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Windows 10 is rather peculiar...

It integrates an app store with a computer... this is the facebook app... Really bizarre.. and the file picker... boxy... do not want :x


Oct. 29th, 2014 02:41 am
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She lives! The only thing is the network adapter needs some work still... And theres a weird stain behind the screen all the way around the outside o.O

Also, Nurch has a new logo, i shall vectorize it!
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My new baby :333
Needs some love tonight.
I have so many right now LOL

Acer Aspire One, Red, dual core!
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*Comes home from work*
Cait: Happy sweetest dayy! *Hands candy and a present*
Daniel: Thanks! I got you a kiss. *Kiss*
Cait: =^_^=
Daniel: Also, I ate most of your bread and the rest of your cereal... but I didn't touch your pizza yet.
Cait: D::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So for sweetest day, Daniel got me the fact that he ate my food. LOL. We're gunna go get a cake later to share I think.
In other newz...
Managed to mess more stufff up okay, but i'm totally okay with it! You cant learn till ya mess up!
And I ate my pizza, so daniel couldnt. LOL.
Tore my tiny lappy apart again to fix a couple things inside, got it charging... I need to play with it tooniiighhtt <3
ALSO, going to make pumpkin muffins!
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My new toyyyyy! An Acer Aspire One ZG5. Upgraded it to 1.5gb ram today, W7, cleaned it all up. 160gb HD.
The screen is SO TINY, 8.9", I'm in looooooove! I'm thinking about painting the top though, it's just white. Maybe a giant pokemon face... Hrrmmm

2.2 windows experience. I'll get the details later, LOL gotta go to work. I know it's an Intel Atom, i thinnnnk 1.6ghz.... upgraded it to 1.5gb ram.. had to tear the whole thing apart like 5 times though.

I want a SSD for it, im shocked at how loud this HDD is compared to my SSD T_T 160gb on the HDD.


Feb. 3rd, 2013 10:13 am
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Hi, wondering if anyone is interested in buying a netbook!

HP Mini 1030NR - Windows XP, 20gb HD, 1GB ram, Freshly reformatted, comes with OS disc and drivers disc if interested (For reformating later) Battery still holds a very good charge, comes with a built in SD card reader, WIFI

Everything works perfectly! It's GREAT for watching videos in bed, on the couch, or in the car.

The fan is almost absolutely silent

Also comes with a pinkish purple neoprene sleeve 

I'm just looking for something more for gaming.

200$ - this place needs a password D:


Nov. 20th, 2008 10:25 pm
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I got a call on the toshiba..

(yes it is a POS XD)

and um

hopefully they call back

I told her she could have it for 150$.


which is 10$ less than i paid for it

(and its in better condition now, RAWR)


Nov. 17th, 2008 01:52 am
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Okay, i am posting from.. NOT LAPPY




Dell Inspiron 1100 lappy O.O


im at my Girlfriends house posting...



lol but im secretly on the white couch, and this is FREE LAPPPY HORRAY ITS WORKING








remember that video game site i got a free game off of?

I finally got matched!

They sent me RPG maker for PS1@!!!!!!!!!!



but omg

job interview tomarrow




someone hold me ;-;

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so this morning i am greeted to the wonderfull world by.........

*vaccum cleaner*


*vaccuum cleaner*


rinse and repeat for 3 hours.

im tired and i dont care.
i figure he'll stop doing whatever the HELL he's doing (prolly his twisted way of trying to get me to get awake) within awhile

So eventually the vaccum starts up again and i think "omfg. when he turns it off im gunna go out there and bitch his face off"

so he turned it off and i stormed out there asking what the hell his problem is. XD turning the vaccuum on and off so much.

He said he had to shampoo the carpets.

WHAT? My dad?? Clean!?!?!? APOCOLYPSE. There had to be a catch!

He said that he found whitey this morning... bleeding and puss-ing all over the place..

A few days ago she came back in and she had a large lump on her head where fur had been taken out and it looked swelled up..

I told them to make sure she stayed in for a few days in case she had brain damage or something.. Other than that she ACTED fine.

