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Cory has a quiz bowl compettiion comin up on......... the... 18th i think.. hmm..
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for ONCE i wasnt pseudo freinded!!!!! XD

um.. but on the way there me and dad and asswhale were fighting....


and so... i have a scratch on my glasses now.. an EVIL scratch... one that bothers me.. VERY. Badly.. i cant stand.. imperfections on meh glasses..

but anyway.. i told dad about it and he's liek "WTF DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!?!? DROP EVERYTHING AND PULL OUT MY MAGIC WAND AND FIX THEM!?!?"

if it was cory he'd prolly hold cory tight.. and say with a tearey eyed face "my poor... little.. baby... boy... I know how much... ... you need clear glasses to see through.. i will Take them to el eye doctor.. as soon as we get there.. I'll even dish out 3.4 million dollars so they can get it fixed today..."

WE went to family video yesterday.. and the movie i wanted to see wasnt in.. (Monty python) >_>

and the video game cory wanted.. wasnt in.. so dad went and asked the people IF indeed the video game was in..
They said no..

And im like "Um.. what about MY movie?"

he said "well your old enough you can go ask yourself!"

and so i say "...They'd prolly think i was trying to steal it.. and then kick me out.. and look at me weirdly.... and so on.."

and hes like "Uh.. No."

so i ended up getting Sonic DX.. (i had so much trouble typping that.. i kept puttin "XD")

Cuz thats the only sonic game i havent played besides riders......

Yes ive played tails' sky patrol and so on..

ok ON to quiz bowl..

So i knew alot of questions.. it was all arena...

but THEEEEEEEEE one i was most proud of... omg..

they said "blah blah blah river runs though blah blah blah pocatello.. WHAT STATE!>!!!?!?!?!!!!!" and i SPAZZED OUT..

omfg.. it was idaho.. and i KNEW ITTTTT


Because in government a few weeks ago.. i guess i didnt write this in meh journal but anyway.. we had to do a commercial for presidency... so mine said

"Hi. I'm from POCATELLO IDAHOOo and i grew up on a POTATO RANCH!!!! I will lower export taxes on potatos to 3.14159265358979%!!! etc etc"


i had NO IDEA what the rest of the question was about.. but i KNEW POCATELLO WAS IN IDAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so we went to burger king and we got chikan and i choked on a chikan fry. XD adam lewis was there o_O

so we got home.. i went to sleep and dad went to lynnes..

and we had pork cube steak.. i was SOO excited about this i though it'd roxx0r my b0xx0rz.. but .. it was.. SOO nasty.. XD and overcooked.. and... nasty.. XD

and dads like "OMG J00 WILL GET WURMZ"

hes an idiot..

but anyways....
we're supposidly going to angola tonight.. but i dunno why!!!!!!!!!11 cuz theres NOTHING there!!! if there was anythign there i'd be closed by 6:00 and its 5:52 now..

so ya.. depression

*Stabs self with a butter knife*
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SO in ag today.. This girl, ashley.. was like goin on about her bagel.. She goes on about her bagel EVERY. Day. Yeah.

anyway shes like "OMG ITS BURNT" and mr. fowler says "i like them burnt!" or something to that effect..

Then mr. fowler went into his office.. and Ashley took a bite of her bagel. and shes like "MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! !!!! OOOOOH"

And she got up to throw somethin away.. and she said "I'm having an orgasm from my bagel!!!!!"

Mr. Fowler popped his head out of his office and he's like "...What's That??"

Ashley just stared XD...

Mr Fowler said "...i think im hearing inappropriate thigns out there.." and went back in his office..

Ashley said "... I think he heard me.."


straaaaange kids..

Yeah so i wrote some more to george washabush... and yep.. im gunna illiustrate it for IS... kinda like a dual project thingy...

yay for meee...

a few days aggooo... we had questions in quiz bowl about dun dun dun.. THE INTERNET....

Like who was norton antivirus made by.. who made ICQ... stuffles like that..

i like.. got them all wrong XD!@@@@@@@!!

oh we have competition on sat...i just recently learned this.
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ok well shane wasnt here today....
and we had confrences....
and i got alL As and an A- in agrimascience.. but that will change to an A cuz of CHEATERS.. (not you shane LOL)
S+ in semineminar..


quiz bowl.. i knew like tonz of questions today..

we went to corys confrences and he has an F in reading. HAHAHAHHAh woo anyway..

we went to his book fair.. and we got 45$ worth of books......
which would have normally costed about 90$..

ummmmmmmmmmm........................... stuff pie..

today was moderatly good.. But only because of events..


