Jun. 2nd, 2013 06:26 pm
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Photo: I was looking for a new cat box, and i found this. It probaby wouldn't work, but it sounds AWESOME LOL



Photo: ◕ ‿ ◕ ~ LM
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WALMART RAGE. Daniel had to work a 12 hour shift today (scheduled an 8 hour shift!) ...and guess what? They let other people go home early.

To top it all off, he was going to stay past 6 hours without a lunch till i told him "No you will ABSOLUTELY not. If they don't let you go home, I will talk to them myself and explain the 6 hour rule."

Im so forking pissed at them, I'm about ready to go in there and slap someone upside the head.


Mar. 17th, 2013 11:25 pm
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"Retail Pre-Employment Assessment" This is gunna be fun, lol.


Mar. 1st, 2013 11:25 pm
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So. sent me a letter saying I didnt pay for my 145$ item back in December.

Yet.. They shipped it out for me, and everything was fine for the past 4 months. 

What the fork, walmart. What the fork.


Feb. 15th, 2013 10:13 am
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So, impromptu trip to a foreign walmart to buy a TV for my bro.. that they had 12 of... that they couldnt find a single one of. -_-;

I felt kinda weird in walmart... just walkin around.

we complained about the TVs, they did nothing.

So we stopped at the truck stop and got foods....

While we were waiting for food, I saw the sparklies, and i was upset They were running in diagonal lines. x_x

anyway then we went home. we had a good time cuz my bro was hilarious XD

A good day

Jan. 9th, 2013 11:17 am
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Its so sunny out *opens windows* :D

At the walmart xmas party with the only people in the world that wont let me down :x


Nov. 19th, 2012 02:40 pm
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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving regarded as one of the biggest shopping days of the year, may be dramatically different this year. Organizers are planning a nationwide strike against Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, and are banking on a new strategy: online organizing.
"Heyyyy Walmart guys ♥

Are any of you striking on Friday? I'll totally come support with you, if you are.

Let me know!!!"


Oct. 4th, 2012 09:29 pm
caitaro: (Default) - Find a local babysitter, nanny, pet sitter, tutor or senior caregiver near you. Post a job for child care, babysitting, tutoring, senior home health care, pet care & housekeeping. Hire an available full or part time babysitter and nanny when you need one. Browse listings and services by e...
"If anyone has a account, please connect with me as a reference! ♥

In addition if anyone needs anything done.. babysitting, housecleaning, organizing, graphics, drawings, anythings.. Please let me know..."

okee, so latest doctor also said that Le Pain is in "my head." Horray for being crazy, i guess. So i made an appointment with the crazy specialists, so we can see which flavor of crazy I am, I guess.

Also, I got high blood pressure medicine... Lisinopril.

I got an appointment forrr some cholesterol, blood work, and a GERD test thing. Because he says im MORBIDLY OBESE, LOL.
... - this is apparently morbidly obese. What about those people who front butts stick out like 99 miles? What's that called now?

Oh well. I think Ill secretly go zone some random store sometime, and hope it helps. I'm afraid to walk places alone due to chest pains.

My Dr says i need to eat more, and thats possibly why i gain so much weight. Cuz i just eat once a day. Guess food isnt like computers. What goes in, must come out. Or something. Bleh, these trashy human bodies make no sense.

They want me to get a copy of my moms autopsy report. So i shall do that.

Till then, I shall sit here and complain about stuff, and comment on how beautiful my kitten is till the Sludgeling 200 hits the fan, i guess. xD
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Oct. 1st, 2012 09:29 pm
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"Minecraft 360 update... EST BEFORE OCTOBER 20th!!!!!!!!!!"

Its really hard to figure out without someone there showing you.

At first i was like wtf is this??? this is crap.

But then somoene showed me.. and i was addicted. xD

"No letting Daniel stay up late now.. -__- we just got INTO an argument about going to bed.. and he says "I GO TO BED WHEN I WANT TO!"

And heeeree he is... stayin up really late, and didn't wake up when the alarm went off.. and now he was tardy.

Guess i got to make him go to bed early, huh. xD"

Went to Walmart to get some L brackets to fix my snapped in half desk...