Dad said he threw her outside and shampood the carpets.. had to wash his sheets on his bed, deep clean the kitchen table, wash corys sheets cuz she apparently was bleeding all over the place.....

and... I.. was.. pissed.

He could have put her in the cat carrier.. or locked her in the laundry room or something.

But she has a LARGE GAPING BLEEDING PUSSING WOUND. Outside there is dirt and bugs and all sorts of bad infections could get in.

but of course he's only thinking about his precious carpet -.-

So i start bawling on the love seat..

and dad tells me to go check my room to make sure i dont have any whitey puss/blood in there..

I told him i didnt want to.

so hes goin on continuing to clean the carpets...

So i go to my bathroom and bawl in there with the comfort of lots of toiletpaper

Cuz you know. she could be dead for all i know.

So i go into my room eventually to check for whitey mess and thank.. er.. whiteface XD there's none.

So im goin around and i play my DS because when im being emo thats all i can do...

so dad asked me if i wanted to go to coldwater with him.. Cuz i expressed an interest in that yesterday.

And i said no because im pissed and emo. and i dont wanna go if cory doesnt.

So corys like "I WANNA GO"

so im like "fine ill go too"

So i get ready and stuff and...

Here comes whitey trotting in near dads blue van..

and i am. ecstatic. So i let her in the laundry room....

and love her and molest her and give her cat treats...

It looks like the side of her face literally exploded cuz the puffy bald spot broke open I guess.... ><

i make sure theres no clothes lying around she could bleed on, and lock the door..

and we leave.

and i dont cry anymore :P For she is alive at the moment. which is good.

I would go on the 'net and ask them what the hell happened to her face but...

The only thing I'd get is..

*travis comes running through the door*


Yes travis! you are right! The stupid self centered PETA vege-crazians dont care about how much I love whitey. They only care about "shit an animal is in pain, LETS KILL IT!" How whitey is my #1 on facebook and myspace. How she is my #1 IRL! Without her I am nothing!!!! NOTHING!!!

lemme ask you this crazy petaphiles! When your grandpa lost his leg in "the nam" did you say "SHIT A HUMAN IN PAIN! LETS KILL HIM!" Um No. They already tried that. It's called... kevorkian (only spelled better prolly) It didnt work. Anyway. You need to try to make him feel beter. kthx.

So we gave whitey some cephalexin and hopefully she will get better.

Because ima-be lonely in my bed for awhile till she gets better ;-;


Ok whitey aside..

we went to coldwater and we got groceries and stuff...

And i got a micro innovations Laptop surge protector for $3!!!!!!! guess how much it was originally?? $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO saved 27$ and i didnt even go to ebay XD

So that in the very tiny possibility that lightning hits, my poor widdle lappy will be okay ^-^

and if it isnt, Micro innovations will replace damaged equipment up to $75k

...which i could use to buy a kickass compy >.>'

Lappy: B..B..But what about meeeeee?!!? ;-;;


Lappy: YAY! <3

speaking of lappy I have had him... for over a year now ^^ <3

and this has been the best compy year of my life, lol.

ok in other newz..

Halloween junk is over till the 31st. Thank god. Ive been working on that mother truckin costume for like 3 weeks solid ><

i havent even done laundry! *gets shot*

Now my #1 priority is to use my bracer on trickster.

It ends on wednesday.

Im not goin to sk00l on tuesday because the van's water pump exploded so we need to get that fixed so he has to take the car to work.

which is okay cuz i got my tshirts printed last week. and the other thing i'd be doing is designing my next tshirt design.. which i duno what to do yet ><

any ideas? throw em here! PLOX!



Aug. 6th, 2008 02:17 am
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Lately, my laptop and I have been talking..

Laptop: Cait you love me right?
Cait: With all my heart... Most of the time, yes.
Laptop: If you really loved me, you would buy me things.
Cait: i didn't think we were in a materialistic relationship
Laptop: pwease? <=(
Cait: I has no money :(
Laptop: 3:>
Cait:.................CANT RESIST KITTY FACE... ill buy you something.
Laptop: YAYAYAYAYAYYY!!#@ ^-^

So Laptop peer pressured me into buying him../her? some ram.


only i have no glasses, so i look horrible ;-;


So it now has 1.24GBs of ram.

