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Oct. 26th, 2011 01:12 am
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So i was harrassed at the doctors today. He said, and i quote, "I am pissed off that you went and saw other doctors without my referall. You can find another doctor, I won't be your scapegoat anymore. There is nothing wrong with you, you should be happy."

Uh.. What?

Because I seeked out a 2nd opinion, that pisses him off? He wants to create a healthcare monopoly? Because that my chestpains SCARE
me and cause me to get upset? I should be happy that they cant figure out whats wrong, even though there something IS wrong, they just said "Well if its not the big 3, theres nothing wrong ^_^_^_^"

I'm going to the bbb with this one.. (Surprisingly, this is the one thats supposed to be in the slammer for health care fraud)


Oct. 26th, 2011 10:14 pm
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-Healthy otherwise, never been sick besides a cold once a year or so.
-Blood tests turned out good
-Xrays and MRIs are good
-EKGs are good
-PFT is good
I have the results online... somewhere, I can't find it at the moment, I can rescan if you'd like.


Major Health History:
-Asthma as a young child. It went away by the time i was 8.
-Strange skin rash at a child, it went away before I Can remember.
-Broke my leg in 4th grade rollerskating
-Spilled boiling water on my stomache in 7th grade
-My right big toe on my foot is numb on the tip and I cant feel it. I assume some kind of nerve damage. (Did I accidentally kick something too hard? I run into things a lot, lol)
-Irregular periods, usually very heavy. (always been that way)
-I am very anxious about everything and very shy around all people. (Again, always been that way)
-This chest pain thing (which is what this message is about)

What is wrong:
-Chest pains
-On left side or right side
-Not triggered by anything (tried changing diet as well)
-Not triggered by vigorous exercise
-Sometimes stabbing, sometimes 1 stab, sometimes pressure. (Doesn't coincide with heartbeats)
-The closest I've come to reproducing a chest pain, was when I was carrying a ridiculously heavy ream of paper on my chest.


I'm just going to explain this in detail, because I don't know how else to xD

November 9th, 2010:
My birthday, of all days. I'm on my period (which is irregular to start with), which is particularly heavy... So I go to Prompt Care 1. They prescribe me with Naproxen. She swore it would make my period less heavy. Then she had a follow up appointment to check out my girly bits.

I took the Naproxin, and to my astonishment, it seemed to slow it down to a halt. But now I'm upset over the girly bits appointment. Noone has ever seen my girly bits but ME... and It's nerve wracking. I'm up all night upset and worried about it.... so I decide to cancel it and be on my way. I get to sleep around 9am.

November 10th, 2010:
I wake up around 12 noon and I'm still really tired so i roll over and try to fall back asleep. But I have  a sharp pain in my chest on the left side, directly north of my nipple and across from my armpit. This has happened before, usually a pain then its gone. It's happened maybe 2-3 times a year since 2008. This time it was different. It was a stabbing pain that seemed to be rhythmic. At this point I'm really scared. It's never been like this before. So I have a panic attack. I got all numb, cold, dizzy, and scared. I'd never had a panic attack before, So I thought I was having a heart attack. I naturally, get all upset. I call my dad at work, and talk desperately to my friend online. I tried breathing normally and everything to calm down, but It didn't really work. I had many chest pains that day. That day was the worst day for chest pains.

When my dad got home, he took me to prompt care, because maybe I was having a reaction to the Naproxin. She said I wasn't, and that she didn't know what was wrong, but my vitals seemed good, and I should go to the ER. I didn't have proper insurance. So we went home. My boyfriend came over half way through his shift to sit with me. I had many chest pains that day, random stabbing. I was very tense, I cried throughout the whole day. He stayed up all night to make sure I stayed breathing. (He really is wonderful...)

The days that followed:
I took a few days off from work... my boyfriend came over after work all of those days to sit with me. I don't really remember much what happened, it's a blurr of crying, chest pains, and being scared. A few weeks later, the chest pains stopped when I got an ear infection. (It was my first ear infection as well) I felt like my life was coming apart. I NEVER get sick. Ever.... I post frantically on the internet trying to find out what is wrong with me. I even wait over an hour for a "Free trial talk to a doctor online" thing. (He didn't know either, and was cut off after 5 minutes anyway)


January 2011:
Obamas healthcare thing kicked in and i got proper insurance again from my dad. I make appointments. Like mad. The first doctor does tests, Pulmonary Function Test, Chest Xrays, MRIs, EKGs, tests out the wazoo. Nothing is wrong. She doesn't schedule a followup appointment, so I figure that was her message saying "try another doctor"

I try another doctor. He says I have high blood pressure... Which is odd... because I've always had slightly low blood pressure. He puts me on Bystolic, which SEEMED to help. But after a week or so, It didn't, and the chest pains came back worse than ever. He also put me on Cymbalta to see if it helped my anxiety. (It didnt, it just made me feel really zombied with no middle emotions.)

Turns out his doctors called in the wrong prescription, they thought it was another prescription (or something) so I figure, ok, I am done with you if you don't even know what prescription you're calling in for me...

We went back and forth with this for a long time. With this, my chest pains changed. It was no longer a rhythmic stabbing, sometimes it was one stab. Sometimes it would be in the same spot, sometimes it would be below my left breast. Sometimes it would be in my right side, sometimes on my right breast. Other times it wouldn't be a stab at all. It would just feel like someone was constantly holding their hand on my left armpit. Constant pressure.