I was showing my brother how CRAPPY The fabric table is now.. and an old lady asked if I worked here. I said not anymore, but I will try to help.

She needed help with a vacuum cleaner, getting an electric cart, and finding her kids.

I helped her, and she didn't treat me any different than if i worked there... and I didn't feel any different not being in uniform or anything.


But I don't miss management lying to me and my co-workers. I dont miss being forced to cover 4 different service counters for 3 hours every day, while other people stand around and refuse to help.

I want late 2009 / early 2010 walmart back. *Cries in corner*
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Sep. 19th, 2012 09:29 pm
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Ok, I Am NOT EVEN crapping you, Slenderman is at walmart, right now. This guy has been standing there for LITERALLY, HOURS.. Moving 5-7 feet every 20-30 mins.

Ok, so we went in, he was staring at a cash register with his hands in his pocket, real slumpy like...

and we were going out, and he was staring at the flower display.... So we checked out and ready to go.. daniel got a drink, and i was...
looking at the back of him from far away.. he turned around, stared at me, rubbed his nose, and turned around back to staring.

I am scared shitless right now. Okay, so I ask daniel if we can leave the other way, and we do... and we play the crane game, then we look back out to see if he moved, and he was GONE. COMPLETELY GONE. So im like "FK THIS, WE ARE OUT OF HERE." So we hustled out there, and we didn't see him in the parking lot or anything.

But yeah, If I was working tonight, i would have SO called the cops, that guy freaks me out.

^ Exactly what it was like

He was even really tall and he had this long shirt on with his hands in his really low hanging pants pockets


Sep. 5th, 2012 09:20 am
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"Tried walmart brand omeprazol. It doesn't work at all. same chest pains as taking nothing :(

Wonder whats so different about prilosec brand... other than the price -_-"


Jul. 16th, 2012 03:04 am
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"Hung around walmart for a bit today, made me feel a lot better. @_@.."

"I'd like to do some hardcore cleaning today, but im afraid of moving around too much ~_~. Yesterdays 1/2 panic attack sucked bigtime.."

 Also... leads to O_O
Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad.

"Also happy anniversary to me and Daniel :3 Today its been 2 years!!!

Also he says we're gunna be officially engaged before fall. "Maybe before the end of the month" he says.

"I initially wanted to do it on July 16th, but I wanted to have many anniversaries for us" he says. xD

I still think hes crazy for loving an emotional/social wreck like me. :P *Shrug*"
American publishers are now bringing in more revenue from ebooks than hardcover books.



Jul. 14th, 2012 03:04 am
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"I almost smashed into a red SUV today.. I looked.. and ididnt even see it.. I SWEAR THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.... Daniel was screamin all STOPPP.. and then this big Yellow semi was comin from the other way and i was 1/2 way out into the road already.

</never driving again for i have lost my mind>"

 Daniels gotta work.. we thought it was a day rabbit show ~_~ We might run over around 1:20 and see if its still goin on.

"Okee, i should clarify that there's a lot of little things going on that is making me like *TWITCH* *TWITCH* most of them people wouldn't understand. xD"

So just like ignore this post unless you wanted clarification...

-Search algorithms on Windows 7 = Someone was on drugs. Buuut I can fix that by using agent ransack.. = Problem solved.

-1/2 of the rest of Windows 7 = inconvenient and broken... But

again.. I can fix that too. (

-Since im on the PC 20/7, having to deal with the little things like "When I click BLACK in piant, it stays white unless i click on it like 50 times" grinds mah gears.

-Search algorithms on deviantart = someone was on drugs. When I search my gallery for "Ariel" It comes up with nothing.. Yet "Cait x Ariel" is on the FIRST page... (check it yourself: )

-On ebay the other day.. i search for "Pokemon Black Guide" (No description) and it comes up with some sex e-book... that didnt have Pokemon, Black, OR guide in the title.. Its like.. WHAT-__-.

-On ebay if you search for some things, some things show up, while others dont... Like i searched for ".hack 4" and some came up.. yet when i searched for ".hack" itself... one called ".hack vol 4" came up that did NOT come up on the other search.

