Jul. 9th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Does anyone have a microwave for sale? Ours is rusted through and has been nothing but problems, and it's barely a year old .

Never again, Hamilton Beach. 


Okay, so the Nacirema article I linked to awhile back? Remember that? The one that's about Americans only using technical jargon?

My classmates responded to the article.

They were talking about how the Nacirema people are terrible and crazy and they were "ASTONISHED" that I had met a real live Nacirema medicine man in real life. They were asking me to explain his rituals, as they were incredibly curious!

I am dying.




This is hilarious, I am laughing so hard.

These are supposed to be senior college students....

Atelier Rorona till I get so exhausted I can't move!
Photo: Atelier Rorona till I get so exhausted I can't move!
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I challenge everyone to stop challenging people to jump in water and possibly get sick.....

And instead of donating to charity, buy something nice for someone locally in your community who is less fortunate.  

Or just drop off an Easter basket to someone you know isn't getting one this year.
Photo: I challenge everyone to stop challenging people to jump in water and possibly get sick.....And instead of donating to charity, buy something nice for someone locally in your community who is less fortunate. :3 Or just drop off an Easter basket to someone you know isn't getting one this year.
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feeling likeshesabouttoslaveherlifeawaytoday.

Well, I don't get to see Daniel for around a week. 

*Social life drops to -1, time to clean house and blast music* lol..

Ok, just when I think the stupidity has peaked.. It hasnt.

Student(Paraphrased-ish): I watched the two videos assigned for this week and wanted to work on a few photos while I was watching the videos however my version of photoshop is different since the options aren't the same. Which is she using?

Teacher: I am not aware of this program and have never used it. I hope someone can help with his question.




SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!? ITS BLATANTLY PHOTOSHOP CS5! What kind of teacher is this!???


Aug. 11th, 2013 02:30 am
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I dont know HOW IT HAPPENED.. .but i microwaved my fork for 3 minutes.. and it didnt do ANYTHING... No popping or exploding or anything.

my first day of work... didn't even get a break. ;_;

For sale~ $80 

- a $15 savings over pricecharting estimate.

Let me knowww if you're interested! (will consider trades/partial trades too)
Photo: For sale~ $80 - a $15 savings over pricecharting estimate.Let me knowww if you're interested! (will consider trades/partial trades too)


Some guy is maaaad puking outside my window.

(Please let a really cheap house go on the market soon ;_;)
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My latest masterpiece.
Photo: My latest masterpiece.

Photo: Masterpiece #2. Lady Cthulu harassing TwilightChan MTo.I need more fked up pictures to draw.throw em at me, people.

Masterpiece #2. Lady Cthulu harassing TwilightChan MTo.

I need more fked up pictures to draw.

throw em at me, people.
That's all..
Photo: That's all..
Started supper... Half hour later. Not done. Solution: turn stove on. 


I got Ni No Kuni from Goodwill on another note. It won't play in my PC though, weird.


Oct. 16th, 2012 09:29 pm
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OMG my brother... xD

*Cait and daniel go out to mcdonalds and come back*
Cory : Did you REALLY not get me anything?
Daniel:I Got you a chicken sandwich! *THROWS IT ACROSS THE ROOM*
Cait: OMG.... *watches as it flies apart in midair and falls apart all over the floor*
Cory: .....*Picks it up* .......
Cait: Cory.... this floor has like, never been vacuumed. Do not eat that..
Cory: ..................YOLOOOOOOOO! *eats sandwich*
Cait: ..if you get sick, i will NOT feel bad for you xD

"Cait says: Oddly enough, this actually works. I was totally expecting it not to. xD Cory Newberry - you got to be the guinea pig ;3"
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"Seems kids today scream "YOLO" before they do something incredibly stupid.

if YOLO = "You Only Live Once"... Shouldnt you be MORE CAREFUL with what you do, BECAUSE you only live once? Rather than scream YOLO and do something that could get you killed?


Rodney Lipscomb Pssh...let 'em. Our planet is horribly overpopulated anyway. ^L^

Alex Kaiser YOLO unless you a zombie


Sep. 30th, 2012 09:29 pm
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"Cait is mentally challenged part 2:

Somehow. I dont know how.... I left a spatula in the oven.. with the oven on.... Inside the chicken i cooked. -__-

Luckily.. The spatula did not melt. I now know... T-Fal spatulas are industrial strength. xD"


Sep. 10th, 2012 09:20 am
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Young adults hold the largest portion of the uninsured in the nation

"Staying on my parents' insurance will hinder me because it will not give me the push I need to go out there and really look for a full-time job," said Ritson.

