Nov. 20th, 2012 02:40 pm
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If you cant handle when someones having a bad day and feel like you gotta hold it against them forever, SKIP THIS POST PLX.

Feels like every time i try and dedicate myself 100% to helping people, it always backfires, and it ends up making people mad at me for no apparent reason.
It happened with walmart, and now its happening with trickster.

I HATE that i NEED TO HELP PEOPLE. I wish i could just NOT CARE about anyone else, and just live in solitude with Daniel and kitten... but I can't. there's some weird "itch" that i gotta help people that i gotta scratch..

It sucks..

I got portal 2 for 360 for $5 today... Such a great deal, perhaps I'll be able to immerse myself in it, and forget about people for a little while :/
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Man, luck is not on my side lately V_V.

The past week ive called the movie store every day to ask if they have black ops 2 in.. and they havent.

I go into the movie store today, I've got a coupon to rent a free game, which expires today... No black ops 2. So i pick anohter game to get instead, get to the counter...
And these kids are all "HAY DID YOU GET BLACK OPS 2 in yet?" and they said "yup, just did."

and i just died a bit x_x.

I was literally 3 seconds from asking.... ;-;-;

Oh well. Going to try Raving rabbids for kinect.
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"I cant sleep cuz of chest pains, so i shall post a giant wall of text for you :D"

My huge wall of text is: ALL ABOUT MY COMPUTERS.

Lets take in consideration i was born in 1988, LOL. practically onto a keyboard.

1990 - Original black and white Macintosh - 400kb hard drive, 128kb RAM, 8mhz processor. You couldnt save a very long

text file, but it played monopoly off of a floppydisk like a beast! Also we have microsoft word for mac, lol. I thought that was funny.

1994 - Packard Bell w/ Windows 3.1 - 100mb hard drive, 4mb ram, not sure of the processor. We upgraded this to Windows 95 in early 1998 in order to get it to work with the internet. Also we put a modem in it, and later put a second hard drive in. (a 300mb one) i remember thinking that i would NEVER EVER Fill it up in a BAZILLION years. XD I remember using Netscape Navigator a lot to find games. Also "It is now safe to turn off your computer".... and i learned of Ctrl+Alt+Del on this computer, and was facinated with finding other keyboard shortcuts, such as ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Strangely enough, i didnt discover alt+tab until i was reading a PC magazine in 2004 </shamed>. I have no idea why i randomly didnt even hear about it for 10 years!

2001 - Compaq Presario 4090US. Got it at Circuit City for around 500$. it came with a free xgames backpack, lol. 900mhz 128mb ram. Legendary Windows ME. 20GB HD. This beast was my main computer for evar.

2002 - Compaq (Not sure of model #)- 600mhz, 64mb ram, Windows 3.1 - My dad got it from his work. We used it for "Old paintbrush" and those epic games such as Chips Challenge, that cat-mouse-cheese game, Ski free, and all them. Since Windows 95/Me didnt have those.

2003 - IBM Thinkpad Laptop - This was a TANK. 64mb ram, approx 500mhz processor, Windows 95, 2GB hard drive. 28.8k modem. My gaming buddys swear that they got less lag when i was hositng a game on this laptop vs my 56k computer. I used this for doing the internet thing while watching tv. It was 200$ from my dads friend at work. This tank never froze. Not a day in its working life did it ever freeze or BSOD on me... until its final days in spring 2008.... It froze. I flipped out. It must be ready to die. I hope i can get it turned back on. I turned it back on.. Opened windows explorer... Froze. crap crap crap. I need to back up my files! At this point I have ghetto-rigged dialup sharing via a powercord networking thing that i got at a garage sale for $2.. and my Windows ME comp was hooked up to it, so i could 'net in my room. So I turned the IBM on.. didnt touch anything. used the Windows ME comp to steal its files and burn them to disk... Tried to Restart the IBM again to see if maybe running a virus scan would help.. and it wouldnt turn on. Nothing. I cried a bit. My baby tank of a laptop. ;_;. I knew something was wrong when it froze. I could feel it. I still have it, and ive tried turning it on since then. Once in awhile, it will start up to DOS, but has some weird error, and wont start up. Othertimes, it wont start up at all.

2007 - early to mid - I got my drivers lisence, so off to garage sales i went! We picked up a ton of various Compaq/HP computers dirt cheap at garage sales. usually around $5 for tower, monitor, speakers. We used these to practice computer frankensteining on. Mwaahah! Got a lot of them fixed and stuff too.

2007 - July - Sick of The Windows ME blasphemy, I boguht a Toshiba Tecra off ebay for about 130$. To bring to school, y'know... Esp since my IBM recently died. RIP . it was 800mhz, 128mb ram, 20gb hard drive with Windows 2000. I heard nothing but praise for windows 2000, so i was excited as heck. The Guy didnt ship it till Mid September. I got it, and backlight was burned out. DOA. Pissed, i Called him up and bitched him out for waiting months then sending me broken things. To top it all off, the OS was pirated and had malware on it. He shipped us another backlight and we installed it ourselves. It was certainly an adventure, cuz i never took apart a laptop before. We got it working.. and it TBH wasnt as good as I thought it would be. It seemed to not run barely any better than my IBM.. I sold it later via radio swap shop ad for $120

2007- October - I bought a Dell Inspiron B130 off craigslist for 200$. 40GB HD, 512MB ram, (later upgraded to 1gb) 1.5ghz processor. Windows XP. It worked great and had lomg battery life except for.. there was something wonkey going on with the screen. ( ). When i first bought it it wasnt bad and rarely showed up. It progressively got worse and worse.. as you can see in the video, i had to tilt it a lot to get it to work. Other times I had to put clothespins on the sides of the screen to make it normal. Othertimes it was fine. Eventually nothing fixed it, it was stuck that way only rarely it would fix itself, but not for long. So i delt with using the top 2/3 of my laptop, lol.

Eventually then the place where you plug it in wouldnt charge unless you wiggled it.. Then it got worse, and you had to have something prop it "Up" in order to charge.. The battery died, so it shut off if the cable was wiggled wrong. So i took apart the laptop, took the motherboard into a computer shop, bought a replacement pin-holder-thingy- and had them solder it. (Cuz i cant solder). That fixed that problem, and i was happy so i bought an extended life battery off ebay.. and that helped for a bit too. When i got my next computer, I let my brother use it.. and He somehow screwed it up so the battery thing wasnt working right again -_--- and i havent really touched it much unless i was going wifi-ing. Since i've had dialup my WHOLE NERDY LIFE at this point. (Please someone kill me!) Then supposidly one night we had a thunderstorm and he left it plugged in.... and then the battery refused to hold a charge again. -___-. I dont know if it was the thunderstorm or coincidence.... But I was going to school at this point, in a class where i didnt need to pay attention to anything, (like any of them you had to, tbh) so i just downloaded what i needed to there. (as the had the most awesome connection ever experienced)

Also another funny tidbit about this laptop... The girl i bought it from didnt wipe everything off of it before she sold it to me... So i was lookin through stuff, found some very... sketchy things, LOL.. But i found out she had a livejournal, and i checked it out... She posted in her livejournal something to the effect of "I sold my laptop today for 200$. I didnt know anyone would take that pos for that much. I expect an angry email sooner or later. Oh well, we'll see"

i laughed. I smiled. she didnt understand. I WAS ON WINDOWS ME MY WHOLE BLOODY LIFE. XD this was a GODSEND! So I logged into my laptop and told her that i loved it, and it would help me out so much..