-Photoshop has stopped responding! *Loose work*

-NOTEPAD of all things.. has stopped responding.. *Loose ALL work*

-Mai guildies have lied to me.. and lied and lied.. I put myself out there for them, i give them my email, i give them my phone number, tell them, If anythings wrong, LET me know! Then i PM them and ask if everythings goin alright, they tell me "yes" and now 1/2 of them leave because "Something is wrong" and "they wont tell me" and it doesnt matter if they told me or not because it could just be ANOTHER STORY!

-Everything in the apartment is broken.. The doors wont close, the back screen wont slide (even after cleaning the track), The back screen eventually fell OFF so we stuck it in the back, all the drains are plugged, the dishwasher liquid door wont open, the handle on the front door is falling off (at least it locks now), the stove is turning on all by itself. The air conditioner freezer over about every other hour unless you have the door open, and even then its about twice a day..

-Im almost running into cars that i SWEAR TO GOD were not there, forgetting a TON of stuff (Like if i turned the stove on???)(Like leaving keys in the door overnight!)

-Ive been sick for a while frikkin month. I got sick june 16th at the open house, and here i am still coughin my brains up, with an infinite source of mucus somewhere in my lungs.

-Being sick makes me angreh. *hulk smash* XD

-I cannot get a blu-ray disc to work apparently. I got it to work once, and it had terrible audio/video sync... and no option to offset it. v_v. *Boycott bluray forever*

-I can think of 8 people off the top of my head that have arranged dates to do something with me then blown me off without a call to cancel, without feeling like anything wrong the next day. Without explanation at all.

-I see people posting about hanging out with each other on facebook and i get sad cuz noone asks to hang out with me -_o, and when i ask, well i get blown off ...

-The people that DO talk to me constantly (which is why im offline on facebook/aim/msn so much) are ANNOYING AS HELL.. they just want to RP (and ive never RPd) and want to talk about pron and other stupid crap that I have no interest in.. Yet the people i Want to talk to, i send a message, I get no response.

-So, thinking that its too much of a coincidence that all these people dont wanna hang out or talk... I conclude that the problem is me. Whats wrong with me? Cuz i dont drink? I ask, and I get "Oh no, cait you are fine o_o you are awesome, why wouldnt somoene wanna talk to you?" So i am very confused naturally >_>...


-Walmart mocks me..1/2 of the problems i had, they are fixing. I complain about the pegs in the back being REALLY messy and unsorted. I offer to re-sort them out. They laugh in my face and say its impossible... Sure. Now i go in and theyve got all the pegs lined up in site to store, been sorting them for WEEKS.. .I could have done it in a day, and had fun doing it. >_>... I see all these repair men on the roof.. fixing "THE LEAKS".. Which.. I SLIPPED and screwed my knee up pretty bad.. couldnt walk right for a month or 2. I asked them to check the tapes.. They didnt. I asked them to fix the roof. They laughed at me and said theyve tried to fix the roof and its not gunna work, so just deal with it..... I was in toys that day, and Carol was in fabrics. They pushed Carol to go people greet, wheras if she was zoning instead of that, she might have found the leak and cleaned it up. But I was running around from fabrics to toys and electronics trying to cover EVERYONE, and i didnt even see it at ALL because i have SO MUCH CRAP TO DO, where theres people standing around TALKING TO CUSTOMERS FOR HOURS AT A TIME that could be helping out.. -__-. and a month after this, i had a breakdown with the people greeter thing... and then a MONTH after that, they got RID of people greeters. -____________-

-Daniel doesnt help me clean up at all. v_v which.... Im the woman, i beloing in the kitchen/cleaning is my mantra.. I'd still like to see socks candy wrappers in the trash can instead of on the on the desk by the trash can.. (its really the only thing that me and daniel argue over at all)

-Other health problems which are prolly TMI, so i wont go into them here, but they make life very inconvenient.. -_o

-I cant stop thinking about everything. I've never been able to, really, but lately I think about dying a lot. I think about my family dying. When daniel is late, i think about OMG HE was probably smashed by a truck and dying along side the road, and etc... I think about How my dad woud feel if my brother died... I think about when Travis the cat died. Outside of dying, i think about people being upset with me a lot.. I think about what others may be thinking. I go over conversastions in my head about 9004 times with different scenarios of what i could say, and what their reaction might be, and how i could have changed everything... this is GHETTO worse when someone really IS upset with me (or they lie to me and i call em out on it).. I just break down and cant stop THINKING... esp when im trying to sleep.. I can never sleep, cuz im always always always thinking... I wish i could shut my brain off.

