Sep. 7th, 2012 09:20 am
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Alright so Phantasy Star Universe is now shut down. </done with sega mmos forever>

daniel couldnt get on for the farewell cuz of their idiocracy.
...See More

"WOO! Sold a lot of old video games today for 139$.. Finally I can afford peanut butter again!"


Aug. 27th, 2012 09:20 am
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"Sink guy came.. over 24hrs after he came the first time -_- took them like 5 mins to fix it. Ugh,

Then ebay guy was all pissed because all ebay guys are all pissed.

Hopefully a nice long minecraft will be in my future tonight. xD"


Jul. 14th, 2012 03:04 am
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"I almost smashed into a red SUV today.. I looked.. and ididnt even see it.. I SWEAR THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.... Daniel was screamin all STOPPP.. and then this big Yellow semi was comin from the other way and i was 1/2 way out into the road already.

</never driving again for i have lost my mind>"

 Daniels gotta work.. we thought it was a day rabbit show ~_~ We might run over around 1:20 and see if its still goin on.

"Okee, i should clarify that there's a lot of little things going on that is making me like *TWITCH* *TWITCH* most of them people wouldn't understand. xD"

So just like ignore this post unless you wanted clarification...

-Search algorithms on Windows 7 = Someone was on drugs. Buuut I can fix that by using agent ransack.. = Problem solved.

-1/2 of the rest of Windows 7 = inconvenient and broken... But

again.. I can fix that too. (

-Since im on the PC 20/7, having to deal with the little things like "When I click BLACK in piant, it stays white unless i click on it like 50 times" grinds mah gears.

-Search algorithms on deviantart = someone was on drugs. When I search my gallery for "Ariel" It comes up with nothing.. Yet "Cait x Ariel" is on the FIRST page... (check it yourself: )

-On ebay the other day.. i search for "Pokemon Black Guide" (No description) and it comes up with some sex e-book... that didnt have Pokemon, Black, OR guide in the title.. Its like.. WHAT-__-.

-On ebay if you search for some things, some things show up, while others dont... Like i searched for ".hack 4" and some came up.. yet when i searched for ".hack" itself... one called ".hack vol 4" came up that did NOT come up on the other search.

-Photoshop has stopped responding! *Loose work*

-NOTEPAD of all things.. has stopped responding.. *Loose ALL work*

-Mai guildies have lied to me.. and lied and lied.. I put myself out there for them, i give them my email, i give them my phone number, tell them, If anythings wrong, LET me know! Then i PM them and ask if everythings goin alright, they tell me "yes" and now 1/2 of them leave because "Something is wrong" and "they wont tell me" and it doesnt matter if they told me or not because it could just be ANOTHER STORY!

-Everything in the apartment is broken.. The doors wont close, the back screen wont slide (even after cleaning the track), The back screen eventually fell OFF so we stuck it in the back, all the drains are plugged, the dishwasher liquid door wont open, the handle on the front door is falling off (at least it locks now), the stove is turning on all by itself. The air conditioner freezer over about every other hour unless you have the door open, and even then its about twice a day..

-Im almost running into cars that i SWEAR TO GOD were not there, forgetting a TON of stuff (Like if i turned the stove on???)(Like leaving keys in the door overnight!)

-Ive been sick for a while frikkin month. I got sick june 16th at the open house, and here i am still coughin my brains up, with an infinite source of mucus somewhere in my lungs.

-Being sick makes me angreh. *hulk smash* XD

-I cannot get a blu-ray disc to work apparently. I got it to work once, and it had terrible audio/video sync... and no option to offset it. v_v. *Boycott bluray forever*

-I can think of 8 people off the top of my head that have arranged dates to do something with me then blown me off without a call to cancel, without feeling like anything wrong the next day. Without explanation at all.

-I see people posting about hanging out with each other on facebook and i get sad cuz noone asks to hang out with me -_o, and when i ask, well i get blown off ...

