Aug. 28th, 2013 08:10 pm
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*Facedesks 9004 times*


Big boy called me, said they wanted to do an interview tomorrow.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY does my life work this way!? LOL.. Been looking for a job for a year and a half, and once i get one, everyone wants me...

it ALWAYS goes this way! XD

Well... I'm going to it. Mwahaha.,

Respect for my teacher is greatly diminished when they give us a word document that asks us to write in proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation...... Only with a TON of misspellings, horrible grammar, AND punctuation.... All underlined in red.

miss v - Please come teach my class! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaseeee!!! LOL


Jul. 31st, 2013 07:44 pm
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So I'm quitting mTO.

and concentration on mah job

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Guess who's got a jobbbbb~~ At frikking last! 

Me and Daniel making a submarine and a lady at the beach..

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Apr. 9th, 2013 10:58 pm
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So I'm curious... Does anyone have any idea on the basis of job applicants being called back? (Or is it random "Pull from the stack"?) I've put in an application to nearly every retail/restaurant/small business in the area, and I've got nothing back... 

Do people really not hire because of things like "Overqualification"? Just cuz I've went to college means noone wants me for the basic jobs anymore? 
 feeling determined.


Oct. 26th, 2012 09:29 pm
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"Ok, soo spoony was raving about how awesome the movie audition is ( )

And it honestly was terrible. Boring. Long. Gross, and weird. :'("

"Corys off to his first day at work... *so proud*

wish i could be there with them though :/"

"Trying to do a bit of cleaning... Gave kitten her flea pill. Hopefully will be rid of the fleas. She knocked over my christmas ornaments though and shattered some of them >:/

Sorting items out into corresponding boxes to look much neater.

Got an awesome Sewing machine cabinet that came with a free sewing machine inside :D

felt weird all day yesterday and today. In addition to the weird "Chest freezes" my left leg feels like.. it has bubbles fizzing on it o_O and it's really sore in one spot. Sometimes it feels stabby."


Please follow the following steps:"


Oct. 21st, 2012 09:29 pm
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"‎Cory !!!!!!!!!!!!! Grats on orientation scheduling @ Walmart!!!! :'( with my 2 favorite people working there now, I really really want to come back ;_;"

"Survivorman and journal updating.... after the MOST SNUGGLIEST nap EVER.

Went to a parade today.. handed out candy to kids trick or treating.. ... NO chest pains.. NOTHING bad happened.

It was AMAZING."


Oct. 11th, 2012 09:29 pm
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"‎Cory !!! grats on your successful interview at walmart!!! ♥ :) :) :)

Hope for that drug test call tomorrow~"


Oct. 4th, 2012 09:29 pm
caitaro: (Default) - Find a local babysitter, nanny, pet sitter, tutor or senior caregiver near you. Post a job for child care, babysitting, tutoring, senior home health care, pet care & housekeeping. Hire an available full or part time babysitter and nanny when you need one. Browse listings and services by e...
"If anyone has a account, please connect with me as a reference! ♥

In addition if anyone needs anything done.. babysitting, housecleaning, organizing, graphics, drawings, anythings.. Please let me know..."

okee, so latest doctor also said that Le Pain is in "my head." Horray for being crazy, i guess. So i made an appointment with the crazy specialists, so we can see which flavor of crazy I am, I guess.

Also, I got high blood pressure medicine... Lisinopril.

I got an appointment forrr some cholesterol, blood work, and a GERD test thing. Because he says im MORBIDLY OBESE, LOL.
... - this is apparently morbidly obese. What about those people who front butts stick out like 99 miles? What's that called now?

Oh well. I think Ill secretly go zone some random store sometime, and hope it helps. I'm afraid to walk places alone due to chest pains.

My Dr says i need to eat more, and thats possibly why i gain so much weight. Cuz i just eat once a day. Guess food isnt like computers. What goes in, must come out. Or something. Bleh, these trashy human bodies make no sense.

They want me to get a copy of my moms autopsy report. So i shall do that.

