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Neverending story 30th anniversary!

So, I did an order for voice over for a trivia thing on a Jamaican radio station today. LOL. Why didn't I go to college for /this/?
Kool 97 FM 97.1 Kingston, Jamaica

Inking to shading!

Happy National Coming Out Day! :3
I shall come out to everyone: I am different... and weird in every way. Yes that way that you're thinking right now..... and that way.. and espeeeeecially that way. >:3
If you're really bored and non judgmental someday, feel free to send me a message and ask for some details, Boy, do i have some stories! xD
Anyway, I had a pretty epic day at work today. Got to do a lot of new stuff, and helped a bunch of people, and even gave my first business card away :D!
Voice Acting!
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(edited in later)

Feelin like. Crap from this headache :( hope a nap helps



Oct. 7th, 2014 11:54 pm
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This starts Monday. Think I'll give it a try! It looks like it could be funny. Jane the virgin

Had a pretty awesome time last night w/ Tyler Jordan and Cory.
:3 Mario party, Dokapon Kingdom, and Brawl mods~
So that was fun~
Went to class today~ Took my midterm. I think i did pretty good considering, i hadnt even opened the book yet :x
Did some voice recording for.. a barbie makeup tutorial (wut), a side character, a villain, and something for minecraft.
Tomorrow is gunna suck! Gotta go to work at 9am :'(
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Went to Bob Evans today... Had the best broccoli and cheese soup ever... the best hot chocolate ever... one of the best steaks I've ever had... It was amazing.... :O And our waitress actually refilled our drinks! xD Been a really good day.. I hope my luck is turning around now ^-^

Weirdest movie ever: Time Masters (1982)

Best Clipart ever

And i used the above image to make a mount of our wedding pic <33333333 9/6/2013


Sep. 11th, 2014 03:03 am
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Saw "Moon" on Crackle. It was pretty decent. Pretty depressing movie overall, but I loved some of the effects they used.
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Watched up through 10x16 Grey's Anatomy... Sat down and beat Donkey Kong Country 1 for SNES in 1 hour 41 mins. Made a decent sized dent in cleaning the house. We went out to eat at Benedicts.... and they dont have Bang Bang Chicken anymore :'((((((((( SADNESSSS.....

Thanks to Alicia for thE most EPIC jewelry box ever!! More will follow as i unpack! Lol~
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Had some extra money in my paycheck this week! I got my solar powered CHEESE CAT!!!! WOOOOOOO!!! He's going on my dash.

Daniel is insistent that I am a biscuit T_T

Party! 2-5pm! Tomorrow! My house! Message if you need directions! Everyone non mean is welcome!

ALSO I FOUND A NEW SHOW I LIKE. Impractical Jokers <3

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Who am i kidding? The closest thing i can do to "doing nothing" is cleaning the whole house and doing orders LOL
Photo: Who am i kidding? The closest thing i can do to "doing nothing" is cleaning the whole house and doing orders LOL
Photo: ....what!?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo... well they haven't made anything mind blowing in quite a few years 


Jun. 28th, 2014 09:29 pm
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Catching up on my Grey's Anatomy, backdating my journal, and waiting to go pick up daniel 

It makes me a lil sad, reading my journal from last year... I was pretty sad most of the year.  I'm so glad that this year is happier! This month has been pretty sucky, but overall this year has been amazing! 

Am i the only one without power?! D:

So, this cake was at family fare... I wonder if i coulda got a discount on it, LOLOLOL 
Cait Lin's photo.
Cait Lin's photo.

This cake.... Was one that was spelled right! And gone, lol
Photo: This cake.... Was one that was spelled right! And gone, lol
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 I'm disappointed in you, Beakman!
Photo: Misteryous.:'( I'm disappointed in you, Beakman!

Photo: also thank you Cait Lin these are awesome! I'm about to use them. ( ᵔᵒᵔ )

Got jordan some chopsticks :3


Jun. 6th, 2014 09:29 pm
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Argh.. Cant sleep cuz im randomly unrealistically afraid of potential gunman at the store...

Shut up and let me nap you paranoia filled hunk of meat!!! Lol

So much anxiety over anything today!!! :x

Plus went into work at the wrong time. Luckily it was 1/2 hr too early

Man my back decided to screw itself up today too 

2 more hours!!! Then orange is the new black season 2!!!wooot!

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So exhausted!!! So im united states of tara ing it up while not moving for awhile, lol.

Also some dude today had to make it clear to me several times that he was a legal immigrant, lol.

Also hamburger was 1.99 a lb, so we bought a ton.... AND they have tuna filet in!! I must try it!!!!



Feb. 2nd, 2014 10:43 pm
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kitchen nightmares.... makes me want to cook.. Lol


Jan. 23rd, 2014 10:09 pm
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Photo: fixed my bosses computer!!!! Woot woot

 The power supply died and windows wouldnt start. New PSU + Some fixing = Working!

