Sep. 10th, 2013 08:10 pm
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Cait Lin's photo.
The outside ;o
Daniel views the outside~
Daniel says "Uhh, lets sit on the floor and eat pizza" since ther was only ONE chair!

^ Here's some pics.

We were driving.. and we were like...

So we went! we went to the kitty place ^^ and YEAH KITTIES

Karl was nice enough to record it!

It was SOOO hot though... and I started to get sick.

I went to a used video game store.. we got some PSP games... Went to a Circle K


an A&W and a KFC all in 1 Store, that was WILD..

we watched "UP on poppy hill", the newest studio ghibli movie... It kinda sucked >__< the 'plot twists' seemed VERY forced, and no resolution.


Sep. 9th, 2013 08:10 pm
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SPICY CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

and we're going to Ohio! Where? DUNNO! But we're going!

We went to a chinese place.. in.. Ohio! and going to the hotel with a HOT TUB IN THE ROOM OMG WOOT!
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Just won an epic bet with Cory. MWWAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!

And by epic bet, i mean, I got married and got laid.

It was kinda stupid, i dunno why everyone's obsessed with sexy stuff v_v.


Dec. 15th, 2012 11:54 pm
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Watching Prometheus with Daniel ♥

He says he wants to take me out on thursday... to see the hobbit maybe :D ♥

Daniel is AWESOME"


Sep. 14th, 2012 09:20 pm
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"‎@$%@%@%@$ FINDING NEMO 3D!

1:05 2:30 4:45 7:00 9:15pm

Premiere Theatre
7:00 9:20pm"

Also Daniel messed up our marry thing by forcing me to walmart parking lot there underclothed, and stinky ;_;

Also his ring was too big, LOL. So we re-did it today...

and he got down on his knee and proposed, and i got down on my knee, and said "ONLY IF YOULL MARRY ME!" and pulled out his ring, lol.

Fun stuff

Aug. 17th, 2012 09:07 am
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"ate at the casino. Won 10$! Went to the fair, got a bunch of cool stuff, played a TON of bingo, and didn't win a single time :(

The car EXPLODED so we had to call AAA to give us a jump. Then we went home.. waiting for Cory and gunna go to hunger games release!

Then SLEEP Because I was up all night >_<"

Also i got this pokemon card. ITS HAX. LOLOLOL"


Aug. 15th, 2012 09:07 am
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"went over to Howard and Peaches' house and fixed their computer. :) Now they can farmville at lightspeed! hehe

Then we went to battle creek, got some neat stuff... like CATNIP BUBBLES... and went home... Then we went shopping for food.. come home, and by that time it was 5am, so NAPTIME, lol"


Jul. 13th, 2012 03:04 am
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Summer has arrived to SG Interactive with unique in-game opportunities for its games
"holy shat."

Schlotzkeys Deli = Raspberry lemonaid = YES.

Daniels cait + SUPER JERKY when the gears shift = CAIT CRAPS PANTS..

Important guildies = leave = Cait sad.

Caits head + ow = :(

Daniel + new PC = Daniel plays tricky :D

^ Summary of today.

Ok, I am done. I'm sick of people lying to me.. Online and in real life. Of telling me theres NOTHING wrong with me, yet refusing to talk to me or hang out, or anything.

I put myself out there, "You can tell me ANYTHING ill listen" yet refusing to talk and make everything worse, and 0MFG.

I want to become a hermit and just board myself up away from everyone.. Just talk to daniel.

But i cant, because im frikking addicted to people, but the CONSTANT DISAPPOINTMENT PISSES ME OFF.


Also whoever invented HD need a kick to the teeth. -__- out of 3 blu-rays ive tried.... 2 wont work on pc, and the other audio/video is out of sync.

*Stays with dvd forever*

 dont really have any good ones at all though ~_~.. online or IRL.. I have a LOT of people i talk to -occasionally- but noone like super close.

All the people that wanna get super close to me are ghetto annoying.. and all the people i REALLY like blow me off

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"had a fun day with daniel. Got a bunch of GC games at goodwill.. SSBM, Tales of symphonia, FF:CC, Pokemom XD + Colosseum.. some moviess..

Got ice cream.. went down to the ducks and fed em. Saw Roxanne there...

went to meijers and got bunch of clearance crapzz..

