Nov. 13th, 2011

gay people

Nov. 13th, 2011 01:34 am
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I really really hate people that want to remove rights from others. For people that are mean and criticize people for no reason other than "My opinion is different and better than yours"

Got into a fight with some children about how they think that being gay is a terrible thing.. I cant stand people that hate eachother because of something so UTTERLY TRIVIAL such as "Sexual orientation". To me its like someone saying "MAN I HATE PEOPLE WHO WEAR ORANGE SOCKS."


This has gotten me pretty upset, and I prolly cant sleep well tonight *sigh*


I was actually enraged at work about what you did to cory... and I couldnt really stop thinking about it.. So here we go. I'll make one post, and I hope you think about it, youngin.

How about humanity's 'commandment' of "DONT BE A DICK"?

Sure you may not support gays or whatever, but does that give you the RIGHT to be a DICK about it and start quoting a book on someone elses status that DOES have a different opinion about it THAN YOU?

I watched you grow up, and you were a nice kid, just watch what you say. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you have to boast about your disagreement and be an asshole about it.

So cory doesn't hate gays. So cory thinks " That's because they're humans too and we're all the same."

The fact that you went out and Bashed corys opinions to the ground because you "disagree" is terrible. Does it make you feel better about yourself that you just did something incredibly unneccisary?

What about if cory posted something about "Man i really REALLY love peanut butter sandwiches" If you posted something about how "Only lamers eat peanut butter sandwiches" that would make you.. what? A DICK!

Apply the same thing here. Leave Cory and other people who have different opinions ALONE.

Remember in history class when people talked about prejudice?

When there used to be different drinking fountains for blacks vs whites? Is that what you want to have? A gay drinking fountain and a straight one?

Remember back then people thought "EW BLACK PEOPLE NO WAY THEY ARENT WORTH ANYTHING!"

Thats EXACTLY how people think today only about gays. I HOPE that within my lifetime, i see the Gay revolution and I dream of a future where EVERYONE can live in harmony REGARDLESS OF PETTY BULLSHIT like religion, color, sexuality, gender, etc.

Im not stopping with gays. I want guys able to wear a skirt if they want, and not be bullied for it. I want girls to feel attractive even if they don't wear makeup. I want people to JUST STOP GETTING BUTTHURT OVER PETTY BULLSHIT!


What is the meaning of life? To be happy!

Do gay people make you unhappy? Then IGNORE THEM! It's not like they are having sex in your front lawn..

And even if they aren't.. Just cuz someone is "GAY" meaning they think other men/woman are attractive, Doesn't MEAN THEY ARE HAVING SEX!

There are people who are GAY AND ASEXUAL! Does that STILL make it wrong when they aren't committing "Sodomy"??

Focus on enriching your OWN life, not bringing others down..

And if for some reason, bringing other people down for no HUMANE reason makes you happy, then fuck you - dont reproduce.

Good day!


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