She prolly crapped herself when she saw that i posted, ROFL ROFL ROFL! We kept in contact via livejournal for a little while, but we lived very different lives, and drifted. she was a writer, and went to no pants parties... Im a gamer that has never been to a party in my life, and had never seen the underwear of another person before.

2008 - I posted about my dell inspiron laptop on craigslist. asking for a replacement screen or broken one that i could franken-puter together.. some guy emails me, says he'll give me his broken laptop for free. Im afraid its a rapist, so my whole family meets him, he gives us the laptop, and we're on our way. What a nice guy! The laptop isnt compatible with mine, but DUDE. FREE LAPTOP. So we got it fixed (just needed a hard drive reformat) and I sold it for 200$.

2009 - A smidge fed up with the forever broken laptop, I had some money since i first got my job this year! So i bought Compaq Presaro SR5601P for 300$ at an "after christmas" sale at Staples. Dual core! YES! i wanted a dual core so bad! 2.3ghz dual core, 1gb ram, (I upgraded to 3gb later), 320gb HD Windows Vista.- This served me well in my MMO playing... since ive been horribly addicted to Trickster online since the day i bought that laptop.. October 1st, 2007. Now i can DUAL CLIENT. BWAHAHA.. And try out all those other games that wouldnt run on single core Nothing else tickled my fancy as much as Trickster.. but i enjoyed Flyff, Luna Online, Wonderland Online, Mabinogi.. and played old favorites that ran smoother, such as Ragnarok Online, Runescape, Phantasy Star Online. Still runs great, it's in my room atm... I was so angreh that Vista was the NEW windows me, i was like. I HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS FOR 4325325 YEARS AND IM NOT DEALIN WITH THE NEW WINDOWS ME. xD so i spent FOREVA getting drives for windows XP for that computer.. (it wasnt easy lemme tell ya).. But... it didnt work right. Seemed slow and glitchy.. So i sucked it up and upgraded to Windows 7. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. MOSTLY an improvement from Vista.

2011 - (April) I kinda-sorta-moved out of my house and in with this aweosme nerdy guy i met at work. No computer there.. so i bought an HP mini 1000 netbook. ~1.5ghz, 1gb ram, 4gb flash HD. Windows XP It was great, but having less than 600px high screen didnt work that well... and the stupid Netbook -> monitor cable was a SPECIAL HP thing that wasnt even sold in the USA! Only Canada! This works well for bedroom and wifi purposes. brining to work and all that.

2011 (July) - Bought a quad core HP Pavilion P7-1010 6gb ram, 1tb HD... Windows 7. It was on sale for 425, but i opted for a 3 year replacement plan, since i wanted to upgrade the vid card and not sure if i was gunna fry it. He said anything i do to it. ANYTHING will replace the comp. even if i fry it. It made it voer $575. Looking back on it, doesnt seem worth it. but what evaa~~~ It's a beast, but i cant really tell the difference between my dual core and this one. They run about the same unless im editing a huge photoshop file, or trying to run like 4 MMOs at once. So it works good.

I Bought a 550w antec earthwatts power supply.. i wanted a good video card. Id wanted one FOREVER.. and im like, IT IS HAPPENING. XD so i did like 9004 hours of research on video cards and decided on HD Radeon 6770 (I think thats the number) but it was a 1GB DDR3 i believe... But i chose it mostly because it had a VGA, DVI, and HDMI output. I'd LOOVE to try and dual monitor... so i needed those! Esp since it DEFAULT came with VGA and DVI.. and even CLAIMED TO OUT OF THE BOX be able to dual monitor.. But it WOULDNT. even after calling suppor they said it WOULDNT WORK... and im like WHAT THE HECK? at the store it was set up to dual monitor without anything extra!! but they had a DVI->HDMI converter on theirs.. so maybe thats the difference, I dunno.. After 99 years of troubleshooting trying to get it to work, i couldnt figure it out, so i ragequit and decided to just go with the vid card, lol.

Put the vid card and power supply in.. and.. The card was loud. (Got a good deal on it.. new in box (just shrinkwrap taken off) for 90$.. But it was soo loud, omggg.. So i tried Trickster Online, and no effect. I tried Phantasy Star Online 2, and it had a big effect, but i found out I hate that game, PSU was so much better, so i didnt play that... Photoshop seemed to run better. But all in all, video card = no effect so i took it out because the fan was SO NOISY... and i leave my pc on 24/7 and i dont want it to break from all that fan loud-ness when im not even PLAYING a game.. ( I leave it on 24/7 because i vendor stuff in trickster.. or guild recruit.. or upload to youtube)

and thats ABOUT it, lol. The nerdy guy i moved in with bought a comp recently to play trickster with me with. an HP Pavilion, very similar stats to mine only 8GB ram. I dont like it though. Its from walmart, and has bad CD-tray design.. and seemed to glitch up more than mine. So he can have it, lolol. It makes odd noises somtetimes too. I think he paid around 400$ for it.


God i am a nerd. xD


"CORYYY Here's how to pronounce the first 2 lines. LEARN IT! XD

Najen etas a roan ingam geogin yeoja

Copy han johnny yo youre all anon poom yok in in yeoja"


Jul. 14th, 2012 03:04 am
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"I almost smashed into a red SUV today.. I looked.. and ididnt even see it.. I SWEAR THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.... Daniel was screamin all STOPPP.. and then this big Yellow semi was comin from the other way and i was 1/2 way out into the road already.

</never driving again for i have lost my mind>"

 Daniels gotta work.. we thought it was a day rabbit show ~_~ We might run over around 1:20 and see if its still goin on.

"Okee, i should clarify that there's a lot of little things going on that is making me like *TWITCH* *TWITCH* most of them people wouldn't understand. xD"

So just like ignore this post unless you wanted clarification...

-Search algorithms on Windows 7 = Someone was on drugs. Buuut I can fix that by using agent ransack.. = Problem solved.

-1/2 of the rest of Windows 7 = inconvenient and broken... But

again.. I can fix that too. (

-Since im on the PC 20/7, having to deal with the little things like "When I click BLACK in piant, it stays white unless i click on it like 50 times" grinds mah gears.