-The people that DO talk to me constantly (which is why im offline on facebook/aim/msn so much) are ANNOYING AS HELL.. they just want to RP (and ive never RPd) and want to talk about pron and other stupid crap that I have no interest in.. Yet the people i Want to talk to, i send a message, I get no response.

-So, thinking that its too much of a coincidence that all these people dont wanna hang out or talk... I conclude that the problem is me. Whats wrong with me? Cuz i dont drink? I ask, and I get "Oh no, cait you are fine o_o you are awesome, why wouldnt somoene wanna talk to you?" So i am very confused naturally >_>...


-Walmart mocks me..1/2 of the problems i had, they are fixing. I complain about the pegs in the back being REALLY messy and unsorted. I offer to re-sort them out. They laugh in my face and say its impossible... Sure. Now i go in and theyve got all the pegs lined up in site to store, been sorting them for WEEKS.. .I could have done it in a day, and had fun doing it. >_>... I see all these repair men on the roof.. fixing "THE LEAKS".. Which.. I SLIPPED and screwed my knee up pretty bad.. couldnt walk right for a month or 2. I asked them to check the tapes.. They didnt. I asked them to fix the roof. They laughed at me and said theyve tried to fix the roof and its not gunna work, so just deal with it..... I was in toys that day, and Carol was in fabrics. They pushed Carol to go people greet, wheras if she was zoning instead of that, she might have found the leak and cleaned it up. But I was running around from fabrics to toys and electronics trying to cover EVERYONE, and i didnt even see it at ALL because i have SO MUCH CRAP TO DO, where theres people standing around TALKING TO CUSTOMERS FOR HOURS AT A TIME that could be helping out.. -__-. and a month after this, i had a breakdown with the people greeter thing... and then a MONTH after that, they got RID of people greeters. -____________-

-Daniel doesnt help me clean up at all. v_v which.... Im the woman, i beloing in the kitchen/cleaning is my mantra.. I'd still like to see socks candy wrappers in the trash can instead of on the on the desk by the trash can.. (its really the only thing that me and daniel argue over at all)

-Other health problems which are prolly TMI, so i wont go into them here, but they make life very inconvenient.. -_o

-I cant stop thinking about everything. I've never been able to, really, but lately I think about dying a lot. I think about my family dying. When daniel is late, i think about OMG HE was probably smashed by a truck and dying along side the road, and etc... I think about How my dad woud feel if my brother died... I think about when Travis the cat died. Outside of dying, i think about people being upset with me a lot.. I think about what others may be thinking. I go over conversastions in my head about 9004 times with different scenarios of what i could say, and what their reaction might be, and how i could have changed everything... this is GHETTO worse when someone really IS upset with me (or they lie to me and i call em out on it).. I just break down and cant stop THINKING... esp when im trying to sleep.. I can never sleep, cuz im always always always thinking... I wish i could shut my brain off.

-My brain thinks about weird ass things, such as caring if people are upset with me, like before.. but its like.. WHY DOES IT CARE? Why cant i just MOVE ON with my life and not care how they feel.. Most of the time i ask people if they are upset after 99 years of thinking and scenarios, and they say "Umm no im not upset o.o" so its just my STUPID brain.. Why does it WANT other people to hang out with besides daniel? I mean, i can understand wanting daniel, since the grand scheme is to pass on the genetic code.. that has a reason, but being friends doesn't really provide anything life-changing... v_v.. I think of terms of programming a computer and a brain.. Its not the same at ALL, but i HATE inefficiency, and my life is inefficient because of this random need to want to hang out with people and talk. I spend more time on facebook and chats than I'd like because of this. V_V..

-Daniels car is taking a poop. Super jerky. So i gotta drive him now. My car has had check engine light on foreva... so likely it will take a poop. Cory says my roders are about dead. whatever that is. I hate cars. Expensive and stress causing. *wants to move to europe and public transit everywhere*

Thats all that i have on my mind at this second.... all the little stuff building up.. causing rant-mode.

Sorry guyz, I shall shut up about it now. xD

"Went out to the rabbit show today at the fairgrounds.. it was really awkward and i didn't know anyone but it was nice to go out..