-My brain thinks about weird ass things, such as caring if people are upset with me, like before.. but its like.. WHY DOES IT CARE? Why cant i just MOVE ON with my life and not care how they feel.. Most of the time i ask people if they are upset after 99 years of thinking and scenarios, and they say "Umm no im not upset o.o" so its just my STUPID brain.. Why does it WANT other people to hang out with besides daniel? I mean, i can understand wanting daniel, since the grand scheme is to pass on the genetic code.. that has a reason, but being friends doesn't really provide anything life-changing... v_v.. I think of terms of programming a computer and a brain.. Its not the same at ALL, but i HATE inefficiency, and my life is inefficient because of this random need to want to hang out with people and talk. I spend more time on facebook and chats than I'd like because of this. V_V..

-Daniels car is taking a poop. Super jerky. So i gotta drive him now. My car has had check engine light on foreva... so likely it will take a poop. Cory says my roders are about dead. whatever that is. I hate cars. Expensive and stress causing. *wants to move to europe and public transit everywhere*

Thats all that i have on my mind at this second.... all the little stuff building up.. causing rant-mode.

Sorry guyz, I shall shut up about it now. xD

"Went out to the rabbit show today at the fairgrounds.. it was really awkward and i didn't know anyone but it was nice to go out..

Then i went over to radioshack and looked at some stuff, and wandered over to gamestop and bought minecraft for 360.

It looks like its gunna rain... But.. I was pretty excited abou tgetting out of the house.. it was nice.."


Jul. 4th, 2012 03:04 am
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Apparently theres this girl at work, and this guy from work shot her, she ran away, then he killed himself O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

scary stuff...

"Well today was pretty good for the most part xD;

Went to see fireworks in hillsdale.. hugged daniel to help him feel better..

It was super hot... but i felt emotionally very... calm.

Then i heard about the local going-ons, and am in a pretty shocked state. (I'm really paranoid xD;) :/"

"I love the smell of magnesium in the morning. :3"
Free Concerts on Tuesdays in Coldwater near Putnam Funeral Home :D

July 10th - Daybreak Trio (Wide variety of pop music favorites)
July 17th - Bittersweet Nites (Blend of blues, jazz, soft rock and soul)
July 24 - Randall Hazelbaker Group (Smooth jazz from the 30’s to 50’s)
July 31 - Jim Voss and Friends (Oldies but goodies)

If anyone wants to go with me, lemme know ;-;
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"Lol! I guess some old lady at walmart asked about me today.. the thing is I have NO idea who they are..

Daniel said she was short, white hair, glasses, works 1st shift in he thinks, apparel.

I was like.. WUT, i have no idea who that is o_O"

Not Sure If I Was Happy In The 90's..

WARNING: We are not ALWAYS OFFENSIVE!! But when we are..we couldn't care less if you're offended! If you like to laugh, like our page! The funniest Pictures on facebook!! Like and SHARE!!
"lololololol for the rest of them that dont support it because its right.. this one's for you."
Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173 unti...
"Can someone explain to me WTF the appeal of these articles is? I've been linked to them by 543634743634 different people lately, and I don't find them funny or amusing the least bit..."


Watched Blade Runner with my dad... I dunno how that is on the top list of sci-fi movies, but I found it to be very slow, boring, and not very coherent :/

Laundry day today, so I'm home. Talked a bit with my dads girlfriend.. and she seems pretty nice :3"
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"So it's been a whole month since I left walmart. (Or should i say, since its principles left itself to the point i couldnt stand in silence any longer?)

It's pretty awkward when i see people from there who havent re-added me or even send me a message since then. It's like... wow..ok. I dunno what to say even. xD

But yeah, my emotional state seems to be better now anyway. Sometimes randomly depressed still, but not related to anything. Im in pretty good spirits despite being sick as crap. Chest pains still at a minimum :D... Still workin on the internship stuffs.

