Jun. 9th, 2012 11:49 pm
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"headache.. and its really hot for some reason... and the ac isnt workin right. sadness.

in other news, got fruitsbasket complete boxset and pokemon crystal for $1 each, LOL"

Andddd I get blown off by my dad too. Invited him for a dinner tomorrow... (Quite awhile ago) and he has 'other stuff to do'...

He prolly just gunna sit and watch big bang theory, cuz thats allll he does.

I say KARL my LIFE is like the bing bang theory. Just come over if you wanna hear nerdy stuff that you dont understand... xD

PS Mini rant: On TBBT the other day this one guy got his stuff stolen, and he lists it off as "Final fantasy 1 through 9"

Half of those were never released in the US.. (we're not counting psp/ds/gba remakes here)


Here's some more nerdy stuff for your nerdy-loving-pleasure xD

Daniel and I are working on a sequel to an old NES game called Crystalis using RPG Maker. I'm going to do some spritework in Paint for some chipsets to make new maps n stuff

Map Teaser:
Screenshot of the original NES game:
Spritesheet of cave background:

Also im baking cookies and cleaning house while listening to tons of jpop and stuff xD

Yeah, just the original releases.

1 + 2 was indeed part of Origins for PS1, 4 + CT in Chronicles, and 5 and 6 were in Anthology.

BUT if you are filing a police report that includes the remakes he cant just say "final fantasy 1-9".. If we are talking

about original releases he should have said "Final Fantasy 1 for NES, Final Fantasy 2 and 3 for SNES, then 7,8,9....PS1

Otherwise, he should have said something such as "PS1 Final fantasy Origins, Chronicles, Anthology, 7,8,9, and 3 for DS.

Also, why the hell doesnt he have FFX? *Slaps him* XD

(dying for FFX remake/update/whatevertheyredoingtoit)


Now i have to get a 3DS -____-"


May. 25th, 2012 04:32 am
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"My dad doesn't play video games, alright.. well Cory left the Wii on while he was afk a bit, and when he gets back, my dad was playing wii music... and he was on a drum just hammerin away..

Then he does a beatbox, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"
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Everytime i go home, I appreciate Daniel so much more... I love how he is happy and and cheerfull and lovey no matter what happens.

My dad is sleepy on my brothers last band concert and hes RAWRAWRAWRAWRWARWARWARF on -EVERYONE-. Saying I'M the one with the anger problem.

LOLZ, ive been ghetto happy for a week now.

I told him he needs to calm the heck down, he's the problem, and Cory agrees. "You told me not to get mad when IM tired, yet youre tired and youre MAD AT EVERYONE" says cory to him, LOL.

If Daniel ever vanishes off the face of the earth, I am screwed... :


"Free 1 Month of Xbox Live Gold AND 2 Xbox Live Arcade Games If you live in the USA... If you have a Raptr account. (Its like xfire only better xD;).

It's one of those "auto re-news" things, and I dont do those, but since its with xbox and they already have my debit #, I can easily cancel it from the site o.o

Thought i'd share :3

Facebook stocks!

Whos buying?

I Dont even know how to buy stocks xD;"


Mar. 18th, 2011 10:48 pm
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It's hilarious when my dad starts getting all impatient with the internet because he's still on dialup. How does he think i felt the first 10 years of my internet life?

..ROFL and he starts yelling at me cuz its taking too long cuz its TOO SLOW.. he says "Myspace wasnt like this before!!" and i say "Umm well they have video ads now"... he says "THEY NEVER USED TO!"" ROFLROFL stuff changes dude, chill outtt