June 2011:
Since he thought it was a heart problem (he suspected leaky heart valve disease) I go to a cardiologist. The cardiologist said there's nothing wrong with my heart at all, and that I should find a better doctor. Ok.

this is where it gets kinda fuzzy with the dates for me...

June -> July 2011:
The chest pains stop by themselves. I'm taking no meds at all..

Mid August 2011:
The chest pains return, but they are not as severe. Its just a single stab, or just a little bit of brief pressure. I set up an appointment with a gynocolgist to check out the girly bits since i feel like thats something i can do now. I go in, everything is fine. She says "you have heavy periods cuz all the periods youre supposed to have build up till they get so big they come out. I did some research and I found no info on the net supporting this statement. She put me on a med to force a period. It worked, I had one.

She suggested a sleep apnea test. I took it. They said I am borderline. They recommended another Dr. in another town.

September 2011:
I try a chiropractor to see if maybe it is something muscular related. (i dont know who to go to for muscle things.) He said there was nothin wrong with my bones, but i could come back for 12 more treatments to help my 'back pain'. (I have none)    (He apparently didnt care about my muscles?)

Sooo I try the "sleep apnea dr recommended dr. in another town. "She says it may be anxiety. (well, yea i knew that, but is it causing my chest pain.) She thinks it could be costochondritous, and gives me naproxin for 'chest muscle swelling', and another medicine for the anxiety. (I dont remember what it was called.) both of them didn't work. I was getting really upset at this point at work, and I ended up not being able to keep it together (I work with customers) and a few days I was in the back crying more than I was working. They gave me FMLA papers, because I couldn't handle it. I just freaked out every time I had a chest pain...

I went into Prompt Care #2 (a different one) and they wouldn't fill out my papers, and prescribed me with Xanax. I took it, and 2 hours later, I felt really sleepy (I didnt sleep much the night before) and I laid down and had another panic attack. Similar to the last one. My boyfriend drove me to the hospital. By the time we got there, I felt a bit better. I called Prompt care #2 and asked if maybe I was having a reaction to the xanax. They said come in to prompt care. I went in, and was freaking out, i felt dizzy and i had to pace, I couldn't sit. I had to talk loud for some reason, it was weird.

They checked me out and said there was no reaction, and that if i had a reaction, I would have had a swollen tongue and etc. She said that I should get checked into the hospital for a 3 day psych analysis...

October 2011:

I scheduled an appointment with a previous doctor (the one who said my blood pressure was high). Because they said I had to have an appointment to get FMLA papers signed. I call U of M and Mayo Clinic, asking to see if I could get into there. It's the end of the year and I need to get this figured out while my insurance is still good... They say I need to get a referral.

I went back in to newest dr. (the anxiety one) and she wouldn't fill out my papers. Not my FMLA, not the referral... and told me that she thought maybe I had fibromyalgia. Ok, i thought, My mom had that too. Maybe its a genetic thing. She prescribed me with Lyrica, and told me it was a $4 prescription. It wasnt. It was like 350$. I called her and asked what the heck was going on. She called in a new prescription, supposedly a generic, and scheduled me for an occupational therapist.

I took the new "generic" they called in for me, and it turns out it was another antidepressent, not a generic for Lyrica. 2 hours later, I had another panic attack. This time, I was aware of what they feel like, and that even though I feel like I'm going to die, I'm really not. So I sat on the couch, cried, felt numb and cold like normal, and had my boyfriend talk to me to keep me calm. (He really is the best *tear*) He stayed up all night to make sure i was okay. (I told him not to because he had to work early the next morning) -_- (sometimes stubborn xD)

The Occupational therpaist was a few days later. I went there. She said "Why did your doctor send you to me? You dont have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is CONSTANT 24/7 pain that is symmetrical on both sides." My pain is neither constant, and not on both sides at the same time. Only one or the other. She said "You need to be your own advocate. The next time you see a doctor, tell them you need your FMLA papers signed, and you need your referall. Dont let them sidetrack you."


October 26th, 2011:
Soooo My next appointment (which was today... october 26th) I tell him I need FMLA papers signed and a referral to Mayo Clinicand U of M.  He flips out on me.

He said, and i quote, "I am pissed off that you went and saw other doctors without my referral. You can find another doctor, I won't be your scapegoat anymore. If the tests we've done so far on your heart, lungs, or bones have found nothing, there is nothing wrong with you, you should be happy. You should be happy to know there's nothing wrong with you. Even though you still hurt, there's nothing wrong, so WHY DO YOU GET UPSET when there's nothing wrong?"

uh.. maybe because it STILL HURTS? -_-

Because I sought out a 2nd opinion, that pisses him off? He wants to create a healthcare monopoly?

Because that my chest pains SCARE me and cause me to get upset? I should be happy that they cant figure out whats wrong, even though there something IS wrong... If nothing was wrong, I wouldn't get chest pains -_________________-

I get upset, naturally.

And here I am. I apparently can't pay a doctor to get help, so... can ANYONE help me? Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Does anyone know a doctor in the tri-state area of michigan, ohio, indiana that isn't COLD and HURTFULL... one that really -genuinely- wants to help me? One that doesn't see me as a walking 100$ bill?

Or a way into U of M or Mayo Clinic without a referral?

Or any ideas of what this could be? What kind of doctor could I go to to get some different testing done? Like what kind of doctor could check muscles? Or Nerves?

I reallly need this figured out, I love my job, I love my life, and I don't want to have to quit because I get upset every so often...

Thanks, I don't know who else to turn to :(


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