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Birthdate:Nov 9
Location:United States of America

It's 2017. I'm old now. Holy shit. Anyway, so the internet hates smilies now, so I guess I'll get rid of most of them. The internet also calls them "Emoji" now, but I refuse to conform. I'm mean and bitter in my old age. Get the fuck off my lawn. Guess I was right when I hated everyone when I was 14. But for a brief time, I didn't. Maybe I'm discovering my true identity at long last. I've discovered that I've developed sarcasm to go along with my jaded bitterness. That happened early on. I remember all of the good jokes and puns that I've seen online in my life and repeat them offline. I get popular, I get fucked over, I hate everyone even more, repeat.

As much as everyone "hates labels now", I identify, not only as an potato attack helicopter, but as a bisensual (Bi Asexual!). I don't care whats in your pants, and I will love you no matter what IS in your pants. (Even if it's a bow tie noodle)

I've been married for 4 years, together for 7 years to my hubby Daniel. We met at work, and well, if you're interested in the story, it's in the journal. Long story short, we're both weird as FUCK, and decided to be forever alone together. He's a dick sometimes, and I'm a bitch sometimes, but we're both okay with that because we can always lay on the floor and meow at our cat loudly. We're both our first gf/bf in real life, not counting my escapades as a whore online. (I did meet one of them IRL, but it was a pretty platonic thing.) We are a rarity, waited till our wedding night for TEH SECKS. YAY FOR NOT GOING TO HELL OR SOMETHING~ (At least not for that) We're also both nonreligious. Daniel is into politics, I personally, feel like it's a waste of time.

We currently have 2 cats, Nessie and Stripey. Stripey lives with my dad because she's a useless cat. Nessie hates the world and will only respond to "Kitten". I have a bunch of guppies, a crapton of snails, and a couple sucker fish. I used to have a lot of exotic pets, like ghost shrimp, fiddler crabs, show rabbits, silkworms, etc. I can barely take care of myself these days, so I don't need any exotic pets anymore.

We bought a house (and a car) last year, and with it came a shit ton of wild cats. Wheezy, Mr. Biff, George, Fluffy Margaret, Mama Margaret, Margaret 3, Cutie, Baby Don, Leo, Raph, Max, Fluffy Max, Blackie, and a ton more. When we first moved in, Nessie was afraid of the ceiling fan. It wasn't on or anything, but when she looked up and saw it, she would freak out. She currently no longer has any beef with the fan.

In my spare time, I clean house, do laundry and try to "veg" out with Netflix or something. We have never paid for TV, and since I moved out in 2010, i've had to get creative with my choices.

Who I was and who I am now:

I used to be a facebook addict, but upon getting fucked over at the wrong time, wrong place, wrong people, wrong way, I became very bitter and temporarily disabled it for a week really childishly to see if anyone even would notice me being gone. I went from posting on average, 20 posts a day, to 0... and only one person who didn't have a "FB checker" thing asked what was wrong, and that was someone I didn't even talk to much. HAH. Fuck em all. I've always only ever been a friend of convenience. Where's the people emailing me asking what I'm up to? Not asking me to hang out, but just showing up with pizza and saying "We're hanging out, bitch!", someone who tells me their secrets and heartbreaks and crushes and daily adventures? No where. I'm just around if someone needs a ride or something. I'm done trying to be friends with anyone. I long so hard for a "best friend" to be conjoined at the hip with, so I'm focusing on Daniel and our house. Hell, we're gunna MAKE some new friends. Ones that can't run away, ones that HAVE to love me. *DISTURBED LAUGHTER* BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA~~~~

Anyway, So I'm trying to get off FB, and back onto LJ... where I don't have anyone that regularly reads my stuff either... but eh, at least I don't have to censor my posts because people are being babies about being OFFENDEDDDD or some shit or whatever.

I used to be extremely shy and with anxiety issues and paranoia issues. I still am, but I'm better at hiding it now. I still have issues with greetings and hanging out outside of work.

I used to like to draw. I went to school for graphic design. I haven't drawn for myself in a very long time. Does that still count as an interest? When I can only draw for others, and rarely at that? I'm not sure. So, in conclusion - I used to like to draw.

I used to like to play video games. I don't much anymore. Most of everything I try these days sucks big balls. It's tough to get me to play older stuff too... so I just collect them instead. Yes, I totally dropped $160 on Magic Knight Rayearth and Shining Force III... but have never played them. Oy. It's sad that the games I play most now are just stupid idle clickers on my ipod.

I used to like anime. I don't watch much anymore. Most of everything I see has sucked. *COUGH* new Berserk *COUGH*. The last/newest 2 animes I really enjoyed were Acchi Kochi and Toradora.

I used to like making websites. I started doing it when I was 9. I eventually graduated to CSS and some PHP. They were all personal or fan websites. No one cares about fansites anymore, so why should I? Wikipedia ruined my fanbase. I have a website for my PC business that has never had a client off of the website. My 'friends' don't think of me when their PCs need work, even though I do it for free. They'll run off to some PC clinic and pay out the butt instead. Guess if I don't have an actual store, then I'm useless. *shrug*

I used to like making games. I made my first one when i was 14 - a Hamtaro game on BYOND. (as well as a few other BYOND games) I'm working very slowly on a couple action-rpgs right now, but I've barely touched them in years.

