Aug. 16th, 2014 10:46 pm
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At pioneer country music fest......

Bored out ta my mind, lol. Not my thing.

Even dyscalcuwhatever!! 
Lesser-known things about Asperger's syndrome
When people hear of Asperger's syndrome they may think of children or Einstein. But here are some lesser-known things about the condition from those who know.
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Im so bored at lunch that i have recreated the parting of the great tables in a dramatic fashion!
Photo: Im so bored at lunch that i have recreated the parting of the great tables in a dramatic fashion!

Rei, Grandpa, and Jedite's voices are great in the new Sailor Moon dub. Usagi, Ami, and Luna's voices still bug me to no end :|

Head is exploding.. but MUST... CLEAN... HOUSE.. T_T

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Now that i look back... 2013 was a great year for music. xD



Aug. 7th, 2013 02:30 am
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I'm prolly gunna get slapped.. but im digging this new song..

Austin Mahone - What About Love


Woke up to..... Thunderrrrr!!!!! 
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So i had mountain dew baja blast icee today, and started to feel really weird after it..

Since ive stopped drinking pop, my chest pains have been almost zero. Looked up high fructose corn syrup allergy... and found this article.... Please check it out.

HFCS may be hurting us all...

On this valentines day - everyone remember - I love you!

Even though I suck at starting a conversation (this is why i do better in groups...)... I'll always respond if you talk to me Each of you was hand picked to be part of my 'inner circle' XD

So dont feel lonely guyz. I love you too

Also happy birthday to NESSIE <3

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"I hate Trickster right now, so I am jamming to this song, and going to kill some people way better than me on black ops, cuZ i suck at it :P"

They made a shitty mistake with the new guild system....
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This is the halftime performance of The Ohio State University Marching Band on 10/6/12 against Nebraska. The theme was Video games and it included parts from...
"CORY! did you see this live?"
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"I cant sleep cuz of chest pains, so i shall post a giant wall of text for you :D"

My huge wall of text is: ALL ABOUT MY COMPUTERS.

Lets take in consideration i was born in 1988, LOL. practically onto a keyboard.

1990 - Original black and white Macintosh - 400kb hard drive, 128kb RAM, 8mhz processor. You couldnt save a very long

text file, but it played monopoly off of a floppydisk like a beast! Also we have microsoft word for mac, lol. I thought that was funny.

1994 - Packard Bell w/ Windows 3.1 - 100mb hard drive, 4mb ram, not sure of the processor. We upgraded this to Windows 95 in early 1998 in order to get it to work with the internet. Also we put a modem in it, and later put a second hard drive in. (a 300mb one) i remember thinking that i would NEVER EVER Fill it up in a BAZILLION years. XD I remember using Netscape Navigator a lot to find games. Also "It is now safe to turn off your computer".... and i learned of Ctrl+Alt+Del on this computer, and was facinated with finding other keyboard shortcuts, such as ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Strangely enough, i didnt discover alt+tab until i was reading a PC magazine in 2004 </shamed>. I have no idea why i randomly didnt even hear about it for 10 years!

2001 - Compaq Presario 4090US. Got it at Circuit City for around 500$. it came with a free xgames backpack, lol. 900mhz 128mb ram. Legendary Windows ME. 20GB HD. This beast was my main computer for evar.

2002 - Compaq (Not sure of model #)- 600mhz, 64mb ram, Windows 3.1 - My dad got it from his work. We used it for "Old paintbrush" and those epic games such as Chips Challenge, that cat-mouse-cheese game, Ski free, and all them. Since Windows 95/Me didnt have those.

2003 - IBM Thinkpad Laptop - This was a TANK. 64mb ram, approx 500mhz processor, Windows 95, 2GB hard drive. 28.8k modem. My gaming buddys swear that they got less lag when i was hositng a game on this laptop vs my 56k computer. I used this for doing the internet thing while watching tv. It was 200$ from my dads friend at work. This tank never froze. Not a day in its working life did it ever freeze or BSOD on me... until its final days in spring 2008.... It froze. I flipped out. It must be ready to die. I hope i can get it turned back on. I turned it back on.. Opened windows explorer... Froze. crap crap crap. I need to back up my files! At this point I have ghetto-rigged dialup sharing via a powercord networking thing that i got at a garage sale for $2.. and my Windows ME comp was hooked up to it, so i could 'net in my room. So I turned the IBM on.. didnt touch anything. used the Windows ME comp to steal its files and burn them to disk... Tried to Restart the IBM again to see if maybe running a virus scan would help.. and it wouldnt turn on. Nothing. I cried a bit. My baby tank of a laptop. ;_;. I knew something was wrong when it froze. I could feel it. I still have it, and ive tried turning it on since then. Once in awhile, it will start up to DOS, but has some weird error, and wont start up. Othertimes, it wont start up at all.