..and it pretty much doesn't run any different, LOL

to make a big difference, i need a new processor..

which i believe arent relaceable.. T_T

but... when i get a new job i can get a new computer

laptop: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!? youre just going to REPLACE me like im DISPOSABLE AND USELESS AND T_T
Cait: But LAPTOp! your screen is broken, and you're too slow for me. What i like in a man(?) laptop is PERFORMANCE.. I'd like to be able to run 2 tricksters at once, in addition to move profile boxes on facebook.
laptop: you just hate me cuz im black T_T
Cait: NO it has nothing to do with that!
Laptop: But you still love me right?
Cait: Right! even if i do get a new computer, I ll still use you for stealing wifi purposes ^-^
Laptop: OMG I KNEW YOU LOVED ME *hugs*
Cait: *hugs back* :3

I also got a 512MB flashdrive at walmart for 5$..

..They also have 2GB flashdrives for 13$ and 4GB for 20$

..why did i get a 512 then, you may ask.

Well, i need a flashdrive for my PS2, see, and sandisk doenst work.

and this one happens to work :D horray!

its one of those ones that looks like a credit card....

But yeah

i also got some MILO which is very peculiar...

and some pool toys..

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Unfortunately, the toshiba laptop died..

backlight -_-----

and the xbox doesnt work......

le sigh!!

everything is breaking :'(
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Remember that free laptop i got awhile back?????

Well i figured out WHAT WAS WRONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!

The hibernation button is sticking!!

thats whats wrong!!

it goes into hibernation before it even boots up!

So tomarrow im going to take it apart and see if i can take out the hibernation thing altogether (i never use it anyway)


its guna bee


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Hey I saw your ad on craigslist..

for wanted laptop to play card games..

are you still looking for one? I might have one that'd work!



Yes am still looking. I don't want for internet or email service. Just so you can load games on it and play them. What do you have to offer??
Hmmmm, it kinda depends on what games they are.. Standard solitare works just fine... anything without high system requirements should also work fine..

If you use the wifi card it overheats sometimes, but as long as you dont use that, it works amazingly!

My little brothers into racing games and some of them he has works on there...

Anyway, here's the stats..

Toshiba Tecra 8100

Windows 2000

850MHZ Processor



8MB Graphics Memory

CD-ROM drive

56k modem + external wifi card

AC cord

Has a spot to buy a cable to hook it up to your TV..

..I can preload it with some of our games, if you'd like, also!

If you want to read more about it, theres an article here:

These next two stores are 2 places off of google shopping which have them for sale... you can check out pictures here...


I was thinkin about getting about 200$ out of it.. but if that doesnt fit your budget, I think I could go a bit lower.. ;)

Oh yeah, im located near Hillsdale/Coldwater area.

If you have any questions or anything, dont be afraid to ask..

Thanks! :)

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Someone on the trickster forums posted..
"my life sucks. dude if your gonno say i am lifeless and idiot...i dont even care...

my real life freinds are all random.....sometimes they fight againts each other...betraying, lying, etc etc....

10 things why i hate my life:






6.i need fredom T_T

7.i always dream the things that is impossible.

8.Money T_T

9.i want everybody to like me T_T

10.i tried to suiside but i just cant do it.

well here are the top 10 why my life sucks -.-

hope you guys share yours too.

list out 3 or more things why your life sucks.

T_T have a happy day guys~"


heres my reply..

my top 10 reasons (not in any particular order)

- The unemployment rate in michigan is over 7%. There are no jobs in sight. Not even walmart is hiring. Im desperate. No money = no college. No college = no better job :(

- I have hyperhydrosis. Even in the dead of winter.. with a tshirt and shorts on.. in a snow bank i STILL sweat like crazy. Doctors dont know why.

