Jul. 28th, 2012 05:52 am
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Also Cory doesn't have timeline yet. THAT BLASTARD!
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"You know it's gunna be a good day when it's 8am, and you've spent the last 11 hours cleaning house xD We listened to Catching Fire audiobook while cleanin. (well, him playing video games, but meh xD)

Gunna hang out with Travis Roderick today~ Possibly going antiquing. Laundry, and a much needed nap later. xD"


"and my car wont start. awesomeness."
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Here's the advice I got from PROFESSIONAL counselors.

Looks like your friend is making some sudden, quick, and dramatic changes that are quite serious. Perhaps something has happened to him since college that has triggered this odd behavior. It seems like he is asking for someone's help by acting out this way. Perhaps it's best to sit down and have a serious talk about what is going on with all the changes. Sounds like he really wants someone there to find out what's wrong and support him in whatever he is going through. There are many hotlines and services that he can call to get help too, should he need it and depending on the issue that he is dealing with.

I am CONCERNED for you, Travis. Nothing More.

..and about shane.

I will say, though, that you shouldn't let him interfere with your own life and your own education. You do have to worry about yourself, too. If he is threatening suicide, then it's time to tell his parents (does he get along okay with them?) or the school's counselor. That's something which requires more help and support than you can provide him with. That's not to say that friends can't be helpful or supportive in those times; they can, but he's going to need some professional help in dealing with these suicidial thoughts.

However, you are right in seeing that his behavior might start affecting you if you continue to hang around him. If you should feel that he is not a good influence on you, remove yourself from the situation. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing. If you feel like the relationship can only be destructive to you, then you are right in trying to cut off contact.

If I REALLY AM such a horrible person, you guys WOULDN'T have hung around me for so long -_-.

In all reality, everything I do involving you guys is because I am concerned for you. If you wouldnt have changed, I wouldnt have been concerend.


Jul. 11th, 2008 03:03 pm
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Travis made this for me <3

in photoshop, lol


Jun. 29th, 2008 09:02 pm
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I duno what the hecks goin on.

But i think it amounts to shane things im purposely avoiding him or making him mad.

I dont like to hang out a lot. I like being alone, i like keeping to myself.

I like being a hermit, and if everyone on the world disapeared never to be seen again, i would be just fine with it.

I hate the emotion of anger, and humans seem to be the only ones that express it for no apaprent reason.

Its like... If i say we can hang out on ______ Day, and i say yes, then that means yes.

iF something comes up, then i cant really help it! and i WOULD NEVER EVER do something like that JUST to piss him off.

I HATE the emotion of anger.. with a passion. I hate people who have anger PROBLEMS..

why would i PURPOSELY MAKE somoene angry?!?!?!
I wouldnt.

This is why i dont tell courney keene shes a slut. This is why i dont tell danielle shes becomming a slut. This is why i hold back most of the times when telling my dad his GF is a blithering idiot thats using him for fixing things.

I would like NOTHING MORE than to have NO ANGER in the world EVER AGAIN.

For this weekend, he asks if we can hang out this weekend.. Im busy and i know i cant.. I have about 20hrs of movie and 10 hours of game to do.... along with finishing episode 1 on trickster.. getting stuff around for michigan works, then actually going there on monday.

Dad also wants to get the pool up.. he started bringing in the sand for it.

Yeah Travis came over last wednesday, but we went to michigan works.. and watched some of my 20hrs of movie (LOST).. we didnt even get NEAR any video game system..
We were also going to go to JCC in jackson and sell travis' books back.. and my stress management book... but they were closed x_X

I think that shane just has some...

increasingly bad paranoia problems.. i would never want him to be mad.. I would never like him to feel sad or depressed or anything..

But if he NEEDS ME to not be sad or depressed.. Then I dont know what to tell him.

to my knowlege, friendship doesnt mean that i need to put him before everything else. Put him before things with a time limit.. (like... movie rentasls, my math class)

That stuff costs money.

and saving money comes before EVERYTHING in my life, because i am lucky to get anything the FIRST time VERY MUCH LESS a second time..

If my dad takes me to rent movies, i feel very privilaged, because it doesnt happen very often.. because we cant afford to do it very often.