-Search algorithms on deviantart = someone was on drugs. When I search my gallery for "Ariel" It comes up with nothing.. Yet "Cait x Ariel" is on the FIRST page... (check it yourself: )

-On ebay the other day.. i search for "Pokemon Black Guide" (No description) and it comes up with some sex e-book... that didnt have Pokemon, Black, OR guide in the title.. Its like.. WHAT-__-.

-On ebay if you search for some things, some things show up, while others dont... Like i searched for ".hack 4" and some came up.. yet when i searched for ".hack" itself... one called ".hack vol 4" came up that did NOT come up on the other search.

-Photoshop has stopped responding! *Loose work*

-NOTEPAD of all things.. has stopped responding.. *Loose ALL work*

-Mai guildies have lied to me.. and lied and lied.. I put myself out there for them, i give them my email, i give them my phone number, tell them, If anythings wrong, LET me know! Then i PM them and ask if everythings goin alright, they tell me "yes" and now 1/2 of them leave because "Something is wrong" and "they wont tell me" and it doesnt matter if they told me or not because it could just be ANOTHER STORY!

-Everything in the apartment is broken.. The doors wont close, the back screen wont slide (even after cleaning the track), The back screen eventually fell OFF so we stuck it in the back, all the drains are plugged, the dishwasher liquid door wont open, the handle on the front door is falling off (at least it locks now), the stove is turning on all by itself. The air conditioner freezer over about every other hour unless you have the door open, and even then its about twice a day..

-Im almost running into cars that i SWEAR TO GOD were not there, forgetting a TON of stuff (Like if i turned the stove on???)(Like leaving keys in the door overnight!)

-Ive been sick for a while frikkin month. I got sick june 16th at the open house, and here i am still coughin my brains up, with an infinite source of mucus somewhere in my lungs.

-Being sick makes me angreh. *hulk smash* XD

-I cannot get a blu-ray disc to work apparently. I got it to work once, and it had terrible audio/video sync... and no option to offset it. v_v. *Boycott bluray forever*

-I can think of 8 people off the top of my head that have arranged dates to do something with me then blown me off without a call to cancel, without feeling like anything wrong the next day. Without explanation at all.

-I see people posting about hanging out with each other on facebook and i get sad cuz noone asks to hang out with me -_o, and when i ask, well i get blown off ...

-The people that DO talk to me constantly (which is why im offline on facebook/aim/msn so much) are ANNOYING AS HELL.. they just want to RP (and ive never RPd) and want to talk about pron and other stupid crap that I have no interest in.. Yet the people i Want to talk to, i send a message, I get no response.

-So, thinking that its too much of a coincidence that all these people dont wanna hang out or talk... I conclude that the problem is me. Whats wrong with me? Cuz i dont drink? I ask, and I get "Oh no, cait you are fine o_o you are awesome, why wouldnt somoene wanna talk to you?" So i am very confused naturally >_>...


-Walmart mocks me..1/2 of the problems i had, they are fixing. I complain about the pegs in the back being REALLY messy and unsorted. I offer to re-sort them out. They laugh in my face and say its impossible... Sure. Now i go in and theyve got all the pegs lined up in site to store, been sorting them for WEEKS.. .I could have done it in a day, and had fun doing it. >_>... I see all these repair men on the roof.. fixing "THE LEAKS".. Which.. I SLIPPED and screwed my knee up pretty bad.. couldnt walk right for a month or 2. I asked them to check the tapes.. They didnt. I asked them to fix the roof. They laughed at me and said theyve tried to fix the roof and its not gunna work, so just deal with it..... I was in toys that day, and Carol was in fabrics. They pushed Carol to go people greet, wheras if she was zoning instead of that, she might have found the leak and cleaned it up. But I was running around from fabrics to toys and electronics trying to cover EVERYONE, and i didnt even see it at ALL because i have SO MUCH CRAP TO DO, where theres people standing around TALKING TO CUSTOMERS FOR HOURS AT A TIME that could be helping out.. -__-. and a month after this, i had a breakdown with the people greeter thing... and then a MONTH after that, they got RID of people greeters. -____________-

-Daniel doesnt help me clean up at all. v_v which.... Im the woman, i beloing in the kitchen/cleaning is my mantra.. I'd still like to see socks candy wrappers in the trash can instead of on the on the desk by the trash can.. (its really the only thing that me and daniel argue over at all)

-Other health problems which are prolly TMI, so i wont go into them here, but they make life very inconvenient.. -_o

-I cant stop thinking about everything. I've never been able to, really, but lately I think about dying a lot. I think about my family dying. When daniel is late, i think about OMG HE was probably smashed by a truck and dying along side the road, and etc... I think about How my dad woud feel if my brother died... I think about when Travis the cat died. Outside of dying, i think about people being upset with me a lot.. I think about what others may be thinking. I go over conversastions in my head about 9004 times with different scenarios of what i could say, and what their reaction might be, and how i could have changed everything... this is GHETTO worse when someone really IS upset with me (or they lie to me and i call em out on it).. I just break down and cant stop THINKING... esp when im trying to sleep.. I can never sleep, cuz im always always always thinking... I wish i could shut my brain off.

-My brain thinks about weird ass things, such as caring if people are upset with me, like before.. but its like.. WHY DOES IT CARE? Why cant i just MOVE ON with my life and not care how they feel.. Most of the time i ask people if they are upset after 99 years of thinking and scenarios, and they say "Umm no im not upset o.o" so its just my STUPID brain.. Why does it WANT other people to hang out with besides daniel? I mean, i can understand wanting daniel, since the grand scheme is to pass on the genetic code.. that has a reason, but being friends doesn't really provide anything life-changing... v_v.. I think of terms of programming a computer and a brain.. Its not the same at ALL, but i HATE inefficiency, and my life is inefficient because of this random need to want to hang out with people and talk. I spend more time on facebook and chats than I'd like because of this. V_V..

-Daniels car is taking a poop. Super jerky. So i gotta drive him now. My car has had check engine light on foreva... so likely it will take a poop. Cory says my roders are about dead. whatever that is. I hate cars. Expensive and stress causing. *wants to move to europe and public transit everywhere*

Thats all that i have on my mind at this second.... all the little stuff building up.. causing rant-mode.

Sorry guyz, I shall shut up about it now. xD

"Went out to the rabbit show today at the fairgrounds.. it was really awkward and i didn't know anyone but it was nice to go out..

Then i went over to radioshack and looked at some stuff, and wandered over to gamestop and bought minecraft for 360.

It looks like its gunna rain... But.. I was pretty excited abou tgetting out of the house.. it was nice.."


May. 18th, 2012 04:32 am
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Ive never really liked people, well, being close with them. If it's not personal, ex: customers, I'm fine. I dont know their secrets, and I dont care. Sometimes.. they tell me anyway. LOL.

But i HATE getting close to people. I find out all the shitty things about them. About how they lie to me, or use me to buy stuff for them.. Or make -really- bad choices, and they know it.

