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"so i log in rto to afk drill, and this Phazer whispers me. turns out it is hiowang and he wants you to get in contact with him LOL"
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I get ~5 messages a day asking for help with rTO or Trickster.... which I have never even played....

And almost zero personal, Lol....

Today was good..... But ended kind of sucky. At least some random lady gave us a very inspirational speech. . .

For those of you in college... Am I crazy? Or does this look, incredibly.. NOT right?
Photo: For those of you in college... Am I crazy? Or does this look, incredibly.. NOT right?


Aug. 18th, 2013 02:30 am
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ick of everyone blowing me off... yet again today.

Why are there no decent people around here? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ :|

Alright, this girl says "meet you at 6:30." Okay, fine. I go at 6:30 and she says "Oh , i couldnt make it because my schedule is spontaneous due to personal reasons"

So making plans with someone to meet isnt part of her schedule? How inconsiderate! I cant believe how people are. If i blew someone off i'd feel terrible for 9004 years. >_>

No i dont play rTO. No i dont play anything right now.


It's a new trickster server.. already english. How? The fuck I know. I searched FOREVER, made countless emails.. couldnt find jack shyt,

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Alright, so everyones been raving about "Orange is the new black" So, i usually watch something boring to sleep to.. Oh no. It didnt happen, lol.

The start is boring, seems like generic 'pretty' girl stuff.. So i was kinda tired,,, but THEN.... the dialogue is very witty in some places, reminds me abit of Firefly at times *gasp*.
So of course, now im intrigued, and watch a bit more awake.. and finish the episode. It was good. I'm not a fan of prison/jail/csi shows at ALL.. but this is more along the lines of a girl lost, learning new things... making mistakes and trying to fix them.

So i recommend, even if you dont like jail/prison/csi-esque things. 

Also this is rated "MA" So there is nudes n stuff, so if you cant tolerate it, dont watch LOL

it kind of reminds me of greys anatomy only prison instead of hospital.

OMG I Looove my online community so much... Q_Q♥ They're so funny and random..

<17:35:30> "Lime": Everyone!
<17:35:35> "Lime": Give it up to Cait.
<17:35:44> "Lime": Thank her for her years of service and her love of us all.
<17:35:48> "Lime": -claps-
<17:35:59> "Eeveesprit": *claps*
<17:36:07> "Ratukan": o-o
<17:36:09> "Lime": This is to Cait, the greatest Trickster of them all.
<17:36:10> "Natsumi": *claps*
<17:36:11> "Ratukan": ~claps~
<17:36:12> "Eeveesprit": Thank you Cait
<17:36:12> "Ratukan": QQ
<17:36:21> "Ratukan": ~starts a group hug~
<17:36:21> "Eeveesprit": We love you
<17:36:27> "Eeveesprit": *group hugs*
<17:36:28> "Ratukan": bring it in 
<17:36:30> "Natsumi": The greatest Trickster, with the greatest British accent, evarrrrr!
<17:36:35> "Ratukan": o:
<17:36:43> "Giima": CAIT
<17:36:45> "Giima": I LOVE YOU.
<17:36:50> "Eeveesprit": We all do!
<17:36:51> "Ratukan": we know you do
<17:36:53> "Lime": Where's Haverstock?
<17:36:53> "Ratukan": o:
<17:36:54> "Ratukan": owo
<17:36:57> "Ratukan": not here
<17:36:57> "Lime": He'd say a lot more.
<17:36:58> "Giima": AND FOR FUSING WITH ME.
<17:36:58> "Lime": XD
<17:37:01> "Ratukan": i would know if he was
<17:37:02> "Ratukan": .-.
<17:37:05> "Natsumi": Yeah he probably would lol
<17:37:08> "Giima": THAT'S WHY I'M ALWAYS WITH YOU
<17:37:11> "Giima": CAUSE WE'RE FUSED.
<17:37:14> "Giima": Love you
<17:37:15> "Giima": btw
<17:37:16> "Ratukan": i was talking to him for a while so ya
<17:37:23> "Lime": Cait we all love you. 
<17:37:24> "Natsumi": Pfft, I shared a paopu with cait.
<17:37:26> "Ratukan": are we gonna start?
<17:37:29> "Ratukan": OSU
<17:37:29> "Ratukan": o-o
<17:37:30> "Lime": The gift of GM_Lime.
<17:37:31> "Eeveesprit": Love love love fruit apples~!
<17:37:38> "Lynnie": CAIT I LOVE YOU PLEASE AMRRY ME
<17:37:39> "Natsumi": STARTING
<17:37:40> "Lynnie": MARRY ME
<17:37:49> "Lynnie": LIKE A BILLION AT LEAST
<17:37:50> "Lynnie": k
<17:38:39> "Average_Joe_Caiterz": *Scroll up*
<17:38:47> "Average_Joe_Caiterz": OLOLOLOL @ Where's haverstock, hed do a better job
<17:38:47> "Lime": XD

