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Neverending story 30th anniversary!

So, I did an order for voice over for a trivia thing on a Jamaican radio station today. LOL. Why didn't I go to college for /this/?
Kool 97 FM 97.1 Kingston, Jamaica

Inking to shading!

Happy National Coming Out Day! :3
I shall come out to everyone: I am different... and weird in every way. Yes that way that you're thinking right now..... and that way.. and espeeeeecially that way. >:3
If you're really bored and non judgmental someday, feel free to send me a message and ask for some details, Boy, do i have some stories! xD
Anyway, I had a pretty epic day at work today. Got to do a lot of new stuff, and helped a bunch of people, and even gave my first business card away :D!
Voice Acting!
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I'm terrible at arms, but what do you think? XD
Photo: I'm terrible at arms, but what do you think? XD

Daniel and I have been doing movie marathons.... lately it's been

-Bill + Ted 1+2
-Willy Wonka (Old + New)
-LawnMower Man 1 (2 will be tonight)

and soon to come, wayne's world!

Photo: Progress!!!

aND I got caught up on grey's anatomy
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The most important people  
Photo: The most important people <3


Apr. 19th, 2013 10:58 pm
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*sigh* randomly depressed. Tried to play minecraft but without Cory it was useless ;_;

I felt sad so i drew this. D:
Photo: I felt sad so i drew this. D:

Vote for my shirt at if you've ordered from there before!! I win 1,000$ and a tablet if i get 1-7th place

Photo: Vote for my shirt at if you've ordered from there before!! I win 1,000$ and a tablet if i get 1-7th place :O
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Photo: Cory Newberry Jasmine QueenofConfidence Samuel Myrna Waldron - I can totally see kids these days getting their panties in a bunch over this :P lol
She likes the D.

</sailor moon joke>

also -

and drawings.

Duelist Caiterz's photo.
Duelist Caiterz's photo.


Mar. 12th, 2013 11:25 pm
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Tie Dying shirts purple and black

and Cory  helped hook me up with a bumpin' sound system ;3

Real life photograph of me, Sakata Kintoki and Nessie Ness — with Sakata Kun and Nessie Ness.
Photo: Real life photograph of me, Sakata Kintoki and Nessie Ness
OH GOD. i played this game hwn i was 9

only it looked like this

Sakata Kintoki-

When Im learning my japanese characters... I associate "sa" with Saka.... and i think about saka making a sleeping mouth open face... thats how I remember "Sa" from Saka xD
Photo: Sakata Kintoki-When Im learning my japanese characters... I associate "sa" with Saka.... and i think about saka making a sleeping mouth open face... thats how I remember "Sa" from Saka xD

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OHH MY GODD I lost it during this video on a couple occasions.. OMGGG LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Apr. 25th, 2009 11:38 pm
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today was a very matt-free day ;-; *sob* XD

so anyway.. we listend to the radio and called in to win a guitar (didnt)

and i drew this epic piccy for matt~~

yep.. thats about it

very boring day, hehe

i woke up at 10pm o___o so its been like wwwwwwwwth XD
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Did that with the touch pad ^^^ XD

in paint with meh mouse~




Aug. 24th, 2007 11:27 pm
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Meh newest work.


i wonder if this would count for my drawing class o_O.
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(or )

took at the most 7 minutes.. i did it during my windows class break XD

due to incredible boredom...
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..yeah i did this in 10 mins for govt. last year....

and it looks horrible scanned o-O.

but ya

you get the point..

hes wearin a burger king hat.. with a boa attatched,
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Spinoff of Okage SHADOW KING FOR PS2!!!!

Done in adobe illustratorCS2 from scratch..


o man.

Apr. 26th, 2006 10:45 pm
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I had stuff to do today... However..

I didnt do it.


I was supposed to do meh artist report... Il have to do it tomarrow..
and i had to Burn CDs but i just got em zippin now x-x

what i did do was take pictures.. go to the creek.. ride my bike.. look through various CDs.. pet travis... edit pics to make em funny

I have this hilarious one... a pic of HILLARIOUS travis saying "You have angered Jesus" and i put mad eyebrows on him XD OMG its so funnyt,..

and i ate candy...

I downloaded Satisfaction by benny somethin or another..

and now im gunna sleep cuz im tired =(

OH and shane wasnt at school today..

