Nov. 7th, 2014 02:41 am
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just a heads up.. Fiverr is now charging customers .50 per transaction (or more) per order... Just got a message from an angry customer... :/

Also detroit panda man has batman shoes for daniels bro?

Mah website.
Iz live.
Constructive criticism plx


Working with people outside of the US vocally, I get to learn the words that we think have no accent... but actually do.
Apparently "Current" needs to be enunciated more than we do. "Cure-Int" instead of "Curnt" lol!

Holy crap. Titanfall for 360 is $15 on black friday at kmart. I'm not interested, but if you know someone who is.... might wanna let em know!

Sadness! I ordered 4x 1gb ddr2... they sent me 3x 1gb ddr1 and 1x 2gb ddr1 ram.
v_v.. anyone in the market for DDR1 ram?


Apr. 28th, 2013 10:58 pm
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*9005 facedesks*

*2 days ago*
D: *To someone else* Oh you dont have any money? Here take 10$
C: O_o;

*At lunchtime*
C: What did you want for supper?
D: I dunno, dont cook anything before i get home cuz i dunno when i'll get home
C: Ok....

*Daniel gets home*
C: What did you want for supper?
D: Nothing, I'm not hungry...
*This means he's mad cuz he's ALWAYS hungry*
C: Uh..... we could always go get some hamburger or somethin if you want.
*Cuz he loves hamburger with a hawt firey passion*
D: I dont have any money.
C: Uh... Okay...
D: *Rips open a huge bag of M+Ms he just bought

C: *Thinking* So he has money to give away, and money to bug giant bags of M+Ms, but no money for food... -________________________________-

Does anyone have the Logan's Run Trilogy books I could borrow??? None of the libraries in branch county have them :'(

...and it's super expensive on ebay.. (Like 50$!)

I know this is a bit old, but, Lol so the Chinese think they're special in this? I saw this -every day-

SNES Games


3 Ninjas Kick Back - 2 Player - Annoying music, similar gameplay to Aladdin. Finicky controls.
7th Saga, The - Traditional RPG. Sprites look too "Forced" to me. Has a semi-3D battle-overland switching system, and you can see where the random battles are.
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters - Side scrolling action-Adventure game with decent Graphics and gameplay. Uses all 3 monsters to help eachother. Reminds me a bit of Donkey Kong Country.
ABC Monday Night Football - 2 Player - Many teams to choose from. Voice acting. Semi-3D graphics. Doesn't look too bad.
ACME Animation Factory - Watered down version of mario paint with a couple mini-games. Looney Tunes characters.
ActRaiser - Imagine Zelda 2, Dragon Warrior, and Ghosts + Goblins mixed. A very unique game that I really need to play more. Hard to figure out at first.
Actraiser 2 - Similar to the first one only more "Semi-3D"

Addam's Family, The - Generic side scrolling action game. Graphics and music not impressive.

Addam's Family, Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt - Sidescroller with better graphics than the previous, but too much to do, and no weapons or defensive.
Addam's Family Values - Isometric adventure RPG. Doesn't take itself seriously. Fans of "A Link to the Past" probably will enjoy this one.
Adventures of Kid Kleets, The AKA: Soccer Kid: Side scrolling adventure game that uses a soccer ball as a weapon. Storyline doesn't take itself seriously.
Adventures of Batman and Robin, The: Side scrolling beatemup - only with EXTRA powers! :O.

Adventures of Dr. Franken, The: 2 Players - Side scrolling action game. Music isnt too bad, but gameplay seems dull.

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The - Side scrolling action game. Music is terrible. Game seems really finnicky.
Adventures of Yogi Bear - Sidescrolling action game. Seems a bit generic, but may be fun to some.
Aero Fighters - AKA Sonic Wings -  2 Players -  vertical scrolling shooter
Aero the Acro-Bat
Aero the Acro-Bat 2
Aerobiz - Micromanagy-type business airplane simulator.
Aerobiz Supersonic - Micromanagy-type business airplane simulator.. similar to the first. Improved graphics.

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Woke up alright. Didn't sleep much though.

Went out to Coldwater Garden restaurant, and it was terrible, and the place was disgusting :/

My arm did a really weird cracking thing like when you crack your knuckles. freaked me out big time :/

Other weird chest fluffyness.. but no tomatoes.. whaaat!?

Went to see carol at walmart, and got my 7' bean bag chair, whee!!

Went to see the hobbit, and i fell asleep for about 1/2 hr. x_x

and it was SO Cold in there.. ugh

Finished backdating my journal... all up to date, in case  i die today -_-

Someone publish this!! lol

im really paranoid about this, not cuz its "THE END OF THE WORLD" but because its a date that has haunted me for 13 years.. Cuz in Mrs. Bolz spanish class, we watched a movie about it in 5th grade..

and ive been terrified of it since then :/

If not the end of the world, maybe this is the day im gunna die.

Im just really paranoid. lol.

I hope i get to have an entry tomorrow...

IF not, well.

It's been fun, its been real, to quote Travis, lol


Jul. 15th, 2012 03:04 am
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"Got minecraft for 360, and 1 month gold.. if anyone wants to play with meh.. v_v"

"I had a dream that firefly was renewed for season 2.


I bought a crystal FINALLY <3

"my bp is 150/100 pulse of 105.. Super borderline panic attack... and for NO REASON i didn't have any stress today at all.. i saw the sparkles, and just felt numb and throat closed and tense -__o"
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A shout out to a true hero. Alan Turing. Humanity was changed forever by Turing, and inhumanity took him from us.

I'm the biggest noob in the world!!!

I learned today that component cables (red,green,blue) do not carry sound.

So its like.

How the HECK Do i hook up sound to an hdtv using component cables then?

There's just.. no other place to plug in a cord from the xbox to the tv for red/white sound O_o...


After looking at like 9003 different things, i figureout you just plug the red and white cables from the OTHER set into it.

I figured they wouldnt work, since you needed a switch.

I guess the switch is only for video.

</disgrace to nerds everywhere> XD

but my HDMI cords havent gotten here yet Q_Q..

"Also theyre gunna announce PSO2 on monday i can smell it!"

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"So we found a random beach and went swimming. It was amazing. Then we got ice cream and came home.. watched through the wormhole, and took a nap.

If my throat/nose wasnt hurting so bad, it would have been an -amazing- day :3"

"THUNDERSTORMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥"
Herkimer Diamond Mines And KOA Kampgrounds Herkimer, NY
Working on graphic projects today.. Wishing this giant pillow would kindly remove itself from my nasal passage.

Played a bit of zombies with Cory Newberry.

Looked up some places we might go for our honeymoon next year :P or maybe...

Daniel wants to rock mine :D

I have laundry to put away, but i feel ~so~ lazy :

Delivery exception
Damaged, unable to deliver shipment - Please contact shipper/merchant for details

Also, thanks fedex, for exploding my battery


May. 14th, 2012 04:32 am
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"Happy mothers day to Lisa Bearden and Carol!!!! The best moms EVAR!"

"The rest of my crap came today.. .hack//infection and outbreak guide books, bobbin winder, video card, power supply, short story book, and ar tonellico 2.

Done buying, as i am now borkd. xD"


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