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Wow, they planned a surprise party AND a normal party LOL..

I guess Mallory just wanted a party for herself.

Little bitch.

Thankies everyone for bday wishes ^.^
Time for a social experiment, mwaha :D

Also, i got old cuz me and tyler had a cake that says 42!
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so i get on animal crossing... And tia gave me a surprise birthday party. I closed my lid to go eat.. Came back... Ds wont come out of sleep mode. :'(
Noooo mah partyyyy T.T

Out of all the places in the house to sit....... Nessie sits on my laptop.


Nov. 7th, 2014 02:41 am
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just a heads up.. Fiverr is now charging customers .50 per transaction (or more) per order... Just got a message from an angry customer... :/

Also detroit panda man has batman shoes for daniels bro?

Mah website.
Iz live.
Constructive criticism plx


Working with people outside of the US vocally, I get to learn the words that we think have no accent... but actually do.
Apparently "Current" needs to be enunciated more than we do. "Cure-Int" instead of "Curnt" lol!

Holy crap. Titanfall for 360 is $15 on black friday at kmart. I'm not interested, but if you know someone who is.... might wanna let em know!

Sadness! I ordered 4x 1gb ddr2... they sent me 3x 1gb ddr1 and 1x 2gb ddr1 ram.
v_v.. anyone in the market for DDR1 ram?
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Stripey is such a cutie
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Very impressed with tetras customer support on the phone...
No fus no muss sent me a new pump... They spoke english too.
Their email support is nonexistant though

Thermal paste powers activate!
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Scorpion pepper has murdered mah belly :(. From 3 days ago even...
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Managed to break my computer (needs thermal paste) and the tv today!
At least we got cheap paper towels! X3
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Windows 10 is rather peculiar...

It integrates an app store with a computer... this is the facebook app... Really bizarre.. and the file picker... boxy... do not want :x


Oct. 29th, 2014 02:41 am
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She lives! The only thing is the network adapter needs some work still... And theres a weird stain behind the screen all the way around the outside o.O

Also, Nurch has a new logo, i shall vectorize it!
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My new baby :333
Needs some love tonight.
I have so many right now LOL

Acer Aspire One, Red, dual core!
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Was interested in getting a new printer, but I was thinking about getting a Laser one w/ Toner.... Has anyone had a laser printer?

Someone keeps using my email address to sign up for mmos. Aion f2p today...
This is slightly worrying to me, i wonder why though...
Their username is hcaiterz and 'real name is daeva.
I wonder if someone from my trickster days is trolling me, or if its an honest mistake :x

I discovered filters on my ipod XD Plus Jordan says it looks like daniel is wearing a shirt with my face on it xD

ALso i dropped my glasses and scratched them :(


Oct. 26th, 2014 02:41 am
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This is your official notice that your application for graduation for a/an AAS - Visual Comm/Graphic Design for 14/FL has been received.
A preliminary audit has been conducted and you are in line to earn your degree at the end of the semester pending the following; successful completion of the classes in which you are currently enrolled, a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA, and approval of any outstanding substitutions and waivers.
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Tyler got me a birthday present!!!! :D woo! Thanks Tyler! Youre awesome~

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throw back friday (I DONT CARE IT Doesn't RHYME :D)
My poor baby Travis.. Even though we were only together for a year... he's so cute and I love and miss him T_T <3

Finally a day without work from -ANYWHERE- :D
So... I'm cleaning and cooking, like i'm supposed to be! ^_~


Oct. 24th, 2014 02:41 am
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!!!! NEW BABIES!!!! :D im so happy! The previous baby died, and i found 2 new ones today, plus the female is pregnant again.

Plus i uploaded a bunch of my parents old pics.
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I AM IN LOOOVEEEEE.... I haven't loved an anime so much in a very long time, and I'm only on ep. 3... It's like Lucky Star mixed with the relationship from card captors... WITH KITTIES. I could ask for nothing more.
apparently these types are called Seinen and Iyashikei ? o.o

Omg.... I cried too D: If only Whitey Whiteface would show back up.... I heard a bird that sounded just like her last night, and i almost turned around and screamed WHITEYYYYYUYY :'(

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Plus an anime desiree.


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