Sep. 13th, 2014

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Legs are sooooo sore! That's what I get for doing nothing for 4 days, lol.

LOLOLLOLOLOLOL My school.. just keeps getting funnier... Here's another email i got: "Hello, The cards have been disabled for a few years. The reason is that each card requires a drive letter. We use C, D and E already for the operating system and the CD-ROMs. We use the I drive for a network purpose and the L drive for applications. If the readers where enabled they would steal the drive letters that we need for students to be able to access their documents and for the computers to run correctly. Because of this the card readers are not enabled at any campus. The front desk at Hillsdale campus now has external SD card reader that can be plugged into any of the computers so that those students who can’t bring their cable or camera to campus can still access the information on their cards, that may be needed for class. The Solution Center on Central Campus has these available for students to use as well. If you are anyone else you know needs to be able to use these at the other campuses please let us know and we will make sure they have access as well." Here's what I said: "I've never had an issue in the past with drive letters not showing up with card readers when they were working... The front desk at Hillsdale said they didn't have any external card readers, didn't know anything about them not working, and told me to call the solution center. The solution center asked me which computers they werent working in, and that they would send in a work request. I'm curious though, if they have been disabled for several years now, why does everyone act as if they had no idea this was happening? It seems rather odd....." I AM SO.. SOOOOOOO fed up with this poor excuse for a school.. This is literally the most insane thing....

It seems like everywhere I turn, everyone has been having a bad few days lately.... even people that I know that are normally VERY happy friendly people seem to be upset... I've been feeling it myself since June... It's weird how this all happens at the same time.... Either way, for everyone that is having a rough time, I hope you all feel better soon ^-^ <3 <3 <3


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