Yet, part of me stil...
l wants to get close to people. Some animal instinct I think, drives me to want to be social - despite in my head, I know it will just hurt in the end in some way.

I don't want to go out of the house at all anymore... Not even to the library, and I want to print some stuff.

CED CBS FOX SelectaVision VideoDisc MASH Goodbye Farewell B&W 1983 Vintage in DVDs & Movies, Laserdisc | eBay
"On a happier note, i discovered 'SelectaVision' or CEDs or "Video tape records" that look like floppy disks. Id never heard of them before, but they seem pretty cool."

"‎%#%#(*^#(*%# SO i was lied to again, I tried doing a leave instead of just "Bai guys" and they printed me off papers, then I got em filled out and theyre like OYA WRONG ONEZ, N THEYRE 2 LAET NAO!!!!!!!!!


I cant even leave that frikkin place in peace.."
Nice haul at goodwill today.. Brand new zip drive for like $4, and a FLIPPIN ODYSSEY 1!!!!!!! IN PACKAGE!! with the inserts and cards and crap. This is the only one on ebay right now just like it..

730$?? WUT.

But yeah im keepin this, 1974, so coollllllllllll


Aug. 11th, 2011 08:07 pm
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ok i do have to rant about one thing.. i saw a slip of paper in the doctors office that said "surgeries have to be paid in 50% at time of scheduling, and the remaining balance 3 days before the sugery. If all is paid at time of scheduling, you get a 10% discount! 0MFG I COULD GET A 10% DISCOUNT. It should be paid for by taxes. bastards.


Jan. 22nd, 2011 01:00 am
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"action cannot be completed because the file is open" makes me want to stab some microsoft employees.

as you can tell i was soring my harddrive.
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3 months ago
Yes,guys like girls with make-up.
If a girl doesn't wear make-up then they say she doesn't take care of herself,she let herself go and doesn't care about her appearance.

They'll pay attention to a cake face before a natural girl.They want arm candy and who do you think is arm candy?The girl with no make-up or the one with make-up?Girl with make-up.

Plus,some girls look a mess without make-up.

And I think it's funny that to get the answer you want,you call girls who wear make-up "whores"
Insecure girls are funny

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You guys complaining about walmart's layaway dont even get it..

Layaway failed not because walmart had to "pay the customer more than was paid in".

It failed because 2 basic reasons...

1.) People put something on layaway, didnt pay for it, and by that time, the item got marked down in price, and there's no spot on the shelf for it, so you loose money where you could have just bought it right out right there, lost no money, lost no shelf space. believe it or not, we often run out of shelf space, this is why you see things in the clearance aisle that arent on clearance. Because we have literally no other place to put it!

2.) The employees necessary to do the layaway is crazy, especially during christmas time. Where they could be out on the floor helping you FIND a GI-JOE, they are instead in the back, helping a long line of people who cant pay for something outright.

By doing site to store, the electronics associate just needs to hop back in there, sign in, get your package, and you're ready to go. No long line, and no associates missing from the floor. (Well there is a lack of associate in the floor now compared to before, but that's a WHOLE 'nother can of worms not for this post!)

I work at walmart, (which is pretty close to min. wage) and like, 20-30 hours a week. and I can buy everything I want because I dont WASTE my money buying crap i dont need like cell phones, american eagle clothing (Whats wrong with walmarts clothes?), ATVs, nice cars, latest technology, etc.

You guys who cant use some decent common sense money management skills and put some money aside (Whether it be for Christmas, birthday, or just any other random thing) and buy something outright... dont really need it.

My 7 year old brother could manage his money better than some adults today, i swear....
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I've been going to *My college*  since 2006, and have had NOTHING but trouble with the bookstore..
Such as not having a book in stock, having the WRONG book for a class, to not buying books back, LYING about buying books back that they said they would..

The latest escapade with the bookstore is this...

I generally try to buy my books off the internet now, because of so many bookstore problems. Also, their rates are extremely pricey compared to online...

I bought my art history book at the beginning of September, for a late starting class from someone online..
Ended up they was out to scam money (now i know thats a danger of online buying, but out of ~200 purchases online this is the first bad one)

So i go Bookless for 3 weeks. Fortunately, this is okay as we are only doing intro work.

So i got my money refunded, went to the online bookstore andsaw they had the book used in stock. For 106$ Which is 50$ more than another, more reputable source online.

So I went up to main campus to get the book from the bookstore, as it is my last option.

I get up there, and they don't have any used ones. Now 40 minutes ago, the website said that they HAD a used one. we went and even got the manager of the bookstore and asked.. Why? If i hadnt had brought my dad with the checkbook, I wouldnt have had enough money, had to drive an hour back home to get money then an hour BACK to buy the book. Not to mention I have to be at work in a few hours as well.

So anyway, the manager kept trying to make up excuses such as "We probably had one earlier in the day, then sold it, and the book count online wasnt updated yet" Sure, like I'm going to believe that there was only ONE used book, and it was bought the day I go up there, for a class that started 3 weeks ago.

So we go through all that, and the only thing he can say to us is "Sorry for the inconvienience".

Really, get the bookstore in order. It's a complete failure in my book, and I will never ever reccomend anyone buy their books there. The worst customer service I have ever seen. If I gave that customer service where I worked, I would be fired!

Thanks for any future improvements...

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You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesnt get your humour like I do

I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt like
And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on a park bench thinkin to myself
Hey isnt this easy?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down
You say your fine I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standin by, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.

Can't you see that I'm the one who understand you?
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by or waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that
You belong with me
You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me

i mean, i like the music, how its sung + stuff

But the lyrics.. are horrible.

its like

..okay its about a girl and a boy who are friends, they understand eachother..

and the boy has a girlfriend, who is a total generic sluttaygirl.

and the girl singing says she deserves to be with him insted of generic girl.

Ok but did she EVER THINK

that maybe the guy WANTS a generic girl?? and not someone similar to him?

No. and its teaching people bad things.


"Hey im just like you, that means you should like me as a gf" or whatever.

for ex:

If there was some guy, who was EXACTLY like me.. down to the extreme paranoia + anxiety + whatnot.

I wouldnt like him.

so yep

rant ovar~
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Everywhere else I complain, I get nothing but excuses and BS, so I'm going to go straight to the president... where I think I'm less likely to get excuses and BS.

Couple of things...

-Financial Aid - I know that you have to weed out the people whos parents make 100k a year and want free college also... But it's pretty ridiculous in my case.. My dad makes less than 40k a year.. Filled out the FAFSA.. and we only get 200$ back IF i go fulltime. All of JCC's scholarships are stupid and you have to fill out the FAFSA anyway. I had to pull teeth to get my dad to fill out the FAFSA the one time he DID do it. I am not even joking. We can barely afford our house.. If it wasnt for my mom's death and my brother getting social security, we WOULDNT be able to afford our house.. Yet we're still expected to dish out money for college? I started JCC in the fall of 2006. I'm going for a graphic design certificate. I'm still not done.. and I've been going every semester since then. (Not spring though) As you are well aware, the economy sucks, and getting a job is almost out of the question. Noone will hire me. Period. If you want me to list all the places I've sent apps into, I can. I *ALMOST* got into Walmart, but sales were low and they couldn't hire me.