Then i went over to radioshack and looked at some stuff, and wandered over to gamestop and bought minecraft for 360.

It looks like its gunna rain... But.. I was pretty excited abou tgetting out of the house.. it was nice.."


Jul. 3rd, 2012 03:04 am
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"Well, i figured it'd happen eventually.. Got Daniel sick.. :/

*Is sick together*"

 heh.daniel is so cute.... after spending a long time in a hot shower, he comes out.. tells me he is not tired at all.. So i tell him to cover up, and theres vix in the drawer... He gets covered up... I ask him ifhe wants the fan on.. and he doesnt respond, since he is asleep. xD
‎**PLEASE READ** So we realized that we made a bit of a mistake explaining the right hand and the left hand. So this will be a full tutorial video to compensa...
"‎*Cue music*

Thank you.... d-bags on ebay.. for repeatedly sending me a product that was not the one in the picture.

Thank you... Whoever made the strategy game Vantage Master.. because I get to hear your blaring music all night tonight while I lie awake until tiredness consumes me.

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"lotsa chest pains last night and today... randomly >___<...

Went home and found my trading card collection.. gunna put some on ebay. 195 unopened booster packs, lol.

Graduation is on sunday, i gotta remember."


"This weekend, while everyone is out at BBQs and stuff, i shall be at my PC, compounding and refining my equips.

If i'm feeling extreme, I might open the window. O_O!"
A fast-moving wildfire fed by dry conditions in Michigan's Upper Peninsula continued to burn Friday, consuming nearly 20,000 acres and prompting evacuations of homes and sections of a state park, officials said.

Newberry Fire!"


May. 14th, 2012 04:32 am
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"Happy mothers day to Lisa Bearden and Carol!!!! The best moms EVAR!"

"The rest of my crap came today.. .hack//infection and outbreak guide books, bobbin winder, video card, power supply, short story book, and ar tonellico 2.

Done buying, as i am now borkd. xD"
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Ok so xbox support gets my seal of approval.

After not being able to play map packs offline, and an 86 minute call, we got the map pack working, and she gave us 800pts FO FREE :O

In moar news -  omg @_@ another bidding rush...

Outbid at 7 seconds left.. then outbid the outbidder in like 3 seconds.. then won it..

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Going to Quincy parade at 6, delivering Echos meds, cleaning house, and stuff!!

Oya, and im havin a kickin halloween party with classical music, noodles, unsweetened tea, ernest scared stupid, if im lucky, some SWEET SWEET text coding :D

Ohhh my god, so i was biddin on a DS on ebay... and i was outbit at 20 seconds left... Then at 3 seconds i bid again, and i ended up winning..

Who needs drugs, man my heart is pounding... auctioning is a rush, LOL
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Started my meds... ohhhh man.. I feel so fuzzy and out of it today.. Totally zoned...

Doesnt help i have a killer headache.

Called paypal and demanded some service... again. They gave me 20$ and will see about me winning my cases "High chance of winning." I guess Paypal is like Walmart. Your service depends upon how nice the person is.


Mar. 19th, 2011 10:49 pm
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So the paypal guy is screwing me over for 50$ more. Anyone know a good lawyer? -_-
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for some reason i really want a tablet

*Bids on a few*


Nov. 13th, 2009 06:09 pm
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I purchased FF8 and got it today~~


GUnna move my laptop to my room

so i can play while

on irc <3


Oct. 8th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I bought ragnarok disk 2 at biglots for THREEEE dollars!!

and i did more random shopping


i get so bored on my lunches.

~_~ cor

Jul. 24th, 2009 09:41 am
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been whining about need for speed: most wanted

so i boughtit for him today



oh yeah

Dec. 12th, 2008 07:54 am
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i bought fake hori DS screen protectors off ebay!



Dec. 3rd, 2008 07:48 am
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I made a best offer... it WAS 4$.. i offered 2$ they ACCEPTED. I was SHOCKED! 3$ shipping.


