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TWO exams left in this class, then I AM DONE!!! Hopefully will get them done tomorrow!!!  Even without those, the last quizzes, and discussion I can almost... ALMOST not even take them and get a good grade - 

Course total 459.00 0–667


Revelations The Demon Slayer... seems like Dragon Warrior meets Pokemon... O_o.

My blood pressure is insane right now. I dont know how so many stupid people fill these DHS forms out, yet i cant get an answer from anyone about anything. :|

I can get, however, as much time as I like on hold!! Several hours at a time even. If anyone wants any hold time on the phone, let me know... i can hook you up.

Photo: :D

So... Is anyone going garage saling tomorrow morning? Can I tag along with anyone?


Aug. 9th, 2013 02:30 am
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Soooo garage sales today! I could never wake up early enough, so i decided to finish "Drawn to life" for wii!

watched a bunch of movies while playing.. Ghost Cat, Superstar, orange is the new black, john dies at the end.

I was surprised at how much humor JOhn dies at the end puts in it. I didnt like the book much, movie was alright. a horror comedy, lol.

Now... OFF to garage sales 
Photo: Soooo garage sales today! I could never wake up early enough, so i decided to finish "Drawn to life" for wii!watched a bunch of movies while playing.. Ghost Cat, Superstar, orange is the new black, john dies at the end.I was surprised at how much humor JOhn dies at the end puts in it. I didnt like the book much, movie was alright. a horror comedy, lol.Now... OFF to garage sales :D
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WOOOO I finished paying off all my doctor bills! Even though not a single one helped me!


also... IT IS MOVING SALE SEASON ALREADY!!!?!??! OMG I will be there in a few minutes, LOL ♥

Fun times

Sep. 1st, 2012 09:20 am
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"Tekonsha garage sales!!!!!!!!!!!!! got a bunch of cool stuff. Like a NES game genie for $2!"


Aug. 10th, 2012 08:51 am
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PSU Roar of Flames event Starring: Ryosuke, $$ Unknown Goc $$, ChooN, Razor, Caiterz

Starting part 1 of ___.. Recording ALL PSU missions for archival purposes."

"Also, this are expensive as ballz, but SOOO SOOO WORTH IT.

Theyre on clearance at walmart for $1 right now O_O.. was $4"

"Suppoed to go garage saling today but looks likes its gunna rain for the next 3 days !_!"

In other news.. 7 years since my mom died D:


Jun. 9th, 2012 11:49 pm
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"headache.. and its really hot for some reason... and the ac isnt workin right. sadness.

in other news, got fruitsbasket complete boxset and pokemon crystal for $1 each, LOL"

Andddd I get blown off by my dad too. Invited him for a dinner tomorrow... (Quite awhile ago) and he has 'other stuff to do'...

He prolly just gunna sit and watch big bang theory, cuz thats allll he does.

I say KARL my LIFE is like the bing bang theory. Just come over if you wanna hear nerdy stuff that you dont understand... xD

PS Mini rant: On TBBT the other day this one guy got his stuff stolen, and he lists it off as "Final fantasy 1 through 9"

Half of those were never released in the US.. (we're not counting psp/ds/gba remakes here)


Here's some more nerdy stuff for your nerdy-loving-pleasure xD

Daniel and I are working on a sequel to an old NES game called Crystalis using RPG Maker. I'm going to do some spritework in Paint for some chipsets to make new maps n stuff

Map Teaser:
Screenshot of the original NES game:
Spritesheet of cave background:

Also im baking cookies and cleaning house while listening to tons of jpop and stuff xD

Yeah, just the original releases.

1 + 2 was indeed part of Origins for PS1, 4 + CT in Chronicles, and 5 and 6 were in Anthology.

BUT if you are filing a police report that includes the remakes he cant just say "final fantasy 1-9".. If we are talking

about original releases he should have said "Final Fantasy 1 for NES, Final Fantasy 2 and 3 for SNES, then 7,8,9....PS1

Otherwise, he should have said something such as "PS1 Final fantasy Origins, Chronicles, Anthology, 7,8,9, and 3 for DS.