2007 - early to mid - I got my drivers lisence, so off to garage sales i went! We picked up a ton of various Compaq/HP computers dirt cheap at garage sales. usually around $5 for tower, monitor, speakers. We used these to practice computer frankensteining on. Mwaahah! Got a lot of them fixed and stuff too.

2007 - July - Sick of The Windows ME blasphemy, I boguht a Toshiba Tecra off ebay for about 130$. To bring to school, y'know... Esp since my IBM recently died. RIP . it was 800mhz, 128mb ram, 20gb hard drive with Windows 2000. I heard nothing but praise for windows 2000, so i was excited as heck. The Guy didnt ship it till Mid September. I got it, and backlight was burned out. DOA. Pissed, i Called him up and bitched him out for waiting months then sending me broken things. To top it all off, the OS was pirated and had malware on it. He shipped us another backlight and we installed it ourselves. It was certainly an adventure, cuz i never took apart a laptop before. We got it working.. and it TBH wasnt as good as I thought it would be. It seemed to not run barely any better than my IBM.. I sold it later via radio swap shop ad for $120

2007- October - I bought a Dell Inspiron B130 off craigslist for 200$. 40GB HD, 512MB ram, (later upgraded to 1gb) 1.5ghz processor. Windows XP. It worked great and had lomg battery life except for.. there was something wonkey going on with the screen. ( ). When i first bought it it wasnt bad and rarely showed up. It progressively got worse and worse.. as you can see in the video, i had to tilt it a lot to get it to work. Other times I had to put clothespins on the sides of the screen to make it normal. Othertimes it was fine. Eventually nothing fixed it, it was stuck that way only rarely it would fix itself, but not for long. So i delt with using the top 2/3 of my laptop, lol.

Eventually then the place where you plug it in wouldnt charge unless you wiggled it.. Then it got worse, and you had to have something prop it "Up" in order to charge.. The battery died, so it shut off if the cable was wiggled wrong. So i took apart the laptop, took the motherboard into a computer shop, bought a replacement pin-holder-thingy- and had them solder it. (Cuz i cant solder). That fixed that problem, and i was happy so i bought an extended life battery off ebay.. and that helped for a bit too. When i got my next computer, I let my brother use it.. and He somehow screwed it up so the battery thing wasnt working right again -_--- and i havent really touched it much unless i was going wifi-ing. Since i've had dialup my WHOLE NERDY LIFE at this point. (Please someone kill me!) Then supposidly one night we had a thunderstorm and he left it plugged in.... and then the battery refused to hold a charge again. -___-. I dont know if it was the thunderstorm or coincidence.... But I was going to school at this point, in a class where i didnt need to pay attention to anything, (like any of them you had to, tbh) so i just downloaded what i needed to there. (as the had the most awesome connection ever experienced)

Also another funny tidbit about this laptop... The girl i bought it from didnt wipe everything off of it before she sold it to me... So i was lookin through stuff, found some very... sketchy things, LOL.. But i found out she had a livejournal, and i checked it out... She posted in her livejournal something to the effect of "I sold my laptop today for 200$. I didnt know anyone would take that pos for that much. I expect an angry email sooner or later. Oh well, we'll see"

i laughed. I smiled. she didnt understand. I WAS ON WINDOWS ME MY WHOLE BLOODY LIFE. XD this was a GODSEND! So I logged into my laptop and told her that i loved it, and it would help me out so much..

She prolly crapped herself when she saw that i posted, ROFL ROFL ROFL! We kept in contact via livejournal for a little while, but we lived very different lives, and drifted. she was a writer, and went to no pants parties... Im a gamer that has never been to a party in my life, and had never seen the underwear of another person before.

2008 - I posted about my dell inspiron laptop on craigslist. asking for a replacement screen or broken one that i could franken-puter together.. some guy emails me, says he'll give me his broken laptop for free. Im afraid its a rapist, so my whole family meets him, he gives us the laptop, and we're on our way. What a nice guy! The laptop isnt compatible with mine, but DUDE. FREE LAPTOP. So we got it fixed (just needed a hard drive reformat) and I sold it for 200$.

2009 - A smidge fed up with the forever broken laptop, I had some money since i first got my job this year! So i bought Compaq Presaro SR5601P for 300$ at an "after christmas" sale at Staples. Dual core! YES! i wanted a dual core so bad! 2.3ghz dual core, 1gb ram, (I upgraded to 3gb later), 320gb HD Windows Vista.- This served me well in my MMO playing... since ive been horribly addicted to Trickster online since the day i bought that laptop.. October 1st, 2007. Now i can DUAL CLIENT. BWAHAHA.. And try out all those other games that wouldnt run on single core Nothing else tickled my fancy as much as Trickster.. but i enjoyed Flyff, Luna Online, Wonderland Online, Mabinogi.. and played old favorites that ran smoother, such as Ragnarok Online, Runescape, Phantasy Star Online. Still runs great, it's in my room atm... I was so angreh that Vista was the NEW windows me, i was like. I HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS FOR 4325325 YEARS AND IM NOT DEALIN WITH THE NEW WINDOWS ME. xD so i spent FOREVA getting drives for windows XP for that computer.. (it wasnt easy lemme tell ya).. But... it didnt work right. Seemed slow and glitchy.. So i sucked it up and upgraded to Windows 7. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. MOSTLY an improvement from Vista.