Talked to Uh.

Greggy awhile back and he said that this would work for my laptop to hook it up to my TV!!!!!!!1

i found a male to male connector in my box of random stuff..

so HORRAY! I may have this laptop hooked up in my room! XD

if not, i'm only out ONE dollar..
free shipping

Shonen Jump sept. 2008.

Cuz my dad is a TARD and renews stuff LATE

$5 total.. won it in an aution, i was only bidder XD

Im bidding on some super cute turtle stuff..

and a sword o.o

and a sword letter opener XD

its so amusing to see all the stuff you can get on ebay for 1 cent free shipping.

ima see how much i can get XD

but this import tax thing has me kinda scared o.o''''

i duno if ill have some scary post office man at my door demanding money or whatever...

hed walk in and be like

and ill be like ";--;;;;;; "

yeah o.o

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i sent a complaint because the laptop guy (who he shall be known as henceforth) removed my feedbakc from his profile WITHOUT my permission (while his for me is stil on there)

So i get something back saying "oh we cant do anything cuz we are HUGE ARSEHOLES"

so i sent this back...

-------------------------------------------- I have a response to an email I got from you guys. This will probably go to a different person than last time, so I'll explain it again. (you might have to jump around in the email, sorry)

First of all, here is what was said in the first email.

From Me To eBay

Message: I have a complaint.
I bought a laptop from laptop guy, I got it, it was broken.. He
sent a replacement LCD, that got fixed.. It was missing screws, had an ILLEGAL, pirated OS, didnt come with drivers installed, and came with spyware..
Therefore, I left a neutral feedback..
He requesetd that i withdrawl my feedback.. Heck, i WANTED to give him
NEGATIVE feedback!!!
But eBay went ahead and withdrew it or whatever, I dont know.
It said...
Rating withdrawn - No-Show to online dispute service
Feedback withdrawn because member did not respond to formal mediation
request. Learn more.
I didnt RESPOND because I didnt WANT TO WITHDRAW IT!
Ebay, this is ridiculous. If i wanted to withdraw my feedback, I would
have said so.

eBay's Response

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your concern about the Feedback
you left for "laptopguy" that has been withdrawn from your trading
partner's profile. I have forwarded your concern about receiving a
misrepresented item to the appropriate department to help you resolve
this issue at the soonest time possible.

The Feedback you left for the seller has been Withdrawn because eBay
received an email coming from SquareTrade to have the Feedback
Withdrawn. SquareTrade is an independent third-party mediation service
not connected with eBay. As such, you are not required to participate in
mediation through their services. However, you will need to decline the
medation request to prevent the feedback you left from being withdrawn.

The Feedback that you left for your trading partner was withdrawn
because SquareTrade notified us about your participation in mediation.
However, SquareTrade did not indicate that the Feedback comment you
received ought to be withdrawn as well.

If you believe that the Feedback comment you received should also be
withdrawn, please notify SquareTrade of your concerns. You can reach
them by sending an email to

I understand your frustration regarding this matter and apologize for
the inconvenience it caused you.


My comments

"The Feedback that you left for your trading partner was withdrawn
because SquareTrade notified us about your participation in mediation. "

I did not participate in the mediation because everything was fine on my end. I left neutral feedback because he sent me illegal, broken material. He eventually sent me a working part so that was fixed. And illegal material, is well, illegal. I REALLY REALLY wanted to leave negative feedback, but I knew he was going to leave me negative feedback if I did, so i upped it to Neutral.

SEVERAL MONTHS AFTER THE FEEDBACK WAS LEFT, He goes to this.. Squaretrade thing.. and requests me retract my neutral feedback and comment with the statement "The neutral feedback hurts us both"

Feedback is there for a reason. To inform other peoples about potential issues with the seller. If the seller can just go around retracting his own feedback that I left him, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, then it's no wonder there's so many bad eBay expereinces. I have never heard of this squaretrade before, MUCH LESS opted in to have them modify my feedback! The scammers just retract thier own feedback to get a higher score, Lol this is extremely pathetic.