Without corys social security we would most definatley have to move. House payment is over 1100$ a month.. and my dad only makes $2000 a month. Yeah i see a problem too.

Supposidly shane left me a comment on facebook.

Travis said it was in my best interests if i dont read it.

So im not going to.

Im going to ask travis to delete it for me...

Because the shane I know and love..

doesnt have paranoia problems.. he likesme for me.. no matter what i do.. and appreciate the time we spend together.. and doesnt try to FORCE me to hang out or whatever..

See i want friends that like me no matter what.. even if that means i only wanna hang out once or twice a month.. ones who can ACCEPT that I dont like being with people.. That i dont believe in love anymore... its hard for me to trust people, you know.. after all ive been through with various people.

A real friend would cherish the time we have together.. and not complain about me or my ways...

I cannot accept imperfection.. I cannot accept major flaws...

I know humanity has a lot of flaws...


If this means that i dont get to have ANY friends, then so be it.


Jan. 7th, 2008 02:14 am
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I feel sick...

In other news...

A few days ago i beat Orphen: Scion of Sorcery for PS2..

me and cory and shane beat Harry Potter + the Goblet of Fire for GC (on a rent)

and ive almost finished Ys the ark of NROfdiasfsdofijdfds..


travis came over yesterday..

and shane left him here :o

so he spent the night here...

and i stayed up all night..
and went to walamrt

and dad wouldnt take me to blockbuster to get pokemon book ;-;

so i sleeped a bit

and playing trickster on corys acct.
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Today for the most part... (well yesterday now i guess)

was good.

I woke up at 8am to send tristan's letter (omg how do you spell his name??? >_<<)

and we had NO stamps.. ugh

dad wouldnt go GET stamps so im like..

EFF this i am going back to bed.

so i woke up at 3pm XDDD

and... im like hmmm i feel okay today.. which is abnormal cuz usually im emo and hate the world XD

I think dad told me he cleaned bunny pans o_O i dont remember >_<

but anyway...

So i got on the el interneto to see if travis and/or shane was on to see when they could come over...

well travis was on.. but he wasnt responding.. so i go and do stuff.. and then he does respond...

and he had a 'secksual' prosistion for me.

me and his mom and him go to applebees..

well im not too entirely fond of applebees.. its expensive and the onyl thing i like there is the chicken fingers...

so im like "eehhhhh" i dunooo..

hes like "oh its fine~" or whatever..

and then its like "what about shane???"

and this is what shane told us. (and i quote)

Seikin Shane (4:22:44 PM): she almost refuses to even hang out with me unless you are there
Broadway969 (4:22:50 PM): Well
Broadway969 (4:23:01 PM): if you still wanna go, I can borrow money from trevor ><

Cait: why dont you just take him instead

Seikin Shane (4:23:15 PM): its fine
Seikin Shane (4:23:26 PM): i dont really like applebees anyway xD
Broadway969 (4:23:30 PM): Lol

Cait: shane not liking food???
Cait: I dont believe it

Travis: He's ok
Cait: alright....

Then so we went... and he pulled out of my driveway INTO THE SHOULDER claiming "I THOUGHT THERE WERE 3 LANES!!" XDD

then there were NOOO parking spots... so travis like drove around for awhile... and this lady was like forked in the bokki...

so we finally got a spot.. and we got in and we got seated right then...

So i got the chicken fingers obviously with fries XD
travis got this pasta thing..
and his mom got this steak, onion rings, and baked potato.

Umm and travis' mom got some Tea and shes like.. started drinking this and shes like "...this tastes like hot water.."
and travis was like "THAT IS HOT WATER!! YOU DIDNT PUT THE BAG IN IT!!!"
and shes like "oh" XDDD!!!

so we got our food and my fries were not very good cuz they tasted old and soggy and ew...
and my chicken was -ok-

and then we got dessert thing.. i got a chocolate moossee thing and they got hot fudge dundae things..

and then they went to pay for it and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE XD

they had 2 gift cards, okay.. and one of them was all used up.. and the other one had 5.77 left on it.. But travis was flipping out thinking they UNDERCHARGED us 20$ and then we still had to pay 5.77 insted of 5.77 being left on the card... so he was FLIPPING out.. looking around.. he thought people were gunna come and yell at him XD

then hes like "OMG THE TIP!!!" XD
and so he left $5 and a BUTTLOAD Of change thinking it was the 5.77 he still "owed" and he BOLTED out of there becuase he thought we were going to get in trouble for "not leaving a tip" lmao..

he like RAN to the car and had it started before we even got out there XDDD!!! it was funny...

so then we explained what REALLY happened and he calmed down, lol so we went back to travis' to drop his mom off and get some stuff.. then we went to my house...

and i got on AIM to see if shane was on so he could come over.. and well all hell broke loose again....