as you may or may not know. I QUIT trickster development! So im just running the group / tricksteronlineinfo,tk now.

Cuz i start mah new job on sunday, and then IRL yay!


Jul. 31st, 2013 07:44 pm
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So I'm quitting mTO.

and concentration on mah job

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And this is why i have a separate account for my online stuff.

Rabid Fans...
Photo: And this is why i have a separate account for my online stuff.Rabid Fans...
Kitten loves daniel
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.


Jun. 3rd, 2013 06:26 pm
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I was peer pressured into this position. Now you will ALL PAY. With FORCED ACCEPTANCE OF SANDWICHES!


I called 5 different places today and they were all "Uh, not hiring, you crazy woman."

even though they have "NOW HIRING" signs in the windows.

I'm gunna try 1 more place before i ragequit and just accept that noone wants me EVER. 

 Yeah ive been to that one by mancinos.


I persueded Pizza hut to give me an interview tomorrow.. but for a DELIVERY position.. ewww omg ewww drivinggg Cory please grow your hair out so we can switch. I'll do IMS.. you do delivery!

Called Goodwill too. They are supposed to help people with "Barriers to employment" .

They didn't want me either.

And Wendys. 

and Big lots.

and Gander Mountain

and Home Depot

and 3 Subways

and CVS

and Cottage Inn Pizza

and Mr. Gyros

and Little Ceasers

and Great lakes fitness

and Culvers. Nothing


BUT big boy did say they were hiring, so i shall have to try them tonight.

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If anyone is interested in working with me on a Trickster Online memoirs fansite, (no matter how small) please let me know asap.

(stuff like pictures, fanart, screenshots, compilation of guides, videos, etc)


Feb. 26th, 2013 10:13 am
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Q_Q had a nightmare about Trickster Closing... and noones online to listen to them ramble ;_;

Any of you guys in a group anywhere on the vast emptyness of the interwebz? XD

Photo: Death Star Watermelon.  Nuff said.~RNA~


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How i feek about trickster, cuz someone asked.

ive experienced a few emotions. sadness and anger. yesterday mostly sadness. today mostly anger. It's completely natural.

However it's for a good cause. I always in the back of my mind could not wait till the servers went down because i get to do more IRL stuff, instead of feeling obligated to babysit the guilds, and help out the community.

The re...ason behind the bipolarness of emotions is because i'm addicted to chatting. Like. legit. If im not talking to someone, I'm flipping out. I'm a very shy person, if you can believe it. Moreso IRL than online. I'm terrible at 1:1 conversation, unless theres a specific topic that is brought up by the opposite person.. so thats why i work better in a group (Ie, a guild, or forum)... SO i can sit back, read everyone else,and chime in when I have something to say.

I'll have to learn to get over that, after all.. people in the past didnt have the 'net at all, and were completley alone all day long.

