May. 29th, 2011

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Omg, so i spent all week thinking i was goiing to be in toys, but that's next week... LOL

In electronics today!!!! It could be good... or very very bad xD;;

...and a nap sounds SO GOOD RIGHT NOW
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I was teaching Dusty how to do mods, and it got a bit dark.. then suddenly, from the Grocery side entrance, i Just heard screaming... I peek around the corner... I recently watched an episode of Greys Anatomy where some guy comes in and shoots everyone... so im paranoid that its some guy with a gun..

when the managers come running back to electronics and people are crying, and im starting to freak out, and they say a tornado TOUCH DOWN has been sighted..... and im like, OMG and i get all upset...

Sooo then i start heading towards the fitting room, but they dunno if we should go to the fitting room or site to store.... soo daniel shows up ♥ and we go to site to store.... and thers people crying and screaming and im freaking out, and im not sure where the least dangerous place to stand or sit is... and all i can picture is some tornado coming through and ripping everything and everyone up...

Soooooo luckily daniel was there with me, and i didnt break down and cry or anything.. i was pretty traumatized for about 2 hours afterwards though...

ummm during my lunch i went driving a bit and saw a BUNCH Of trees down about 1/4 mile south of walmart... thats too close for comfort!! it ripped up a guy's storage thing, metal everywhere... if you go down that road near walmart there's what looks like some sort of flat metal thing... maybe a camper???

lots of police and ambulances... roads blocked off.. tons of people without power.. we sold out of all of our weather radios and people were buying portable dvd players cuz they have no power......

But yeah, it was a pretty traumatizing day, cuz im just that type of person, loll..
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Apparently the cart pusher guys saw the tornado.. and saw flying trees and stuff... they were the ones who came in and told us about the tornado before the sirens even went off.....


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