Till then, I shall sit here and complain about stuff, and comment on how beautiful my kitten is till the Sludgeling 200 hits the fan, i guess. xD
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She ate through the bag to get to it xD just like Whitey"

Told daniel's cousin to get this as a tattoo!

"Elder Beerman called me today!! They asked me a few questions, and said they'd get back with me later :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Weird stuff like "What are you going to school for? Would you like a job in that position?" etc

Thats better than "Thank you for your time" XD

Hopefully they do call me back~"


Jul. 20th, 2012 05:52 am
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Question: 62 of 84
Another word for "eviscerate" is:

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anyway, applied for elder beerman, after the most INSANE application i have EVER taken. xD

I guess thats true.. "We want insanely smart people.. or people smart enough to use google" XDDD


Jul. 7th, 2012 03:04 am
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In 1992, the celebrated Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon anime debuted in Japan, capturing the hearts of thousands of young fans. The series would eventually explode across the globe, resulting in five major story arcs, stage musicals, live action series, and countless pieces of iconic merchandise (after...



Ok, ive never really had a problem with the library before.. but im a bit upset at the moment..

I had some books reserved to coldwater from another branch, they CALLED me and told me to come pick em up. I opted to be emailed, not called... I never got an email. So i go into the Library right before 4, since I'm on 3rd shift schedule, (thank you daniel -__-) so its kind of like waking up in the mi...
ddle of the night.. and they were ALREADY closed. I understand wanting to get out of there and go home, but geez, businesses are usually only a few minutes after, not close before...

So i get home, and make sure they didn't send my books back already, and i discover that they both werent even in yet...


Also.. Daniel scheduled a "meet up" with some people... and so we go to their house.. and theyre all like "Oh well we cant do it"

Its like..... Seriously??? SERIOUSLY??


Yet i see people hanging out ALL THE TIME, so people are just avoiding us!!! WHY??? GUYS?? Is it because we dont drink!????
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I have one 10-month-old daughter, and another on the way. She's very spoiled and throws some tantrums. She doesn't get yelled at or spankings.

OH YEAH This is one I just wanna jump at, lmfao!"

"‎:D Daniel brought me 4 buffalo ranch chicken tornados from speedway.. ON HIS LUNCH HOUR...

Nicest man, EVER ♥ XD"
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my first 8 hr day yesterday

it wasnt as bad as i figured it would be

but i took it REALLY easy all day ><


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What DID Cait do?

Sit on her butt and play Trickster. . . babysit all the nubs in the guild.. reward all the good people.. admire all the amazing people.. and thats it. literally. Sometimes id go to the store... or garage saling.

What DOES Cait Do?

I clean up the messes you make in the domestics department at Walmart.

...So you're still like.. being a babysitter?

Yes, only I get to "babysit" anyone that walks into walmart. Old people, screaming kids.. etc. But I'm not allowed to be mean to them like I am to you =(

What's Domestics?

Anything soft or decorative.. For ex: towels, curtains, pillows, artificial flowers

Have you screwed up yet?

Yeah, a lot actually. I feel pretty emo about it. It ranges between clocking in too early to throwing away things i shouldnt have.

Shouldnt they have someone teach you these things so you dont screw up?

That sounds like something you should do to new recruits, isnt it? But they feel its not important, I guess.

So.. how do you know what you're supposed to do on a day to day basis?

I dont.. sort of. I know I organize things.. take back returns.. other than that, I dont know what Im supposed to do, and noone will tell me.

So what kinds of things dont you know how to do?
Well I duno how to log into the item scanner thing.. Or what to do if an item has no price tag.. or if someone rips off the hanger that its used to hang up on the shelf. I ask and noone else knows either. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Will you be fired?

I will probably royally screw up sometime and be fired, yes. Thats how awesome I am. Or how awesome Walmart is for neglecting to train me.

Does the job cause you physical pain?

