Sep. 16th, 2011

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[01:11] Caiternoodle: nom o.o
[01:11] AnnaliseWren: Hi ^^
[01:11] Caiternoodle: how are you
[01:11] AnnaliseWren: I'm ok
[01:11] AnnaliseWren: you?
[01:12] Caiternoodle: ok
[01:12] Caiternoodle: I was thinkin about comin home tonight
[01:12] Caiternoodle: but i duno
[01:12] Caiternoodle: Karl is ghetto emo
[01:12] Caiternoodle: his gf dumped him, lol
[01:13] AnnaliseWren: If you want to come home you can
[01:13] AnnaliseWren: is your dad asleep now?
[01:14] Caiternoodle: Yeah, sort of
[01:14] Caiternoodle: he keeps wakin up
[01:14] Caiternoodle: apparently sandy wants him to marry her, RIGHT NOW
[01:14] AnnaliseWren: is he crying?
[01:14] AnnaliseWren: And he wont so she dumpped him?
[01:14] Caiternoodle: and my dad asked her to wait till Cory gets graduated
[01:14] Caiternoodle: which is like, 6 months
[01:14] Caiternoodle: and she wont wait, so she said "Fine ill go out with this other guy then"
[01:14] Caiternoodle: lol
[01:14] Caiternoodle: i was like, WOW, what a douchebag
[01:15] AnnaliseWren: What a whore o.o
[01:15] Caiternoodle: yeah , lol
[01:15] Caiternoodle: he said
[01:15] Caiternoodle: she felt weird coming over here
[01:15] Caiternoodle: so he always went there
[01:15] Caiternoodle: she wanted him to marry her, right nao
[01:16] Caiternoodle: shed always bitch about her health problems, and they wouldnt do anything but go to doctors
[01:16] Caiternoodle: she didn't wanna come to corys band concerts or senior night or anything
[01:16] Caiternoodle: so im like
[01:16] Caiternoodle: Karl. thats a pretty big warning sign right there
[01:17] AnnaliseWren: What did he say?
[01:17] Caiternoodle: nothin
[01:17] Caiternoodle: then hes like
[01:17] Caiternoodle: WELL maybe she was bothered by the pics of your mom still around
[01:17] Caiternoodle: then he went on a 2hr rant about
[01:17] Caiternoodle: OMG YOUR MOM WAS The BEST EVAR
[01:18] Caiternoodle: and so i said, no she sucked.
[01:18] Caiternoodle: lol
[01:19] AnnaliseWren: Oh god, why did you have to do that -_-
[01:19] Caiternoodle: Because its true
[01:19] Caiternoodle: so hes like
[01:19] Caiternoodle: "well, I GUESS, but she was the best evar to me"
[01:19] AnnaliseWren: lol
[01:20] Caiternoodle: i dont care for BS or people that give it
[01:20] Caiternoodle: thus, i am a jerk
[01:20] Caiternoodle: oh well.
[01:20] AnnaliseWren: Well, you better not be that mean to me
[01:20] AnnaliseWren: or Imma have to tickle you
[01:20] Caiternoodle: well dont give me any BS
[01:21] AnnaliseWren: You don't give me BS eitehr
[01:21] AnnaliseWren: or you will suffer the full wrath of tickle
[01:21] Caiternoodle: dont tell me that im stupid... or that my friends are mentally incompetent... or lie to me about our kids and stupid ass crap
[01:21] Caiternoodle: id nevar give you bs
[01:22] AnnaliseWren: Well, I might tell you your friends are stupid if they are
[01:24] Caiternoodle: well i dont have any friends anyway, so i guess it dun matter. (resend)
[01:25] AnnaliseWren: I will give you as much BS as you give me
[01:25] AnnaliseWren: so if you give none, you will get none
[01:25] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[01:25] Caiternoodle: :/
[01:26] AnnaliseWren: What?
[01:26] AnnaliseWren: All you have to do is what you already are doing
[01:26] AnnaliseWren: if you start, oh, I dunno
[01:26] AnnaliseWren: stabbing me with a knife
[01:27] AnnaliseWren: don't expect me to take it
[01:27] Caiternoodle: I wouldnt do that...
[01:27] Caiternoodle: If i do give you anything itd be unintentional, and id rather talk about it than just 'get it back'...
[01:28] AnnaliseWren: I can't talk to a knife wound
[01:28] Caiternoodle: xD
[01:28] Caiternoodle: at that point its not bs, its domestic violence xD
[01:28] AnnaliseWren: Pretty much anything you do can't hurt me otherwise
[01:28] AnnaliseWren: remember, I don't give a shit
[01:29] AnnaliseWren: so I can't give you BS
[01:29] Caiternoodle: ok..
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: Stop with the ellipses ^^
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: there is no other part to it
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: just be nice to me
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: I'll be nice to you
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: If I think you are doing something harmful to either of us
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: we will talk it out
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: haven't we been doing that?
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: I think you are over analysing things now :[