- I have a crazy mixed form of insomina-hypersomnia.. I have such a hard time falling asleep, but i sleep for 12-16hrs when i can sleep (even if im not sleep deprived at all)

- im a fat white chick. One of the worst things to be in america. ><

- I have extreme anxiety and paranoia. The "Gotta check the locks on the doors 6 times before i go to bed" kind.. Only i dont check locks... usually.

- I dont like people IRL, they are mean and irresponsible.. obsesed with drugs and stuff i hate.

- Im a super computer geek on dialup using old technology with a broken screen. My resolution is 1280x500. T_T

- Deep down, im an optimistic person.. happy and hyper, but so many bad things happen to me, that i cant be. (Ex. my mom randomly dying for no reason) ask my guildies. they'd say im the happiest person alive!! (online anyway XD)

- My hormones are out of wack, but they arent. They all tested fine, but they definately arent fine. XD you dont want details, trust me.

- I'm asexual. Not that it's a bad thing, but it probably means i will never have a relationship... ever. I dont feel attracted to anyone in that way at all. (Im 19)

Yes.. My life is very messed up o:

but... Im not one to complain. My online life is good. very good. My guildies are the best people ive ever met, I love helping newbies (not n00bs!) giving things away.. spreading joy and happiness throughout trickster.. <3

Now if i could only be sucked in... .H A C K //sign style XD





they said they have a broken laptop and they will GIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE!!!

Your lucky day. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 with a 15 inch screen. It was given to me as a broken laptop. The screen does not appear to be damaged. The computer will not boot up. If it will help you, you can have it for free. Let me know. I live in Napoleon.

Donovan Marsh




Gotta find out who this guy is.. and get me a laptop :D

ugh <3 amazing.
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So el lappy has been el crappy lately.. There are about 7 lines of horizontalness that wont go away.. well.

Cory was messing with it earlier.. and he moved it just right so there were no lines.. and it was working 100% fine again.. wth??
So it was fine all taht day.. then this morning.. I opened it up.. and it was messed up.. BUT no matter HOW much pressure i put on the left side, it WOULDNT work.. and im like "o god.. o god.."\

well so i took all the clothespins off and just tried laying the screen all the way back and bring it forward... well i did and it worked fine again.. 100% fine..

so friggin arse weird.

I wish i knew how laptop screens worked.. so i would know WHY its broken and WHY it works sometimes..
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So shane came over today...
We sat in my room and did everything short of gettin naked / secksual stuff XD (ok not really but :o)

It is an interesting experience, but still regardless it feels stoic - like everything else - to me...

If someone were to sit next to me and have a conversation.. or if someone were to be sitting in my lap having a conversation.. It is the same to me..

I dont feel.... I duno, secksually excited or whatever if someone was in my lap.

when normal people would feel..... SOMETHING at least.. a physical connection or something.

But, yeah, just nothing :P

But it wasnt bad or boring, so i guess that was good :p

He kept asking me "how do you feeeel?" and its like "I feel.. alright.. i feel okay" XP

I just figure i'm emotionally challenged or something...


i duno

In other bad n00z..

My Lappy monitor now has 4-5 horizontal lines across the bottom which are always there...

but it has been like that for awhile..

HOWEVER... there is now a VERTICLE line on the right side.. so its making sort of a grid XD but it's not there all the time.. only some times..

So i've been looking for some monitors..

and OMG.. I have 3 monitors in this house... The one hooked to the other PC... which is the only thing that can go higher than 800x600.. WONT work with it.. however the 2 older monitors.. 1 which is ungodly old (like windows 3.1 era) works fine, but wont go higher than 800x600.. and the other one it works with, but the monitor is UNGODLY fuzzy. (but still wont go higher than 800x600)

Sooooooooooo yeah im guna be looking for a new monitor at garage sales this summer..

at walmart theres flat panel one for 140$...

but im prolly gunna find a nice CRT one for like 5$...

but yeah...

im almost done with my latch hook.. only got the fish to do...

O yeah and one of my ghost shrimp is pregnant ^_^ her eggs are developing behind her stomache.. they will eventually move down below her stomache and she'll have babies ^^

hopefully they wont eat the babies ^_^
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What happened today, you may ask.

