Aug. 22nd, 2014 10:46 pm
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Photo: Finished for the most part! :3

Is anyone interested in going to used food store with me today?

Whyyyy is the giver not playing anywhere??? It just came out! ):

Had like the crappiest day ever... Anxiety over several things kind of took over my brain.

Lotsa tears and even an awkward hug from a stranger.

Luckily not too many customers today, so i held it together halfways decent.

The past 2 months have really took a toll on me... Its not just in my head, gained 15lbs as well. (This is pre-cake LOL. Its why i say i dont need to mess any up!)

I an hoping with all of my might that when my last class is over... 90% of all this will be done. 

Sick of worrying and being embarrased. Wish theyd find some meds that just calms my mind instead of panic attack.

Just wanna move on and grow up...


Aug. 2nd, 2014 10:46 pm
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So... Had 3/4ths of a panic attack today... Was shopping when it happened. The first time in a year and a half, and the first time in public....

Luckily it wasnt a full blown loud talking freak out with complete brain fuzz. It was mostly just brain fuzz and weird feeling, chest pain and numb arm and leg....

Feeling mostly okay now, tyler and jordan helped me keep my sanity till daniel got off.

2 days off, and i may just do absolutely nothing for them.

Feeling much better today... So cleaning house majorly. Got my dragon table in!
Photo: Feeling much better today... So cleaning house majorly. Got my dragon table in!
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Photo: Ok, so... This is what im wearing. Pikachus anatomy.Im in harbor freight.... Walking around and some lady is like.. "Do you work here!??!" Walking right toward me head on...I was like... Uhhh no! O.oWhy in the world would she assume that pikachus anatomy is harbor freight employee uniform?Maybe my gait screams "retail employee" lol~

Ok, so... This is what im wearing. Pikachus anatomy.

Im in harbor freight.... Walking around and some lady is like.. "Do you work here!??!" Walking right toward me head on...

I was like... Uhhh no! 

Why in the world would she assume that pikachus anatomy is harbor freight employee uniform?

Maybe my gait screams "retail employee" lol~

Daniel got me this epic dragon sword today!!!!!!! Best bday present ever!!!
Photo: Daniel got me this epic dragon sword today!!!!!!! Best bday present ever!!!
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So, had an ok time shopping today... Messed my foot up though, somehow... Hope its better after a nap!

So... On with the nap! Lol!

Got to bed at a reasonable hour last night (2). Off to the library today and maybe karaoke on second life!

What's Ridiculous Today!:

So, I want to buy a house! Sounds simple enough, eh? Well, I need some information on how to do so. Sounds simple enough too, right? Apparently not.

Original Stop - Pines: They sign me up for their healthymichigan insurance and whatnot. They tell me about HUD houses / Grants for first time home buyers. Sounds awesome! They give me a website to look at.

1st stop: The library! I'm not a fan of doing this stuff online, I want to talk to a real live person! The library has got to know EVERYTHING right? They're the library! The central hub of information! Turns out, they have no idea about where to go. Thanks, library.

2nd stop: Search the website, they say to go to the housing commission! Okay! Enough of this online stuff.

3rd stop: Post office. Hi, I cant find the housing commission, it's supposed to be around here.... Oh, it's in the basement of the apartment building across the street? How odd! Okay, thanks!

4th stop: Apartment Building. Oh, we only do rentals of apartments, no I don't know how to buy a house or know of anywhere to look. Uh, okay....

5th stop: Hmmmm... what now? Michigan Works? They should know about this sort of thing, right? It's how Michigan works! People get jobs to get a house! Okay, Michigan Works! What do you have for me? Call 278-SAFE? But that's a domestic issue hotline! That doesn't matter? Okay, I'll try it! Why not?

6th stop: 278-SAFE: Oh, you're ONLY domestic issues? Understandable. Those crazy people at Michigan Works! But you have someone to transfer me to that knows all about housing stuff! ok, great!