[01:31] Caiternoodle: yeah (resend)
[01:31] Caiternoodle: ok (resend)
[01:31] AnnaliseWren: Course, my sarcastic wit is lost on the web ^^
[01:31] Caiternoodle: just seems like (resend)
[01:32] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[01:32] Caiternoodle: everythings falling apart lately.
[01:32] Caiternoodle: so im rather depressed.
[01:32] AnnaliseWren: What do you mean?>
[01:33] AnnaliseWren: Work not fun, dad being emo about the break up
[01:33] AnnaliseWren: are you afraid it will effect other things?
[01:37] Caiternoodle: WELL
[01:37] Caiternoodle: i know it will.. and is
[01:38] Caiternoodle: like last night
[01:38] Caiternoodle: i prolly wouldnt have gotten so randomly emo
[01:38] Caiternoodle: if it wasnt for 99 things going wrong
[01:38] Caiternoodle: but it just helps to cry
[01:38] AnnaliseWren: You do know I will love and support you no matter what right?
[01:39] Caiternoodle: Yeah..
[01:39] AnnaliseWren: Enough ellipses ^_^
[01:39] AnnaliseWren: there is no BUT
[01:39] AnnaliseWren: there is nothing but my love for you
[01:39] AnnaliseWren: nothing will change that
[01:39] AnnaliseWren: and that you think something might happen to us or about us is kinda odd
[01:40] AnnaliseWren: Bad stuff happens and you over think it
[01:40] AnnaliseWren: There is no real cause
[01:40] AnnaliseWren: I told you last night
[01:40] AnnaliseWren: if you want to love on me, just do it
[01:40] Caiternoodle: yea
[01:40] AnnaliseWren: if you say "Daniel, hug me"
[01:40] AnnaliseWren: you think I wont?
[01:41] Caiternoodle: well im prety sure you wuold, lo
[01:41] AnnaliseWren: Pretty sure >.>
[01:41] AnnaliseWren: \Either way
[01:41] AnnaliseWren: any way
[01:41] AnnaliseWren: There is nothing that will stop how I feel about you
[01:41] AnnaliseWren: Hell, I'll break my cardinal rule for you
[01:42] AnnaliseWren: and thats to never live with a jobless person again
[01:42] AnnaliseWren: you have any idea how much I had to fight myself over that?
[01:42] AnnaliseWren: just the idea?
[01:42] Caiternoodle: :/
[01:42] AnnaliseWren: I thought and thought about it for days
[01:43] Caiternoodle: I think the difference is, i wouldnt be deliberatly taking advantage of you
[01:43] AnnaliseWren: and came to the conclusion that you are worth absolutely everything
[01:43] Caiternoodle: I feel bad enough as it is not payin for rent or electricity or anything
[01:43] AnnaliseWren: So I can live with it
[01:43] AnnaliseWren: Why?
[01:43] AnnaliseWren: You are a blossoming flower who needs to be supported and loved
[01:43] AnnaliseWren: Rent and stuff is too much burden for you now
[01:44] AnnaliseWren: It is better that you decide and think about what is best for you and enjoy yourself
[01:44] AnnaliseWren: I want you to be my partner forever
[01:45] AnnaliseWren: And there are no buts to that either
[01:45] AnnaliseWren: this is the time in your life to just have fun and enjoy being free
[01:45] AnnaliseWren: to discover who you are and what you want
[01:45] AnnaliseWren: noone should force you
[01:46] AnnaliseWren: Not me, not your dad, not your teacher
[01:46] AnnaliseWren: if you want to zone at Wal mart til forever, if it makes you happy then do it
[01:46] AnnaliseWren: if not, do something else
[01:46] AnnaliseWren: No matter what you do
[01:46] AnnaliseWren: I will support your choice
[01:47] AnnaliseWren: and lend you my abilities
[01:47] AnnaliseWren: and I will love you always
[01:47] Caiternoodle: "\
[01:47] Caiternoodle: i duno what i want ;-;
[01:47] AnnaliseWren: So?
[01:47] AnnaliseWren: Who said you had to choose now?
[01:48] AnnaliseWren: Or even to keep the choice you made?
[01:48] Caiternoodle: Stripey D:
[01:48] AnnaliseWren: I won't hold you to it
[01:48] AnnaliseWren: What I basically mean is that
[01:48] AnnaliseWren: I want you to do what makes you happy
[01:48] AnnaliseWren: everything else follows from that
[01:50] Caiternoodle: ok
[01:50] Caiternoodle: so
[01:50] Caiternoodle: Kitten breeder
[01:50] Caiternoodle:
[01:50] AnnaliseWren: Do it then ^_-
[01:50] AnnaliseWren: Anyway, just remember that you and I
[01:50] AnnaliseWren: there isn't anything that will make us fall apart
[01:51] AnnaliseWren: We aren't stupid like Sandy
[01:51] AnnaliseWren: Our love isn't just strong
[01:51] Caiternoodle: n.n
[01:51] AnnaliseWren: we also respect each other
[01:51] AnnaliseWren: I do things with you, you do things with me
[01:51] AnnaliseWren: and we learn and grow
[01:51] Caiternoodle: i told karl
[01:51] AnnaliseWren: Seems pretty bad ass to me
[01:51] Caiternoodle: its a girl thing
[01:51] Caiternoodle: i wanna marry daniel

