May. 18th, 2011


May. 18th, 2011 02:39 am
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got a working external floppy disc reader at salvation army for 2$... SCORE :3

So i found out that the meds i've been taking is also an anti-anxiety (off prescribed use) ...perhaps thats why i've been a bit more bold lately..

Interesting... *Strokes invisible beard*
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[04:12] Georgia Reali: o:
[04:18] Georgia Reali: after my dragon gets 3rd job..
[04:18] Georgia Reali: i might quit..
[04:18] Cait: ;x
[04:18] Georgia Reali: im not sure yet
[04:18] Georgia Reali: but i might
[04:18] Georgia Reali: i need to start a life ><
[04:19] Cait: nah
[04:19] Cait: you dont need a life till you're out of high school
[04:19] Georgia Reali: xD
[04:19] Georgia Reali: ill be out when im 15 or 16
[04:20] Cait: i waited till i was 21 before i got a life x3
[04:20] Georgia Reali: ive never had a life D:
[04:21] Georgia Reali: ive been getting bullied since i was 4. thats motivated me to play online games and not have a life.
[04:22] Cait: yeah same here
[04:22] Georgia Reali: ive never had a real friend =/
[04:23] Cait: ;-;
[04:23] Georgia Reali: but i got like a best friend.. but shes still not a real friend
[04:23] Cait: how come
[04:23] Georgia Reali: shes always busy and sometimes forgets all about me and stuff
[04:23] Georgia Reali: like if we are in a group id be walking behind them
[04:24] Georgia Reali: and then just walk off cause i dont wanna be there or feel like i dont fit in
[04:24] Georgia Reali: she never realizes..
[04:24] Cait: ><
[04:24] Cait: thats like a convinience friend
[04:24] Cait: most of mine were like that
[04:24] Cait: maybe you should join a club at school or something
[04:24] Georgia Reali: i want a friend who realizes ive like walked off and comes to find me or yells out to me to stop or come back or someting
[04:24] Georgia Reali: i dont like clubs =/
[04:25] Georgia Reali: i really hate being at school

poor kid ;-;

wish i could be her friend irl


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