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Who am i kidding? The closest thing i can do to "doing nothing" is cleaning the whole house and doing orders LOL
Photo: Who am i kidding? The closest thing i can do to "doing nothing" is cleaning the whole house and doing orders LOL
Photo: ....what!?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo... well they haven't made anything mind blowing in quite a few years 


Jul. 17th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Today was... ...well, interesting! Shar helped me out a TON, like, without you, I may have cried. xD

Tonight, I'm going to clean the whole bathroom, and I think I might buy a new shower curtain / bath mat. I'll have to see what they've got at Walmart. I kind of want to get a custom one with a drawing on it... but ehhhhhh they're like $25+.

THEN I'm on a quest today for Sangria from Taco Bell. It may kill me in the end, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT... maybe. :x

Tomorrow, we have an all you can eat steak challenge (JORDAN  you better be there!), a free slushie, and perhaps some Geocaching with Tyl0r before getting ready for Saginaw trip to see Daniel's parents.

I shall leave you guys with a steak!

Just in case you're from the 90s....
Photo: Just in case you're from the 90s....

A great website with real life stories. Great if you like NPR / This American Life!


Somebody, Plx.

I need this! D;
Photo: Somebody, Plx.I need this! D;

I need this turtle too!
I AM a dinosaur! 
Photo: I AM a dinosaur! <3

WOO! I won a drawing at the safety party at work for a bag! 
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I think the power just went out o.O;;

Pineapple gives me super strength!!! Maybe...

Or just helps ward off the scurvy.

"Ill clean house while youre at work today!"

Yeah right! 
Photo: "Ill clean house while youre at work today!"Yeah right! :P

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Cleaning house time~ what else? Lol...


Feb. 18th, 2013 10:13 am
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Best movie I've seen since Juno (2007!) It's about time, Hollywood. XD

Cleaning, cleaning..

Guys supposed to come look at my computer within a few days.. and by "look at" i mean "hope he replaces" XD

Making Chicken~ anddd listening to the smexi guy known as Ira Glass 


Nov. 27th, 2012 11:33 pm
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Focus group opportunities in Michigan. Including: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Flint.
" This might be interesting..."

"Is anyone good with cars? Please look at this to see if you can help Daniel out..

In other news... was at my house all yesterday and last night.. had a lot of fun cleaning my room, hanging out with cory, and for once in a very long time, felt normal and relaxed. I actually got kind of emotional, because it's been a long time since ive been able to feel relaxed at home by myself :x"

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Me and daniel cleaned a lot yesterday and today. Ive been feeling great too ^_^

Went into see carol yesterday too. We watched Being John Malkovich (Prolly spelled wrong xD) and it was def, interesting. Wonder why i havent heard of it before o.o;

Went to goodwill, checked some stuff out.
We tried Mancinos, i got the chicken alfredo, and it tasted like walmart alfredo -__-. But their garlic cheese bread was AMAZING. We tried the Tuna sub too. Daniel said it was better than he expected, esp. for warm tuna. I thought about the same.

Hopefully tomorrow will continue to be an awesome day. I am missing this energy ♥
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We, the undersigned call on Microsoft to give us a choice between the Start Menu and Start...

Please everyone share! We want Windows XP 2! Not Windows "Withlessfeaturescrappydesignlowproductivity""

"‎"It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.""

"So whos going to the library party in 2 hours with me?

Anyone? ;_; plx?"

Went to my counceler today. Again, he sees nothing wrong with me (somehow)... Went to the hospital. Maria took my blood.

Went to wendys, got some spicy nuggets ♥

Well.. library party. Let me see..
I Brought along my spirit friends (IE: Tuvi Andrea Tuvebrant and Lynn Rabaut ♥ )

The food was cold, nothing was marked, had no idea what was going on where..

Seemed like people were wandering around telling specific groups of people where each activity was going to be..

And of course, because i was by myself, noone bothered to say a word to me, like they always do.

I looked at every single book on 2 floors of the library, wasting 2 hours... lots of awkwardness time... Before i had it, and left.