This is disgusting. Just because you're a lazy piece of crap, doesn't mean that people who aren't lazy and just need help dont deserve it. I'd like to slap her."
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Dear nearly everyone who signed cory's yearbook except Alex and Megan:

When you mean "Cory, you are the best" It's "Cory you're the best" not "Cory your the best"

His what's the best?

You spent 12 years in school and can't get contractions down yet? Remember kids, being good in English saves lives.. "lets eat grandma" "Lets help uncle jack off the horse" etc etc.

This is why I don't have friends, LOL.

"Coryyy~ You are sleeping on the couch toplessssssssssssss! I'm also broadcasting it via webcam to the masses of the internet!!!!!!!!!!

Or maybe not :3"
    "Believing and sharing, is about mandatory D:
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    ...just before i get any smartass comments.
    I dont hate ALL girls

    just most.

    and here's why

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person has joined the conversation

    Random Person:
    I invited her in

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person:
    I hate you all

    This is why i hate girls

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person:
    Im not a girl. theres no girls on the internet

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person:
    Im a manly man
    My penis is bigger than all of yours here
    like 4 cans of soda stacked

    Random Person:
    If your dick is really that long, can i suck on it?

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person:
    No. Mine

    *insert inappropriate commen t here*

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person:
    You mean ?
    or ?
    Because your ending the loss of innocence
    Which doesnt fit in

    Reason #2 why i dont like girls on the internet.
    teeechnicaliitiesssssss uppp the wazzooooooooo like certain yaoii pixxxx

    Amber-Ms. really Important Person:
    Not my fault your retarded Cait


    Amber-Ms. really Imporant Person:
    Oh a girl hating grammar nazi who complains about other girls being technical?

    Yep.. I hate girls so much
    That i'd rather listen to your guys' sex talk.

    *exit convo*

    mk so

    -Girl coming in and immedietly swearing and proclaiming she hates everyone in the convo (people she doesnt even know)
    -Girl having a very egotistical name such as "Really important Person"
    -Girl claiming to have a huge penis to people she doesnt even know
    -Girl claiming girls dont exist on the internet
    -Girl not even understanding the </> tag..
    -She Cant even spell 'you're' right

    I was meaning it as in..


    Cait: *innapropraite comment*
    *innocence is over*
    i need to end the actual LOSS of the innocent, not the expression "loss of innocence"

    So i'd do

    because the loss is over. Not starting. It's over.

    She's prolly one of those stupid ass myspace noobs who wears makeup and think shes all that and a stack of pancakes because she knwos how to use a myspace profile generator.

    I'll be glad when the human race is extinct.

    Oh yeah and i got dumped by somoene i wasnt even going out with.

    today has sucked.


    Dec. 13th, 2008 02:27 am
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    spent the whole damn day trying to find out how to dual boot ME and XP...

    Cuz cory + dad are obsessed with ME

    cuz theyre STUPID.

    So im just gunna install XP

    and maybe find a 'hack' that'll change the start bar banner to say ME insted of XP.

    They wont notice the difference.

    Besides the... uh

    oh yeah




    Sep. 12th, 2008 04:24 am
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    2:39: At a press conference New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is asked to estimate the number of casualties at the World Trade Center. He replies, "More than any of us can bear."

    Excluding the 19 hijackers, 2,974 people died in the attacks.

    American Deaths in Iraq:
    Total Wounded: Confirmed:30568 Estimated:Over 100000

    Last time i knew, 30,000+ deaths trying to get revenge IS NOT WORTH 3,000 deaths to begin with.

    3,000 deaths is Unbearable.. what is 30,000 deaths?? Hm?? NOTHING? because they were POLITICAL MARTYRS?!?

    Iraqi Casualties
    Other Coalition Troops - Iraq 314
    US Military Deaths - Afghanistan 584
    Other Military Deaths - Afghanistan 376
    Contractor Deaths - Iraq 444

    You think that we did good by invading iraq..

    When in reality its just what the terrorists wanted us to do.. as there is now 33,000 US people dead now.

    Good job, Bush, youre a smart one.

    Oh wait, youre not, you cant even speak english right.

    Air quality and the EPA's response
    Main article: EPA 9/11 pollution controversy

    On September 18, 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a statement assuring the public that the air in Manhattan was "safe to breathe". [71] In a report published in 2003, however, the EPA's inspector general found that the agency did not at that time have sufficient data to make such a statement. Also, it found that the White House had influenced the EPA to remove cautionary statements and include assuring ones, in part motivated by the desire to reopen Wall Street. In fact, the collapse of the World Trade Center resulted in serious reductions in air quality and is likely the cause of many respiratory illnesses among first responders, residents, and office workers in lower Manhattan.[72]

    Nice one again. you only care about your precious wallstreet, and now many people are suffering, and guess what they STILL HAVE TO PAY ALL THEIR OWN HEALTH BILLS, ESP!! if they are uninsured.