Jul. 12th, 2009 10:59 pm
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00:59] <Arlans> How are you?
[00:59] <Cait> good
[00:59] <Cait> fought with my dad a bunch today
[00:59] <Cait> but meh, he'll thank me someday
[01:00] <Arlans> Lol.
[01:02] * Arlan has joined #memoirs
[01:02] <Cait> how are youuuuu mr. lanz?
[01:02] <Ichthyosaur> Clone Detected: Arlans is: Arlan 
[01:02] <Cait> D;
[01:02] <Arlan> Cait
[01:02] <Arlan> Dced
[01:02] <Cait> hm
[01:02] <Arlan> GOo
[01:02] <Arlan> ^_^
[01:02] <Cait> =3 good
[01:02] <Arlan> «12:59» <&Arlans> Lol.
[01:02] <Arlan> «12:59» <&Arlans> Lol cait I'm playing build - a - lot
[01:02] <Arlan> «12:59» <&Arlans> :D
[01:02] <Arlan> «01:00» <&Arlans> I need to Miss trickster
[01:02] <Arlan> «01:00» <&Arlans> ^_^
[01:02] <Arlan> «01:00» <&Arlans> because I drilled at tap mine for 4 days >:o
[01:02] <Cait> haha ok
[01:02] <Arlan> I need to Miss trickster or i'll :[
[01:02] <Arlan> quit again 
[01:02] <Arlan> XDDD
[01:02] <Cait> heh
[01:02] <Arlan> thats what i don't like
[01:02] <Arlan> :[
[01:03] <Cait> quitting..
[01:03] <Cait> yeah
[01:03] <Cait> i quit twice, for a month
[01:03] <Cait> but i came back
[01:03] <Cait> lol
[01:03] <Arlan> I can stay at mIRC
[01:03] <Arlan> Lol
[01:03] <Arlan> ^_^
[01:03] <Cait> yeah thatsfine
[01:03] <Cait> we talk mostly on mirc anyway
[01:03] <Cait> i actually prefer it

new truck

Jan. 5th, 2009 06:00 am
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so meh dad bought a truck

w/ a snow plow

so we dont get snowed in!



Nov. 24th, 2008 10:43 am
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Some good things....

....some not so good things....

...some scary things...

and some fun things...

-I woke up this morning at 3am... i went to bed at midnight. i was wide awake. So i surfed the net around 4:30 cuz i knew i wasnt gunna get back to sleep
-Cory was pissed at me cuz i needed to give oreo 18mil FAST or else mouse box EX would be gone before he could buy it.. so i dropped him off at the bus
-It freezing rained at 9:00 and started snowing at 9:30
-there was ice on my windshield
-there was ice ALL over the roads.
-Down US12 it was 20MPH... normally 55.
-I had the shit n kibbles knocked out of me cuz i was so scared i was gunna die/crash/whatever
+I got there fine XD
-I got there late -,-
+She wasnt mad or anything
+High schools scare me
-I saw my stalker
+The presentation went really nicely. I did have issues with stuttering and stuff, but it went okay
+They asked a lot of questions. I felt SMRT. XD
+They seemed to not think it was too boring.... cuz i added stuff like chuck norris + guitar hero
-I had lunch (Dominos) which was kinda scary.... not because the food is "Bad" (its not, its actually amazing food) but because of the kids XD
+Got to talk to her about some HTML + Stuff + projects
+The roads werent bad on the way home
+Cory rode with me home
-Karl was pissed cuz people at work are all bisexual.
+Got to see alvin + the chipmunks
+Watched 6 eps of Air (its better now)
+gunna play trickster XD

So this was my day

fear pls.


Sep. 15th, 2008 11:53 pm
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I wrote "Cut my bangs" on the to do list... about 2 weeks ago...
since i have sk00l tomarrow, i figured itd be nice if he did it before school, so i can, you know, drive with less distractions.
So at supper today (8 hours ago) i asked him if he could cut them.
and sew up my backpack
and he said he could
So he goes to indiana to get cigarettes with witch-man-vampire.. Cuz hes a blithering addicted idiot
He spends like 2hrs extra down there than it takes to GET the cigarattes.
He comes back.. and im sewing up my underwear, cuz theyre all holy and we cant afford new ones (TMI i know)...
So when my thread runs out, he starts getting new thread on (not for the backpack)
and im like "Wth, i can do that AFTER you go to bed, just do my backpack now"
so he CONTINUES to get the underwear thread redone and says "well I duno if you know how~~" or some shyt.
It's like..... ....Um... Okay what about the phase where i was into sewing up EVERYTHING.. I've made like 9 Domo-kuns, Corys pillow, and the slut dress. I know how to sew by now... and he KNOWS i know.