Caiternoodle (8:31:48 PM): pantsu
Seikin Shane (8:30:38 PM): what about them?
Caiternoodle (8:32:05 PM): im wearing them
Seikin Shane (8:31:03 PM): congrats?
Caiternoodle (8:32:39 PM): o.o
Seikin Shane (8:31:28 PM): so how was applebees?
Caiternoodle (8:32:56 PM): hillarious XD
Caiternoodle (8:33:04 PM): Travis thought he didnt have enough money and was FLIPPING out XD
Seikin Shane (8:31:36 PM): and whats with that face?
Caiternoodle (8:33:27 PM): pants?
Seikin Shane (8:32:48 PM): so blarg, im bored
Caiternoodle (8:34:17 PM): im pantsed
Seikin Shane (8:33:05 PM): someone pulled your pants down?
Caiternoodle (8:34:32 PM): yeah:O
Seikin Shane (8:33:59 PM): maybe i will come and get christmas presents
Seikin Shane (8:34:27 PM): unless you have some reason that you dont want me coming over
Caiternoodle (8:35:54 PM): then go home??
Seikin Shane (8:34:53 PM): it all depends on what you want
Caiternoodle (8:36:47 PM): well
Caiternoodle (8:36:57 PM): did you wanna hang outt???
Seikin Shane (8:35:44 PM): that was kind of the idea
Seikin Shane (8:36:16 PM): im not going to come over and get things and just leave
Caiternoodle (8:37:42 PM): well you seem to not be in a very good mood so i didnt knosw :\
Seikin Shane (8:36:42 PM): well, can I come over?
Caiternoodle (8:38:30 PM): as long as you feel emotionally stable :o its fine
Seikin Shane (8:37:23 PM): lol i am never emotionally stable
Caiternoodle (8:38:54 PM): then you can never come over
Caiternoodle (8:38:55 PM): jk
Caiternoodle (8:38:58 PM): lol
Seikin Shane (8:37:37 PM): its not like im going to kill you and rape your dead body
Caiternoodle (8:39:19 PM): well i duno if you are feeling particularly angry today or
Caiternoodle (8:39:20 PM): XD
Seikin Shane (8:38:12 PM): well I am upset
Caiternoodle (8:39:37 PM): why???
Seikin Shane (8:38:27 PM): because of something travis said
Caiternoodle (8:39:57 PM): what did he say? o_O
Seikin Shane (8:38:53 PM): well he was talking about how he didnt have enough for him ti take us both you know
Seikin Shane (8:39:05 PM): i dont really mind that he didnt ask me to or anything
Caiternoodle (8:40:37 PM): He offered to take you...
Seikin Shane (8:39:32 PM): but he said "I can't choose between you and cait" but he did, and he does all the time xD
Caiternoodle (8:41:05 PM): I offered to give up my spot so you could go too..
Seikin Shane (8:40:15 PM): we are supposed to be the 3.14 amigos though xD
Seikin Shane (8:40:50 PM): im not mad that he didnt take me
Caiternoodle (8:42:26 PM): so mad and upset are 2 different things??? lol
Seikin Shane (8:41:09 PM): yes
Seikin Shane (8:41:24 PM): upset is more close to sad
Caiternoodle (8:43:14 PM): Seikin Shane (4:22:44 PM): she almost refuses to even hang out with me unless you are there Broadway969 (4:22:50 PM): Well Broadway969 (4:23:01 PM): if you still wanna go, I can borrow money from trevor >< Seikin Shane (4:23:15 PM): its fine Seikin Shane (4:23:15 PM): its fine Seikin Shane (4:23:26 PM): i dont really like applebees anyway xD Broadway969 (4:23:30 PM): Lol
Caiternoodle (8:43:19 PM): it appears to be you didnt have a problem
Caiternoodle (8:43:33 PM): it appears to me that you didnt want to even go XP
Seikin Shane (8:42:51 PM): you guys need to learn to read inbetween the lines sometimes
Caiternoodle (8:44:21 PM): so you wanted to go, but you said you didnt????
Seikin Shane (8:43:19 PM): well he didnt want to ask trevor for money and i didnt want to force him
-at this point i didnt know what to say -_- so travis wanted on-
Caiternoodle (8:44:45 PM): Ok shane
Caiternoodle (8:44:48 PM): this is Travis
Seikin Shane (8:43:30 PM): but it is true there is very little at applebees that i like
Caiternoodle (8:45:01 PM): I really would have borrowed money frolm TRevor for you to go
Seikin Shane (8:43:54 PM): meh
Seikin Shane (8:44:03 PM): if he wanted me to be there, he would have insisted
Caiternoodle (8:45:28 PM): You can't say that I didn't say anything about it
Caiternoodle (8:45:50 PM): Trevor didn't even go with us
Caiternoodle (8:46:32 PM): If you SAY that you don't like applebees, how in JAYzuses mind am I supposed to know that you wanted to know?
Seikin Shane (8:46:39 PM): maybe because I am your friend?
Seikin Shane (8:46:44 PM): maybe
Caiternoodle (8:48:26 PM): Ok we,ll
Caiternoodle (8:48:32 PM): I ASKED yiou if you wanted to gio though
Seikin Shane (8:50:08 PM): well i didnt want to inconvience you by having you get money from trevor
Caiternoodle (8:51:39 PM): Ok then
Caiternoodle (8:51:43 PM): it's your own falt then
Seikin Shane (8:50:34 PM): sure it is
Caiternoodle (8:52:10 PM): Shane
Caiternoodle (8:52:13 PM): I OFFERED you
Caiternoodle (8:52:17 PM): It's not like
Caiternoodle (8:52:20 PM): I said
Caiternoodle (8:52:20 PM): w
Caiternoodle (8:52:21 PM): ell
Seikin Shane (8:51:14 PM): mr. "I cant choose between the 2 of you so im going to take caitlin"
Caiternoodle (8:52:43 PM): if you REALLY REALLY honest to hayzuse wanted to go I could scrable my 12 centrs together
Caiternoodle (8:53:02 PM): I said that at fiest
Caiternoodle (8:53:08 PM): but then I invited you
Caiternoodle (8:53:22 PM): You are just playing the victum when it's really your fault for not saying anything
Caiternoodle (8:53:35 PM): WHEN I OFFERED
Caiternoodle (8:53:37 PM): i'm done
Seikin Shane (8:52:19 PM): well you already invited cait
Seikin Shane (8:53:22 PM): you know what, never mind
Seikin Shane (8:54:05 PM): good bye
Seikin Shane signed off at 8:55:32 PM