Just look at the guys feedback
Ratings mutually withdrawn: 10
Members who left a negative: 5
Neutral: 2 in the past year

To me, this would be sending up a red flag. There is NO REASON to have 10 mutually withdrawn feedbacks. He is just withdrawing the feedback he doesnt want to increase his percentage.


Im using slightly different numbers...

If His feedback is
237 total,

232 positive, 5 negative

that's 97.9% positive and each feedback is worth .42% of the positive feedback.

Assuming those 10 mutually withdrawn feedbacks were negative and were NOT withdrawn..

222 positive, 15 negative

and if my math's not off..

That decreases his positive feedback score to 93.2%.. which in my opinion is a LOT worse than the almost 98 he has right now.

Personally, if someones feedback is less than 95% I am EXTREMELY wary if to buy from them.. and if it's less than 91% i wont buy at all.

I know you guys wont do anything about this.. but I think this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

-He should not have given me a neutral feedback, I did nothing wrong. I payed instantly, my emails were not rude.
-He should not have asked to withdrawl my neutral feedback just because "It hurts us both" That's the point of feedback, to hurt the bad people. I WILLINGLY left the neutral on my profile JUST SO he could leave the neutral on his. I am willing to give up a portion of my % so that i can have my negative impacting % on his, because I was extremely disapointed in this transaction. But he just takes his off.

Ok, you know what eBay? Take off my neutral feedback that he left for me. Even though all of this isn't fair, it is the least you can do >_>

I do not deserve neutral feedback, if anyone it was him. I payed instantly, was polite, patient.

He.. He delayed my item.. he said that it could ship early september.. I didnt get it until over a month later. When I got it, the backlight was broken. After several emails and phone calls, he sent us a new one which worked good... But the laptop came with a pirated operating system. An Illegal copy of windows 2000 with an illegal Windows 2000 OS disk. The serial number used is commonly found on serial sites!! It also came with spyware prompting the user to go to and buy their software. It didn't come with drivers installed.. which is okay because I know how to install drivers and whatnot, but the common user would be clueless!

..again, I dont not expect you guys to do anything about it, becuase of 3rd party loopholes or whatever excuses.. but I just want someone to know I am extremely disapointed :(
Item Info

Item Name: FAST T0SHIBA TECRA 8100 802.11b WIRELESS LAPTOP !!!
Sale price: US $147.50
Item number: 290152169332
Item URL:
Sale date: Thursday, Aug 23, 2007 20:09:08 PDT

Yeah, so im SOO Pissed right now.. that i'm going to go around walmart and walk around.. because thats the biggest relief when i am pissed off :P
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So you know ive been going through this buying a laptop on eBay fiasco...

...Recently everything got fixed... I leave him neutral feedback because it took him over a month to ship my item... when I got it, it was broken..

Then about 2 weeks shy of another month to get it fixed..

I left him a neutral feedback with "Shipping was slow.. Lappy was broken but got fixed. everything turned out -okay-"

He left me a neutal also saying "Paid well, complained about item. Worked great when it left. Got it fixed. ehhh!"

I payed immedietly via buyitnow.. He waited a month to send it, (and then sent it a full week after he promised to send it THAT DAY) when i got it, it was broken.. it took about another month to get it fixed..

All my emails were polite and patient.. All my phone calls the same way.

I believe i had the right to leave neutral feedback as he basically ignored me until I called him...

he gave me neutral also saying I "complained about the item"

yeah well with a Pirated OS and broken backlight.. missing screws I think i have the right to complain!

I thought feedback from sellers was supposed to relate to payment and thats about it.

I know it doesnt hurt anything but still it makes me feel bad.... :(
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Some guy said iw as basically detroying the whole ebay economy by only buying the absolute cheapest crap i can find.

I wrote baout it in blog there then later felt embarased.. so im taking it off there and putting it on here XD>

In my last eBay blog entry someone said something that I don't quite understand.