(Or probably wont ask, and dont care either) XD

SO ive been working on fixing trickster this morning.. Im too disgusted with the whole situation to sleep.. so..

lets start with last night

goin along fine.. discover Comp is working good, trickster wont start -_- so mess with it for 53459345345 hrs and then.... go to bed at like 2...

THen im like "HMMMMM... Lunar is awaiting meee"

So i play it and it freezes like 3432985534543 times so i have to keep restarting THAT....

and so eventually im like "ok just this one room then ill save and quit"

and i keep telling myself that until i get to the final boss XD

so i just ended up beating it :O!!!

and i liked the part where Kyle was like holding Jess aww... but it was for teh suck reason.. cuz they thought Alex + Luna died or whatever, but they secretly didnt.. And i didnt believe they were dead for 1 second XDD those babies...

I REALLY WISHED That Nash and Mia would have been like ZOMG HUG cuz that'd be cute cuz..

Well nash is smexi and mia is pretty innocent... so.. yeah it would have been hawt.

BUT NOOOOo... so i beat it and then its like...

Alex + Luna: *Standing*


*thier hands touch*


srsly, they didnt even hug or anything T______________________T


but yeah

and to SHANE..

WTF??? There was no insane spoiler thing????

you said "If you didnt see Nash's betrayal coming, you wont see what comming next at ALL"

but.. uhhhhhhhhhhh I didnt see anything shocking and/or appauling..

its like.. That.. Pischal lady or whoever turned good... And then... the final boss fake thing... then Luna being all evilly "LAAA LAA LAA LAA" and people dropping dead from it or whatever.. and Then Althena's tower... Is that what you were talking about? The tower being that giant floating thing?

that wasnt shocking or anything :O

towers dont have emotions! :O

What WOULD have been shocking.. Is if Nash turned out to be a girl!!!

JUST LOOK AT HIS EYES!!!!!!!! Totally girly..

but thats why he's hawt XDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, you have it folks.. Girl men turn me on in a very non-turned-on asexual way XD!!!!!!!!

God, I am such an enigma that.... it's funny XD


So then i listened to all the outtakes.. which were intersting..

And i really think Mia's voice is very.. intriguing, I duno o_O Its very... strange.. like Jason Marsden's.. <3 AHHH JASON MARSDEN <3 XDDD

Yeah if you couldnt tell, im wasting time by typing here.. cuz i gotta wait till the sound driver gets done..

Im trying it again, because NOONE WILL UPLAOD IT FOR ME *ANGRY FACE HERE*


moving along,,

I think whiteface is very fuzzy.. and shes very cuuuuuuuteee and aww ^^

speaking of cute o.0;;

I was looking though an old CD last night and came across the "sp00ny" folder.. so i was looking at all his pix.. and Its really weird, I can see how he has changed and matured over the years... and how some of his pics are sooo irristable, while others are like "O_o...." XDDD

Yeah so then i closed it due to sucky remembrances XDD

Then i discovered chobits CD... and i really wanna re-watch it.. but no time and whatnot..

OH YEah i remember the 2nd whole reason i was writing this entry..


they sell them at walmart.. they are INCREASINGLY NASTY..

so dont get them.

Really. If you want to try them, come over to my house.. I got 1/2 a package here that i wont touch XD

yeah its pretty bad when I dont like a candy :O (that doesnt have nuts/coconut/cherry/ other nasty thing) XDDD

Yeah, so moving along again.

I have a new name ! :DDD


because its hillarious..
Lol, okay theres the story..

I was in walmart buying random things.. when i go to the 88cent toy aisle..

I see japanese writing and immediety POUNCE..

They have WIND UP SUSHI.. isnt that the RANDOMEST THING?? XD

I pondered it for about 1/2 hr and i decided i wanted to get one.. I Looked at all of them there.. (I wanted the black wrapping with the red filling one but that was like meh,)

SO i found one called Fatty Tuna.. and i thought it was hillarious XD

So i bought it, and i put my msn name as it, horray! :D XD

k im done typin now, cuz im bored.
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so ive spent literally all day.