Also, why the hell doesnt he have FFX? *Slaps him* XD

(dying for FFX remake/update/whatevertheyredoingtoit)


Now i have to get a 3DS -____-"

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I duno what i did but my wrist has been smoked. I cant move it barely at all, so its all wrapped up.. and its so hard to get dressed or open my car door or -anything- :|

went to merry lake garage sales.. got a brand new gddr2 512mb vid card.. still sealed in package with cords and all. 50 CENTS. just after i spend 90$ on one about twice as good as that one o_-. xD

I also got a casio pocket pc fo...
r $1.. A Eureka boss Vacuum with brand new filters and a bunny vacuum cover for 2.50$ O.O; and some other misc cool stuff.

Went to Jo Ann Rodericks, and looked at her pc, it wouldnt break for me, LOL worked fine for me :( (I'll do some more research on it and try and find out whats wrong with it :) )

Walked around riverfest. Got a metal cup, and some asian fans. It was ghetto hot. 91 degrees..


Sep. 3rd, 2011 09:25 pm
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Lovely when an employee comes running out of the stall and doesnt wash their hands...ick

So @ Tekonsha garage sales, my bro got some stuff (Listed Below)... and i about had an anxiety attack at biglots :D (listed below)

Bro got: 1960s chess set for .50
Donkey Kong Country 3 for GBA...Like new.. $1
Final Fantasy 7, excellent condition disks... $5.


I went home from work at 4:30 today, but i stopped at biglots and goodwill to get some stuff.. and the power was flickering... and i looked outside, and OMG BLACK.. so i got in my car and by the time i got out to US12, it was raining so hard i couldnt see ANYTHING..

So i drove to walmart, and i was scared cuz it was SO WINDY and stuff.. I got out and walked in (I was soaked) noone was coming in or going out... bleh.. I found Carol and walked around with her for awhile...

I am scarred for life by the tornado :/
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OMG awesome day garage sales! Got Kirby Tilt n Tumble $2, Memory foam mouse pad $1, Flat panel LCD monitor $20, cute japanese jars $1 total, DDR Universe for 360 $5, Line Rider 2 Wii - $6..... Slushie from Speedway ♥, fun time with Daniel, and SUPER clearance pillow top mattress - was $400 now $250!!!!


Jun. 3rd, 2011 01:37 am
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Went garage saling today! Got Beanie Baby $1, Bookshelf $3, 2 cords .50$, Printer $5, DDR mat for 360 $1, Mouse .75, Raccoon fur thing .50 - YAYYY GARAGE SALINGgGGGGGGG!!!! Also work was a MADHOUSE - SO many customers, and SO little people D: good thing i was PUMPED AND READY FOR ANYTHING >:3333333 *pulled clothes pallets from outside in*
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Got a huge ass stereo for $10, 10 graphic novels (Inuyasha) for $4.50, Some books, some beanie babies, Furry cat figure thing for .25 cents, PSP Case, charger, and 3 games for $10, some PC games for 10 cents each, Aqua teen hunger force season 1 for 10 cents (wtf??), Japanese fan for 25 cents, and New Wii DDR mat for $1

I think thats it o.o
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and we made 30$ so far!

all corys though

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so cory got a 1..

and i sat around all day and did nothing..

and was tired cuz i didnt sleep last night XD

we stopped at a garage sale on the way back :o


and i had the window down on my car cuz it was epic

and i was sooo happy :3333333333333


Aug. 30th, 2008 01:25 am
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Tekonsha City Wide Garage Sales!!!!!!!!!!

YAYAY we went garage saling today.. and jebus ive never seen so many garage sales in a tiny town XD


there was this one garage sale with prolly 20 BOXES of juvenile fiction!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

So i got all of these for a quarter each (unless noted)

Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl (with a forward by Lois Lowry <3)
Little Plum by Rumer Godden (About a Geisha)
My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George (<3 this book)
The Boggart by Susan Cooper (looked interesting)
Into the Dream by
WILLIAM SLEATOR <333333333333333333333
Sailor Moon Supers Manga Vol2
(10 cents) <3
Shivers #13 by M.D. Spenser (10 cents)
Shivers #19 by M.D. Spenser (10 cents)
Danny The champion of the World (by Roald Dahl!!!!! <3)

ok I also got a few beanie babies...