Feb. 8th, 2006 09:28 pm
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Well... Today was wednesday..

no quiz bowl this week at all..

miss vancise is all having to get her kitty shots o-O..

me and cry relived our kindergarden years by singing the letter people songs... FROM MEMORY!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHH wooo

13 years ago.. maaan..



not much happened today..
still feeling depressed.. no medicine for me yet.... =(
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OK so i watched the exorsizm of emily rose.. and and it was... SO HORRIBLE.. that i fell asleep.. XD!

BUt i went to quiz bowl earlier today.. and.. it wasnt pretty...

We got 5th.. but 3rd in terms of schools...
and buzzer team got 2nd...

but i was... ignored.. the entire day.. it made me sad..

and dad LEFT in the MIDDLE Of the THING to do what?



but yeah i was pissed.

and i had a headache..

adn then we went to eat in reading at the lone ranger.. we wont be going back..

we got.. cheese sticks alright.. ... 4 for 2.50... i will NEVER complain about 5 for 1.50 ever again... lol

and.. they were.. the NASTIEST cheese sticks.. i have ever tasted. EvER. teh cheese was good.. but oh GOD the outside.. was... EW!.. ness..


Feb. 3rd, 2006 04:10 pm
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Today we went to the family video and we got the exorcism of emily rose and the princess + the goblin, and land before time sing along, and my street, and without a paddle..


so we watched the land before time sing along thing today..

going to watch others tomarrow..

we had quiz bowl today.

today was pretty normal.
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ugh/ ive been staying up alot lately...


I watched the state of the union yesterday it was all a BUNCH OF LIIIIIIIES

so i drew a picture. Cuz i can.

its k00l.

but yeah

i gave mr. loveless my 27.. yes 27 page paper on where i will be in 10 years yesterday...

he kept me after class today... and he talked to me about it a bit..

im surprised i didnt start crying cuz.. i do that.. a lot.. =(.. but yeah...

so i went to quiz bowl at 3:10...

*sigh* i dont know what i am doing after school.
I dont CARE what i will be doing.

you know what i /reeeealy/ want to do?

i /reeeeeeeeealy/ want to just sleep. FOR EVER. it's the only thing i find happiness, security, comfort, and enjoyment in.

My life is worthless and i really.. hope i just SPONTANIOUSLY COMBUST.


Jan. 30th, 2006 09:32 pm
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Well shane wasnt here today....................

we have quiz bowl tomarrow, wednesday, and friday cuz we have comp. on sat.


Jan. 26th, 2006 05:54 pm
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Well shane wasnt here AGAIN today....

so no quiz bowl

i was... slightly depressed cuz of yesterday at oaklawn

Today was whtie shirt and blue jeans day... ick
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We had practice today and we did buzzers.. it was me shane and ian VS stashoo..

lol stashoo is retarded.

At sk00l today was Mix and match / Crazy hat day...
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Nothing particularly exciting happened today.

We have quiz bowl tuesday thursday AND friday!
thats crazy..

oh and today is spirit week.. Today was pajama / stuffed animal day...
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ok well we had quiz bowl today cuz.. we didint wednesday because we didnt tuesday LOL...

but yeah

all i did yesterday was stupid myspace crap.

I hate myspace

its so...


but yeah

i wish ihad a life XD
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lol well it wuz back to sk00l todaaaay...

and mr. loveless grabbed my shoulders and he was like "EVERYTIME I SEE YOU I SMILE! =D!!!!!" and i was all "heh ^_^"

and my tudor parter was supposed to be rachel petrie........ but she dun GOT seminar so.. im gunna get a new partner prolly.

Shane was GONE again..

it seems as if... well.. He WAS here 5 whole days last week..
It must have been too stressfull on him and he needed an extra day off... :P~

In drawing today we had to draw reneah mosher..... in 2 minutes.. so i did and i got done with like 20 secs to spare... and so we took a hike and omg.. everyones drawings was like...... Wtf?... i think i can safely say im the best artist in the class ^_~

We supposidly have kwiz bohle tomarrow... yay...... cory has a dentist appt. too..
150$ for 3 cavities. ouch.

as for me i have none! yay~` i havent had one since i was like really little.. and i DEFINATLY didnt ever have 3 at a time omg XD

and we went to walmart to get milk...

and im home typing this... and i skipped lunch today to look in the library.. i got the 3rd book in the giver series thing called messenger.. its about matty all grown up..ish... lol
so.. stuff.

i havent talked to sp00ny in a long time.. well i did last night.. but that didnt really count..

he has a predicament..
Ok his brother wants to go to this after school club thing.. but he wont go unless sp00ny goes with him... so being the nice person he is.. he went.. and now he has to do all this crap that he doesnt want to do.. just so his brother can stay in the club..
well i tried to solve this..