Then he does the backpack, and i come out here to set up my shop
and so i come to O/X for a bit
finish up my underwear..
and ask if its too late to cut my bangs...
he dinks around not giving me an answer
Corys like "You dont even need them cut!"
so i show him "See, below my eye, Cant see. It's annoying"
SO he pulls down his hair and says "SEE MINES LONG TOO AND I CAN SEE JUST FINE"... -___- what an idiot
dad says "Cory i asked you if you wanted it cut last week"
...Still nothing from my dad.... twords me.
and i said .."okay... " and i start to walk out here to do it myself....
so he goes all "BLARG BLARG"
and im all "well YOU SAID you would, and YOU SPENT EXTRA TIME down there, even though you knew you had stuff to do here!!!"
So he says "well Im kinda tired now, I dont wanna mess it up"
So i said "Okay, well just go to bed, and ill do it myself."
so he gets pissed, turns the light on and says "COME HERE NOW AND WE'LL DO IT"
so im like "Um hell no, youre pissed and tired, I dont think so"
so hes yellin "GET UR ASS OUT HERE".. So im "To Hell im gunna be around some angry tired pissed man" so i go to my bathroom and do it myself.
luckily he went to bed while i was in there
So then i took a shower...

...and im back out here.. gunna get some meds.. and hopefully go to sleep.


Normally I would just be like "okay, just do it tomarrow"
and leave it like that.

but all this LITTLE STUPID SHIT HE DOES, piles up, pisses me off, and makes me tell him about it.

Also if he didnt sell his soul to Mrs. Dracula, he would have gotten back 2 hours earlier.... and we wouldnt have even had this problem to begin with!

Either way.. Why does he ask CORY things like "Do you want your hair cut" when he REALLY doesnt need it.. and when im practically blinded by my bangs, he doesnt give a shit.

Why is it.. when cory has something HE "needs" done, like havin the Coil put on his dirtbike... he drops what hes doing and goes and works on corys dirtbike for ~4 hours..

I hardly EVER ask anything of him.. and he NEVER asks me.. ... well.. ANYTHING...

He doesnt care how i feel about anything... (or, paying homage to my last few posts.. How the school feels about anything)

When I talk to him about things... I ask for his opinion occsaionally.. and he goes "What?"

....Cuz he doesnt even LISTEN AT ALL.....

the times he does answer me, i wonder if he just says "yup" and doesnt even know what he's "Yup"-ing to!!!!!

but the one time i ask him for 40 minutes of his time.. for NON-ENTERTAINMENT-PURPOSE STUFF...

(ie: my backpack and hair) he doesnt even care.... Finishes 1/2 the job and figures he's done enough for me for this 6 months??

I feel pretty neglected.

Especially since he does all this trivial shyt for my brother..

A few months ago.. maybe back in feburary.... I rearanged my room... and so i put up on the list of stuff to do was to look for a chunk of wood that we could cut into a triangular shape to put behind my tv stand so my stuff didnt fall behind it.

..a few weekends ago, my dad takes cory to home depot... To get him a shelf, because CORY wanted a shelf.

I asked him if he looked for my chunk of wood while he was there and he said "yup, they didnt have anything that would have worked."


Since when do they NOT have wood at home depot???
I duno,

yes that was something trivial but the fact he spent all that time over there with cory picking something out, and whatever.
He didnt even ask me if i wanted to come.....

...Why is it that i feel like im being cast aside by everyone?
That if im not usefull TO them, then im absolutely nothing?
Why cant i just be here? Be a daughter? Be something he loves? Not an 18 year agreement..

..Maybe thats what i was just supposed to be.. an 18 year agreement, and now that that's going on 20 years, he's pissed im not gone yet, so hes neglecting me even further.

I wasnt a planned baby after all. I was just something that happened.


The world would be better off if i just didnt exist in the first place......

...and i if i had a choice in the matter, i would help the world, but there's nothing I can do about it besides be here, take up space, and piss people off, i guess.
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Yeah im pissed right now. Not necessarily because of.. anything

i just got up after 4 hrs sleep.. to Karl saying foods done.

and cory SCREAMING about something -.-

I finally get out there and ask cory WHAT the hell is going on.. He says nothing. everythings fine. -__________-

and we're having pre-made lasagna.

Great. Its gunna be chucked full of onions and tomatoes

dad says "I didn't find ANY onions or any chunks of crap in it at all"

Me *Gets piece out*

*sorts out a few onions*

Me: -_________________-

Dad: o__O What?! they werent in MY Piece.

its like.. theres OBVIOUSLY going to be onions in LASAGNA -.- when is there NOT?

then he starts goin off about "how i shouldnt care about onions"

and im fucking pissed because I CANT HELP I CANT STAND THE TExTURE OF ONIONS AND TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!! >:(

and i hate because HE JUDGES ME FOR IT AND TELLS ME TO GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

*Turns into godzilla and stomps through random places because she can*

Note to everyone: after weaking up sleep deprived Cait, she is rapid, somewhat unstopable, and very scary. Dont do it :o


Sep. 1st, 2008 06:30 pm
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Its funny to see my dad when i tell him collen is stupid, needs to be independent from him, and just...

is really dumb.

