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So just a thought. People are going on about min wage and how it "shouldnt be raised because teenagers shouldnt make as much as someone with a masters" Why dont we put a min wage increase based upon how many years that person has been working? Or their age? So min wage for a 30 year might be the 15$ while teens would be 8$? Just a thought.

Literally the most overwhelmed ive been.. even lost my yogurt :/


Aug. 22nd, 2014 10:46 pm
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Photo: Finished for the most part! :3

Is anyone interested in going to used food store with me today?

Whyyyy is the giver not playing anywhere??? It just came out! ):

Had like the crappiest day ever... Anxiety over several things kind of took over my brain.

Lotsa tears and even an awkward hug from a stranger.

Luckily not too many customers today, so i held it together halfways decent.

The past 2 months have really took a toll on me... Its not just in my head, gained 15lbs as well. (This is pre-cake LOL. Its why i say i dont need to mess any up!)

I an hoping with all of my might that when my last class is over... 90% of all this will be done. 

Sick of worrying and being embarrased. Wish theyd find some meds that just calms my mind instead of panic attack.

Just wanna move on and grow up...


Aug. 21st, 2014 10:46 pm
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So, Daniel was mad that I got upset over messing the cake up, so I'm bawling.. and decide to do some of the dishes to ease his burden tomorrow.

Then the sink wont drain.

Then it all comes spilling out underneath the sink.

Bawling some more. Daniel even madder.

Found out I only got a 3.5 in my class last semester... Just 6 points away from the 4.0, and she couldn't bump it up.


Today has sucked royally, and I feel so stupid and worthless.

#%%}#$($" so much unnecessary drama, and im worried ill get caught up in it and itll ruin my life's plans 

Anxiety is gettin to me these past couple weeks....

Surprisingly today actually went really well, I got to help a lot of people, and overall my stress went down. Shocking considering how bad it started this morning!

Anyway, so I'm doing one of my surveys, and I got a funny question amounting to... "Have you ever had a strong desire to urinate followed by urine loss"

Well, it tends to be whenever I have to pee, I eventually lose that pee.

Just thought that was amusing, lol.
Photo: Surprisingly today actually went really well, I got to help a lot of people, and overall my stress went down. Shocking considering how bad it started this morning!Anyway, so I'm doing one of my surveys, and I got a funny question amounting to... "Have you ever had a strong desire to urinate followed by urine loss"Well, it tends to be whenever I have to pee, I eventually lose that pee.Just thought that was amusing, lol.


Aug. 14th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Just feel extremely 'wrong' today... Just hope that theres no panic attack attached...
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@_@. Hasen't had the best of days. A lot of weird stuff went down, including being so flustered, I left my radio on in my car. Luckily, my battery isn't dead.

Another one of my fish died.....

On a positive note though, meat prices are down to 4.19/lb for steak and beef chunks! woot!

Also, I hear gas is supposed to go down, perhaps near $3.50 a gallon 

and bad storms tonight mebbe


Jun. 28th, 2014 09:29 pm
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Catching up on my Grey's Anatomy, backdating my journal, and waiting to go pick up daniel 

It makes me a lil sad, reading my journal from last year... I was pretty sad most of the year.  I'm so glad that this year is happier! This month has been pretty sucky, but overall this year has been amazing! 

Am i the only one without power?! D:

So, this cake was at family fare... I wonder if i coulda got a discount on it, LOLOLOL 
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.

This cake.... Was one that was spelled right! And gone, lol
Photo: This cake.... Was one that was spelled right! And gone, lol
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Today needs to be over  this mystery shop thing is killing me
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Photo: We should all know this - James Rhodes: This, on how to support someone who's depressed, is pretty perfect.

If you're looking to buy your first home, the state is offering you a deal. Michigan State Housing Development Authority is offering a brand new program called "MI First Home." Find out more about the program here:

Todays one of those days when i just doubt everything and want to just run away with nessieeeeeee 

Mr brain you can leave me alone any time now!


Jan. 26th, 2014 10:09 pm
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So, 2 people un-friended me today! One i wasn't too thrilled about, the other I never see anymore, so it was okay.

It's just gunna be awkward when I see her. BLEH! :|

 I always wonder why anyone would ever do that, esp without even saying anything first. Then when i see them its always awkward... Like.. Hii how are you.. hows that 'not seeing me on your list anymore' thing going? I cant comment on your life anymore cuz you deleted me so i dunno whats going on in your life anymore... Well... Bye. xD

 I'm extremely socially awkward! If i dont have any material beyond "Hi" then it's like "Avoid at all costs" LOL

 I have 3 separate "Main" friends accounts. 1 is for my online friends... I post most of my stuff there...

I used to have all in 1, but a lot of people IRL are too frikking stuck up and get 'offended' by things. 

So then I made a 2nd account, and i didnt add anyone. I said "anyone who wants to add me, go for it. I wont force people to look at my stuff if they dont want to."

Then I was sad because I've had this acct since 2006, and i want everything to be on 1 account.... That and I still wanted to see what everyone else was up to even if they didnt wanna see me.. So I came back here, and moved all my Online friends to the 3rd account.

The 2nd account is just doing nothing nowadays. 

Someone told me something awhile ago like "Dont censor yourself just for other people. If you have to act around them to not throw a fit, its not worth being their friend" or something like that..

I was like "Wow.. Good point".. So I came back to posting regularly here....

BUT THEN.... I got paranoid again, once all these unfriendings started happening. Noone's telling me why theyre unfriending me... People I see and talk to on a fairly regular basis on the store / shopping.. 