But sp00ny doesnt want to quit because hes afraid he might get scolded because if he quits, his brother quits.. well ya know what mr. brother? if you wanna be in the club so bad... youll go even if sp00nys not there.. if you HAVE to have him there then obviously you dont want to be in that club very bad.

but *shrug* i was never any good at convincing people to do things... I am, however, extremely good at finding answers to predicaments to my own problems... Like sceduling affairs.. If i have a ride home or not.. how to get the fruit from the fruit sale home.. what if cory has a bloody nose... What to do if your BF is cheating on you and you have proof... How to fix your computer w/o erasing info... If your dad leaves you in a strange mall.. how to get back with him... stuff like that i can figure out without panicing..

Because as we all know.. Im a girl of few emtions.. mainly my emotions consist of.. Stoic Cait (most of the time) Hyper Cat (very rarely) and Pissed Cait (On the occasion)
So yeah.. i think i shall join the stoic club.. gaze at a rock in a small white room.. eat some magic cake.. dream of princes in training on other worlds.. be served water by waitresses.. yep.. thats the life for me ^_~ XP

but anyway... Its supposed to be icy tomarrow.. OMG i HOPE for NO SCHOOL becasue........... ................... i want to sleep. XD

OMG I LOVE TO SLEEP.. because i can do annnnnnything and i feel so calm and peacefull and at ease and carefree when im sleepiing.. I cant get enough of it..
Its at the point now... that every time i do sleep... and i dont have something waking me up.. i sleep for at least 12 hours... and what a glorious 12 hours that is!!!

But yeah.. My sensory to smoke has increased significantly..... I can tell when my dad is smoking when i couldnt before.. without looking.. i always get headaches when he smokes.. it kind of makes me mad... a little.. because i dont like to be in pain...
because when im in pain and something/one bothers me..... Omg you do NOT want to be around me.. because even if the littlest thing.. like say cory trips me or soemthing.. i just BLOW UP at him... even if like Snoop keeps trying to jump on me and cuddle.. i just throw her off.. because i dont like to be smothered when i hurt....
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Lol and when shane took me home he went the wrong way thinking he was going to HIS house.. lololololol

so i went homeee...

and probably did nothing the rest of the day..

ohh today was friday the 13th..


Jan. 5th, 2006 10:25 pm
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quiz bowl toooooooooday

omg wtf
and shane was GONE TODAY! O_O_O_O (again!)
yeah and

travis skipped lunch
and transfered out of agrimascience -.-

so ya...... ...... . .

today i played FF9 and surfed and exploded

and im tired :|
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Shanes gone AGAIN!!!!!!


I couldnt go to quiz bowl today

cuz of this..

and travis with his play thing..

and dads being so friggin PISSY

goin on about OMG i cant get social security for 3 months because my mom willed 25% of her money to me..

and even if i DO get taht 25%.. id just have to give it to dad because all hes doin is FRIGGIN USING ME FOR MONEY!!!! OMG!!!!!

i friggin hate how hes handing all this..
I hate how hes treating me.
i hate how he doesnt even CARE about my life...

I told him i needed to stay after school to finish my art project.... and hes like
"WELL IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM!?!?!?" Because he LOVES TO blame all this shit on the teacher.. and i am NOT letting him be mean to Mr. Loveless cuz he didnt do ANYTHING to him or me..

But anyways.. So i was lkie "...Dad.. there ARE no other kids.. its my INDEPENDENT STUDY CLASS!!"
and hes like "well i didnt know you had an independent study class." and im like "OMFG! DIDNT YOU LOOK AT MY EFFIN REPORT CARD?!? IT /SAYS/ INDEPENDENT STUDY!!" and hees like "well i didntknow if it was in Arrrt.. or English.. or Mathhh.. or what.."
and im like
"O./ M. F. G.. WHAT the HELL ELSE ! would i HAVE iT! IN!?!?"
hes just making excuses..

he doesnt even know what FLIPPIN classes i have..
even though i print off picture of what i DO in independent study and like talk about them all during supper..

and he didnt even know i had the class..

That makes me feel really hurt..
it does.... i feel like crying because.. He doesnt CARE.. about my life at all.. Sure hes like "ohh i care about you guys and i love youuuu and BLAH DE FRICCKING ARSE BLAH,." I Think a REAL parent would be like Shanes mom.. Shes involved in his life.. She knows what CLASSES he takes.. she knows about the video games she plays... She isnt paranoide ARSE about the internet.. where my dad says "OMG DONT GIVE ANYONE YOUR FIRST NAME OR AGE OR THEY'LL COME AND STALK YOU AND RAPE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR ARSE!""

and omg
Dont even get me started on my dad and sex.
3 words.
Hes. Obsessed.