If he REALLY knew deep in his heart that she was a "good person" he wouldnt get so upset over it.

But once he figures out shes using him..

im just gunna laugh for 8 days straight XP
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..ok so my dad is a complete idiot..

not that noone knew that already, but.. Yeah..

every saturday night. . . . he goes to the bar... and he comes home around 2am.. cuz bar closes at 1am...

He didn't come home last night... I stayed up tiill 6am waiting, but nothing.

because of my god forsaken fucking paranoia, i keep thinking, OMG the cops are gunna come... tell me he was in a car accident... and he was beheaded... and omggggg........


So i went to bed.... cuz i had nothing better to do...

I get up today and the black car is still gone.. and as usual, im freakin out...

So I go out in the kitchen and he's out there and the black car is like.. in some random place...

So i ask him where the hell he was last night..

Karl "well me and colleen went on a shopping spree last night at walmart~~~ we got home at midnight then we went to walmart till 4"
Cait "...and after you spend "1600 dollars" this week you go on a SHOPPING SPREE???"
Karl "I didn't spend anything.. Colleen was shopping."
Cait "...So she needed you there to hold her hand? She cant do it by herself??"
Karl "She just hates shopping... so its nice to have company"
Cait *thinking* "Umm..... wtf... why would she go to walmart for FOUR HOURS if she HATES shopping. Noone spends that much time at walmart"
Karl "She doesn't know where everything is, and her list was all over the place.. so we had to run around the store to find things, and then get refridgerated stuff last."
Cait ".................... after x amount of years of going to walmart every week, she DOENST KNOW WHERE THE HELL THINGS ARE!?!?!?!"
Karl "Some people dont.."
Cait: *thinking* Hmm walmart for 4 hours.. either shes a complete total RETARD... or hes making up some excuse where they stayed at her house and had hawt lesbionic secks for 4 hrs
Cait: "...yeah and those people are idiots..."
*Cait walks away*

this colleen person is.. just..


she doesn't know how to get to jackson...
She cant buy video games for her own kid.. she has to send my dad to get them....
..she has to have my dad fix EVERY LITTLE BLITHERING THING SHE HAS.. like patching up her pool ring... CANT do that.. Tightening the door hinge... WHO Doesn't KNOW HOW TO RIGHTEN A DOOR HINGE!!??!?!!? YOU PUT A FRICKIN SCREW DRIVER IN AND TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I seriously dont know how i can function in this world full of complete idiots....

Oh wait.

I dont function XD

i sit here all day.. complain, bitch, and whine about everything thats wrong with the world... (or maybe just the US?) Without doing anything myself.

No matter.

as long as i am alone, irl. it makes me happy.

..and my plans for world domination are ruined because of the dumbass people at michigan works.. I cant get their money.. go to college.. MAYBE get a job.... so i can move to some remote place.. or perhaps some african tribe, i duno.. where people wont be so DAMN SUPERFICIAL..

so i can be myself.. figure out and DO what i REALLY wanna do... and maybe not feel like this giant waste of space...
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I could put a hugely long rant about how i hate my dad..

and a long transcribed conversation / world war 3 we had

but basically it amounts to.

DADDY... Daddy wasnt there..

to change my underwear..

it seems he doesnt CAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaareee...

daddy wasnt there.

that and... Witch man vampire is an idiot.

and that i demand perfection, but my demands cannot be met.


In a world of imperfection...

Hows someone like me supposed to exist?!?!

Why cant i accept stupidity? Why cant i accept imperfection!!?? in anyone but myself....

So the real question is.

Who is it here that i should question?

My dad? or me.......

Wow :o

Mar. 3rd, 2008 12:33 am
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Omg XD

Cait: Cory do I have huge breasts?
Cory: ...yes
Cait: Cory do i have a big butt?

XDDD wtf??

Cait: Cory when you were doing that disterbing thing with the kleenex, were you thinking of danielle
Cory: blank face
Cait: Where you thinking of Shauna?
Cory: Blank face
Cait: were you thinking of Howard
Cory: *raises his eyebrows and smiles*


Ok and this is my attempt at trying to explain homosexuality to my dad.

