Aug. 19th, 2014

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ve been lucky this week. I hope it holds out and my class doesn't get cancelled.. We'll see in about 2 weeks. :|

I am ready to be DONE with this, and move on with my life!

this is my favorite of my beatles shirts
Photo: Ashley Hawkins - this is my favorite of my beatles shirts
There's this lady who is a cashier where I shop sometimes. She is a complete jerk - and just to me. She always says "Hello!~" and "Thanks for shopping with us~ Have a great day" to the people both in front of me and behind me. This particular place has a greeting and thanking script that people are supposed to say.

To me? She says not a word. If I'm lucky I'll get a "thanks",

I avoid 99% of the problem by not going through her line.

Sometimes, though, she is the only cashier, and I Have no choice. Usually at that point, I will put my things back, and come and get them another day. Somedays I have the last of an item, and/or I need it that day, and I have no choice.

Today was one of those days. I gained all the guts I have and went through her line.

Old guy in front of me: "Thanks for shopping with us! Have a great day!~"

Me: "*Chews gum loudly* 11.42. Thanks, have a good day"

Lady behind me: "Helloo~ How are you doing today?"

Screw that lady. She shouldn't be in customer service. What the heck is it about me that makes her be a jerk?? I've never had a confrontation with her, I never complained about her, she just decided to be a jerk to me for no reason. I wonder if it's because I'm young, or I'm fat, or I look a little different.

I have no idea how to resolve this problem. I should just call her boss one of these days and tell her not to discriminate greetings and thanking, especially when they have a script they have to follow.



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