7th stop: The Transfer: You have no idea about housing stuff? How odd! That crazy person on the other line! Oh, you have 3 phone numbers for me to try? Great. They have access to every program in Michigan! Finally, I'll get somewhere today! 

8th stop: Department of Human Services. Oh, you've never heard of HUD houses or first time home buyer stuff? And you were rude to me and hung up on me? Screw you lady.

9th stop: Community Action Agency! They are closed. open 8-4. Okee dokey!

10th stop: Habitat for Humanity! They are closed. Open on Friday + Saturday only.

So apparently no one around here knows anything. I thought I would have learned and remembered that from my DOCTOR ADVENTURE a couple years ago.


Man, I cant believe these Nacirema people! lol

Did some karaoke online today...... and now I feel sick, LOL. Nerves!!!!!
Photo: Did some karaoke online today...... and now I feel sick, LOL. Nerves!!!!!


Jun. 23rd, 2014 09:29 pm
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Getting ready to go shopping today 

This is the first time ive been up before noon in like... 8 years, LOL
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Really crappy end to the day today.. It was really busy - sure... I'm good with that.. but then we were kind of attacked at the store instead of helped... and it just escalated from there..

Got to do shopping with Tyler though... got a 3DS XL Yoshi edition brand new for like, what.. 80$.. retail.. Yum, coupons.

Much better day so far today ! I got asked if i wanted to be management training :OOOOOOO
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Everyone else has done it.. so i have to!

Today is going to be an absolutely terrible day at work, there is no doubt about that. Plenty of people called in. :| ...and they want me to come in early on top of that.

me + Daniel's entry for black friday ads pumpkin contest. xD
Photo: me + Daniel's entry for black friday ads pumpkin contest. xD

So yeah. Work. I was forced to do drive through... at halloween. The drive through was packed. I'm no good at it.  The manager that day was the asshole manager. So I was bitched at all day about not knowing how to do it very well.. and All I got was "DID YOU GET THE DRINKS?" and im like NO! when do i have time to get the drinks?


Im fucking sick of this shit. After my shift, I left. We're supposed to wait before we go.. but I didn't. I left. The one lady said "Hey you'll get in trouble!" I said "I dont think I'm coming back, its alright"

I left, and cried.
I'm not going back.
Fuck that fucking place.


May. 2nd, 2013 10:58 pm
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My plan was stay up all night tuesday night so that i could go to bed early wednesday night, and wake up early thursday morning.

Well, its 8:30 am Thursday, and i still haven't slept.

Plan failed, lol.............................

Well, off to go shopping... all by my lonesome, since noone likes to shop I guess.



Dec. 1st, 2012 11:33 pm
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"‎;_; i was having a good day and i was playing black ops... when all of a sudden


So im like Ugh! Then 5 mins later.. WORSE CHEST PAIN..
But then i was okay for about 2 hours, then i was taking a shower, and SMALL CHEST PAIN..


Im documenting these beasts now.. What i had to eat and drink yesterday and today.. how much sleep i got.. stress level.. etc.

I was like 5 days chest pain free, about a record.

 in other newz, we went to meijers, and i had another chest pain on the way there, but felt okay once we got there.. Spent ~50$ and got 30$ off in coupons, so only cost 17$!!

"If anyone feels like calling me to rambling on to me about your life, feel free today.. I'll need a good distraction from these stupid chest pains sometime between 6-8pm.


"I had a dream about being in Mr. Loveless' art class last night.. And i miss his class SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH :'("

Still playin more songpop :D


Nov. 23rd, 2012 11:26 pm
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"I'm not a big yogurt fan.. but when I am i get strawberry. This was on clearance, so I tried it. Surprise! It's AMAZING!

I guarantee it'll satisfy your oreos cravings.. probably in a more healthy way, LOL

Ellisa Morson - Maybe interested? :D"

"Had an AMAZING black friday... with Cory Newberry and Zachary Kenton Mann.. we did so much random hilarious crap.

