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Guess whoooo

Rinmaru games


Sep. 2nd, 2014 03:15 am
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I tried typing with my nose on my phone and i did surprisingly well.
My class starts tomorrow.....


Bart & Margaret my adopted babies!

Bulbasaur eating a donut


Aug. 22nd, 2014 10:46 pm
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Photo: Finished for the most part! :3

Is anyone interested in going to used food store with me today?

Whyyyy is the giver not playing anywhere??? It just came out! ):

Had like the crappiest day ever... Anxiety over several things kind of took over my brain.

Lotsa tears and even an awkward hug from a stranger.

Luckily not too many customers today, so i held it together halfways decent.

The past 2 months have really took a toll on me... Its not just in my head, gained 15lbs as well. (This is pre-cake LOL. Its why i say i dont need to mess any up!)

I an hoping with all of my might that when my last class is over... 90% of all this will be done. 

Sick of worrying and being embarrased. Wish theyd find some meds that just calms my mind instead of panic attack.

Just wanna move on and grow up...


Aug. 5th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Jul. 26th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Just a general how to of how to make some artz in Photoshop & Illustrator.

No actual art making~
Just so all my electronics buddies know - iPod Touch 16GB NOW comes with a front AND back camera!

But as far as I know, no way to tell which models have it, and which dont.

Thanks, Apple. :|
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+9005 brownie points if you get the song reference 
Photo: +9005 brownie points if you get the song reference :3
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Drawing forr this girl at work!! it looks way better irl
Photo: Drawing forr  this girl at work!! it looks way better irl

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I am NEVER going to finish this bloody project.... Im having so much problems with Domain/DNS and I cant find anyone that can help me

Photo: Love this!<3 - The Thinking Woman's Website For Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Baby <3

I figured it out. I'm in love with space opera!

All my favorite shows + movies on this list!

Red Dwarf, Stargate, Fifth Element, Lexx, Titan AE, Firefly, Serenity 

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You HAVE to watch this - I laughed out loud. Only 25 seconds. Thanks ~ Made my afternoon! Follow me !
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Meh.. Got my alumni letter today and it kinda makes me sad... They were boasting about how my school is the school of choice and it's so big an has so many epic things and it's the best thing in the whole world....

Yet I have irreversible scarring from what people did to me there... Which the lady who WROTE that article knew about, and was supposed to fix, but just kept saying "we'll talk to them".. I know prolly most people didn't have an issue with their time there.. But I just feel kinda depressed when I read that sort of thing.... What other kids are in the same boat I was in? Ones close to suicide or something? How is that the school of choice?

I try not to think about it... Oh well. Travis helped me through the last couple years. My Filipino hero!!! 

Photo: Haha

Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.

Spot frikking on, lol.

You Are The 1960s

You are a liberal minded, progressive, and caring person. You believe in love. You appreciate the dynamic days of the 1960s, when people truly wanted to change the world. You believe in justice and equality for all. You can't rest until everyone in the world is treated fairly. You are willing to stand firm for what you believe in, even if no one else is standing with you.
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Photo: so i always post depressing stuff, eh?HAVE AN EXPLODED TOASTER >:D

Photo: Henry Ford got it.Thanks to Rising Up in Retail

Photo: I got up too early today.


Dragon Faucets -
Photo: Dragon Faucets -
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In my ventures of doing lets plays.... someone asked me to do one on Flappy BERT. Yes.. Bert... like Bert n Earnie Bert...Lol,

s' not done... but yeah.
Photo: s' not done... but yeah.


Feb. 17th, 2014 07:01 pm
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To my magic buddies.. This girl has EXCELLENT customer service on ebay! Check her cards out!

Alright guys, I have a request! You get some free g00ds out of it!

1.) I want to draw one of your trickster characters (or from another game)
2.) I want to draw one of your IRL pictures as an anime character.

Someone PM some pics to draw! (No n00ds this time though unfortuantely xD)


Jan. 4th, 2014 10:09 pm
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Hung out with Andy, Tony and Daniel for like THREEEE DAYYSSS  Had fun! 

It's been like, 7 years since anyone spent the night.