What I understood it being was that because I only buy the ABSOLUTE cheapest ungodly amazing deals on eBay that I am in  a nutshell  'destroying the "ebayion" economy'

something about.. people that only buy amazing deals 'take away' from the good honest sellers or whatever.

Those comments almost made me think that they were thinking I was being cocky or demanding things from my 'wish list' post. 

When in reality, It's just a list of things that would be.. interesting to own..

I am in no way expecting to actually even own all of them at any point in my life o-O

My family is relatively.... Not wealthy. Sure we can still afford ~200$ on christmas presents but that doesnt really mean anything..

My dad works at a factory. He is a single parent. The house my mom bought has an over 1,000$ a month mortgage..

however, my dad is an incredibly penny pincher.. He will freak out and buy something else if it's 20 cents less.. you know as long as quality is decent..

"There's some things you can go cheap on, but others you just can't"

Car insurance..   Gas ranging from 3-3.80 a gallon.. Buying the essentials every week.. my and my moms hospital bills...

I really don't expect ANYthing from my dad but the essentials..

I know there are a lot of people that are worse off than us, but that is OFTEN due to poor money management skills.

We have no debt at all besides the mortgage on our house. Perfect credit.

There was this one lady who was in fashion bug. Her daughter was about 4-5 years old.. She got to the counter and couldnt pay because her credit card was maxed out. She tried calling SOMEONE on her cell phone but her battery was dead. She takes her little girl's (4-5 years old) cell phone and the little girl was screaming because it was HER cell phone and she didnt want her mom to touch it..   We got outside and she had a brand new shiny PT Cruiser.

This is an example of horrid money management skills. THESE people right here are the kind that say "oh im soo poor~" but they really arent.. their money managemetn skills SUCK. They could live a decent life.. if they would just LEARN. Sure they wouldnt have brand new cars and 6 cell phones but they could be DEBT FREE... for a lot of people.. being debt free is a lot more important than new cars and whatnot that they cant afford.

My dad drives a 1986 Astrovan with the  frame rotting out.... When this one dies we will prolly get like another van.. 1995.. for ~2,000$ IF it's a good deal.  We arent going to go out and buy some brand new 2012 H6 Hummer  or nothing because we cant afford it. It would be a bit retarded to go and buy something like that soley on credit cards..

Unfortunately most people do.

I buy most of my things on eBay because they are CHEAP.. usually better quality.. and you can get IT, whatever IT is..  when you go to walmart and i have a choice between a dog or a rainbow latchhook set.. When on ebay i could get a super cool tiger one!!! (for the same price or cheaper!)

SO I think I'm about done with ranting about money.

When I live on my own, I will probably shop at goodwill and eat nothing but 10cent ramen and ride my bike everywhere.........    because I'm cheap. Nothing anyone can say or do will change that. (Unless i came across an incredibley large sum of money... Then I might splurge and buy an electric powered bike :X hahahah)

Pretty much in short, I hate money. I hate dealing with it. It's hard to get and never seems to stick around. But I'll do my best! :)

(and by the way flamers, any and all comments that i deem... insulting or whatever will be reported and deleted.. So just dont waste your and my time. ^^)

also and

Mar. 24th, 2007 02:06 am
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dad came home today with some ram he found DUMPSTER DIVING!@ LOl


we put it in..

and it didnt work.

it looks EXACTLY like the kind already in there..
its SDram and everything..

i looked up the # on the internet and it apparently is only 32MB or 64MB insted of 128.. so now we are stuck with 3 sticks... of dead ram.. lol..

perhaps ill give it to meh teacher for a present for giving me his 128s lol.


and im also desperately wanting to sell things on ebay right now o.0


I keep reading about these ebay taxes things..

some sites say that if you sell it for less than you bought it for, theres no tax.. others say if you sell it at all.. its still taxable

argh.. ill just have to ask my teacher


also me and travis are going to a party tomarrow night at 8..
then afterwards... maybe i will learn how to do the satanic ritual of factoring trinomals.. ;_;


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