So im like ARRGHH

SHANE!!! you could have gone if you jsut would have said so!! dont expect us to DEMAND you go.. we DONT want to FORCE you!!

remember you invited me to go to red lobster and whatnot.... i said i didnt want to go, so guess what? we didnt.. you didnt insist on me, and i wasnt mad!!! <=\ i dont know what the problem is here...

so... trying to still be productive and not be to upset over shane being all emo....

so we like screwed around and watched TV and travis looked at facebook for like x hours..

and we got the 2 make naked baby dolls and put them in very sexual positions and travis had me take pictures.. then he took like 50 pictures of my face... and then he rolled his underwear up so it was like a thong and hes like "UUGH THIS IS SOO UNCOMFORTABLE" XD

then im like "well i need to mail my letter" and so travis proceeded in trying on like 40 pairs of my jeans XD for some unknown reason.....

then he finally got his on... and we were in the car.. and him and cory were throwing snow at eachother...

and i realize "oh SHAT i forgot the letter"

and i had it hidden in a folder by the comp so my dad wouldnt see it and question who it was for >_<

and.. well.. i drove all the way into jonesville only to discover it was NOT in the folder.. and i was FLIPPIN Out >_<<<

so i was like "ughhhhh"

and then we went to blockbuster... and i decided i was going to buy "metropolis"... as it was only 10$ and came with this extra dvd thing..

so cory was looking around and saw king of the hill DVDs.. season 2 for 15$!!! thats really cheap so i bought it and hed pay me back someday XD

and then i saw they had WONKA bars so i had to get one.. and i got one for travis cuz he was starving and i bought some buncha crunch for cory cuz hes a baby...