He needed a day off to finish his absent homework.. LOL

also today was senior skip day and i got FREE CANDY AND MILK CUZ I DIDNT SKIP WOO.
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So today wasnt all that exciting buttt..

This morning i woke up to having an uber cramp in my leg and i couldnt walk on it. woo.. but i have to go to school so cory got me his crutch to walk to the bathroom on.. So.. it didnt feel normal till about 11:00 but *shrug*

The bus came early today...........

Ummmmmmmmm... shane wasnt at sk00l today.. he talked to me a little after school though.. he said he slept for 15 hours... and he wantd ice cream.. I think he was kinda dillusional o-O he never wants ANYTHING... but whatever..

Ummmmmmmmmmm i went to el counceling office today and got transcripts and whatnot.. ummmmm.. filled out scholorship apps..

In 6th hour.. my tutoring class...... we had a sub and we had to watch a movie.... and it was... GASP... about HTML!!! WOOO!!!!
i was EXCITED. XD but.. everyones like "boo this sux lets watch somethin else.." Soooo noone payed attention but i wrote 3 pages of notes on it... then afterwards she said "alright!! WRITE ME A SUMMERY!!" everyones like "...crap.." so i held up my notebook and i said "ill sell this for 300$!!!!!!!!!" XD

then they tried to steal it o_o and my tutor kid was being stupid soooooOOOOOOOOoooo i had to write it for him and to prevent them from stealing it while typing.. i had to sit on it.. XD..

IN 7th hour.. which is drawing... My drawing looked nothing like danielle x_x soooo Danielle was like "OMG MR. L FIX IT." soooo... he did kinda. and it looks a LIITLE like her o_O but... it still sux...

thennn i went homeee

and had burgers.. MMmmmm.. mine was cooked for like 2 mins :D

and went to mariannes at 5 and we talked about stuff

so i emailed mr. loveless a 523485023498562349056823950239860349860293page email about stufff.... and i emailed mariannee mr. lovleesses eseseseseseasess email address....

so dad went to talk to lynne but she wasnt home so he talked to doug...

Umm.. so i listened to music aanndd...stared off into space.. and watched a bit of my neighbor totoro..... TO TO RO.. TO. TO. RO!!! woo...

so i wrote in meh journal....

and sp00ny signed on for like .2 seconds. and hes gone nowww....

Last night i played Graffiti kingdom till about 12... and i drew a slutacious ho... which is surprisingly strong o_O..

So now i suspect i will sit here and do nothing.. or go play.. GRA FIITI KING DOM!!!.... or exist or something *SHRUG*
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Ok so...
I got up.. and randomly sang lion king songs cuz thats my morning ritual..

So then yeah i go to bus and stuff and as ALWAYS this LADy steals my seat and sleeps in it so im all ALONE.

so i get 2 sk00l.. andi wanted to talk to mr. loveless.. and he WASNT THERE..

and guess who ALSO wasnt there?

omg i have had no social life WHATsoever since end of lunch on thursday...
@.@ so i was also locked out of the room in 5th hour..

and in 6th hour my tutor kid was all


so im like ok type Klassy Kow Ice cream blah de 20 sonlg this day 30 sold that day.

so what does he do? he types it.

'Kuhlassey696696996969669669696696969696969 Kohowwwwwwassholeassholeasassasssasssassss69696696969699 iCE CREamee blah de twenteh SOLD~ ON this 696969696969696696969696966969696969669sex dey. and 30 KYLES MOM IS HOT sold on that day~!@(30 dominic is teh seckeseh"

and im like

"o. m.. g"

so 7th hour our sub was all


ssooooo i get homeeee... and im like weeee no more stress. I . WAS. WRONG.. so since the past 42395359 years im like ok sp00ny j00 gotta come over and you need tickets and a letterrrrr and crapola.

so hes like 'mk'

and so now.. 3 days from the DATE he STILL Doesnt have them.. So i cant wait any longer and i PESTERED and ARGUED until he finally would talk to me about it.. and hes goin on about oh i duno if its riiiight.... i dont wanna go... too much money.. wait no.. i have school.. WAIT.. pickles..

and im like @_@ ....
figures.. your not gunna go. just cuz.

and yea i did.. freak out..
and now hes disterbedd and blahhhh >_> i feel like an asswhale...

if he comes or not is his business not mine but i MAKE it mine cuz meh life = STOIC POO and blah ferfoeid

i have the log if anyone cares to know more.. which they DONT,,,

so ya.. but im better now
cuz sp00ny got to a very good point..