Had a lot of fun just talkinggg.. daniel taught me some new stuff~~ o.o.. We went to taco bell, did laundry, looked at LOLcats, and drawed stuff :D"

A little something for the gay community who have celebrated a very special day today.
WARNING: We are not ALWAYS OFFENSIVE!! But when we are..we couldn't care less if you're offended! If you like to laugh, like our page! The funniest Pictures on facebook!! Like and SHARE!!
"‎!!!!! Yes yes! This is what I've been talking about.. People finally are realizing..
"I shall spend all day drawing trickster equips, for i am ubar procrastinator. >_<"


Vote for Kristen Seese's stepmom to get a 250k grant :D

Go to Wisconsin, then Hudson, Then VOTE for Healing Waters Health Center :D

Friends and family of two teenage girls in a same-sex relationship who were shot in the head in a South Texas park expressed shock and grief Tuesday over the incident in which one of the young women was killed and the other severely injured. Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, and Mary Chr …



Jun. 25th, 2012 03:04 am
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"We're going out to goodwill, the ink cartridge shop, the ducks, and other fun stuff for date day of doooooooooooooom ^_^"

Oh man, my comments are disapearing and reappearing.

And omg, I MUST COME VISIT IT!!!!!!!! 8 story goodwill in new york!

Do they have Rock/gem prospecting mines around there anywhere??

Thats what me n daniel want to do on our honeymoon and an 8 story goodwill to top all that off, would be AMAZING. xD

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"So we found a random beach and went swimming. It was amazing. Then we got ice cream and came home.. watched through the wormhole, and took a nap.

If my throat/nose wasnt hurting so bad, it would have been an -amazing- day :3"

"THUNDERSTORMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥"
Herkimer Diamond Mines And KOA Kampgrounds Herkimer, NY
Working on graphic projects today.. Wishing this giant pillow would kindly remove itself from my nasal passage.

Played a bit of zombies with Cory Newberry.

Looked up some places we might go for our honeymoon next year :P or maybe...

Daniel wants to rock mine :D

I have laundry to put away, but i feel ~so~ lazy :

Delivery exception
Damaged, unable to deliver shipment - Please contact shipper/merchant for details

Also, thanks fedex, for exploding my battery


Mar. 27th, 2012 11:15 pm
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went to my house today.. got ice cream at the udder side. Cow piles, heccckk yeah! Played some Wario ware, and other various games. Went to the pawn shop and got a REMOTE FOR MY VCR THAT BROKE ♥ ♥ so happy.. Also got some NES games.. Tiny Toons Adventures 2 (NES) (Someone stole this when i was little), Double Dragon 2, and Yoshi Cookie.

Tried to pawn off my little sewing machine, but they didn't want it, lol
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Counceler said "lulz just stop worrying about stuff" If it was that easy, it woulda been done already, lol.

Lion King 3D was AWESOME! It was the first 3D movie i ever saw, and it was SO COOL!... me and daniel shared nonpareils and m+ms during it ♥.. was interesting to see little details i never woulda saw in 2D.

We ate at Ponderosa, gunna draw, play PSU, and snuggle ALL DAY :D

Oh god yes

Aug. 9th, 2011 08:04 pm
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It was a bruce willis sort of night..... and we watched Die Hard. (Id never seen it before) such a wonderful popcorn movie... he he he he~

me and daniel snuggled and awesome and raep and fun times.. it was so perfect.. his face in the light was amazing

Yay date

May. 17th, 2011 02:37 am
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Went to battle creek with Daniel (I drove O_O!) got his car insurance... 189$ down, 86$ a month... ouch :/ Went shopping.. got lost.. Found some rare stuff at salvation army... talked to Howard Streeter and Lucille Streeter for a few hours, that was fun :)
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Went swimming at the lake (OMG COLD) ice cream, walking, laundry, cleaning <33

Lotsa wiggers there, but it was fun

May 1st :3

May. 1st, 2011 02:20 am
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The first day i sat with daniel..... in the breakroom last year heh

Today started out crappy before i even woke up.. and got progressively crappier as the day went on. Eventually it got to the point where I broke down again, and had to talk to my management..

Had Leslie ♥ save my sanity ♥

Pulled myself together, finished my latchhook, cleaned up a few things... and everything is going okay. Daniel knew my day has been crappy..... and i come home to this on the oven.....

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Saturday Night: went to the drive in with Daniel... saw Hop and Your Highness.. Both were pretty good.... was pretty romantic... heh. Then we terrorized walmart at 1am... found out they sell Chihuahua cheese there (WTF?).. and laughed about 999 other things... Went home.. I made tacos... i ate them... and a crappy incident happened. Involving Daniel and the tacos. xD...

He wouldnt come eat.. i was pissed :/
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we woke up at 10am, went to my doctors appointment, said i have an enlarged heart.

went to pawn shop, and bought some video games and movies.

went out to eat at super grand buffet..

stopped at longstreet furnature and looked at mattresses..

went home, snuggled, worked on costume a bit..

fell asleep snuggling XD

looked at goofy stuff..

..and when we were sleeping, i felt SOOO SNUGGLYYY it was INSANE how snuggly i felt D:


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