This is where the last 3 hours of my life went.... Lol
Photo: This is where the last 3 hours of my life went.... Lol

Photo: "Paint me like one of your French cats."  George Takei


Dec. 21st, 2013 06:23 am
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 Ghost Picture! XD


Photo: Cory Newberry's Ghost Picture! XD


1 (585) 666-3714

Catching Fire!
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Photo: Project for skewl.

So, I'm wondering why everyone and their mom wants beats audio headphones. Why would a kid want to spend all of their Christmas money on a $300 pair of headphones?

I've never looked at my $15 headphones and thought to myself "I wish I had better sound quality".


Must try this someday!
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Seriously, I don't get it! Seems like every day I find new people that delete me as a friend. Why would anyone do that without talking to me first? It's like saying "Hi, I don't care about you anymore, plus I don't want you seeing what I'm up to anymore"

Then it makes it incredibly awkward when you meet them offline. It's kinda like I feel like I have 3 choices... "Hi, So, you don't want to talk to me anymore, I guess. But Hi.?" or "*Ignore because you probably don't want to talk to me anymore" or "Hi, everything is fine and dandy I guess?"

I don't get people! 

 I don't think I've ever unfriended anyone but 1 person, and that was for a VERY good reason...

Makes me wonder who's next? Makes me wonder... who is it that really is interested in socializing with me? even if it's just through FB comments....

It's pretty depressing. Lol. Daniel will never delete me! Cuz he doesn't have one, lolol!

weirdest picture i've ever been asked to draw, i think o_o
Photo: weirdest picture i've ever been asked to draw, i think o_o

Also, for Shane, if he'll ever talk to me again.

Photo: Show this to Shane! xD


Oct. 18th, 2013 11:30 pm
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I was asked to draw something weird... We'll see it tomorrow :O
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Work was terrible. I don't know if I'm even going back. They talked about me within hearing distance, made fun of me, ridiculed me, and even hit me in the head today. I cried almost the whole day... They refused to listen to me when I said we were out of tea, when I asked if I should have the customer pull forward.. then they ask me why I didn't ask them to pull forward! When it was time to clean up, instead of teaching me how to do things, they wouldn't talk to me, or tell me what to clean up, so I kind of just stood around, and cleaned the walls. (which never gets done, so they were pretty dirty, but noone told me to do it)

I told them that I suck at drive through, because I cant understand any of the customers! I watch TV with subtitles on because I don't have an easy time comprehending what things are being SAID to me. When I'm face to face with people, I can at least sort of read their lips. When it's over a crappy intercom, and having to do 53464343 things at once, and then dealing with people being mean to me.... it just was NOT happening.

Then they had the balls at the end of the day to tell me i did a good job. BULL SHIT. They asked me if I clocked out... I said No, so i went and clocked out and left. We usually all wait for eachother to leave the store together, but i said SCREW it, I am NOT being PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY beat up and sticking around any more....

Dealing with lazy people at Walmart is better than dealing with MEAN teenagers.

I'm sick of people, and its too depressing! It took me a year and a half to get a job, walmart didn't want me back.. all those places didn't want me either.. I'll call another fast food place that was interested in me.. If not, then I'm frikking done, I'll be a hobo if that's the only thing I'm good at, I guess. *sigh*


So, I decided to play IRL Harvest Moon this year.... Here's what I got. I managed to grow some really nice big worms! I'm so glad I got them some awesome potato food that enabled them to grow nice and healthy!

Also my huge tomato plant.


In other news... I called someone back about a job.. "Shes with someone from corporate right now, and he's literally walking out the door, I'll have her call back in just a moment"

This was... of course.. 1/2 hr ago. I have stuff to do today. Places to go, people to not see, pictures to take for an insane teacher who changes the assignment AFTER it's due.

I don't have time for this!!! 


Guess who's still waiting for that phone call, 3 hours later? This girl! 

Luckily, i foresaw that I was going to be blown off. (Isn't it neat how I've got that all figured out now?) and did my shopping and photography homework while waiting.

Daniel looks sooooooooooooooooo cool here xD

Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.


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