    WHY dont you care about the INDIVUDUAL people in this COUNTRY BUSH!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!


    Aug. 28th, 2008 06:37 pm
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    6:34 PM) ~ Mr. Cait ~:
    My dad was telling me about his dumbass girlfriend's even more dumbass daughter
    she got her learners permit..
    (6:34 PM) savior_sephiroth94@yahoo.com (E-mail address not verified):
    (6:34 PM) ~ Mr. Cait ~:
    ...and put the truck into park before she even stopped
    I hope she seriously dies.
    (6:34 PM) savior_sephiroth94@yahoo.com (E-mail address not verified):

    ...I dont even know anything about cars... and I NEVER did something as complete dumbass as that.

    Ima pull a cory and scream "FREIGHT TRAIN"
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    ok so..

    at my el dad's work.. Theres this guy whos gunna be quitting cuz hes pissed at whatever...

    now.. Years ago.. my dad tried out for this particular 'spot'... (which is the same thing hes been doing NOW only with a different title um.. and more pay.)

    and he didnt get it.. This other guy got it.. This other guy had ZERO experience and didnt even know what it was all about.. my dad had over 6 years experience..

    The other guy only got it because he had previously worked as a 'team leader'

    But anyway..

    So i told my dad he should try out for the spot again.. Um.. Hello? money $$??

    Hes like "no cuz im pissed they didnt pick me"

    i tell him.. he's being unreasonable.. Just because of something they did years ago... doesnt mean you should be a poor loser and just give up.

    It's the SAME job hes doing now.. in the SAME building with the SAME people doign the SAME thing..

    only he gets more $..

    I calcumalated it out.. and he wold get over $2000 more per year.. I even told him he'd get over 2000$ more per year.

    Yet he STILL wont do it..

    because he's unreasonable.

    I tell him he's JUST like the other people we talk about with bad money skills..

    its 2000$ more per year FREE.. for an extra 10 minute RIGHT NOW to put his name on a piece of paper.

    but hes TOO PROUD.. to make 2000$ more per year.

    That's about 1/4 of my college expenses per year..

    Or. that would pay for his extra "nights out" on the weekend.. and his cigarette addiction.

    but nah. He wants to just.. not make 2000$ and close the budget even tighter.

    Without corys social security...... We couldnt afford to keep our house. I dont know WHY hes not jumping to put his damned name on that piece of paper..

    especially with all the effing extra money he spends on cigarettes.. gas to the bar.. buying stuff for his drunk buddies.

    Im disgusted now.

    Unfortunately i have math to do..

    and.. Disgusted cait + math = no =(

    So im going to try to be undisgusted.. till i can finish my math anyway

    *Angry Snarl [2] is put on*

    *Goes to do math*
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    Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

    Matthew says:
    so wats my babygurl doin
    Cait says:
    Whorin maself ^ 4 colege
    Matthew says:
    Matthew says:
    i hope ur jokin
    Cait says:
    no bay b
    Cait says:
    ders nu manaye 4 da gayngstahs
    Matthew says:
    bab r u serious
    Matthew says:
    u tellin me ur a whore
    Cait says:
    nu nut dat kayen d uf whore. Im whorin ma seckaseah wehbsayete skeeahlz 4 ma cowledge mohnayeh
    Matthew says:
    Cait says:
    wut u kant red gayengahstah noohbbe layungwedge
    Matthew says:
    Matthew says:
    baby ur makin no sence
    Cait says:
    byuht mayne i men wo dunesnt spake dis k0l gayhengahstah spehlineh nuthin rite
    Matthew says:
    Cait says:
    butte i HAF 2 gu to da holicrombeagle 2 git sum c0l shluteh whorin cahlosedh 4 wurk. TTYL TTFN G2G BI

    people are stupid hahahaah


    May. 15th, 2006 10:38 pm
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    Blah so i was gunna type stuff but i ended up typin it to sp00ny..