Since 11:30..

trying to fix this effing laptop.

cuz it's broke.

Here I'll tell you what happened.

It was having a bunch of memory errors and was generally just clogged up, so I reformatted it, and partitioned it off so theres a 10GB section and a 30GB section.. so I can install Windows on the 10GB section and put my crap on the 30GB section, and just reformat the 10GB section as needed in the future..

Well, I reformatted and installed Windows XP and everything SEEMED okay.. I installed drivers and could get onto the net fine and everything.. I formatted the 30GB partition to NTFS inside of windows, as it prompted me to upon clicking F drive.. Everything still okay

...It ended up being 3am, so I shut it off and went to bed.

Got up this morning, turned it on.. and i get black screen of doom.. It said something about "did you install new hardware recently?" and whatever.. I tried last good config, safe mode, normal, everything.. I loaded the XP loading screen, flashed a blue screen then restarted.

Couldnt get anything to work, so I popped XP disk in again and it showed the 10GB section as being empty..... and in an unknown format... (everything on the 30GB parition was still there and fine)

So apparently my comp deleted windows and formatted itself into an unknown format while I was sleeping!! XDDDDDDDDDD! its GOT A MIND OF ITS OWN!


So i reinstall windows and format as NTFS... and it seemed okay again.. I started installing drivers and net was working and stuff, when all of a sudden everything started going SOOOO slow and Explorer took a REALLY long time to open, It would just sit at the wallpaper for a long time (Till i like pressed Ctrl+alt+del and messed with stuff) then the Search kept not responding and notepad kept not responding and nothing was working at all..

I updated Mcafee and did virus scan and it found nothing..

So i reformatted again.... this time not installing Mcafee.. but ZoneAlarm It's still acting funny.. it's not going as fast as it should.. Things stop responding more than they should.. and some other things just FREEZE and arent even listed as not responding, but still running!!

I did spyware scan with ZA and it found nothing also.

So i posted about this on pcguide and someguy said "Sounds like it is a hardware issue and nothing to do with XP. Either your ram or hard drive. I would run tests on both starting with the ram."

Well, I ran some RAM tests last night and it was fine.. The built in DELL RAM tests...

So im running "MemTest" right now.. so I can test that.. I really dont think that the RAM is a problem at all. i've never had any RAM problems.. ive never ran out of RAM or anything..

CPU usage, on the other hand.. ALWAYS skyrockets to 100%... Cuz I use programs that are high processor usage..

so i duno..


OK and i was telling my dad about it, and he said the FUNNIEST THING EVER XDDDDDDD!!
He's like "well i heard... and i heard from your mom too, that when you reformat laptops.. that it doesnt empty the cache all the way.. So it's just some DLL file that got messed up, So.."

and at this point i stop him, because it's TOO EFFING FUNNY XDDDDDDD!!!

There's nothing wrong with any DLLs!!!
And NOONE cares about the cache!!! XXDD the cache is internet only XDDDDDDD!!!

When you reformat, EVERYTHING gets wiped, weither it likes it or not!!!!!! XDD so there IS no cache.. there ARE no DLLS! (untill you install XP)

so i was just lmaoing and dad was like ">:(" but its just soooooo funny when people try to talk about computers and they dont actually know anything, Omg, lol!


Another thing is... well its not funny, but it pissed me off a bit..

Ok our neighbors are Danielle, Jerrie, and Doug. They all live in the same house.. Jerrie and Doug used to be dating a little bit, but Doug used her and makes her pay for the bills and do paperwork for his business and crap, so Jerrie is sick of it.. and She's looking for a new house to move in to.. WELL...

Danielle calls cory this morning with a pouty face saying "Cory you have to come down here, I need to talk to you"

so he went down there.. then came back... WELL It turns out that Doug met some lady at the school and told her she could have Danielle's rabbit, ARBA.

So the lady came by to pick ARBA up today... but they wouldnt let her have it, so she apparnetly left. (doug wasnt home) So Danielle took ARBA down to Shauna's (our other neighbor)'s house.. so that the lady couldnt steal it..