Soooooo we brought them up there and the girl working was like "ZOMG METROPOLIS!!!! !! ! !! !!"
and the guy was all "..hmm i rang this up but it seems like its too much.. 29$ for something thats 15 + 10$??? is tax that much?? it seems overcharged...."

and shes like "ya its fine"

So he rang up the rest of the candy i GUESS and then we left.. the total came to 25.74...

and walking out of blockbuster i realize.. Um.. wow i was WAY undercharged.. JUST the movies alone WITHOUT TAX would have been 25$... so i look at the receipt.. and he gave us all that candy for free <=\\

llol and travis and cory were throwing more snow at eachother..

so then we go to walmart.. and were looking at various stuff and we happen to walk by the video games and i look over and WHAT DO I SEE?

i scream like a little girl and take it to the nearest price scanner!

its only like 10c cheaper on ebay so im like "well im going to buy it" XD

so i bought it and we looked at the condoms XDDD!! and the fish :o and the suckerfish are only 2$!!!!!!


so then um.
i bought dance facotry and we left..

but omg i was such a horrible driver.. i went the WRONG way down walmart parking.. i went WAY over into this other lane and almost like ran into this guy XDDDD and yeah i was driving without my lights on at wlamart XD i was a little bit traumatized...... ;-;

SOO... we got home and played dance factory to rent music (well i didnt but travis did)

and then i was being MOLESTED by travis a bunch...

and i found my letter.. it was setting on my comp desk ARGGH!! ;_;;;;;

So um.... then i set up my shop for trickster and travis took his meds and he wanted to go to bed.. so im like "ok" and hes like "sleep with me!!" so im like "okay" so he laid down and i laid down and i put in kimba the white lion dvd ep 7 to watch and he said he likes it...

Sooo... then he fell asleep and im like "blarg, i feel hot and im never going to sleep, i need seroquil!!!!" so i came out here to check my trickster shop.. i made over 1.5 million $ XDDD in like 1 hr!!! i sold over 110 tin gemstones at 10k a piece XDD!!!!

Yeah so... then i wrote this cuz blarg.. and im going to take seroquil then lay back down (maybe with travis maybe not) depending if hes engulfin gthe bed or not XD

So yeah thats the good and the bad of the day.

hopefully none of the bad will carry over into tomarrow if you get what i mean *glares* *glares in the other direction* *glares in the general direction of a black hole's gravitational field*
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so i had a dream....

ui was IN "wow" and i lost Travis.. my cat irl..... then..

I was at a flea market adn this police sale was selling stuff that was confiscated.. so i was looking aand supposidly everything was 1.50...

so... i found a set of mini forks and i got it for lisa.. and so i found that they had a 8mp camera.. and... it was ccracked so i offereed them 35$

and they wouldnt ttake it.. so i took random pictures...

and so we were walking home and i saw a cat...

...and it was TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and im like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#!@#@(#%*)*$@(@#%()&%*#$R@*()#%(#$* "

So i picked him up..  his tail was fixed and he didnt poop everywhere again...

his name was Travis(carnival)(actor)(tightrope)

so apparently he was working as a tightrope person at the flea market.. so i carried him home.. and a bunch of wolves ands tuff attacked and he tried to run but he dug his nails into me but i held on anyway.. because i NEED him...

so we got home (note we are in WOW world which is secretly nothing LIKE wow only called wow)

and we trained him to become sophisticated..(walk on 2 legs and become cat person liike in "the cat returns")

er also i was a man.. and we were dressed in medieval clothing so it was baggy and looks soo HAWT

ok but anyway.. so the next thing i saw was travis was finished with his training... and he ran up to me and i hugged him and spun him aruond in the air.
ZOMG SHOUNEN AI!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was in anime graphics too <3

hellz ya

Ok anyway... so we were having a parade to celebrate.. and ugh..
the looove i felt for Travis was like ENORMOUSS and i felt SOOOOOO SOOOOO GOOOOOOODDD!!!!!!!!!@!@!!!!!!