(Early the bird, Peace the bear, Romance the bear, Kissme the bear, Eggburt the baby chicken)
 for a QUARTER each, perfect condition ;D

and... I also got 3 animal sand-bag-paper-weight-things.

They are very shiny and match my current animal sand-bag-paper-weight-things

so now i have

-Rainbow Cat
-Orange Land Turtle
-Blue + Green Sea Turtle
-Green Dinosaur
-Pinkish Dinosaur with fin

they also had a blue triceratops there... but they were a dollar each x.x (and brand new) so...


Dad got a giant stero thing to go with his giant 4' speakers O_O.

Cory got a Whale hat, a Goofy hat, some hot wheels... and i think thats it o_O O_o

but i think it was moderately successful..

There was also this one garage sale with an ARSELOAD of video games.

I swear they had at LEAST 10

they also had Hamtaro: ham hams unite and Ham Ham Heartbreak.. which i wanted.. but there was no price on them.. The rest of the GBC/A games were 5$ though so i didn't even bother...

they had several GBA:SPs for 20$ -_- and regular GBAs for 15$

blarg! lol

i really wanna play super mario bros. Mario + Luigi for GBA. So i will.

I recently found out it was pretty much a direct sequel to super mario RPG (complete with Axem rangers, croco, Smithy, etc.)






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we went to that new shop in hillsdale with video games, dvds, guitars, etc...

...and they had a really old computer X3.

I looked at its stats...

16MB ram...
1.2GB HD.

which seems.... ridiculous to me XD

considering my old PC has 32MB ram and 300MB HD...

which means back in the day that was a REALLY expensive computer.

That'd be like today having a 2TB HD with 256MB ram

but it was interesting!

anyway, I bought Kid Pix Studio and Love Hina Spring Movie :3 for 5$ total.

they didn't have any interesting video games... just.. dumbarse sports games x.x

I also go VideoWave III SE, Outpost, and Roller Coaster Factory.

cory got some random racing games

^ those at some random garage sale X3

o no

Jul. 8th, 2008 03:51 am
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WE picked up an xbox at a garage sale for 5$

i wonder if it works....
they said it did :/

funny thing - it came with ps2 power cords, LMAO


Jun. 23rd, 2008 11:46 pm
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did i mention how much i <3 my new monitor ^^

its aweosme@!!!!!

Ok anywya

i also got at a garage sale..

these 3 kitty puzzles ^_^_^_^_^_^

and a HUGE 3'x2' LION KING PUZZLE!!!!!!

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so we went garage saling anndd

we got bingo chips... and a shittah black light ><

But anyway. . . .

i WAS going to get this shirt/pants set..

which was VELVETY sparkly purple..

but there was no price..

we asked the lady and she said $10 for the set.


this is a garage sale, not bargain day at walmart ><

so we didnt get it.

afterwards i felt SOOO BAD THOUGH..

I duno if its cuz the lady was being wtfbbq, or i was really disapointed or what..

I never get that emotional over clothes, LOL so i think it was cuz of the lady....

but yeah at this one garage sale the lady was like "Look up there!"

so i looked..

and the CLOUDS were SWIRLIING..

.it was the begining of a funnel cloud..

it was raining and storming pretty bad....

but omg i was scared XD

but it didnt form into a funnel cloud, thank whiteface.
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Yesterday we went to jessie's open house... :P

and the morning before... we went garage saling in litchfield.. Yayness! ^-^

Then we went and got my free laptop at noon... and then we went garage saling in summerset / lake leanne area..


We got a lot of kewl stuff!

-2 compy monitors
-Tetris board game (REALLY COOL!)
-Alundra (PS1)
-Saga Frontier (PS1)
-5 cent beanie babies!!!!!
-a FREE sega master system!! with like 20 games! Still works!
-Free Hover Disk..
-Video Bingo set...
-Candle holders for my long candles
-A Stone turtle/frog/snail for 15 cents. Its all chipped and weathered, but im guna paint it!!!!

ahh i dont remember if we got anything else


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