...actually my feet were so numb today I hobbled out ot my car, and had to concentrate on the gas/break to get home.. It's 2am and i cant sleep because I keep thinking about how painfull tomarrow will be. Yeah that and I cried a bit.... And I have a high pain tolerance.


Because I was lazy, didnt care, and angsty. I played Trickster for 2 years insted of doing normal human things, like, oh. walking around. My advice to you, is.. if you were like me, horridly addicted to computers/gaming/etc.. PLEASE.. PLEASEEE Take 1/2 hr out of your day at least.. gradually make it more.. and go walking. Just walk outside. Observe nature.. Walk around the block. Walk around a store. When you get a job, it will make everything so much easier if you can focus on work and not if your appendages are falling off.

Hows your emotional status now?

Well, im defiantely shifting my focus of my social life online. Concentrating less on the guild. (Bad for it i know..).. Focusing less on my personal interests.. (Too shy to act on those in the first place, ahahahah) and focusing more on complaining. Then glaring at anyone complaining about my complaining. Actually I lied about those last 2 parts. But I am complaining a bit. Because that's something I can do.. without screwing up :3 But yeah.. my emotional status.. as i said its 2:30 now.. still not sleeping.. so.. not too good.. hahahahah ^_^

Should I get a job?

Yes, the sooner the better.

but they wont call me back.. I've put in soo many applications..

ok, lemme let you in on a secret that everyone neglected to tell me.

You have to call them back. Submit the application.. wait a few days.. then tell them to check the application. They seriously wont even consider you unless you actually call them back. I duno WHY, but this is how it worked for me.

So should I not work at walmart? they sound bad..

Well, All walmarts will be different... And I have nothing to compare it to. I'd say.. if you got trained properly.. and whatnot, maybe. The people are all really nice and stuff... Always joking, laughing. They seem happy.

Do you still like baby chickens?

More than ever.

Did you get your kitten yet?

No, but I hope soon. I might have to wait till my first paycheck D:
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so todays my first day of work officiially...

and it was ok

i sorted crap...

...and took a 15min break....

and thats it :O

my supervisor said she was proud of me *o*
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Interview today ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG



*EX PLODE***********

future = ?

Apr. 27th, 2009 05:45 am
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Soooooooooooo me and matt were talking and we got onto the subject of.........

IRL = What?

I spend my days dealing with the guild and sitting around..

and we discussed that i really should get my act together and be more proactive about starting to "grow up"

so we had this epic conversation about growing up, about IRL stuff..

and i told him..
"Dont you dare say something such as "I want whats best for you, and thats not being with me"

.....and some of it was him saying
"I feel like i may be holding you back, so I want YOU to choose if we should still be together"

and hes so selfless, and he only cares about whats best for me, even if it means me not being with him T_T

Like hell I'm going to let him go >_>

He said... that.... It's proooobably best that i dont try to juggle him -and- IRL...

But i told him i will make it work >_> I WILL >:O

and he said hes really proud of me for being so confident and happy that we can still be together XD with this temporary new found courage i called walmart..

and then they called back

and i have an interview tomarrow at 2pm :X

for a job in domestics..

meh i already had one interview, i duno why i have to have another >_>
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no call from laptop lady

no call from walmart

no calls at all..

even colleen was supposed to call!!!

(but she has no friends and needs to get hit by a freight train XD)




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SO i didnt get a call from them yet...

so i didnt go to orientation...

Next event is my presentation i have to give on monday....

..I should really start on it

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went in for drug test yesterday.... call back yet o_O O_o

they said it comes back really fast...

..but on the other hand, earlier they told me it takes a few days...

...and that orientation is saturday if they get it back

if they call me at like 7am and tell me to come in at 10am or somethin

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So nov. 17th i had interview..

and it was pretty much like

"Name a situation where you were in a team enironment and what was your position"
"NAme a situation where you had to get something done quickly without sacrificing quality... and what would you do differently?"
"How have you gone above and beyond something you were asked to do? how did it effect things?"


so i made up a bunch of BS

and they ate it up



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