-Book buyback - Out of the 3 years I've been here.. out of the hundreds of dollars i've spen t on books, they have ONLY bought ONE book back. They ALMOST bought 2 back, but I was missing the CD. I brought the CD back a few days later, and they wouldn't accept it because that books inventory was full. Their other excuse was that "the books are too old" or whatever. If they expect me to pay 100$ for a used math book, I expect them to buy it back. Otherwise, its 25 cents at a garage sale, totally wasted.

-Speaking of... math.. The only thing keeping me from a 4.0... I kept perfect tabs on all my scores from my math class.. There's no way I should have gotten less than a 3.0, unless I got a negative score on the final exam... but I got a 2.5. Ridiculous in my opinion. I know, not your fault... But it's stupid either way.

-In one class I took, a printing class, it was pretty insane. The first class there was stuff in boxes, everything was disorganized, and he told us just to go home because he didnt have anything ready... The next class we started designing our products. We have to bring our own laptops because there's not enough computers. Another day wasted with something I could have done at home. This went on throughout the rest of the year. When it came to a point we actually had to use the equipment TO PRINT, while 1 person stood around trying to print.. The teacher was helping them.. When the teacher wasn't helping someone he was standing around talking to random people that walked in. While the rest of the class is STILL. WAITING. He said that he would bring in some assistants to help.. But he never did. He said he was planning a field trip to a print shop, but never did. Near the end of the semester, he didn't order emulsion, so we couldnt screenprint. He didnt even order tshirts at ALL the ENTIRE class. We PAYED for those in tuition! and we saw none of it. For 2 weeks. That was a huge problem, because we had 15 people wanting to screenprint. Only 3 people can print at once, and thats 2 weeks of 0 production... It came to a point, where, unless I had to print, I didn't even go to class, because all it was, was designing on my laptop, which I could do at home. We didn't even have lectures or anything.

-Class offerings - There's 2 particular classes I need to take.. Both of which are offered ONLY on main campus at night. InDesign II and Graphic technology applications. In the wintertime, especially at night, there's no way I can drive an hour to maincampus when its really snowy or icy. How the heck am I expected to take those classes? Are we ALLOWED to not go to class when the roads are bad.. and still not get points deducted? Do the teachers know that? Do they even care?

Well, that's all the comments I have at the moment. I hope you decide to fix a few things, cuz I feel like my time at JCC is being wasted.


This was sent to my school, because they are a bunch of STUPID HUMANS D:
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I have had NOTHING but trouble with you guys lately..

I duno if your workers are STUPID or there's some sort of false advertising going on or what...

I've been to several different walmarts in the area, and have heard so many different things..

-At C walmart, we bought some apple juice.. we told the cashier they had it at J MI walmart for cheaper, and asked if they matched other walmarts.. She said they did, and we got it for cheaper.

-At J walmart, we asked for bread for the same price as C walmart.. and they said they couldnt do that..

-At J MI walmart, we went back to the electronics and asked the guy if they could match's price for 2 GB DDR2 Computer RAM. He said they could, and took it up to the front desk. After waiting in line for 1/2 hour, because there was only one cashier open, she said that they dont match and they dont match other walmarts. Her reasoning for not matching was because "Because it costs more to pack and ship it and stuff". Which DOESNT make sense because if you have to do EXTRA stuff, that would make it cost EXTRA, not LESS.

-Often times stuff rings up at a different price than it's marked. That ram, for example.. was priced 69.97.. and rang up 59.97.

-Often stuff is missing. We bought a tube of epoxy the other day.. it comes with 2 substances and once they mix, they become sticky.. Well one of the tubes of liquid was COMPLETEY MISSING. There was just NOTHING in there...

-Complete lies.. We buy GV Chicken Breasts just about every week.. We buy it for 5.97. It's just always 5.97. Suddenly the price says "WAS 6.97, NOW 5.97". Um, no it was never 6.97. It was always 5.97. A week later its regular price is 6.97. Sometime later it says "CHICKEN BREAST: WAS 8.97, NOW 6.97". Another complete and total Lie.

WHY is it so neccisariy to keep saying "PRICES LOWERED!" "ROLLBACKS" "SAVING YOU MORE!" When in reality, you're CHARGING more and lying to us on top of that. It's absolutely ridiuclous.

-I applied for a job at the Coldwater walmart. and im not sure if you hired some people who dont give a shit about other people or what, but I'm pretty pissed about how I was treated during the pre-employment part..

They made me go through several interviews.. and didnt tell me what job or ANYTHING I was applying for.

They didnt even tell me what I was applying for UNTIL i was called back to fill out a job offer form.

After the job offer form was done, they sent me out for a drug test and said "if we get it back, there'll be an orientation on saturday"

5 days pass... no call..

On monday I call them and ask them what the hell is going on?

They said theres not enough sales to hire anyone.

so more lies!!!!!


Then a month later, they call me back and tell me they cant hire me because there wasnt enough sales.

Were they not planning on calling me back till then?



i am dissapointed in humanity.

I sent this to them, by the way X3


Nov. 27th, 2008 10:00 am
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So something happened this morning... which i wont tell you about


but anyway

So i esentially left dad a note for when he gets up "DO NOT TOUCH"

so he gets up

and of course, he touches.

and im pissed.


why cant he just leave shit alone, when i say LEAVE SHIT ALONE? -_-


also our neighbor doug is moving in with some random girl he's known for 2 weeks.


I absolutely detest relationships, because theres so much fake shit / instant trusting / whateverthe hell going on..

if i was religious, i would totally be a nun or a monk or something >_>


Nov. 27th, 2008 07:34 am
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Why do people want this?

Why do men want to look like this?

Why do women want men to look like this?

It's absolutely disgusting...

Its like

"Look at the curves on his arms! I like my mens arms as curvy as a woman's whole body!"


thats disgusting, it looks like he has tumors growing..

and inbetween the tumors..

are little valleys of "wtf"'

He could like..

Store dietary suppliment pills in the folds between his tumors.


Yeah i know this is like the one and only "blog" post in the world bashing "muscular men"

but it is completely... blasphemous... imo.

Ok here's some more.

What about this?

This is equally as disgusting as the top picture to me.

Is this disgusting to "normal" people as well?

Or do people not care how horrendously out of proportion people are as long as they are "muscular"?

Here's an interesting picture I found..

This is the same guy, edited to be 3 different ways.

I'd prefer "typical" or "chubby" over the others any day..

Its not "BULGING" and full of tumors and valleys.. and looks NORMAL, you know?