Went to dollar tree and got some stuff we needed.. went to goodwill, and walked out with nothing (First time EVER! XD)

Time to finish off Puella Magi Madoka Magica.. and clean house with my kitten. :P

</unfortunately socially awkward>
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"I dont care how early it is! *Decorates for Christmas*

*Blares Christmas music* xD"


Oct. 26th, 2012 09:29 pm
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"Ok, soo spoony was raving about how awesome the movie audition is ( )

And it honestly was terrible. Boring. Long. Gross, and weird. :'("

"Corys off to his first day at work... *so proud*

wish i could be there with them though :/"

"Trying to do a bit of cleaning... Gave kitten her flea pill. Hopefully will be rid of the fleas. She knocked over my christmas ornaments though and shattered some of them >:/

Sorting items out into corresponding boxes to look much neater.

Got an awesome Sewing machine cabinet that came with a free sewing machine inside :D

felt weird all day yesterday and today. In addition to the weird "Chest freezes" my left leg feels like.. it has bubbles fizzing on it o_O and it's really sore in one spot. Sometimes it feels stabby."


Please follow the following steps:"
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"Daniel is my hero! There was a big bug and he mushed it :D"

"I think my vacuum is gender confused. It thinks it's a "Moveeverythingaround" :(
Cleaned the hair from the brushes, and the filter has been cleaned, but no luck.

Does anyone have a vaccuum for sale? x_X or even a broken one that we might be able to fix?


Carol <3

May. 12th, 2012 04:32 am
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"Ok got some Prilosec. I hope this works.. >____<"

"me and daniel went to the "swap meet" which was really "Really big place with a ton of car stuff for sale".. and it was very boring. Luckily, we go in free. Then we went to Burger King and got shakes :D

Plan to go to Carol's later when she gets home, give her her mothers day present<:3"

"Reorganizing PC + 360 games when SMASH, the PC games and the metal case falls 2' onto my head.

Lumpy head, CHECK!

Anyway, I went to see Carol today ♥ Her grandkids are hilarious xD"
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"You know it's gunna be a good day when it's 8am, and you've spent the last 11 hours cleaning house xD We listened to Catching Fire audiobook while cleanin. (well, him playing video games, but meh xD)

Gunna hang out with Travis Roderick today~ Possibly going antiquing. Laundry, and a much needed nap later. xD"


"and my car wont start. awesomeness."
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I duno why..

But the clutter in my room is REALLY freaking me out.

Since i'm not sick anymore (WOOT) i have the energy... to..


*Cleans closet out like MAD*
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I got a lot cleaned

a lot washed.

a lot organized.

I wanted to work on my lion or cat... but meh~

didnt get there XD

also side note


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one thing that having a job has done

has made me wanna clean more on my days off

ive dusted a ton of stuff

and washed my blankets

and cleaned out here



Apr. 26th, 2007 02:46 am
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So.. the last time i slept for the night was 2pm... on Tuesday....

Since then i slept for like an hour today on the couch..

and i dont feel tired..

I went on a cleaning spree and cleaned my room and corys clothes...

>.< and reorganized some stuff and my tapes..

and i watched perfect hair forever again... and started making a list of our live action PHF things..


i watched some of the party tape for my 16th bday with shane<3 with DRAGON BALL Z TURDLE! haha

and also i was looking up 4th dimention crap.. look at this website....

it gives a super good analagy and its easy to understand about it.. its a speculation about the 4th dimention.

I <3 looking into stuff like this.. i think about it and its so.. uncomprehensable.. and i go into a daze DX

ok yeah so......................

i have a chikan sandwhcih.. and i dont know what to do >.
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Ok so last night i was cleaning my god damned room and cory made me stay up till 5 flippin arse AM because HE WANTED TO PLAY THE SNES.... and we couldnt do it till i hoooked my TV back up correctly.. it took a bit to get it all fixed... so i pushed the tv back where it goes... and i had to clean the crap off of my bed... and by then my right leg hurt SO EFFING BAD i couldnt move it... luckily i was on my bed so i didnt have to go far.. and if you push on the tenden down there... it hurt like there was no tomarrow.. so i got the covers on and started to go to sleep..

Then cory was like.




Cait: "FINE. get it out.. ill look at it.."

then he gets it out..