So // i was walking with travis and i look up on top of the castle and I saw a griffin.. and it was going to attack.. so i grabbed travis and super flew down the parade line... the griffen close behind.. so we went into the castle (still super flying)  and he followed us.. so we were going across the safe bridge when  i ran out of supr fly and the grifffen got me and i told him
"TRAVVISSS KEEP RUNNING AND JUMP OFF AT THE END... Ill save you when i get baccckk"

so i saw a head on shot where i was getting mauled by the griffen... and travis ran to the end and jumped off......

....and then i either a.) woke up or b.) forgot what happeneed after that


i felt the looove

and itts the best emotion ever >_> and i can only feel it in dreams..

and i dont care that it was twords a cat.....cat/human/furrry type of deal..

because i REALLY REALLY loved travis.... but he died and whatnot..

omg XD

*runs to get kleenexes*

yeah so

outside of that.....

I had a HORRIBLE time sleeping last night O___O

I went to my room at about 2:30 okay and i played Lunar till about 4:30...  so then  I was tired so i layed down.. but i was laying for a long time.. but i ddint get rested at all.. I think i kept starting to go to sleep then wakin up again.

so i woke up at 7AM and i was like "eeeeeeeehhhhhh??" cuz i was confused because i never see the clock at 7am!!!!!!!!! so i got up and got something to drink and went to sleep and thats when  i had my dream..
then i got up at 1pm

and typed this..

but ugh
i looove that feeling..
its what i liiiiive for XD

i felt so awesome for finding travis.. training him.. loving him.. and then at the end, saving him.

i swear, if cats were like that IRL.... talking and walking and 5' tall.. + whatnot, then i would be a beastaphiliac XD   MINUS the secks part of course..

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K so she randomly perscribed me fexofenadine AKA Allegra

and i had it all crushed up and i was like..

....hmmm i better make sure it can be crushed up cuz i dont wanna DIE..

So opera froze and exploded and i almost said SKREW IT um taking it anyway

But its a good thing i didnt

Because youre not supposed too.

and because i did that and seroquil at once.... I have waisted that seroquil... AND

however much $ the fexofenadine cost -_____________-

I am going to yell at my doctor..

for trying to kill me.

She knows that i crush pills up

It's such an odd thing, how would you forget???


in other n00z....

TOday i was on lappy gettin more DS games........

and surfing..

and thats it

I talked to travis....

and hacked harddrive d00d

I was up all night last night cuz of being hyper o\r whatever.... i slept from 10:30-2:45

I would have gone to bed at 8 but "the little princess" was on and i hadnt seen that movie in for EVER....

SO i watched it :P

BUt all i have to wonder is..

what would have happened? had i not looked fexofenadine up?


*feels horrible again*


Sep. 2nd, 2007 11:47 pm
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I am posting from a hard drive I HAVE NEVER USED BEFORE!!
i got a HD at a garage sale for 10$ yesterday...

unfortuantely, our comp cant handle 2 HDs at once ;-; so.. one or the other..

ill have to ask jon about it..

yeah so i just got it up and running and reforamtted and installed windows ME on it

lOL I almost installed windows 3.1 but then ME started workin.. hehehehe

also i CALLED travis today and he said he DIDNT wanna come over while shane said that he DID..

something is rotten in the state of smily face potatos


Aug. 12th, 2007 08:28 am
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Last night someone called Travis and..wanted him to 'come to a party and drink'

he said that he was at a friends house... and wouldnt go..

So then he went to sleep..

Woke up about.. 7? this morning... laughing cuz he fell out of bed...

I having no idea what he was laughing about, freaked out.. Well I dont know!!! maybe i spontaniously took my shirt off again in my sleep.. or something...

But he just fell out of bed and thought it was funny.. i guess..

Then i like....... fell asleep again.. i was tired.. :( im still tired.. but confused so i must post this..

So then he wakes me up an hour later... and he's like "...well hate to sleep and run but im guna go"

and im like "o_O? ..okay..."

So he took his things and left..