It's too bad it comes only once a year :/


Fun times

Nov. 22nd, 2012 11:26 pm
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went over to Lucille Streeter and Howard Streeters today. Had a lot of fun with them and Terry Brooks!!

Helped em out a bunch, lol. Watched survivor with them. Had some Chili.

Came home, and bought a Roku XS, which is AWESOME... (Streams 'TV Channels' from the internet to TV) and netflix/hulu/crunchyroll/etc. To top it all off, it was 20$ off today! Woot!
Played some Rabbids: Alive + Kicking for Kinect. It's pretty fun, dunno why it gets bad reviews...

I wanna watch macys thanksgiving parade, but no NBC :(
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"Black Friday today!!!!!!!!! WOOO!! If anyone wants me to try to pick something up for them, this is the last chance... let me know what you want!

Also, if anyone wants to come with me, pleaaasee lemme know! I'll be leaving here around 6!"

"Well, no Turkey dinner-ness for us today.. Just doesn't fit in with anyone's schedule till Saturday. :/

Wonder if i should cook some chicken instead for Daniel ♥

I'll be thankful if anyone wants to come visit me today ;-; xD"


Nov. 21st, 2012 11:26 pm
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"Tried DragonSaga, and its like a 3D-Maplestory.. still a sidescroller. Ewness </uninstall>

Went to the antique mall yesterday, i was so upset, i forgot! I got this AWESOME realfur hairtie scrunchie for $5! PURPLE!!!

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Create a Black Friday Shopping List for Black Friday. Buy items from Walmart, BestBuy, Target for the Black Friday 2012 shopping season.

Sakata Kintoki wrote on your timeline.
"CAIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT♥. *tackles and hugs* I'm getting your 2lbs of cake today c;

WUT? ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!? May the hallowed halls of your dearest Walmart be decked in your honor!

...whatever that means, anyway. ;D
  •  i left walmart in may ;_; *cry forever*
  • Viliamu Miller oh. well... isn't this awkward... XD
  • Duelist Caitlin nah its okay.

    I loved it there, but then they weer all "PEOPLE GETTING HURT? THATS FINNNNEEE WITH US!" and yeah. Outta there.

    But i miss it and i wanna go in and zone as a customer, but I DONT HAVE THE BALLS.. or beard. ;-; xD

‎:( Had a crap day. Felt panic attacky and tight chest with random stabs all day :/

We went to Wendys to eat anyway, and they messed my order all up, and i was too sick to complain (TOO SICK TO COMPLAIN? ME? XD)

We walked around walmart for 2 hours, got sexually harassed by an employee *cough* Cory *cough* XD
and felt a bit better after that..

Daniel bought a flipping 30$ cake o__o;

Got another order on fiverr... hopefully gunna have some cake soonish :3 and lotsa sleeps.
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Lynn Rabaut wrote on your timeline.
"Well apparently I suck at life! The other day I was thinking I should wish you a happy birthday the day before, so it wouldn't look like I just said it cause facebook told me it was your birthday. But then I thought that'd be silly so I didn't do so ... and then I completely forgot to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, and your lost post reminded me ;_;

Either way, I'm sorry I'm a bit late on this, but happy birthday regardless. Enjoy the cake! ♥"
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"Who wants to go black friday shopping with me? ;-;"


Nov. 3rd, 2012 02:40 pm
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I dont remember if i posted this or not..

Black Friday Adscan for Dell . Download the Black Friday Ad for Dell
Jebus, i slept for 13hours @_@ now im up early, lol.


Dear Dell:
Saving 50$ on a 500$ computer is not 50%.. and really isnt even worth it on black friday. xD

Shop for this 7' Fuf beanbag chair at Save money. Live better.

Kekekek i want! ;-;"

"waahahaha my high school was like this"

I think I'll liberate myself from this label known as "girl". xD
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volunteered to fix a girls laptop at work...

said we'd meet at 4:30.

waited till 5, she never came.


anyway, got to do shopping... hung out with carol and echo a bit.. sat with daniel for lunch.

my chest hurt a lot, it sucked.

hard to breath as well.

i mean i CAN breath fine, but it felt like i just wasnt getting enough oxygen. like if your head is under a blanket.