Maybe if it was lkie the City OF chicago.. i MIGHT get raped or something if im BY MY. SELF>. but im in a SUBURB. a WEALTHYISH suburb. With a GIANT FILIPINO MAN, a TALL GAMER, and a SEXY SHRIMP to protect me... or maybe he thnks THEY would rape me. HAH! hillarious..

but like.. the first time sp00ny was to come over.. he ABSOLUTLY reFUSED to let sp00ny spend the night IN MY HOUSE..
because he said
that was the FIRST words out of his mouth when the situation arose..

and i was like
"O M F G. you TOTALLY .. dont know me. AT ALL.." he should KNOW i detest SEX he should KNOW how i HATE PR0n and SEX and STUFF OF THAT NATURE!

but.. If you mention anything to him.. the first thing in his mind is something related to Sex... Or Pr0n.. -_-.

Like.. Whenever i wake up at like 3 am.. and im real thirsty i go to the kitchen to get a drink.. i have to peek around the corner to see if hes watching a PR0n MOVIE before i GO IN THERE.. ... And often he does and i have to just go back to bed DEHYDRATED cuz hes friggin WATCHING PR0N!.


and when corys in my room playing video games.. and im on the computer.. He'll go in there and flip on some pr0n thing.. and turn the volume reaaaal low.. and watch it.. and I like cant go in the kitchen.. ON A NORMAL DAY AT LIKE 6PM because HES WATCHING HIS GHEY ARSE PR0N!. and the funny thing is..
i have REALLY good hearing.. and i can still hear it -.- even if it is real low..

and he used to do this but not anymore cuz me and mom yelled at him.. He'd get on the computer and look at pr0n.. and since the computer is like in the center of the house.. If i wanna go to my room or the bathroom or the kitchen or living room i have to pass by the computer.. and he'd HOLD UP A PEICE OF PAPER TO THE SCREEN and STARE at us as we walked by.. it was so EMBARRASING.. and my computer kept getting friggin spyware on it BECAUSE HE LOOKED AT PR0N ALL THE TIME!@

and my mom HATED It when he looked at PR0n! she HATED IT.. and SO did i!!!!!

And every time we go to the movie store.. He ALWAYS go into the adult section and gets a PR0n movie. EVERY time.. EVEN AFTER he said he'd stop.. .. he stopped for like.. 1 or 2 times.. THEN HE GOT SOME MORE!@!!@!@ its RE-FRIGGIN-DICULOUS!

One time in video Village.. There was a mirror into the adult section from the outside of it.. and Me and mom and cory were standing there.. and every time he went to pick up a movie. mom was like "No... DONT.. TOUCH IT. ITS BAD FOR YOU!"

i duno if he ever heard her or not.. but omg.. it pisses me off so bad.. all pr0n should be destroyed.. ALL OF IT. i dont CARE how much you *THINK* you need it.. but its RIDICULOUS.. and STUPID and NOT NEEDED. i consider it a form of cheating >_> which is why if i EVER catch my husband/boyfreind Watching pr0n.. i would SO.. SOOOOOOOOO get pissed at them and yell and shit cuz.. its so stupid.. i cant STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!!!!!

it just

Anyways. its supper time and i cant think of anything else to rant about.. so.. ill bbl ^_^

<3 KT!


Nov. 30th, 2005 04:28 pm
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Shanes here and im thinking about quitting quiz bowl cuz im STUPID..

i thought i already posted this.. hmmmmm


Nov. 11th, 2005 11:16 pm
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IOMG in quiz bowl today..

ONe of the questions was "Spell this word: *something*" so shes trying to pernounce it cuz she cant and shanes like.. Ugh.. here spell it and ill figure it out..

and it was FUNNY becasue.. yeah you get it,.. :P

anyways.. everyone got their babys today.. and i didnt cuz of quiz bowl x-x so yeah.. um.. crazyness.

i had a DREAM... about those babys last night.. i was like OMG ITS HEAD WILL FALL BACK OMMMMMG O_______O.. lol..

andd................... we also went to movie gallery to take back the movies and they WENT OUT OF BUSINESS =(..

so yeah..

and last night i slept for 13 hours and i didnt even take meh medicine.. o-O crazyness.

and i have a sinus headache! go me.


Nov. 8th, 2005 08:59 pm
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we went to ponderosa

and did quiz bowl.

and now im tired.


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