*cough* maybe people who arent responding to me on facebook */cough* XD

I may have the ulimate tool in helping.

I spent a good 4 hours making this, and you better like it! Cuz you're not gunna find any place on the whole 'net who has a better cheat sheet!

And nooone has a better URL either.. HTML to fear... AHAHAHAHAHA

anyway... There's no CCS here... and much of it is considered outdated and "90s"


TO JUST LEARN starting out, this is the ONLY WAY.

if you START OUT with css, you'll be clueless..

okay anyway.

This is funny..

I put an ad on craigslist for a new job for my dad because his current one = killing him..

Ok, I'm posting this for my dad because he doesn't know how..

My dad is:
-A legal resident of the US
-Has over 15 years experience at his current welding job
-Has had ~10ish years at his welding job before that
-Extremely punctual, reliable
-Knows a TON about automobiles. He fixes our cars when they break down.
-Has 15+ years experience in the prototype field.
-Incredible money management skills. We owe nothing on credit cards,
and don't spend money on stupid things. Only the essentials.

Now, you may be thinking something the sort of "Oh, he just got his
daughter to post some fancy thing about how great he is."

In fact, there's a lot of personal things I don't like about my dad.
But what he does best, is his job. He is incredibly faithfull to it.

Unfortuantely this crappy economy has reduced his position to one in
which has harsher working conditions, and less pay. Working conditions
in which should be illegal, and less pay in which we have to sacrifice
food for house payment.

So if you have some sort of job that you think would be good for him,
please give me an email.

Thank you very much.

I got a response today..

Never before has there been a way like this to make money in one of
the largest industries in the world to date. With UNLIMITED
support and all of the tools you will ever need, get in on the action
and take home your slice of the Multi-Trillion Dollar a year pie.
This is not a get rich overnight kind of program. Would you like to
find out how you can supplement or replace your income in just a short
time from today? This is not a get rich overnight kind of program.
Email me back with your Name and Number with best time to call if you
want to learn more about this.

I emailed them back with...

I like the part where you say "This is not a get rich overnight kind of program." twice.


i hate people so much.
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K so its neverending.. pt.2

first dad is whining his arseburgers off yesterday cuz of his job.

Guess what i can do about it? nothing. SO dont whine to me about it.

and so hes SOOOO SAAAD AND DEPRESSED he wants to go drink beer at the bar.

Some drunkens smash into the van.



Then they drove off.

Hit. and. run.

isnt this supposed to be illegal?

Arent they supposed to get arrested for that?




fuck you america, because I dont care >_>

stupid shit keeps happening and.......................................... i duno

Because whiteface hates us.

its because of the worm medicine and leaving her outside for 2 days.


But yeah

in all srsness, why cant GOOD things happen to us?


*no stupid angsty ranty comment to that cuz i cant think of one*

but yeah im sick of everything :D

Oh yeah and alchohol should be outlawed

and some people are gunna say "D: BUT IT EEZ GUD IN MODERATIN"

Yeah guess what the hell else?




its everyone else that ruins it for people

why cant alchol be the same way?

O yeah cuz everyones obesssed with it.

fuck you.

k im done

*waves at cory*
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It appears that I am not only a whiney ass bitch who doesn't deserve to live. But I'm also a crazy stereotypical (but in somewhat good reason) superficial whiney ass bitch. Why you may ask?

I had a very tact-full conversation with This Guy. And it was that guy ALONE in this particular conversation which came to make me realize this.

You know what they say...if it sounds like a duck, smells like a duck, and looks like a duck, it's probably...a duck. If you don't want to look like a slob, then don't dress like one. In today's fast-paced world, it's getting harder and harder to stop and get to know a person face-to-face over a longer period of time; it's moved on to corporate networking, and social skills are, unfortunately, becoming more and more obsolete. Therefore, in the limited amount of time you have to make an impression, it should be how you want someone to remember you. I don't mean walk around in an expensive suit all day, but don't give people a REASON to think of you negatively. Even if you're the most kind-hearted human being in the world, if you're walking around on the streets dressed like a bum, passerby's will assume that you are, indeed, a bum. A first impression DOES count, and a second impression is hard to make, so like our teachers taught us for competition, the first thing a judge (or in the real world, a potential employer) sees is how you're dressed. Granted, a poorly-dressed person may have the qualifications to accept that position, but it's up to the discretion of the interviewer to allow it to continue, so mind the way you look.

The way you dress tells others about your personality--and your morals

As a single person, do you make careful choices about the way you dress?

Often we men are guilty of not paying much attention to fashion, but our clothing reveals a great deal about our personalities too.

Some single guys apparently aren't acquainted with that modern invention, the clothes hanger.
As Christians, both men and women can dress modestly and still be in style. The way you dress governs not only how you look, but also how much you spend on clothes.
What signal are you sending?
No doubt about it, ladies, your choice in clothes can attract men. The problem, though, is you'll probably attract the wrong kind of men if you dress a certain way.

When we wear clothes that are obviously expensive, it promotes an image of success and wealth. But if you can't afford those clothes and have to charge them, you're putting the emphasis in the wrong place.

If you're looking for a sincere Christian man, the way you dress projects an image of modesty, poise, and respect for God that will be instantly recognizable to him. On the other hand, if you wear revealing clothes just because that's the style, you're not projecting the true you.

This person I would assume would to be... somewhat of a slut. Why? Because shes running around in her underwear.. no bra on... she has the high-top ugly-ass hair.. a very strange expression on her face.. in which it appears her underwear/thong could be down in the back and her finger could for some reason potentially be inserted into her anal cavity. But what is a slut anyway? Slut or slattern is a pejorative term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous. Although I have no concrete proof that this girl is a slut, because of her underwear-picture-takingness and whatever shes doing behind her back,, would make her to have a very high chance of someone enjoying sex with random people than say... The person on the right.. Because as far as this picture shows.. she looks innocent enough. She is not exposed as far as we can see. If the person on the left were to have clothes on that werent so revealing, and get rid of that RIDICULOUS hairstyle, then I would probably no longer make the assumption that she like to get naked. As the first step to getting naked is taking your pants off.

This person most people would assume is "emo/punk/goth". but what is emo anyway? Wikipedia doesn't have a page about it, so I unfortunatly have to resort to urbandictionary. Unfortunately nothing there is reliable and is mostly the stupid side of stereotypes. So
what could emo be? (Not counting the music here)

The Fake Emo(Known as the "Wannabee Emo"): These kids listen to Teenagers over and over and wear black, dye their hair black and sometimes (NOT ALL THE TIME, DONT STEROTYPE DAMMIT) cut themselves so that they seem emo. These kids are not emo. They are annoying and make a bad name for the "true" emo.

The Real Emo: This is someone who probably has some sort of tragedy happen, such as parents being alcoholics or being depressed because of a mental condition. These kids should not be made fun of because many of them are going through extremely hard times. But, sadly, there are people who don't even bother to look and see that these people may really be in trouble! Heck, its very hard to find a real emo because most of them are in the closet about their emoness.