Cait: "Oh yeah.. it hooks into the same thing the NES does.."

so i quickly plugged the shit in... and hes like "CONTROLLERS"

and im like "ControlerSS???" and hes like "yeaaahhh"

Cait: "Um,... im not playing right now.."


Cait: "theres a controller in that box right now............... get that one and practice whatever.."

so he looks

Cory: "I CANT FIND IT.."

Cait: "ok.."

so he goes into my closet and gets another controller out...

he gets donkey kong 2 out.. puts it in... plays it for about a total of 3 minutes.. and turns it off..


but then i wentt o sleep...

at some point during 5am-12am someone decided to WAFT the smell of NASTY WOOD into my room... which pissed me off... then dads like "r j0 guna sl3p al dey?" and im like "YES."

so i get up.. at like noon... and corys at the computer.....

and dad says "I need a menu printed out"

so corys drawing the shittiest.... BOXES in paintbrush thats possible.. and im like "Ok.. Up"
so cory cries and stomps off.. closing his thing and saying "FINE. FINE. FINE."

so i go to look for the one isaved.. and apparently it died.. cuz the only one i could find was the small ones... so i printed them off.


cait: "....ok..."

so i get on iphotoplus 4 to get a calander on there.. and its like "INSERT CD TO CONTINUE" so i do and its like "IM A FAG I WONT DO IT ANYWAY" so i downloa the calander fix thing after goin to 490490534 sites... and its like "IM A FAG I WONT WORK FOR YOU HAHAHHAHA"

so i gave up... and just made another one on works.. and printed it off.. and i give it to dad.. and hes out there... DRAWING one.. and im like "you just WASTED your time!! you KNEW i was making one!!!" and hes like "so?" and corys like "MROWASF" so im like... ".....cory..just calm that ass down.." he says "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *STOMP STOMP* FIIIIIIIIIIINEE STOMP WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH STOMP" and im like "JUST QUIT DEMANDING ME TO DO THINGS. JESUS CHRISTTTTTTTTTT"

so i walk over to make more humming bird food.... and i start doin it and dads like "....your doin it wrong.."

and im like "WTF ITS MY PROJECT."

so he gets the sugar out... and hes pouring it into the cup thing.. and im thinkin.. uh.. im not a baby i can do this myself...hes like blargity blarg blarg... in a 4-1 ratio for 9 cupss.. .. well heres the math..

4 9
- = -
1 X

X = 9*1/4 = 2 1/4

2 1/4 * 3 = 6 3/4

Which means i put in 6 3/4 cups water

and 2 1/4 cups sugar

Thats A 4-1 ratio


He's saying... "you put 9 cups of water innn and 2 cups of sugarr r and fill the rest up with waterrr blllllllllllahhhhhhhhhhhhh de blahh"

and i say "NO.. THIS is how it IS. it says 9 cups CAPACITY." not 9 CUPS OF WATER!@!!

he says "......well i dont know if its 9 cups water or capacity or not"

cait: "EXACTLY"

he says "But its 9 cups water total... and 9 cups capacity.. blargity blarg blarg!!"

and im like "...whatever." so i finish doing it............. 6 3/4ths cup water and 2 cups sugar.. he wouldnt let me put that other 1/4 in cuz hes an ASSWHALE.........

so i put it in the fridge.. and went out here to type this...............


namely.. everyone
*stabs self*


Jun. 22nd, 2006 08:58 pm
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Today i cleaned out here a bit.. i moved the chairs around :o ooooo scary.. now our chair is no longer BORKED!
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Ok for the past forever i have been cleaning.. so im sorryyyy.. BUTTtttt....

i wont be on for awhile @_@ sorry,.
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Yesterday i cleaned until bananaanannanans fell apart..

and then..


went to walmart at midnight o_O..



and then went home..


and yay

now im up..

and im GUNNA clean
only i needed taryns address

and im talkin to c00l ppl ..

and anti sp00ny

wont talk to me anymore ;_;.

last night i gave cory the talk.

...the talk on anger..
and how to surpressit..


so i made him this chart and everytime he supresses it in a good way he gets a check.. in a bad way.. an X..

when he reaches a certain amount of checks...........

i told him id give him money

XD i doubt he will be able to do it..

if he does.............

.... XD i wont give hima nything

oh man im so evil.


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