Dad: LIke why are people gay?~
Cait: OOOOkay, like... Becuase they think that dudes are attractive.
Dad: why not girls
Cait: because like, omg, I duno how it works with you guys, but when you see Savory your man parts tingle or whatever~ but when you see a dude they dont or something.
Dad: I wasnt serious about the Savory thing
Cait: I know, But okay here lemme explain in a way I can relate to a bit.. Like.. If you see some recees peices.. you say "OOOH!! Piece of candy ^_^_^_^^" but when you see like.. Spinich you are like "ewieee gross" I guess that's like it. Someone is going to like recees pieces weither or not they are supposed to like recees or spinich.
Dad: Yeah but like why do they care~
Cait: With ME.. becuase i consider myself asexual, I think people that are straight or homosexual are like, close minded.. Because like~ Who cares if its a dude or not. Well they care cuz they are sexually attracted or whatever. BUt me, no i dont care. Because im not sexually attracted to ANYONE.. All that im looking for is personality. so that personality could be a girl or a boy, i dont care.... BUt that's in the INCREDIBLY unlikely event I would EVER EVER find someone that I liked. But i dont like.. Like Anyone Ever~~ Because I'm a mean grumpy lady who demands perfection and OCDs and stoicism and whatnot XDDDD
Dad: OK, um... Um hopefully it's a boy
Cait: ROFLMAO *laugh for like hours*


I basically told my dad im bi-asexual and he started freaking out.


God i am..... smoooth XD
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So today ended up in a fight.. with dad again..

about his GF, the witch/man.

I dont know who's right about things anymore..

If its me or him.

It's probably him.

...but my brain says that it's not.. the way I am says it's not..

but logic.. but the normal human says it's him.

When things like this happen, it makes me want to check into a mental institute more and more often :\


Jan. 19th, 2008 12:03 pm
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dads being all emooooooooo

"I MISS J00r MOMMMM AND NUTHIN KEN BRING HER BAX!X)R@ ;_;f-:-_;-:_;-;_;_;-:;_;:-;_:-:_::_:_:_:_;;;;--;-;-;-;;;-;-;"


give me a break

go slit your cankles

she hated you..

"mumble mumble whine collen is a decent mumble whine bitch. her life was soo rough, her parents told her she was nothing and mumble mumble sex mumble boobs mumble mumble"

and i blow up on him saying i dont know WHYYYYYYYYYY he cares about her so much, when the SAME THING IS HAPPENING WITH ME..

mom told me that I WAS NOTHING that i would be living here till i was 40.. That i was a fking idiot becuase I couldnt figure out genetics.. That i was an imbicile because i cant figure out algebra.

and he doesnt understand..

that im emotionally neglected... and.. ugh.

hes such a bitch.


Nov. 12th, 2007 08:03 pm
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Got into a fight with my dad again..

Cuz he rented a porn movie..

..I keep telling him it's not right...
He's like


or whatever..

and its like

i wont ever understand

all porn is...

is naked people...
screaming "BTW MY NAME IS JOHNNY!!"


it's like going across the street to some random peoples house and watching them have sex.

That.. in my opinion is wrong..

and whatever, he's saying everyone in the world does it,

 so i end up screaming



hate the world

*depressed again*

whiteface doesnt watch porn... why should I?

In other news....

I rented...

Supernatural Disk 1, Threshold disk 1,  and movies Candy, and blood and chocolate

never heard of the first 3, looked interesting though..

and blood and chocolate  i read the book and REALLY liked it.

gunna watch a bit tonight i guess

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I recently posted this elsewhere but would like to also post it here... incase someone has anything to comment :x

Sorry if this isnt allowed, but it pertains to my sexuality..

My dad is very sexual...

He watches porn.. he rents it.. and looks it up on the internet.

Me... 100% asexual. I dont like naked bodies of any gender... I don't like porn... I don't like the idea of sex... or masterbation. It's well, gross and whatnot, in my opinion.

I guess my problem I have here is... because I AM this way, I don't see why my dad is so addicted or whatever. When I confront him about it... I say "Youve seen 1 naked lady, youve seen em all."

Because in my opinion anyway, that is true!! I've SEEN the HBO late night movies.. Ive seen the 'hardcore' stuff...

