Oct. 13th, 2014


Oct. 13th, 2014 11:54 pm
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"For my birthday, I want alllll the kitties in the world! :D"
-me to Daniel!



Went to the dentist today. Thought it was going to be fairly stress-free as it always is. (I dont have an issue with dentists)
The girl was new to me.. was extremely rough on my teeth, felt like she was deliberately drilling holes in them with her little metal pick thing. I was bleeding like crazy, way more than the normal little bit...
Afterwards, we did x-rays, since I hadn't had any since 2011. The machine was new, very stress free, and way easier than the old method of x-rays.
In 2011, they said my wisdom teeth were doing fine, coming in perfectly, and that they were essentially "perfectly shaped and aligned". It made me happy. I've never had an issue with my teeth - ever.
We went back into the room, the other dentist stated one of my wisdom teeth had a cavity because it was "sharp"... Huh?
She said 3 of my wisdom teeth are fully in, and 1 hasnt even started popping down.
She looked at my teeth herself and proclaimed "I love your wisdom teeth... They all have to come out"
Shocked, and with metal in my mouth I go "WHA?"
She says there's "not enough room for them" Which made me confused. She said they are all in place 'cept the one.. there's enough room now, why wouldn't there be later? And even so, why would the bottom two have to come out, if they are finished and aligned fine right now?
She said this was serious, and that they had to come out within 3 weeks, that I couldn't wait.
She said the one bottom one (which is already in place) is going to hit my jawbone. (why? It's in place, why would it?)
I dont understand. They don't even hurt. They aren't pushing my teeth together.. Why would I get them all pulled for no reason?
Obviously, i was upset, and bawled on the way home. (bad, i was driving...)
Cory said that they wanted him to get all of his out too... and his haven't even started coming down yet.
They referred me to this place in Jackson.
TBH, I feel like they want referral money... asking people to get their wisdom teeth out for no reason.
I had a psychologist do this to me once.. She said I was Bipolar, and referred me to this place in Marshall... The Marshall lady did nothing but talk to her kids on what they were going to have for supper on the phone during our 10 minute "sessions" and ask how my mom was doing. (which, she was dead, so.... not well.)
I can't trust anyone these days, not even the dentist. :'(

Also, fiverr is having a free sample thing


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