I like to teach... occasionally. Some people that genuinely want to learn things are fun to teach. I haven't done it much though. I've also taught people that didn't want to learn... not as fun. I do enjoy training new people at work. It's interesting to me how their thought processes are different than mine. It's also mine blowing when I say "Put 6 shirts up, then a hook, then 6 shirts on that hook, then a hook on that hook"... and they refuse to use any hooks and have a giant line of shirts, or they'll put like 2 shirts then a hook, or something else. Are they that retarded? Who knows! But it's slightly entertaining to me either way.

Dislikes: Mean people, People in general, Rampart sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Theft, Racism, Discrimination, Bright colors that hurt my eyes, lights on when they aren't needed, People obsessing with how they look, guys with short hair, Blue screens of death, Computers freezing, 80 billion PHP errors, motorized vehicles, idiots running this country, idiots teaching in schools, stupid people taking advantage of shy people, saliva (not the band, the spit), dirty things, sickness, disease, pain, breakups, non loyal non polyamorus partners, lust, most porn, Dead computer batteries, edible plants, dogs, situations in which pain may occur, sharp objects, ants, excessive amounts of homework, people who lie to their best friends because they're too embarrassed to admit their true lustful desires but they randomly tell everyone else and their cousin them, people who claim me as a friend then never contact me again, people who are prejudiced against others because of things they like (Pokemon in the past), the feeling of leather, sluts, hos, short shorts, short skirts, people who make fun of people for shopping at walmart, people who shove their religion down others' throats, cheaply made houses, having to shave, death, being a female, being ignored by parents, having parents worship their little brother who's a spoiled brat, dead things, slimy things, things that break down easily, aspartame, necroplegics (LOL), funerals, awkward situations, social situations, working in groups with stupid people, video commercial assignments, discrimination of age, spoiled Crisco that has turned light green, guys'boxers, being tickled, long fingernails, human blood, movies where icky stuff happens like arm gets chopped off, needles, whiny little brothers, forks, frozen chocolate that you can't break apart, fruity chocolate, fighting, disagreements, anger, lack of money, the government, the economy, broken dishwashers, toilets that hate me, puberty, molting, bones, bright lights, driving, potentially dangerous situations, people borrowing things, people giving me things, expensive artist paint, paint drying in brushes, cat puke, cat poop, dog poop, skunks, large potentially dangerous animals, bugs, mosquitoes, flies, horseflies, bees, rabbit poop, poop in general, bad nacho cheese, slow computers, rust, rusty spoons, dirty silverware, sheets that dont stay on, being cold, cold in general, people who deliberately destroy the environment, batteries that die instantly, expensive things, the lack of any girls' shirts with sleeves, lack of non short shorts for girls, jeans, holes in shirts, holes in jeans, holes in pants, never being able to find something you like again, fashion designers with no sense, discrimination, disk read error, country music, rap music, bad music, excessive swearing to starngers, people erasing your save states, disks getting scratched, buffer underrun errors, games with bad battle systems, games that have a learning curve of about 6545 hours, games for consoles that are strictly online only, computers coming with crappy video cards, computers with stickers on the outside of them that lie about the inside of them, cd burners quitting, dust, cigarettes, cigarette smoke, perfume, cologne, thick accents, waking up before noon, insomnia, lies and the lying liars that tell them, inefficiency, lazy people, wasting time, cleaning house, putting laundry away, doing dishes, putting dishes away, cleaning the cat box, snow

Interests (150):

3ds, ^_^, acchi kocchi, aim, animals, anime, art, asexual, beanie babies, biking, bisensual, black, books, bunnies, candy, card captor sakura, cardcaptors, carmel kisses, castle in the sky, caterpillars, catgirls, cats, cheese, chicken burgers, chii, chobits, chocolate, clannad, coco krispies, collecting, computer graphics, computers, cranberry, culture, ddr, dears, dorks, dragon ball, dragon ball z, drawing, drawing anime, drawing manga, dream pillows, dreamcast, ds, dvds, ebay, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, flcl, flowers, food, g4, game boy, game cube, game gear, gelato, granola bars, grapefruit, haku, hamtaro, howl's moving castle, html, hugs, ice cream, insanity, internet, japan, japanese, kfc, kisses, kitties, kiwis, lightning bugs, lj, love, love hina, luna online, macaroni and cheese, manga, mashed potatoes, microbead pillows, miyazaki, mmorpgs, money, mp3s, mr. clark, music, nachos, naruto, nerds, nice people, nintendo, painting, paranormal, php, physics, pie, plants, platonic relationships, pokemon, pokémon, pop, ps1, ps2, ps3, psychology, purple, pusheen, rabbits, ragnarok, reading, rpgs, sailor moon, science fiction, sculpturing, sega, sega genesis, sega saturn, sierra mist, sociology, space operas, sparkly things, spicy chicken, spirit tales, spirited away, studio ghibli movies, stuff, surveys, tacos, teaching, techno, thunderstorms, toradora, training, trickster online, video games, walks, weird al, weird shit, wendys, wii, wiiu, writing, xbox, xbox 360
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