I have no idea why he left...... or anything.. I was under the impression we were gunna do stuff today *shrug*

I wonder if i did something.. (Or not did something) to make him madish? >.<

and OMFG..

last night i was in corys bed.. and... Corys damn police car toy started GOING OFF... and i was SO. EFFING. PISSED.. i HATE that and i can HEAR It and ugh.. so i go into corys room and kick a few boxes to get it to stop..

soi lay down awhile.. and i like. start hearing 'voices'.. saying very odd things? it wasnt really.. /hearing/ it was like.. saying in my mind.. like. if you told youself "i like pizza" without saying it.. that's how it was.. only i wasnt controlling what they were saying.. it was so.. RANDOM like "You have gang greennnn.." and "WHY did you come over?" and... "I hope we can play!" and "What if i get burned?"

Just random crap like that.. I duno ill have to talk to marianne about it.. IT was a bunch of little kids.. and.. i think 1 or 2 older.. maybe teens.. and like a few adults i think..

I duno.. Im going psycho @_@

but anyway.. so then the damn police car thing went off AGAIN... so i kicked the boxes.. it stopped..

then awhile later, it went off YET AGAIN.. i didnt even effing BOTHER with it, i just went into my room and slept on the floor..


Jun. 10th, 2007 02:15 am
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Looking through my old CDs for MP3s....

and found pictures of travis (the cat)

im so effing depressed..

I really miss him...

I wonder if his soul exists somewhere still.. what he does now.. what he thinks about.. and if he remembers me..



Apr. 27th, 2007 05:43 am
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went to bed about 3...

layed there..

...layed there...

....thought about retard...

...and now im still up.

I really miss retard and travis.. and tooter.

I'm lucky to have RO so i can put it out of my mind.. I think i did too good a job though.

as when Travis (person) was over last weekend.. he asked if i was okay... i said ya and had no idea why i wouldnt be okay..

and then he told me.


Sure ive put them out of my mind.. but at night i think of them.. and i cant sleep..

and i really really miss them..

Sure retard was incredibly stupid.. but i loved him..

and Travis.. man.. dont even get me started.. I loved travis more than ive ever loved anything.. and he was tooken away from me.. very slowly..

I dont know why these things happen to me..

Victoria has literally 17 cats and theyve lived forever...

and i cant get another cat.. dad is like blarg.

but sooner or later.. travis and retard and tooter are just gunna end up like tinker.. or my mom.. or my grandma.. I havent thought about tinker in forever..

And im not gunna remember them.. and im not gunna remember how much i loved Travis and that is so depressing...


I hate emotions..

sadness and frustration are the only 2 emotions i cant control yet...


Apr. 19th, 2007 05:09 pm
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friggin danielle..

I dont know /WHAT/ her problem is.

i duno if shes trying to make me feel better or make me feel WORSE.. but..

ok shes came over every day.. for the past 2 weeks.. until 8pm.
totally overstaying her welcome...

doing nothing but sitting in the living room playing conkers bad fur day and screaming "JESUS CHRIST RUN JESUS CHRISSST RUN!! OMG ITS.. JESUS ITS A SQUIRREL!""

and yesterday....

she said

"caitlin, travis is alive!! i saw him... in the yard.. i followed him he's living in a hole in the forest out behind moms garden"

and i got soooo excited.. and i was happy that travis may in fact be alive.

Now today..

corys like "lets go on a bike ride"

reluctantly, she put the controller down.. and went to her house to go take her medicine..

before she left i asked her if maybe we could go see where travis' hole was.

she said

"Caitlin.. Travis is dead."

and im like

she said
"my mom called me and she said that she found a dead cat in the yard so she threw it in the trash."

..at this point i didnt say anything.

Uh. based on the fact that thats impossible.. because here's the timeline of events..

-7:00AM danielle went to school
-1:00PM danielles mom went to work
-4:00pm danielle got home
-4:15pm Danielle came to my house
-8:30pm danielle went home
-10:00pm Daneilles mom went home
-11:00pm danielle went to bed

-7:00am Danielle went to school
-1:00pm danielles mom went to work
-4:00 Danielle came home and strait to our house.

there's no time in there whatsoever... for her mom to call her..

she shes a big FAT EFFING LIAR.

and i HATE
when people LIE LIKE THAT

especially if its a subject im really sensitive about.. Like.. Travis.