I found it incredibly boring.. repetitive.. gross.. disterbing.. and whatnot. But because I DO have an open mind I didn't just shut it off and say "blarg!"

It's good to know about everything in the world even if it is gross.

so anyway, My dad said back to me "well all your little anime you watch is the same too~"

I think it's not.. There are different people in different situations.. I watch anime because it's an escape from reality.. I can forget my poor excuse for a life and be engulfed in someone elses. (which is also why i watch some TV shows too) It takes me on an emotional rollercoaster that I am not capable of going on in my real life.... With the security that if something bad happens to a character it will not affect my life directly.

So.. I don't get porn at all... It's all the same to me..

Sure there may be different plots... and actually this one i seen had an interesting murder mystery plot but spoiled it with random sex everywhere.. But arent porn movies.. MADE... to 'satisfy the horny' or whatever? Being as I don't GET horny..... may be why I think they are stupid.. I dont know..

Does anyone else feel the same way? Anyone feel different? Why do sexual people think that way? (and im sure some asexuals like pr0n too) and why?





I just feel kinda alone out there regarding sexuality..

I know shane is gay.. and apparently likes teh Male pr0n..

Travis is... probably straight and likes regular pr0n?

My dad does...

Cory i dont even know.....

It's just... the whole idea of secks and whatnot is SUPPOSED to be natural... SUPPOSED to be done...

yet to me it seems like it's something so unconceivable.. so.. HORRIFIC.. that it's impossible.

or maybe im crazy..

*admits self to mental home*

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K so we went to montpilier to the fair

it was fun, it was real, then we left..

then on the way home dads like "im lookin for this one house..."

and corys like

"another married women?"

and dads like "....... No"


yeah ok but

heres teh dorky part..

I was sittin here..

eating a baked potato.

yes at 5am


and.. i hear that raspy rawwr thing

adn whiteface was RIGHT HERE so i knew it wasnt her...

and so i listened.. and i heard ita gain.

and i discovered..

it was my dad making random noises in his sleep -_- XD

yeah my dad is soo weird when he sleeps

one time he started BAAAing like a sheep

lotsa stuff

Sep. 6th, 2007 09:58 pm
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Today was my CT scan so we went in there and i only had 4 hrs of sleep and i was SOOOOOOOOOO tired.. and


ok and then we went to mcdonalds at hillsdale and i got a cinamon melt WHICH THEY UNDERCHARGED US FOR!!! suposed to be 2.67 but it was 1.67 and ^^ and i got a hashbrown and a small pop.. sprite + coke.. (not mixed)

Then we went home then we went to quincy to drop my book off.. (howls moving castle) then we went to coldwater.. went to big lots and bought a bunch of stuff...

and then we went to uhm..

somewhere.. home depot and bought abunch of stuff.

Then we stopped outside of quincy at the dragon shop.. it was way expensive and they are going out of business..

Then my dad stopped in quincy cuz this business was open that was never open had a van sitting there.. he asked if it was for sale.. they talked to the guy and my dad liked it

so he bought it XD

it was kelly blue booked at 3,500$ but he got it for 2,000$!!!

9/6/2007 8:00:18 PM -=~*Senior Sir Cait*~=-: its HUUUUGe it's like a camper XD
9/6/2007 8:00:40 PM -=~*Senior Sir Cait*~=-: it's really nice with air conditioning and a CD player... and like a billion lights.. nice new carpet.. a spot for a TV...
9/6/2007 8:00:41 PM -=~*Senior Sir Cait*~=-: lol
9/6/2007 8:00:58 PM -=~*Senior Sir Cait*~=-: it's a 1995 Ford.. econo-somethinoraniother

dun feel like typing it again XD

also we went to a garage sale but it was closed ;-;

then we went in the van to pick up this one lady walking along side the road but then she was gone too...

tomarrow my dads guna go to the bank with me and get the money for the van.. we put a down payment of $100 on it..

the outside is white with purplish trim.. it says "Kustom Creations" on it... It';s a full size van.. there's a ladder on theback..

4 chairs and a bench in the back that folds into a bed.. its REALLY big.. i like it..


Sep. 1st, 2007 01:10 pm
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stupid dad is being all pissy today... I dont know why

and for some reason he thinks we have fleas in the house... i DUNO WHY....

hes sprinkling flea stuff everywhere and hes like "I see bugs jumping off me when im at the counnnnterrr"

and im like 'o_O'.

I duno.


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