Some of them have said "Cleaning My flist of people I don't talk to!" So i go back later, to see, yup, they deleted me.. but they left some people that I know and talk to... So i go and talk to those people left on their list... and i say "Hey, remember so and so?" and theyre like "Um.... No...." and i explain more in depth.. and theyre like "OH WOW, YEAH! I remember them, wow its been forever."

That person was still on her list, even though they didnt remember WHO THEY WERE!... I thought we were FRIENDS and they deleted ME!

So 'cleaning of the FB' = delete me. -____-

It's hard enough for me to even TALK to people offline.. but when one deletes me off here, it's like saying "I dont care about you anymore (if ever), and I dont want you in my life anymore."

Someone also told me that maybe a person just was just feeling emotional and wanted only close friends on the list..... which is possible, I guess... but a nice short message saying "No offense, but I'm keeping my facebook only for family right now. We can still talk okay! "

Which I never get. I dunno.. It's extremely hard to upset or offend me.. One of the only ways to upset me is tell me I suck, or terrible worker, or etc. Deleting me without a message, is kind of like that.

I kinda feel like moving back to livejournal, but NOBODY uses that anymore. xD

I dont have anyone to talk to offline yet besides daniel, really.. I started making friends with a few people from Daniel's work... But I still feel really shy around them, and I'm not at the 'feel comfortable talking to them casually stage' yet. That usually takes... a few months of everyday contact at least LOL

Oh, geez. Ok, then there was like.. what a couple months ago. I added EVERYONE onto my restricted list (they dont see my posts, but i see theirs) to people that I think might not be accepting.... So the fact you guys even see my posts means I think youre cool, LOL

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Back before Trickster community, I was deeply involved with the Hamtaro community...

I had a #1 rival who stole all my stuff, pictures, website stuff, including my forums members and all that... Perhaps they were just tired of my angst, and moved onto somoene elses angsty, lol.

Was looking her up today, found out she died last year.

I feel terrible.. I know we've matured past all that rivalry stuff (can you believe that I used to get jelous about that stuff!??) And I never got a chance to talk to her in the past 9 years or so :z

But blarg. I hate finding out people die. *Depressed all day now*

Is anyone able to give daniel a ride to work tomorrow? He's insistent on walking, but I am NOT letting him, and ill be at work. He works at 3..

aww <3

Dec. 24th, 2013 06:23 am
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Some days the customers are so awesome I feel like Crying and going OMGGGGG I MISSED REETAAAILLLLL X3. TODAY was one of em 

Also i HATE how plans are changed last minute >:/
My dad and daniels grandparents and daniel and everything, UGH,
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Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.

I wonder what the ratio of white/silver car accidents to other color car accidents are.

Ugh! So dropping Daniel off today, I'm turning left out of walmart, and it's all clear to the right, some guy at the left is turning, so i turn, but out into the turning LANE (for no reason) and this silver PT Cruiser comes outta NOWHERE speeding in the lane i ALMOST turned in. I would have hit him for sure if I didnt turn into the turning lane.

I never turn into the turning lane, but for some reason I did today. 

I wonder if he really came haulin' out of somewhere, or i missed him due to blending in with the snow and stuff 

*Nervous wreck*
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Just got an order to do a voiceover of this in a "Sweet innocent, yet twisted and morbid princess" voice, LOL. Not sure how this is gunna work...

Apparently because I'm nice to people that are jerks that I dont KNOW are jerks... makes me mean.

I really just don't understand sometimes. 
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So, I'm extremely isolated. At work, they force me to work the 2 jobs that get no interaction with other co-workers.

Daniel's gone for a week, pretty much, working when im sleeping, home when I'm at work.

No guild to run around with online. My life consists of.. Bath.. books. Bath books.. food.. another bath.. more reading.. bed and read.

But books just arent the same as people! My lonely-nerdness has been tainted by this friendship thing, and i just cant go back and feel the same! T_______________T

daniel says he's emotionally drained from it too.... I just feel extremely depressed :|


Oct. 2nd, 2013 11:30 pm
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If only I had some friends T_T
 Students! Are you brave enough to experience Cedar Point during Halloweekends?? Then join us Saturday, October 26 - $25 per person includes bus ride, all-day access to the park and once catered buffet meal. ONLY 56 spots! ACT NOW!

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I get ~5 messages a day asking for help with rTO or Trickster.... which I have never even played....

And almost zero personal, Lol....

Today was good..... But ended kind of sucky. At least some random lady gave us a very inspirational speech. . .

For those of you in college... Am I crazy? Or does this look, incredibly.. NOT right?
Photo: For those of you in college... Am I crazy? Or does this look, incredibly.. NOT right?


Sep. 18th, 2013 08:10 pm
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That kind of night..... It could be much worse though.... *trivia time*


Aug. 31st, 2013 08:10 pm
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Question: When you say you respect something... IE: I Respect your opinion about which flavor pringles in the best, but i don't agree.

That's correct right?

That's how i use it in 1 way... meaning.. Its cool if they like cheese pringles, no big deal.. but i like another kind better.

Thats right.... right?

HOLY DEPRESSING DAY (well, and last night too)


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So.. i felt like posting something like

"Wanted: Someone to be my interwebz bf"

But i realized, id probably not get anything serious, lmao

its been soooooooooooo lonnnnggg and i havent really felt any crushes on anyone in a looong time.

So i feel lonely on ther webz ;-;


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