It doesnt help that i have chest pains and random numbness and crap, that scares me, and it helps when i talk to people about it... (DRs have no idea what it is)..

I'm really just terrified of being alone, and trickster closing feels like im being forced to be alone.

I know a ton of people on skype and facebook, the skype group today alone has over 50 people, and on facebook, 100 on my profile, and over 430 on the group... But i dunno, Its addiction. I've played daily since oct 1st 2007. I've bought 4 new comps/laptops just for trickster... I've played for nearly 1/3 of my life.. and its the fear of not having it anymore that is the worst. I dont know how to NOT have trickster.... how to NOT be in a community. I've always led SOME sort of community since 2001.. at first, my hamtaro community, then an IRC room, and a gaming news website... then acebook, a social networking site.. and then trickster.... which has been the longest. Longer than the rest combined.

I'm really weird, lol

Um spirit tales is up right now. I like this customization.
Photo: In  case you didnt hear, trickster online it shutting down. -_-In other news, Dear red Baron: this does not look like the pizza i bought! D:
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I encourage everyone to check this guy out and share too. Especially people who are shy or have confidence issues. He's hilarious AND helpful.

Whitey Whiteface I miss youuu

i'm so worried about her dying..

So, Tricksters shutting down.

Just +1 awesome thing that has died this week.

Seriously.. frikking seriously..

Anyone interested in Thailand TO - Heres how to do it

10 years ago..................... DUN DUN DUN

Cassie Carper I feel like I am mourning right now. SO SAD. Q__Q
January 24 at 12:22am · Like

Elliott Salgado Shutting down FOREVER?!??
January 24 at 12:23am via mobile · Like

Duelist Caiterz Forever.

we're collecting here:

Trickster Online
❤❤❤❤ ❤Notice❤ eTO has been shut down, but Tricky lives on in other forms. ❤❤❤❤ ...To see links to all versions of Trickster left, check this link: trickster.elementfx[DOT]com/elgg/mycustomtext/ ❤❤❤❤❤...
1,135 members
See More
January 24 at 12:23am · Like · Remove Preview

Taylor Caines Holy shit really? I haven't been on in forever but that's sad to hear.
January 24 at 12:25am · Like

Ryan Sherman Even though I don't play anymore... This makes me super sad.
January 24 at 12:27am via mobile · Like

Adeline Caux Welp, time to get sid and dumma to help with rh wiki instead o.o
January 24 at 2:38am · Like

Boab Hoggan To rusty hearts or RO or RaiderZ
January 24 at 5:07am via mobile · Like

Kinoshita Hideyoshi good thing I moved to Eden Eternal since 2 years ago o-o
January 24 at 6:31am · Like

Derek Jerome Maxey welp, im playing Dragon Nest if you ever wanna take a look. Its a lot different from the top-down point and click style though.
January 24 at 10:06am · Like

Tran Vu Dang Khoa oh come on i just came X_X
January 24 at 1:08pm · Like

Tran Vu Dang Khoa and i just leave eden eternal, dragon nest, lost saga, dark eden, RO, raiderZ all together... where should i go now ... sob T_T
January 24 at 1:10pm · Like

Tran Vu Dang Khoa it hurt...
January 24 at 1:14pm · Like

Adeline Caux Tran come to rusty hearts! Lol
January 24 at 1:16pm · Like

Boab Hoggan Rusty hearts is confusing
January 24 at 1:23pm via mobile · Like

Tran Vu Dang Khoa unfortunatly... with the same reason i leave lost saga, rusty heart or grand chase. it dont have sea server, which lead to unbearable lag complaint from weaker player who only know to say I lose because you lag or kick from the room... that just stupid :(
January 24 at 1:36pm · Like

Duelist Caiterz ehhh i didnt really like rusty hearts
January 24 at 1:37pm · Like

Tran Vu Dang Khoa say caiterz where will you go?
January 24 at 1:39pm · Like

Duelist Caiterz to my bathroom and cry for all eternity? XD
January 24 at 1:45pm · Like