I love Travis with all my heart.. and for her to tell me he is alive... then for her to tell me the next day that her MOM threw him in the TRASH..

that hurts me.
That hurts me a lot.

what also doesnt make sense is... Danielles mom KNOWS that travis is our cat.. and i KNOW that she would call us and tell us about Travis not just.. THROW him in the trash. -_-

this friggjn pisses me off.

and i hate her right now
and i want to sew her little lying assed mouth shut so she cant fuck with my emotions because i HATE THAT.

more than ANYTHING.

Edit: 5:19 Yeah she just came in got back in from taking her meds.. and shes comes up to me.. and says "..i wanna play your arcade game"

did i respond? noo.

Did i move? nooo

normally id be "nice" and let her play

but she pissed me off so i wont.

she crushes my heart and takes my computer away.. but not today..

shes not getting my computer ;_;
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Think this picture is cool? vote now here!!



Travis is beautiful.. so VOTE!!.. and VOTE OFTEN! XD
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So travis and shane were over.. we played zelda 4 swords and crystal chronicles.. and we beat FF:CC.. but anyway..

So they were like "im hungry" and they go through our cupboards and whatever.. and dad screams "VICTORIA!"

and we're like "wtf??" and hes like "just random.."

but anyway.

dad said they should leave at 10... so they left at 10... and I was in my room puttin clothes away.. and dads like.. "you know i yelled victoria because they were goin through the cupboards like victoria does.. You know we're living on a tight budget here.. blah de flippin blah blah... i duno if you guys even got any of that chocolate milk.. it WAS brand new.. and now its almost gone.. blah blah and theyre NEVER staying this late on a school night A GAIN! and the front room is a MESS you BETTER go clean IT UP." i said.. "um.. yeah i had a big cup of it.. travis just had this little glass... and it's not MY responsiblity to tell then when YOU wanted them to leave.. YOU didnt even TELL me ANYTHING.."

he said
"but they;re YOUR friends"

i said

"But this is YOUR house.. it's not MY responsibility to tell them to leave YOUR house.. /I/ Cant make them do ANYTHING.. I'm not THEIR parents. If you want somethign done, DO IT YOURSELF.. you KNOW thats what you ALWAYS TELL everyone.. GOD.."

then i proceeded in cleaning up the front room.. and then he wouldnt say anything to that.

He's such a manatee's father.. and stupid.. i wish he wasnt so stupid -_-
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like YESTERDAY we had an ICE STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you know

so today we have off.. naturally..
cuz its mr. luther king day..

and so i went to shanes.......

and did my algebra there.. and he and travis played PS2... and me and shanes mom (lisa) watched this thing about houdini.. then we went to wendys.. then me and shaneand travis made brownies.. travis poured a BUTTLOAD Of old marshmallows in it XD and shane put some ovaltine in it.. it turned out good.. Shanes brother was there a little bit but went home :(

:(( Joelll.. :((


it was like..
10:00 and we started off for home...
and it was so EFFING ICY.. travis couldnt stop down this one hill..a nd we got to his house.. they still had no power.. and we went to pARK and he COULDNT STOP and we ran into that parking gurder thingy.. we would have gone into the ditch if it wasnt there...... @_@

so i called my dad and he was UBER PISSED.. and hes liek BLARGBLRAG

so travis spent the night at my house and stuff... theres no sk00l for JCS tomarrow cuz of no power so... yeah.

also.. we found out that Aleesa's mom died :(((

I didnt know her THAT well.. but she was always at aleesas house when i used to go over there in like 4th-5th-7th grade..

she was a nice lady for the most part..

...lol.. i was at her house once and (this is when we were stilll ashamed of puberty) and we opend up a maxi pad thing and stuck it to the wall at like 1am.. her mom got up and went to the bathroom.. and we were all giggling a lot :P

ok but anyway

thats all that happened.
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Tibbits Opera House - 14 S. Hanchett St., Coldwater, MI 49036 - 517.278.6029 - Fax 517.279.7594

are putting on SWEET CHARITY july 26 - august 4th


they also have:

Can Can
Little Shop of Horrors

are any of these good?
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So travis is spening the night again..

hes randomly IMing people..

and on tina's myspace someone randomly cybered her LOL


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