Feb. 7th, 2010 05:31 am
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gunna go to the mall tomarrrow

to fye

cuz roberta said they had lots aanime on sale <3



and been talkking with dave a lot..

Hes cute

and likes to do cute things

I know he would be a better bf than salam.

He uses smilies

he understands me

hes done a lot of awesome things in life.

Duno, i just dont feel the high with him as i did for salam.

but the high isnt what its all about

its about making them happy.

High is nice though.

If i can make dave happy, then i will do my best.


btw - roberta pix

aww <3


in other news,
we went to meijers today



bought DDRX for 20$ WITH MAT. brand new.


and some candy


purple thread.


something for dave

something for sephi

nothing for carol/echo :/


got some lavender scented bath salt too


In other news

i woke up today

with my hand numb.

and it stayed that way

all day


same with my right toes, but its been that way for some time

same as my lowerback which hasnt happened recently, but happened a lot during june + july.

few days ago.. though

had some inconvienient chestpains..

was at work

and it felt about every 4 beats, it had a sharp pain in my left chest, lasted for about abeat


i felt not so good..




To sleep now

arggghh gunna be bear
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Waiting for the next available technician
You are in position 1 in the Support queue.

ive been here for like hours, gateway. seriously. do i get no support at 2:30am???????????????????? you BITCHES!@


anyway. my monitor is broke. and i need to complain to someone.

and i have 380-some MBs of ram now. w00t.

and i ended up feelin good enough today to go out.. so we went to family video to drop off movies.. then salvation army.. holy crap.. findin a parkinspot SUCKED..

and there i got simlife, simisle, and learn japanese guidebook/workbook/cd for 3$!! what a deal! XD

sooooooooooo then we were guna go to market house for 88cent milk but it was PACKED to the ARSE so we didnt go.. then we went to dollar store and cory got some baloons shaped like udders.,.

then we went to sk00l and got ram..

then we went home and i felt horribly sick again. ugh. not as bad as last night.. so i layed on the couch for awhile and stared at whiteface.. and some point i fell asleep... then we ate pancakes. then i fell asleep again and got up at like 10:00.. lol.. so i been sleepin today.. cuz i got 0 sleeps last night.

*yawns* i tireed still.

and we're goin to a garage sale tomarrow.

and yeah so i didnt end up goin to prompt care cuz things have gotten better since last night. thank whiteface of NAZARATH!

but im still coughing horribly.. and my lungs hurt from it.=(

but *shrug*

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My legs huuuurrrrtttt like piiiiieee ;_;

but anyway

we went to battle creek today... and walked around the malll... and of COURSE cory HAD TO GET A SLUSHIE.... and then he was like "OMG SO BORED MUST THROW A FIT AND BAWL AND CRY!!!" so im like "-__-"

so we went to JC Penny.. and OMG they had SOOOOOOOOOO many COOL ARSE shirts there.. Like.. KILLER RABBITS.. and stuff... and your an idiot thingss...

But.. dads like

and im TOTALLY thinking "uh.... Well i DO wear 1x NOW!!!! " but i didnt say it cuz he'd get pissed.. -.-...

So we went to barnes and nobles again.... but we were there for 30 seconds.. cory threw a fit.. and we left.. At least i got to look at the PHP books..

BUT !! THERE WAS THIS GU!Y! at barnes and nobles... sitting hte the floor.. and he was reading.. but he had a CAPE ON!~!!! WITH A HOOD!!! IT WAS SOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!! he was wearing the hood up XD i got a closer look and he had a beard.. and he was really old.. he was reading european books.... but... oh man i wish i had the courage to wear my cape to random places XD i WOULD!! but the security people were like stalking him o_O..

and the security people stalked dad in Sears;.. They even asked him if he was finding everything alright O_o...