It needs a reformat BAD though, so im making vista disks for her, LOL

My fingerless gloves 
Photo: My fingerless gloves :3

my kids are wearing pink if they want too!
Photo: Sam wearing his new shoes
Sam wearing his new shoes

%$(@*%@(# *explodes in happiness* xD Someone play with meeee!
Reason #4353 I love broadband: Literally won this auction at the last second, and it was because i accidentally clicked the bid button after i had already bid. (someone outbid me at 2 seconds!)

Anyone interesteddddd? :DDDDD
Photo: Reason #4353 I love broadband: Literally won this auction at the last second, and it was because i accidentally clicked the bid button after i had already bid. (someone outbid me at 2 seconds!)Anyone interesteddddd? :DDDDD
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Does anyone service TVs? Our giant CRT is just blinking red power light 

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Looking for a heavy duty TV stand dimensions at least 36 wide x 25 deep. (A 255lb tv!)
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 I havent watched greys anatomy in forever! I should catch up.... Talked at work with a girl about it! :D
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Alright, so everyones been raving about "Orange is the new black" So, i usually watch something boring to sleep to.. Oh no. It didnt happen, lol.

The start is boring, seems like generic 'pretty' girl stuff.. So i was kinda tired,,, but THEN.... the dialogue is very witty in some places, reminds me abit of Firefly at times *gasp*.
So of course, now im intrigued, and watch a bit more awake.. and finish the episode. It was good. I'm not a fan of prison/jail/csi shows at ALL.. but this is more along the lines of a girl lost, learning new things... making mistakes and trying to fix them.

So i recommend, even if you dont like jail/prison/csi-esque things. 

Also this is rated "MA" So there is nudes n stuff, so if you cant tolerate it, dont watch LOL

it kind of reminds me of greys anatomy only prison instead of hospital.

OMG I Looove my online community so much... Q_Q♥ They're so funny and random..

<17:35:30> "Lime": Everyone!
<17:35:35> "Lime": Give it up to Cait.
<17:35:44> "Lime": Thank her for her years of service and her love of us all.
<17:35:48> "Lime": -claps-
<17:35:59> "Eeveesprit": *claps*
<17:36:07> "Ratukan": o-o
<17:36:09> "Lime": This is to Cait, the greatest Trickster of them all.
<17:36:10> "Natsumi": *claps*
<17:36:11> "Ratukan": ~claps~
<17:36:12> "Eeveesprit": Thank you Cait
<17:36:12> "Ratukan": QQ
<17:36:21> "Ratukan": ~starts a group hug~
<17:36:21> "Eeveesprit": We love you
<17:36:27> "Eeveesprit": *group hugs*
<17:36:28> "Ratukan": bring it in 
<17:36:30> "Natsumi": The greatest Trickster, with the greatest British accent, evarrrrr!
<17:36:35> "Ratukan": o:
<17:36:43> "Giima": CAIT
<17:36:45> "Giima": I LOVE YOU.
<17:36:50> "Eeveesprit": We all do!
<17:36:51> "Ratukan": we know you do
<17:36:53> "Lime": Where's Haverstock?
<17:36:53> "Ratukan": o:
<17:36:54> "Ratukan": owo
<17:36:57> "Ratukan": not here
<17:36:57> "Lime": He'd say a lot more.
<17:36:58> "Giima": AND FOR FUSING WITH ME.
<17:36:58> "Lime": XD
<17:37:01> "Ratukan": i would know if he was
<17:37:02> "Ratukan": .-.
<17:37:05> "Natsumi": Yeah he probably would lol
<17:37:08> "Giima": THAT'S WHY I'M ALWAYS WITH YOU
<17:37:11> "Giima": CAUSE WE'RE FUSED.
<17:37:14> "Giima": Love you
<17:37:15> "Giima": btw
<17:37:16> "Ratukan": i was talking to him for a while so ya
<17:37:23> "Lime": Cait we all love you. 
<17:37:24> "Natsumi": Pfft, I shared a paopu with cait.
<17:37:26> "Ratukan": are we gonna start?
<17:37:29> "Ratukan": OSU
<17:37:29> "Ratukan": o-o
<17:37:30> "Lime": The gift of GM_Lime.
<17:37:31> "Eeveesprit": Love love love fruit apples~!
<17:37:38> "Lynnie": CAIT I LOVE YOU PLEASE AMRRY ME
<17:37:39> "Natsumi": STARTING
<17:37:40> "Lynnie": MARRY ME
<17:37:49> "Lynnie": LIKE A BILLION AT LEAST
<17:37:50> "Lynnie": k
<17:38:39> "Average_Joe_Caiterz": *Scroll up*
<17:38:47> "Average_Joe_Caiterz": OLOLOLOL @ Where's haverstock, hed do a better job
<17:38:47> "Lime": XD

as you may or may not know. I QUIT trickster development! So im just running the group / tricksteronlineinfo,tk now.

Cuz i start mah new job on sunday, and then IRL yay!


Jan. 1st, 2013 11:17 am
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I think i have established a new sleeping pattern O_O

I sleep around 5pm to 1am.. xD It's definitely different. daniel sleeps from 1am to 8am now..

If anyone is selling some P205/70R15 95S tires, or know someone who is, please let me know!!! Thanks ♥


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