[01:51] Caiternoodle: RIGHT NOW
[01:51] Caiternoodle: but
[01:52] Caiternoodle: he dun wanna atm
[01:52] Caiternoodle: So i will wait cuz i love him
[01:52] Caiternoodle: ^^

[01:52] AnnaliseWren: More like its not a good idea ATM
[01:52] AnnaliseWren: But soon, soon ^^
[01:52] AnnaliseWren: At least with engagement ^^
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: Even still
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: since nothing will change
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: There is no real rush
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: Going by Annalise
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: you feel like you want to
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: seal the deal and make it official
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: knowing that will make you feel more secure
[01:53] AnnaliseWren: am I right?
[01:54] Caiternoodle: O:

[01:54] Caiternoodle: Yeah..
[01:54] Caiternoodle: I think its similar to
[01:54] Caiternoodle: uh
[01:54] Caiternoodle: me wanting the title of gf/bf
[01:54] Caiternoodle: becauseee
[01:54] AnnaliseWren: Indeed
[01:54] Caiternoodle: It makes me feel like ...
[01:54] AnnaliseWren: means we are exclusive
[01:54] Caiternoodle: i can has the confidence
[01:54] AnnaliseWren: and we belong to each other
[01:54] Caiternoodle: and it did, I think.
[01:54] Caiternoodle: help me be able to love you
[01:54] Caiternoodle: as much as i can
[01:54] Caiternoodle: without being afraid
[01:54] Caiternoodle: at this point, uh
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: ^_^
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: I know, its a girl thing
[01:55] Caiternoodle: I dont think i can love you much more, LOL
[01:55] Caiternoodle: but
[01:55] Caiternoodle: i still want it..
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: And you will have it
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: I won't say no
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: you WILL be my Hubby/Wifey
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: I want it just as bad
[01:55] AnnaliseWren: I'm as much a woman as you are
[01:56] Caiternoodle: ...
[01:56] Caiternoodle: heh
[01:56] Caiternoodle:
[01:56] AnnaliseWren: but my male side has the logic behind it and lets me know that you should Milk Karl for all he is worth
[01:56] Caiternoodle: LOL

[01:56] Caiternoodle: MILKMILK TIME FOR KARL
[01:56] AnnaliseWren: while we save up for a home of our own
[01:56] AnnaliseWren: yup
[01:56] AnnaliseWren: ^_^
[01:56] AnnaliseWren: I know how you feel almost all the time
[01:57] AnnaliseWren: even last night, I knew what was wrong LONG before you said it
[01:57] AnnaliseWren: But I want you to be able to say it
[01:57] AnnaliseWren: to know what you feel and mean
[01:57] AnnaliseWren: not for my sake, but for yours
[01:59] Caiternoodle: D;
[01:59] Caiternoodle: *so seduced atm*
[01:59] AnnaliseWren: Oh? Howcome?
[01:59] Caiternoodle: because
[01:59] Caiternoodle: you say the most romanticy things xD
[01:59] Caiternoodle: you say the most romanticy things xD (resend)
[02:00] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[02:00] AnnaliseWren: Stripy made a kittah face!
[02:00] AnnaliseWren: : 3
[02:00] Caiternoodle: Oh god
[02:00] Caiternoodle: brb touching self
[02:00] AnnaliseWren: O.O
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Here we go...

In other news.. my fishy died again.. V_V Maybe this water is bad for them...


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