Jun. 24th, 2014

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So, had an ok time shopping today... Messed my foot up though, somehow... Hope its better after a nap!

So... On with the nap! Lol!

Got to bed at a reasonable hour last night (2). Off to the library today and maybe karaoke on second life!

What's Ridiculous Today!:

So, I want to buy a house! Sounds simple enough, eh? Well, I need some information on how to do so. Sounds simple enough too, right? Apparently not.

Original Stop - Pines: They sign me up for their healthymichigan insurance and whatnot. They tell me about HUD houses / Grants for first time home buyers. Sounds awesome! They give me a website to look at.

1st stop: The library! I'm not a fan of doing this stuff online, I want to talk to a real live person! The library has got to know EVERYTHING right? They're the library! The central hub of information! Turns out, they have no idea about where to go. Thanks, library.

2nd stop: Search the website, they say to go to the housing commission! Okay! Enough of this online stuff.

3rd stop: Post office. Hi, I cant find the housing commission, it's supposed to be around here.... Oh, it's in the basement of the apartment building across the street? How odd! Okay, thanks!

4th stop: Apartment Building. Oh, we only do rentals of apartments, no I don't know how to buy a house or know of anywhere to look. Uh, okay....

5th stop: Hmmmm... what now? Michigan Works? They should know about this sort of thing, right? It's how Michigan works! People get jobs to get a house! Okay, Michigan Works! What do you have for me? Call 278-SAFE? But that's a domestic issue hotline! That doesn't matter? Okay, I'll try it! Why not?

6th stop: 278-SAFE: Oh, you're ONLY domestic issues? Understandable. Those crazy people at Michigan Works! But you have someone to transfer me to that knows all about housing stuff! ok, great!

7th stop: The Transfer: You have no idea about housing stuff? How odd! That crazy person on the other line! Oh, you have 3 phone numbers for me to try? Great. They have access to every program in Michigan! Finally, I'll get somewhere today! 

8th stop: Department of Human Services. Oh, you've never heard of HUD houses or first time home buyer stuff? And you were rude to me and hung up on me? Screw you lady.

9th stop: Community Action Agency! They are closed. open 8-4. Okee dokey!

10th stop: Habitat for Humanity! They are closed. Open on Friday + Saturday only.

So apparently no one around here knows anything. I thought I would have learned and remembered that from my DOCTOR ADVENTURE a couple years ago.


Man, I cant believe these Nacirema people! lol


Did some karaoke online today...... and now I feel sick, LOL. Nerves!!!!!
Photo: Did some karaoke online today...... and now I feel sick, LOL. Nerves!!!!!


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