I hope to actively look for a job in mid august when im done with skewl altogether. And i can always come back in december.... :P"
Nonbeliever Dave runs the gauntlet of atheist stereotypes. This is, by the way, my entry to the Project Reason Video Contest 2011. © 2011

The Canadian crooner debuted his latest ink during an appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman” Thursday - the word “Believe,” which also happens to be the name of his latest album that was released two days earlier.



May. 22nd, 2012 04:32 am
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"‎Kyle Froese"

Well, went with Daniels grandparents to various grave yard. It was pretty interesting hearing about all the stories.
I got sunburnt pretty bad on my neck, gunna go find some ocean potion later.

We went to ponderosa to eat some foods.

Went into walmart, signed some paperwork and stuff... so i can come back in 6 months if i like.

We're gunna go to family fare later tonight, since we've never been :O

And my wrist is still worthless. I couldnt cut my chicken at ponderosa :/ So daniel cut it for me.. embarrassing xD;

Stories like:
like how the city was gunna plow down the graveyard, but they fought the couthouse to keeep it and they said that someone has to kept it upkept once every 10 years or they were gunna plow it over...

Stuff like that x3


May. 18th, 2012 04:32 am
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Ive never really liked people, well, being close with them. If it's not personal, ex: customers, I'm fine. I dont know their secrets, and I dont care. Sometimes.. they tell me anyway. LOL.

But i HATE getting close to people. I find out all the shitty things about them. About how they lie to me, or use me to buy stuff for them.. Or make -really- bad choices, and they know it.

Yet, part of me stil...
l wants to get close to people. Some animal instinct I think, drives me to want to be social - despite in my head, I know it will just hurt in the end in some way.

I don't want to go out of the house at all anymore... Not even to the library, and I want to print some stuff.

CED CBS FOX SelectaVision VideoDisc MASH Goodbye Farewell B&W 1983 Vintage in DVDs & Movies, Laserdisc | eBay
"On a happier note, i discovered 'SelectaVision' or CEDs or "Video tape records" that look like floppy disks. Id never heard of them before, but they seem pretty cool."

"‎%#%#(*^#(*%# SO i was lied to again, I tried doing a leave instead of just "Bai guys" and they printed me off papers, then I got em filled out and theyre like OYA WRONG ONEZ, N THEYRE 2 LAET NAO!!!!!!!!!


I cant even leave that frikkin place in peace.."
Nice haul at goodwill today.. Brand new zip drive for like $4, and a FLIPPIN ODYSSEY 1!!!!!!! IN PACKAGE!! with the inserts and cards and crap. This is the only one on ebay right now just like it..

730$?? WUT.

But yeah im keepin this, 1974, so coollllllllllll
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George Carlin trimmed the Ten Commandments down to three. This Better Bible sums it up in one! (Thanx Criss Heller)

"OH GOD, i ran home from school in 4th grade to play this... *Was cait*"

"We watched SuckerPunch last night. I dont remember who told us to watch it... but It was pretty good, I dont know why a lot of people didn't like it. It was kind of like.. a cross between Scott Pilgrim/Matrix action/charlies angels/video game/somewhat of a psychological thriller.

with the BEST special effects I have seen in a LONG time.. I recommended it. I'm not one for SFX, but these are -amazing...-"

"Pissed, pissed, pissed! Daniel looked up the T-Mat sheet for Walmart in June and THEY PUT ME IN BLOODY ELECTRONICS.

Either there's a conspiracy that they knew Daniel would look up the t-mat and tell me about it just to mock me.. Or they really want me back.. or... Something.. Either way, PISSED!"


Dec. 2nd, 2011 01:22 am
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UGH. The christmas party planning meeting was epic fail for me.. Noone showed up.. So it was like..

1.) Manager i've never worked with, 2.) Manager that was new and i never worked with, 3.) Someone from the bakery that i've never seen before.

So it was SOOOO AWKWARD, and I said like 3 words :|


In other news - Why do people call me, don't leave a message, and wont respond when I call them back? I have an answering machine for a reason, people!!! This means you, mr. mystery 736-3190.


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