    caiternoodle: well i have a trip up to jackson community college tomarrow....
    caiternoodle: which i am totally not looking forward to...
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Whats wrong with that though?
    caiternoodle: because..
    caiternoodle: like me and dad just had a discussion that..
    caiternoodle: if you go to college for 4 years taking basketweaving... and your going for a job in say webdesign... they will pick the person who has had basketweaving over you even if you deminstrate skills better than the person who has had basketweaving
    caiternoodle: and it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me...
    caiternoodle: and i just dont wanna flippin go
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: O_o
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: *shrugs* what are you gonna do after high school
    caiternoodle: well im being forced against my will to go to jcc..
    caiternoodle: i duno what im gunna do there
    caiternoodle: i duno how im gunna get there
    caiternoodle: or anything im doin..
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Well, have you thought of any sort of future occupation?
    caiternoodle: well the only thing im good at is computers and art...
    caiternoodle: so ill be in that general field..
    caiternoodle: and JCC doesnt have like any art classes.
    caiternoodle: and the computer classes you gotta take retarded calculous and C++ and RPG IV.. whatever the heck that is..
    caiternoodle: along with like 43928593459345 other classes that noone cares about.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Where can I see the required class lists?
    caiternoodle: actually..
    caiternoodle: i have no idea
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: *shrug* I guess they may be usefull
    caiternoodle: i have this book that just tells you what classes they have for JCC..
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: useful*
    caiternoodle: and its like "pick one of the following or blah"
    caiternoodle: so i guess ill have to ask someone tomarrow abou tit
    caiternoodle: i have this other catalog for baker college that says what you need....
    caiternoodle: but baker college is 5495934693469834935miles away and costs $5345034582309823595457
    caiternoodle: and i HAVE to go to JCC i have no choice..
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: :P I want you to go to college
    caiternoodle: i think id rather independently study what job im going into insted of taking 4 years of basketweaving, dishing out $45 million, and selling my soul to bush
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: ok
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Well, even though your forced to go to college, try to have fun at least...
    caiternoodle: lmao
    caiternoodle: it will be the worst years of my life.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Because your thinking it will be
    caiternoodle: no
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: approach college with an open mind, and you might find it to be more enjoyable
    caiternoodle: because i will be forced to drive to jackson every day. Take calculous, advanced <3ing of h1O, and pizza building. I will know absolutely noone there.. I will go out of there knowing absolutely noone there.. ill have to drive home every day... and deal with crap from my dad and a manatee..
    caiternoodle: Ill probably never see shane or travis or mr. loveless ever again..
    caiternoodle: and my only social life will be on aim.
    caiternoodle: which is sad because the only one i talk to is you and we dont even talk all that much..
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: you could at least try to make new friends over there and try seeing if you can take interesting classes
    caiternoodle: But i cant take interesting classes.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Im sure that there will be other people in your situation
    caiternoodle: Because they cost money and arent needed.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: O_o so what is this talk of basket weaving then
    caiternoodle: um
    caiternoodle: well the phrase "underwater basketweaving"
    caiternoodle: is like a term meaning doing absolutely nothing
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: and I thought community college classes were somewhat cheap
    caiternoodle: well its $3000 a year
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: sorry for being ignorant of that
    caiternoodle: and we cant afford to pay our flippin house bills.
    caiternoodle: yet my dad continues to smoke and worship cory and spend 40$ on beer for people he hasnt seen in 22 years.
    caiternoodle: and for all my life my mom has told me that im stupid and ill amount to nothing and ill still be living here in 40 years which im sure hasnt really helped much.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Well, dont take what your mom says to heart
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: Im sure you can do things
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: hi?
    caiternoodle: oh
    caiternoodle: hi
    caiternoodle: yea i guess i can do things but i dont want to pay 200,000$ to get a piece of paper that says i can..
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: anyhow, Ive heard that a college diploma is quite useful for jobs today anyways
    caiternoodle: Yea but its completely stupid
    caiternoodle: and you know how i absolutely DISPISE stupid things
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: :/
    caiternoodle: its kinda like that comunity service thing theyre tryin to make up do
    caiternoodle: *us
    caiternoodle: they want us to do 10 hours of community service per year... in order to graduate.
    caiternoodle: will it help us in the future? NOPE.
    caiternoodle: so i rebelled and just didnt do it.
    caiternoodle: along with many others in my grade.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: I have to do that too
    caiternoodle: although i have the hours of community service because of tutoring..
    caiternoodle: I just refuse to turn them in or report them cuz people are stupid.
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: and I ABSOLUTELY have to do that
    caiternoodle: yea thats what they tell us too..
    caiternoodle: buttttt noone will graduate if they enforce it XP
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: They strictly enforce it over here
    caiternoodle: Yea well your school is a lot bigger and your state prolly has more rules and such too..
    caiternoodle: i mean you saw how completely laid back stuff was
    Wind Sp00n Alpha: *shrug*

    So yeah..

    Everything in this world is completely and udderly stupid...
    and i dont wish to exist anymore >_>..

    I really.. really cant deal with all the stupidity.. Its easier for others to deal with it becasue..
    a.) they are stupid themselves
    b.) they have people.. friends.. relatives.. to help them through it all..

    although there are some people like me..
    who have no freinds or relatives or family to deal with the stupid people and they themselves are not stupid...... which is why...

    i created mr. livejournal community, [livejournal.com profile] savants so that unstupid people of the world can unite and we can take over the world and be rid of the stupid people >_>

    in a happier note.. i slept from 5-8 today and dad rented me monty python finally :)


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