The Real, Hardcore Emo: These are the worst. These are the emos that have been real for close to a month and they begin to nosedive. They cut deeper and they become increasingly mean to freinds at school or to people in the workplace. They may also start burning or pinching or some other form of Self-Injury. These kids should NEVER be made fun of. They are, many times, mentally unstable and many will attempt or have many thoughts about killing themselves. If you know about someone that is cutting or talking of suicide, they are becoming a hardcore emo, and they have a slight chance of living.

Because America sucks, the real definition of emo.. (being emotional or whatever) does not hold true. The "Fake emo" is more synonymous  with just "emo". Personally.. I would not think the person on the left cuts their wrists just because their hair is swooped and they are wearing a tight shirt and taking picture of themself in a mirror. I would also not assume that this person experiences heavy mood swings/whatever. I would assume... "Oh this person.. likes to dress in black and weird like that.. Would I want to get to know them? Maybe. If they started going on about cutting themselves or whatever.. Then I would say.. No way.  Why dont I have a negative stereotype toward these people but do toward people who i lable as "sluts"? I dont know?  Maybe my stereotypicalness has to do with the people at my school. Noone at my school dressed like that.. until I was in 12th grade, some of the 9th graders did. They didn't talk about slitting themselves or whatver.. they did talk about music a lot.. and stuff. The people i label as "sluts" would always talk about sex and penises and making fun of.. Um. well. Me.. themselves being stereotypical tword things /I/ liked. They hated people who like Pokemon. Do they have any logical reason to hate me because I like pokemon? Nooo. Pokemon is in no way any sort of threat to myself, the people around me, or my well-being.  I do have a reason to hate them for talking about sex and stuff. because there is a high possibility that they could get STDs, pregnant, etc. While there is ZERO possibility for pokemon to be damaging.

What about Punk? Punk is saying and doing what you want, when you want, how you want.  Punk is dressing however you want to dress, looking however you want to look, and listening to whatever music you want to listen to, not because it's popular or un-popular, but because it's what you want.  Punk is being selfish, greedy and conceited and admitting it with pride.
Im not exactly sure what the negative stereotype is with them. They do whatever they want. I suppose you could assume that at home I, personally, and Punk. Because i do whatever i want, how i want.. and i dont care what my dad or cory say. Just because you have a mohawk doesn't make you punk, neccisarily, it makes you strange, lol. Actually I think that there's 3 main categories I put people into.. Which for lack of better word, has another meaning.. There would be... "Strange, Normal, Slut" based upon appearance.

What about homosexuality?  As I have learned from Shane, people who are gay DEFINITELY arent neccisarily all feminine with huge lisps and whatever. However TV and the media would definitely make it seem that way. Before I knew shane was gay, did I hate gay people? Um.. No. Just because they like somoene of the same sex, why would that neccisarily have anything to do with self harm at all? Somoene may argue "But gay men are more likely to have AIDS!" I think this is a false statement. People who REALLY are sluts are more likely to have AIDS.

What about a gamer? I dont think that gamers have any outward signs that they are neccisarily a gamer.. unless they wear a shirt that says gamer or whatever, lol.  I guess in some ways this is a good thing.  There was people from school who I found out was a gamer that I honestly never would have guessed was. Like Dominic from the grade below me. He always talked about sex and boobs and drugs with Mike on the bus..  Which I guess shows you that gamer is the stereotype that defys all odds.. Anyone can be a gamer regardless of how they look!  How i view the gamer stereotype is how in reality I should view all the rest of stereotypes, but... The rest of the stereotypes dont seem to defy the odds -.-...

What about blacks? This is a stereotype that really pisses me off. This is a stereotype based upon HOW SOMEONE WAS BORN. Someone has ZERO control over whether or not they are black! Sure a lot of them are crazy rappers that "dont give a shit". But look at the movie "The Nutty Professor" The professor was a geek/nerd. He liked SCIENCE. he didn't like swearing or rapping or being all ghetto.

What about whites? According to wikipedia,  Especially in European countries, Americans are stereotyped as brash, ignorant, self-important, unintelligent, decadent, prudish on sexual matters and obese.  Well... I would agree that most americans ARE brash, ignorant, self-important, and unintelligent. You cant make a stereotype about being "obsese" what about in Japan.. Sumo wrestlers? They are obsese.. and noone goes around stereotyping them saying "Japan is obsese!" or "Japan is not obese!" its like...   Some are obsese, and others arent. Its doesn't lean one way or another. The TEENAGERS are definitely not prudish on sexual matters. They are anything but. They are generally OBSESSED. With boobs and sex and crap. The adults.. the education system, I would say is very prudish.  In english class we watched romeo + Juliet. In once scene, you can see Juliet's boob and my teacher for every class held a book up in front of the screen.. Nick said that at his school they wouldnt have censored it. So.. Ummm.. yeah i'd say that the teaching portion of Americans is prude regarding sexual matters.

..Actually now that I thought of this incident regarding school...   Most of the things I know and I've learned. The stereotypes I am indifferent to / Against have all been the teachings of the education system...  The teachers want people to abide by the dress code. They dont want you to wear low shirts and high skirts.. they dont want you to have sex, they teach abstinance.. They teach dont do drugs.... They teach dont discriminate via color..  Did the teachers ever tell you "Dont be emo! Dont be goth! Dont be homosexual!"?  No they didn't. Maybe the majority of my reasoning is due to my education. Perhaps because of the TEACHERS is why I have as biased view as I do.. I followed everything they said in school religiously. Like hardcore martyr religiously. If we didn't do it in school, I probably dont do it at home.

Well I think I have sorted out my madness a little bit.. which makes me feel a little bit better.

So now you, as the person who looks down upon me are now probably asking "But Cait! How do you expect to cure yourself from all this craaaaazyness?"

I have no idea. And i really wish I still saw Marianne, maybe she'd have some suggestions... (but probably not)

So what are my real plans?

Well. Perhaps find someone who is also a crazy stereotypical superficial (but in somewhat good reason) whiney ass bitch in the same exact way I am.. (lololol naught possible) and cling to them for dear life. Perhaps to keep my sanity. (what sanity?)

Or find someone who accepts me that I am a crazy stereotypical superficial (but in somewhat good reason) whiney ass bitch... (CSSWAB, to hell with typing this so many times ><) and can learn to nod their head and smile when I go off on some CSSWAB-rant.. because it's (in my eyes) all for the best.. and KNOW i mean it only for the best.. and not go SSJ on me because im crazy like that ><

...Or become hermity.. Perhaps if I cant hold a job, because homeless.. and fill my life with the beautiful cats I will surround myself with.

...Or hope and pray to WHITEFACE BESIDE ME that someone invents a personality alter-er.. thing.. So I can get rid of all this stupid shit the way I think....