2011 - (April) I kinda-sorta-moved out of my house and in with this aweosme nerdy guy i met at work. No computer there.. so i bought an HP mini 1000 netbook. ~1.5ghz, 1gb ram, 4gb flash HD. Windows XP It was great, but having less than 600px high screen didnt work that well... and the stupid Netbook -> monitor cable was a SPECIAL HP thing that wasnt even sold in the USA! Only Canada! This works well for bedroom and wifi purposes. brining to work and all that.

2011 (July) - Bought a quad core HP Pavilion P7-1010 6gb ram, 1tb HD... Windows 7. It was on sale for 425, but i opted for a 3 year replacement plan, since i wanted to upgrade the vid card and not sure if i was gunna fry it. He said anything i do to it. ANYTHING will replace the comp. even if i fry it. It made it voer $575. Looking back on it, doesnt seem worth it. but what evaa~~~ It's a beast, but i cant really tell the difference between my dual core and this one. They run about the same unless im editing a huge photoshop file, or trying to run like 4 MMOs at once. So it works good.

I Bought a 550w antec earthwatts power supply.. i wanted a good video card. Id wanted one FOREVER.. and im like, IT IS HAPPENING. XD so i did like 9004 hours of research on video cards and decided on HD Radeon 6770 (I think thats the number) but it was a 1GB DDR3 i believe... But i chose it mostly because it had a VGA, DVI, and HDMI output. I'd LOOVE to try and dual monitor... so i needed those! Esp since it DEFAULT came with VGA and DVI.. and even CLAIMED TO OUT OF THE BOX be able to dual monitor.. But it WOULDNT. even after calling suppor they said it WOULDNT WORK... and im like WHAT THE HECK? at the store it was set up to dual monitor without anything extra!! but they had a DVI->HDMI converter on theirs.. so maybe thats the difference, I dunno.. After 99 years of troubleshooting trying to get it to work, i couldnt figure it out, so i ragequit and decided to just go with the vid card, lol.

Put the vid card and power supply in.. and.. The card was loud. (Got a good deal on it.. new in box (just shrinkwrap taken off) for 90$.. But it was soo loud, omggg.. So i tried Trickster Online, and no effect. I tried Phantasy Star Online 2, and it had a big effect, but i found out I hate that game, PSU was so much better, so i didnt play that... Photoshop seemed to run better. But all in all, video card = no effect so i took it out because the fan was SO NOISY... and i leave my pc on 24/7 and i dont want it to break from all that fan loud-ness when im not even PLAYING a game.. ( I leave it on 24/7 because i vendor stuff in trickster.. or guild recruit.. or upload to youtube)

and thats ABOUT it, lol. The nerdy guy i moved in with bought a comp recently to play trickster with me with. an HP Pavilion, very similar stats to mine only 8GB ram. I dont like it though. Its from walmart, and has bad CD-tray design.. and seemed to glitch up more than mine. So he can have it, lolol. It makes odd noises somtetimes too. I think he paid around 400$ for it.


God i am a nerd. xD


"CORYYY Here's how to pronounce the first 2 lines. LEARN IT! XD

Najen etas a roan ingam geogin yeoja

Copy han johnny yo youre all anon poom yok in in yeoja"


Jun. 27th, 2012 03:04 am
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"I'm so mixed about the CS6 suite.. It seems like basic things are 999x harder, yet theres a lot of cool new features.

Either way, productivity = crap level. xD

In other news, i listened to Adele's 19. It sucked hard.  >__<. 21 is good though.,"


Apr. 20th, 2012 02:45 am
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"Had a pretty good day today! Mmmm Electronics <333

Missing the Switchfoot concert though, starts right now :/"

"Me and Daniel watched Puss in Boots yesterday~ It was actually surprisingly good."