Security people scare me.. They ALWAYS stalk you.. they make me nervous.... they make me.. want to BUY NOTHING!!!!!!! :O!!!!!

BUt yeah.. so i was scared.. Um.. so we found this place with cheeeeap shirts.. and they were 2x too.. SO they were 8$ each.. and dads like "OMG SHIRTS" so i was lookin.... and they had UBERLY COOL PURPLE TYE DIE ONES :OO!!! But so i was standin there.. and dads like "...did you find anything?" and i was like "..maybe?" and hes like "well!?!?!" and the lady was like "do you have any questions? Ask them!" and im like "O_o.." so.. The lady was scarin me.. and dads like being all irritated.. and im like "..Um.. lets leave." so we did.... and dads all "OMG YOU ARE SO CHEAP SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA SPEND DA MONAY!" and im like "-______-".. Cuz seriously i dont spend money. on anything. EVER. if it doesnt say clearence or used i dont even look at it :\... Seriously when i grow up im gunna be the cheapest ass you will EVER find. EVER.. I will live off of ramen, Faygo, and good will clothes!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH *cougH* anyway yeah.. Caits a cheap ass... and.. This will ANNOY SP00NY GREATLYYYYYY but piee.. :\ i think possibly when i grow up im gunna have a seperate $ account thing Then my husband.. (which is going to be sp00ny >_>) Because.. I'm paranoid about these things... Its not that i dont trust him.. it's like.. I like to monitor every last effin penny.. and i dont want people to randomly spend 200$ on a banana or whatever... So *shrug* if i ever do because rich.. by some UNGODLY means.. I would definatly consider a joint account thing... but *shrug* all i know is... Dont EVER... EVER.. Share your credit card name with anyone.. Cuz if they spend stuff.. then RANDOMLY die... then YOU have to pay it.. even if you didnt buy it.. and you get royally screwed. believe my dad.. he speaks from experience...


So we went to walmart.. and they had MY SIZE of jeans. ON. CLEARENCE> and i freaked out >_>.... and i had to get them. cuz yea.. so i got 2 pairssss and i woulda got like a different one but they were not right size and full of pizza o_O and they also had UBERLY cool capris.. but i HATE CAPRIS.. so i didnt get em....

Um.. And im so picky with the jeans i get :\ cuz i hate jeans that dont have a HUGE foot hole.. Cuz it makes me feel sooo immobile.. dads like "um,, every pair of pants you get doesnt HAVE to be bellbottoms" and im like "O_o wtf?" but i duno... so um.. cory got some RC cars.. we got home and they DIDNT WORK!! XD!! they were BROKE!! i laughed.. but anyway.. um.. we also got other stuff but i dont remember... Um...

we went to taco bell.. and they have a new policy i guess.. That if they dont offer you a drink and you dont order one.. you get one FREE :O... soooo.. we didnt order one.. so they asked us if we wanted a drink.. TWICE XD!!! and dads like "um.. do YOU want a drink?" and hes like "lol no im good" i LMAOd.. so we got up there.. and hes like "would you like a drink?" and dads like "XD no.." so the guy told us that most of restaruants money makingness comes from the drinks.. He said a case of pop... costs them 15$ and makes 147 large drinks... ANd they charge 1.47 for a large drink.. So they're makin like a lot from that.. But they also do have the unlimited refill thing inside them.. with.. dare i say.. BAJA MOUNTAN DEW!! which is teh PWN <3 mmm i looove it.. but i didnt get any =(.. um..

so we got the foods.. and we went home.. and on the way home cory was being a manatee... cuz hes stupid... we got homeeeeeeee and ateee and i was on puter.. i set up thunderbird and i made a nerdshack account :O cuz i was bored um... so i posted thisss.. and i forked with some other craaaappp.. and then nachhhooosssss.s......

and im prolly gunna go to bed now cuz my feet and legs hurt like poo =( and im tired i spoze.. so..



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