Or option X... Do the The Real, Hardcore Emo thing... and just cease to exist. Of course I would never do this, as I am not a real, hardcore emo person. I do not believe in self harm.. and all that jazz. But I sometimes think it was better for the people around me if I just didn't exist anymore. Like from day one, lol.  To the people im around.. to the people I express my views to... TO the people I get close to.. I seem to cause mass panic. Hurt feelings, deep misunderstandings.. general anger twords me..  While on the pros side not much. I dont hardly ever get anymore "you make me happy" "I Like being around you" "I think you're awesome" When I do get this, its mostly from the new people i meet.. and not from the older ones.

Perhaps this is some of what Shane was trying to get across to me in those hurtfull facebook comments. I think it would have been better if he Um.. Used better TACT in trying to get the post across rather than say "you crazy ungratefull bitch". you know.. try to help me realize my errors and not just.. call me a crazy ungratefull bitch. I already know im a crazy ungratefull bitch, what else is new?

...But it still doesn't doesn't make me feel any more positive twords him.. because of all the hypocritical things he has done... which is NOT just something thats all in my head. I'm stopping here though, because... I really dont feel like getting people more pissed at me than they already are XD

To put it short if you dont wanna read all this "TL;DR" post.. I suck, I know it, Oh well.

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Ok i was ranting to some random guy about eyebrows..

so i decided to do.. PHOTORANTTT if it wont load..
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The ultimate proof that
'people use the bible to "prove" homosexuality is wrong',

Now, a bunch of close minded Jesus-huggers often like to bash gay people using some of these quotes from the Bible, which was written by some mentally instable man, thus making it ficticious....

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Romans 1:26-27 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

Why do they never quote these passsages?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

(John 3:16; Romans 5:8).

And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

(1 Corinthians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17).

If you still believe in this crap, then think of it this way, We also have to remember that homosexuality is just as forgivable a sin as all other sins. God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, idol worshipper, murderer, thief, etc. God’s love and desire to save extends to homosexuals. The Bible nowhere describes homosexuality as being any less forgivable than any other sin.

In face, why dont we look at some of these other sins, that are broken by some of you EVERY DAY. as noted in The Mosaic Code.

  • Heterosexual intercourse when a woman has her period (Leviticus 18:19),

  • Many men state this enhances the sex

  • Harvesting the corners of a field (19:9),

  • I'm sure farmers wont sacrifice crops because of some stupid non-enforced rule.

  • Eating fruit from a young tree (19:23),

  • Harvesters arent going to wait for a tree to become old to harvest it's fruit.

  • Cross-breeding livestock (19:19),

  • What do you think mules are?

  • Sowing a field with mixed seed (19:19),

  • Having a field with only 1 type of plant all the time makes the soil unusable, by sucking up that nutrient. You're SUPPOSED to mix seeds in some cases. Agriscience anyone?

  • Shaving or getting a hair cut (19:27),

  • Now, Just about every person in the WORLD breaks this one EVERY SINGLE DAY. GIrls are obsessed with having hairless legs. Guys are obsessed with having hairless chins... and noone has hair they can step on.

  • Tattoos (19:28),

  • HMMmmmmm..

  • Even a mildly disabled person from becoming a priest (21:18),

  • Everyone is disabled in once sense or another. There is no perfect person.

  • Charging of interest on a loan (25:37),

  • *GASP*! your bank commits sins on you ALL THE TIME.

  • Collecting firewood on Saturday to prevent your family from freezing,

  • Well, I'd rather not freeze. Seriously.

  • Wearing of clothes made from a blend of textile materials; today this might be cotton and polyester


  • Eating of non-kosher foods (e.g. shrimp).

  • Most people in the world /LOVE/ shrimp...


  • A child to be killed if he/she curses their parent (Leviticus 20:9)

  • This would be called "murder" in today's society.

  • All persons guilty of adultery to be killed (20:10)

  • This is called Pedophilia... and most of them are just put in jail or whatever.

  • The daughter of a priest who engages in prostitution to be burned alive until dead (21:9)

  • This would be called cruel and unusual punishment... But i think prostitutes should be burned alive anyway.

  • The bride of a priest to be a virgin (21:13)

  • Shouldnt everyone's bridges be virgins, according to the bible?

  • Ritual killing of animals, using cattle, sheep and goats (22:19)

  • I thought this was called "McDonalds"?

  • A person who takes the Lord's name in vain is to be killed (24:16)

  • In that case, most people in the world would be dead at the moment..

  • sexual contact between individuals who are too closely related and out-of-species sexual contact

  • O SHYT.. Shane.. Flashdrive and Tsaphiel must be burned a tthe steak cuz they made babeeez.. In addition to Sahara and Cookie or whatever.

Now, why is it that homosexuality is the one law the religious people pick to enforce all the time? Either all the laws have to be followed or they need to SHUT THE FUCK UP.


If i get any flames, etc. on this post at all, they will be perm. banned, because this is not a place to discuss it.


If you'd wish to link other people to this explanation, i suggest you link to this page insted.


Mar. 11th, 2008 03:11 pm
caitaro: (Default)
Lol, look at this part from his site..

"Hello, my name is Cody Moya and I am an immigrant who moved to the United States with very limited English skills. In fact, my English was so bad that I couldn’t even answer the phone!

Yet today, I’m one of the Internet’s most successful marketers and search engine optimization experts – and I’ve sold millions of dollars of products online.

How did it happen? Here’s my story:

I came to America, to the land of opportunity, because I wanted to live the “American dream.” To be frank, I wanted to be wealthy. I wanted to have a flat screen TV, a large house and a nice car. But as you can probably imagine, it can be very hard to find a good job in the US when you speak English very poorly.

After many months of looking for a good job, I started to believe that I would never find one and I became very depressed – so depressed that I almost decided to give up on my “American Dream” and return to my old country."

HAHAHAHA Americans arent wealthy.

We dont all have a flat screen TV, large house, or a nice car.


for all you non americans.... Please dont make this mistake XD America blows.. our "Freedom" Isnt really freedom.. There are contridicitions everywhere.. Our president cant even speak english very well... There are a LOT of homeless..a LOT of unemployed... A LOT of crime, a LOT of bad people...

The only people with huge houses, flat screen TVs,and nice cars.. are either a.) Celebreties.. or b.) prostatutes..

Well, i guess..

IF you wanna be a prostatute, you will be rich in america XD that's all america thinks about.. It's all it cares about. SECKS

Jebus -_-


Jan. 14th, 2008 06:23 pm
caitaro: (Default)
and all karl has to say it
"its the saaammme thing as wtching your anime, its just as stupid"

shit like this is why im emo and depressed all the time

ITs why i have lost faith in the human race.

It's why i have no desire to learn how to function in the real world.

Next time europeans or autstratians tell me americans are stupid, im going to tell them this is why.

grah >_> *Shuts head in oven*


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