"‎*generic rant about mind altering substances*"


Nov. 21st, 2009 06:21 pm
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[23:39] <%Ganteka> HERE'S A LITTLE SONG I WROTE
[23:39] <%Ganteka> DON'T WORRY
[23:39] <%Ganteka> BE HAPPY
[23:39] <%Ganteka> DON'T WORRY
[23:39] <%Ganteka> BE HAPPY
[23:48] <@Salamix> Yeah I've heard that song
[23:48] <~Cait> here gan
[23:48] <%Ganteka> mhm?
[23:49] <~Cait> 525,600 minutes~ how do you measure, a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights or cuuuups of coffeee
[23:49] <~Cait> In inches in miles in laughter, in strife... In.. 525,600 minutes
[23:49] <~Cait> how do you measure~  ayear in the life?
[23:49] <~Cait> how about
[23:49] <~Cait> LOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveee
[23:49] <@Salamix> what?
[23:49] <~Cait> how about looooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooooooooooooveeee how about.. LooooooooooooooooooooovooOOoove
[23:49] <~Cait> measure in love~~
[23:49] <~Cait> Seasonnn offfffffff
[23:49] <~Cait> looooooooooove
[23:49] <~Cait> its a song
[23:49] <~Cait> nub
[23:49] <~Cait>
[23:50] <~Cait> listen to that one gan
[23:50] <~Cait> >:O
[23:50] <~Cait> and be happy
[23:50] <~Cait> or else.
[23:50] <%Ganteka> k
[23:50] <%Ganteka> lol
[23:50] <~Cait> *gets beak out*
[23:50] <~Cait> now
[23:50] <~Cait> salam can tell you about the beak.
[23:50] <~Cait> and its not pleasant.
[23:51] <@Salamix> HEY HERE'S A HAPPY SONG
[23:51] <@Salamix>
[23:51] <@Salamix> kind of explicit lyrics btw.
[23:52] <%Ganteka> oh god cait
[23:52] <%Ganteka> our choir sang that
[23:52] <%Ganteka> I almost killed myself
[23:52] * %Ganteka gets out gun
[23:52] <@Salamix> lol
[23:52] <@Salamix> I swear my song is better than that one probably is.
[23:53] <@Salamix> And probably somewhat inappropriate for you
[23:53] <@Salamix> Whatever.
[23:57] <@Salamix> Hah, broke the convo, take that people.
[23:59] <%Ganteka> what the hell salamix
[23:59] <@Salamix> what?
[23:59] <%Ganteka> that link
Session Time: Sat Nov 21 00:00:00 2009
[00:00] <@Salamix> what about it?
[00:00] <@Salamix> It's a good song.
[00:00] <%Ganteka> the music
[00:00] <%Ganteka> hurt my ears
[00:00] <%Ganteka> well cait, there you have his music taste
[00:00] <~Cait> o.o
[00:00] <~Cait> what?
[00:00] <~Cait> what do you mean?
[00:00] <%Ganteka> you always say he's vague
[00:01] <@Salamix> painful to ears apparently.
[00:01] <~Cait> Yeah
[00:01] <~Cait> he is vague
[00:01] <%Ganteka> he just handed you his musical taste on a silver platter
[00:01] <~Cait> He likes metal.
[00:01] <%Ganteka> yeah
[00:01] <~Cait> I dont care for the purely growly metal stuff,
[00:01] <~Cait> but i like stuff like SoaD
[00:02] <~Cait> where you can actually, you know, understand the lyrics.
[00:02] <~Cait> and sing along
[00:02] <~Cait> :o
[00:02] <~Cait> but I H8 country + rap mostly
[00:02] <~Cait> >_
[00:02] <~Cait> >_>
[00:02] <~Cait> everything else is ok
[00:02] <~Cait> woo
[00:02] <@Salamix> Well the lyrics are understandable there.
[00:02] <~Cait> nothing like biting your tongue when you sneeze
[00:02] <~Cait> XD
[00:02] <~Cait> I CANT WATCH
[00:02] <@Salamix> Probably not anything you'd want to hear though.
[00:02] <~Cait> well by the title
[00:02] <~Cait> i assume it goes something like
[00:03] <~Cait> "die mother fucker, die"
[00:03] <~Cait> lol
[00:03] <~Cait> k guna work a bit more
[00:03] <@Salamix> pretty much
[00:03] <~Cait> im almost done!
[00:04] <@Salamix> woo!
[00:08] <%Ganteka> I want to be with her so badly... D:
[00:08] <%Ganteka> I keep thinking of her, talking or smiling or making some gesture
[00:12] * %Ganteka is away: Busy

Good point

Feb. 9th, 2009 02:16 pm
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If it wasnt for downloading stuff off the 'net, I wouldn't have boughten it/related things/told other people about it in the first place.

For example:

-I heard switchfoots music
-Downloaded the album. Liked it. Wanted old albums that i couldnt find
-I went to the store.. bought them. They profit.

Otherwise they wouldnt have profited from me at all.

And i put "Switchfoot" on my lists of favorite music now.
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Why im doing this i have no idea, lol

but its interesting...



Oct. 11th, 2006 07:43 am
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B!!!!1 A!!!!!! RR!!!!! A!!!!! C!!!!!! U!!!!! D!!!!!! A!!!!!!!


Oh jesus what has cory been watching now?


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