Jul. 19th, 2014

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5am! Cant sleep for some reason, so i shall tell the tale of our adventure log thus so far!

Thursday - 4hours of sleep for some reason! I woke up and couldnt get back to sleep!!

ayce steak with Jordan and daniel! Daniel ate 14 steaks... I had 6 i think. We prolly scarred jordan for life . 

We got an oil change and sat in the grass drawing kitties! Woo!!! Took a trip to goodwill and found starwars galaxies and a shirt and skirt that i think may make a nice wedding dress! 

We went home and watched impractical jokers for a lil while. I was pretty tired but couldnt sleep, so i cleaned house and played ragnarok a little w/ floating rates.

Friday morning! We stayed up since we had to get up early anyway... Went to daniels grandparents and sat down for an hour while they got ready. We took off and drove to ionia and got mcdonalds.... I was sooooo tired and was trying to sleep. I think i dozed off for 10mins or so. Took some pictures of the wind powered generators up here.... They were pretty amazing and very alien looking... Scary actually, like something from cloverfield.

DoZed off for prolly an hour or so. Got to daniels parents house. Took rowan to buy candy! Went back and watched him play this game called "dont starve". 

Headed for old country buffet. It was really good and we even made a milkshake! Im super stuffed at this point by the way! 

Went to goodwill and got some epic deals on some stuff. A car and home usb charger for $1, and 3 games for $2.50. Also found a neat overshirt thing that might be good for the wedding! Found a vest for daniel that might work if i make it a lil bigger! 

Walked at the mall. Found a spencers! Id never seen one before! It was like a pretty expensive hot topic w/ an adult section.

Looked. For a place to buy towels but couldnt find one 

Went to the hotel! Checked out the fitness room and went swimming a little. It was too cold so we went to the sauna.... I laid down in there and fell asleep, lol. Daniel did too.... We woke up when some guy came in, so we got out and sat in the hot tub for a few.... I was so tired i didnt care anymore... Some girl was flirting with daniel, it was funny . So we went back to the room. I laid down andddddd slept till 5! Woke up randomly.... Wide awake! Darn!

I think ill take a shower and maybe play a game till breakfast at 6:30.

Best hotel breakfast ever!
Photo: Best hotel breakfast ever!

My accent is appropriate to where I live .... only I don't say "Dont ya know", and I've never heard anyone say that in real life, lol

North Central

You have the classic North Central or Upper Midwest accent! You drink pop, frequently end sentences with "don't ya know", and you would never say "ya'll"! You say Mary, marry, merry all the same but you have no clue why someone would say "pen" and "pin" the same! Interestingly, this accent is the product of Scandinavian immigrants who settled in the northern Midwest. Your accent is unique. You just can't let anyone give you a hard time for it.... don't ya know?!
Which American Accent Do You Actually Have?
Do you say y'all or you guys? Have you ever heard of a "Roly poly"? Ever been to a "beer barn"? Do you drink cola, pop, or soda? Find out what American accent you have!


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