We're all human.

Humans make mistakes :O


ASk questions.. make mistakes.. and.. GET MESSSYYYY wooo or not pie.

but so...

This is how i felt an hour ago.

This is how i wish i felt now ... but i dont.. not quite..

If you care to see progress on the site.. i had to stop cuz of stress.. but..

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lol well it wuz back to sk00l todaaaay...

and mr. loveless grabbed my shoulders and he was like "EVERYTIME I SEE YOU I SMILE! =D!!!!!" and i was all "heh ^_^"

and my tudor parter was supposed to be rachel petrie........ but she dun GOT seminar so.. im gunna get a new partner prolly.

Shane was GONE again..

it seems as if... well.. He WAS here 5 whole days last week..
It must have been too stressfull on him and he needed an extra day off... :P~

In drawing today we had to draw reneah mosher..... in 2 minutes.. so i did and i got done with like 20 secs to spare... and so we took a hike and omg.. everyones drawings was like...... Wtf?... i think i can safely say im the best artist in the class ^_~

We supposidly have kwiz bohle tomarrow... yay...... cory has a dentist appt. too..
150$ for 3 cavities. ouch.

as for me i have none! yay~` i havent had one since i was like really little.. and i DEFINATLY didnt ever have 3 at a time omg XD

and we went to walmart to get milk...

and im home typing this... and i skipped lunch today to look in the library.. i got the 3rd book in the giver series thing called messenger.. its about matty all grown up..ish... lol
so.. stuff.

i havent talked to sp00ny in a long time.. well i did last night.. but that didnt really count..

he has a predicament..
Ok his brother wants to go to this after school club thing.. but he wont go unless sp00ny goes with him... so being the nice person he is.. he went.. and now he has to do all this crap that he doesnt want to do.. just so his brother can stay in the club..
well i tried to solve this..

But sp00ny doesnt want to quit because hes afraid he might get scolded because if he quits, his brother quits.. well ya know what mr. brother? if you wanna be in the club so bad... youll go even if sp00nys not there.. if you HAVE to have him there then obviously you dont want to be in that club very bad.

but *shrug* i was never any good at convincing people to do things... I am, however, extremely good at finding answers to predicaments to my own problems... Like sceduling affairs.. If i have a ride home or not.. how to get the fruit from the fruit sale home.. what if cory has a bloody nose... What to do if your BF is cheating on you and you have proof... How to fix your computer w/o erasing info... If your dad leaves you in a strange mall.. how to get back with him... stuff like that i can figure out without panicing..

Because as we all know.. Im a girl of few emtions.. mainly my emotions consist of.. Stoic Cait (most of the time) Hyper Cat (very rarely) and Pissed Cait (On the occasion)
So yeah.. i think i shall join the stoic club.. gaze at a rock in a small white room.. eat some magic cake.. dream of princes in training on other worlds.. be served water by waitresses.. yep.. thats the life for me ^_~ XP

but anyway... Its supposed to be icy tomarrow.. OMG i HOPE for NO SCHOOL becasue........... ................... i want to sleep. XD

OMG I LOVE TO SLEEP.. because i can do annnnnnything and i feel so calm and peacefull and at ease and carefree when im sleepiing.. I cant get enough of it..
Its at the point now... that every time i do sleep... and i dont have something waking me up.. i sleep for at least 12 hours... and what a glorious 12 hours that is!!!

But yeah.. My sensory to smoke has increased significantly..... I can tell when my dad is smoking when i couldnt before.. without looking.. i always get headaches when he smokes.. it kind of makes me mad... a little.. because i dont like to be in pain...
because when im in pain and something/one bothers me..... Omg you do NOT want to be around me.. because even if the littlest thing.. like say cory trips me or soemthing.. i just BLOW UP at him... even if like Snoop keeps trying to jump on me and cuddle.. i just throw her off.. because i dont like to be smothered when i hurt....


Oct. 22nd, 2005 11:26 am
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went to parade in montgomery..
went to cake walk
went to drawing
went to Pizza barn and got chikan sandwich o-O



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