ANd its just ABSO-FORKING-LUTELY irresponsible, mean, and not to mention ILLEGAL to give Danielle's rabbit away..

Jerrie is the one who got it for Doug.. Jerrie is the one who payed for him and the cage.. And Doug is trying to give ARBA and the cage away to some lady..

Well i think thats just. plain retarded. He should be SHOT. It is NOT his to give away.. and in the event the lady did take it, I'm sure Jerrie could sue Doug for stealing her property or something.. That's just ridiculous...

But anyway, Danielle was wanting us to hold on to ARBA for her.. and dad didnt want Doug to be MAD, so hes like "Jerrie and Doug need to sort this out"

so omg,

THis is why i hate humans XD!!

but yeah, Im pretty pissed that someone would go that low.

Im also pretty pissed that my laptop is 1/2 dead XD but theres nothing i can do about that for now. :P

But yeah so for awhile i wont be on or whatever~~ cuz im gunna need to reformat like 50 times and i dont HAVE msn downloaded or anything so.. :P
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So my laptop's screen works again.... (with no clothespins) completely randomly.

So i have come to the conclusion that my screen is just bipolar. Maybe even bisexual... Only it truuuuely knows :OOO

I've also found out that the monitor out port either.. A.) Doesnt work.. or B.) Doesnt work with my monitor

So if this screen dies, im screwed until I can get a monitor that works with it :o.

I'll have to look for a new monitor this summer at garage sales.. Maybe it only works with Dell monitors or something *SHRUG*

That and i Need to get XP disks.. maybe if I call Dell and use a sexy phone voice, I can get some..

because i really reeeeeaalllly want to reformat this puppy. Like reeeaaaally bad, lol.

There's all this... Random crap that i dont like that i cant get rid of.. like corrupted installers.. itunes helper :o


I'd kinda like to dual boot XP and ME... So i can do my home networking kit... But I dont know how to dual boot.. and i cant find a good partitioner that works like 100%



It's been storming today...

and tornados and whatnot..

Also i watched "when weather changed the world -- Challenger" when the space ship exploded in like 1986 or whenever..

It was all due to the cold weather :O it forked up the rubbery O rings and yeah :(

Right now im kinda.. listening to thi show about these new skeletons they found on some random island.. about a new species of human similar to "Homo erectus" only it was 3' tall..... That and they lived only 1800 years ago!!!!

1800 years ago, Homo Sapien was the only one supposed to be alive!!!

so thats pretty interesting..
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So laptops screen was working PERFECTLY like BRAND NEW for like 2-3 days..

I could shut it and open it NO PROBS

but today i turned it on and the screen was forked again ;;-;

..FORTUNATELY though, It still works without the clothespins T_T

and its not as bad as it was before...

But still ;_;

this laptop is soooo bipolar XD


I hate computers so much

they are soo inconsistant

even though they are supposed to be mathmatically correct or whatever.

But humans are even more inconsistant >_>

so comps > humans still :O

im so lame.

and i have no life XDDDD

But yeah

EVERY TIME in sk00l, id be partnered up with some slut and we'd have a project... They said "oh ill do some tonight"

and im like okay.. so the next day they'd be like "O i was busy having secks to everyone loves raymond and then my house caught on fire and i had to pee on it to put it out~~~~ so i didnt do anything"

so im like -_-

and then they talk to their little friend about smorkin brad pitt or whatever is and i end up doing EVERYTHING...

even when..

This one time in 8th grade, I was partnered up with Jacob... and we had to do this genetics thing.. I had to make a "mom" alien he had to make a "dad" alien.. and we had to both make an "offspring"

he ASSURED ME he would have his done.

I had to do mine AND I KNEW he wouldnt do the offspring or do ANY PART IN IT... soo the offspring based off JUST MINE..

he did have his done at the last second.. but by then it was too late.. so..

my teachers comments were "I guess some mutation went on!"

yeah >_> <_< no.. no its okay!! im good :P XP im actually feeling better than i usually am :O other wise, this rant-y would have been like 4 pages longer ^^


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