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caitaro ([personal profile] caitaro) wrote2014-11-07 02:41 am


just a heads up.. Fiverr is now charging customers .50 per transaction (or more) per order... Just got a message from an angry customer... :/

Also detroit panda man has batman shoes for daniels bro?

Mah website.
Iz live.
Constructive criticism plx


Working with people outside of the US vocally, I get to learn the words that we think have no accent... but actually do.
Apparently "Current" needs to be enunciated more than we do. "Cure-Int" instead of "Curnt" lol!

Holy crap. Titanfall for 360 is $15 on black friday at kmart. I'm not interested, but if you know someone who is.... might wanna let em know!

Sadness! I ordered 4x 1gb ddr2... they sent me 3x 1gb ddr1 and 1x 2gb ddr1 ram.
v_v.. anyone in the market for DDR1 ram?

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