as clouds. Eventually when it missed its friends SO much, it would come back to the surface for a visit. Unfortunately, the earth was still really hot, so pretty much as soon as it got there, it was forced back into vapor again.

The liquid under the crust still thought this was extremely unfair of the crust... So the liquid and clouds formed a plot to cool the crust down. Eventually it worked, so when the clouds came down for a visit, they stayed for quite a long time. Eventually most of the clouds just stayed on the earth, and the crust was completely enveloped by water.

Of course, this was no longer fair to the crust, so the liquid inside the earth's core said "Hey, remember when it wasn't fair to you? It's not fair to the crust now." So the core pretty much turned super saiyan and pushed some of the crust to the surface so it would see the sky again.

For a time, everything was good. It was decently fair to all parties. It was so awesome, even magic started happening on the earth! Little collections of elements gathered and started moving on their own! Everything was great.

Eventually the heat of the earth was angry that it was previously fired by the earth. Nothing the earth did really provoked this random anger. It's possible that the big firey ball of gas several bazillion miles away stopped putting out so much light. Or some other planet was pissed at the earth, so it hurled a rock at it. What a jerk! The heat was SO upset that it formed an a strict dictatorship on the planet, with it as the leader. The heat decided to abandon its people.

Because of this, the liquid was FORCED AGAINST its will to shapeshift into hard ice. Of course, this was also stressful. The fact that the big bad boss of the earth was forcing this change on everyone for no good reason (profit, they say), caused the ice to eventually crack and start moving due to currents and all that. The ice carved its way through the crust that had moved to the surface, which really really hurt! This was a sad time for the earth. Everyone was hurting. Even the little moving elements struggled. Most of them stopped moving altogether.

Eventually the sun started putting out again, and the earth got to hold onto more heats. This made everyone happy! Everything warmed up again, and the ice got to melt, and the crust got to adjust to its new form, and even moved around to get comfy.

Ever since then, the sun maintains a fairly standard output of light and heat, so there hasn't been much unhappiness on earth for quite awhile. The little moving element bags have come back more than ever, and even play with the crust and the water on a regular basis.



~_~. It's funny, everyone think I'm so strong and everything.. and I tell them I'm a complete weenie, that it's ridiculous. Here's a glimpse into my weenie ness.. It pretty much doesn't show online though.

So, Cory was supposed to pick daniel up today, but he was sick, so he called in or something. I called Daniel to tell him he would either have to walk or call the bus.. but he wouldnt answer th...e phone....

I get all my crap around, rushed, forgot a bunch of stuff, wasted the day I had stuff to do at my house so I could pick him up. Called right before I left to tell him I was coming instead of cory... (He picked up this time)

I make my way in there, and he left a note that said "Walked."

So I'm steaming mad that i abandoned all my plans that day because he wouldnt answer the phone....

Turn computer on and try to find things to calm myself down.... Eventually I get calmed down... and I think I'm gunna be okay...

....Then I get a call from Tony (Daniel's co-worker). All my crap is in my bag, so by the time i dig out my phone, my answering machine had picked up. No message left. I call back, no answer.

GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS KIDS!? PARANOIA TIME!!!! Here's how my brain worked!

Wait. wasnt Tony supposed to work today? It's like 5pm. He's at work. Holy crap. Maybe he's calling to find out where Daniel is. If he didnt call in, itd be a no call no show. The managers dont have his new phone #, so they prolly asked him to call me and find out where he is. So... where is he!??? Was he mad at me for being mad at him for not answering his phone, and decide to run away? Maybe Tony didnt answer because he didnt want to get in trouble for being at work with the phone. I call Cory. no answer. WHY IS NOONE ANSWERING THEIR PHONES TODAY!???

I break down. I'm a slobbery, panic'd mess. I send cory an angry text to call me. He calls me soonish after. He thinks Tony does work today. Crap. This confirms it. There's no other reason he would call me during work. Daniel probably got hit in the road on the way to work and he's probably in the hospital or something, or maybe even dead already. I have to find out where he is..... or this isn't going to end.

Guess I'll have to call Walmart.... Or go in. But i dont like the phone... I could go in, I'm paranoid that most of them still hate me, and just bursting into the back doors a slobbery panic'd mess going "IS DANIEL ALIVE?" would seem really stupid... I know I wouldn't be able to hold it together to ask in a reasonable non stupid way.. The phone it is. I call. It's Carol (My friend who works with Daniel also). Thank God. She tells me that she saw daniel near walmart on her way in.... So he made it that far... and if he made it that far, he would have either 1 of 2 things..

1.) made it all the way in and is working like normal.

2.) Something could have happened to him on the short journey the rest of the way inside... BUT if this were the case, they would have called me or his grandparents, who would definitely have called me.. But i haven't gotten any call, besides that mystery call from Tony. Carol would have known about it, if someone got ran over in the parking lot, it would be all over the walkies to the coaches.

So option 1 is looking more likely at the moment.

This is how my brain works on nearly everything that happens, and I wish I could shut it off. I'm such a nervous wreck.. it sucks.

I'm gunna go in at lunch though and hug him and be glad that he's alive.


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