HimeSaya Shelley so is really shutting down... Is sad to hear even though i havent been on for a long time o.o What happen o.o
January 24 at 4:39pm · Like

Anna Chen wait what do you mean its shutting down? exceptional error? o.O
January 24 at 5:44pm · Like

Brandy Johnson i couldn't stomach to log in yesterday. X.X i will later today though. i swear though that even if trickster's gonna die imma still finish the damn storyline (on ep 6). my last act will probably be marrying shinka in game sometime in the next few days for the hell of it. *crais*
January 25 at 12:46am · Unlike · 1

Duelist Caiterz *hug brandy* Its hard
January 25 at 12:48am · Like

Brandy Johnson ikr? shinka's really upset atm, we had to get him outta the house to cool down a bit. he decided to start playing grand chase today. :'/ once i finish the storyline he's done.
January 25 at 12:51am · Like

Duelist Caiterz im so pissed cuz of everything that i didnt get to do.

I finally got a 4g5 and 2 4g4s, and i wanted to make an inferno set for an MA bunny. Not gunna happen.

I wanted an emblem for serenity. Not gunna happen

I wanted to collect a bunch of crap for guild storage.. Not gunna happen.

Wanted to sort out all of my items in my 150 accts. Never gunna happen.

I was sad at first.. but now im fking pissed...


Its going away.. and im going to be back to being worthless, unimportant, and lonely.

I have no way to make new friends... I love the one ones, but i like to make new ones too.

I just.. am raging so bad... right now
January 25 at 12:53am · Like

Duelist Caiterz *cry*
January 25 at 12:53am · Like

Brandy Johnson i know the feeling *huggles cait* there was so much i wanted to do with ScytheTechMaka and my other characters. i wanted her to finally wear the cold hearted set, i wanted to help sage get the soki staff to complete our collection, i wanted to lvl my lion to 200 (stopped @ 188), i worked on a dragon that i was hoarding cards for to get a legendary guardian, etc. and it just went down the tubes. TT^TT i g2g for now cait, sage needs to get up early. night from both of us.
January 25 at 1:00am · Like

Carl Erik Wickman What happenned cait?
January 25 at 12:52pm · Like

Carl Erik Wickman Why is trickster shutting down?
January 25 at 12:52pm · Like

Duelist Caiterz cuz the new gms sabotaged it Q_Q
January 25 at 2:35pm · Like


Dec. 2nd, 2012 11:33 pm
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"Feelin pretty good today dispite yesterdays doom.

Got 4g4 card on trickster (WOOT)  Looking to trade it for 4g3 for inferno helm... or sell for 1bil OBO

Ate spicy italian sausage for supper.

Finished my drawings."

Kimi_Ga_Nozomu_Eien  aka Rumbling Hearts - watching this!
The Skrillex action RPG game featuring the song SUMMIT. Dust on the cartridge has corrupted the game. Use your magical sword to fight the glitch and save your world from doom. Created by Jason Oda.
"Holy. Crap. This is how I imagined the transition from NES to 3D would go.Exactly. I dont care for Skrillex music, cuz it sounds weird, but it REALLYYY fits in with the theme of this game. (Ridding the world of glitches)

I recommend this if you are a skrillex fan or not.. Also if you like NES games or gaming in general. It's just awesome, with tons of easter eggs... and it doesn't take long to beat, probably 20 mins :)

(I totally see this going viral)"
Sakatakun got glitched, turned in his map, and didn't get ANY guardian.. Thus, he must submit support to be able to be awesome in harkon defense. Sung by the ...

If you like pokemon, trickster, or laughing, this may be fun to see ;D (feel free to turn sound off, as it's horrible)"
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"I hate Trickster right now, so I am jamming to this song, and going to kill some people way better than me on black ops, cuZ i suck at it :P"

They made a shitty mistake with the new guild system....


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