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Very impressed with tetras customer support on the phone...
No fus no muss sent me a new pump... They spoke english too.
Their email support is nonexistant though

Thermal paste powers activate!
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Managed to break my computer (needs thermal paste) and the tv today!
At least we got cheap paper towels! X3


Jul. 13th, 2012 03:04 am
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Summer has arrived to SG Interactive with unique in-game opportunities for its games
"holy shat."

Schlotzkeys Deli = Raspberry lemonaid = YES.

Daniels cait + SUPER JERKY when the gears shift = CAIT CRAPS PANTS..

Important guildies = leave = Cait sad.

Caits head + ow = :(

Daniel + new PC = Daniel plays tricky :D

^ Summary of today.

Ok, I am done. I'm sick of people lying to me.. Online and in real life. Of telling me theres NOTHING wrong with me, yet refusing to talk to me or hang out, or anything.

I put myself out there, "You can tell me ANYTHING ill listen" yet refusing to talk and make everything worse, and 0MFG.

I want to become a hermit and just board myself up away from everyone.. Just talk to daniel.

But i cant, because im frikking addicted to people, but the CONSTANT DISAPPOINTMENT PISSES ME OFF.


Also whoever invented HD need a kick to the teeth. -__- out of 3 blu-rays ive tried.... 2 wont work on pc, and the other audio/video is out of sync.

*Stays with dvd forever*

 dont really have any good ones at all though ~_~.. online or IRL.. I have a LOT of people i talk to -occasionally- but noone like super close.

All the people that wanna get super close to me are ghetto annoying.. and all the people i REALLY like blow me off


Jul. 11th, 2012 03:04 am
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GameStop: Buy Red Faction: Guerrilla, THQ, Xbox 360, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots.

"Got my TV tuner to work! Now i can record movies from video games :D"
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"Ok, decided on a video card. XFX Radeon HD6770 1GB DDR5 HDMI DVI VGA 128 Bit 850mhz.. and Hopefully gunna get a 500w Antec earthwatts power supply.


"They sent me home for lunch because i cant hold ittogether. I duno if i can ever hold it together.. and i dont know what's wrong, thats the main thing.

I think maybe leaving for someplace else might help, but i loose it even -more- when i think about quitting. I just dunno anymore. Im sooooo weird, i dont even know.."


This is the only acceptable choice. The rest are not.

2 ladies walked away today because noone answered my pages or walkies for things I could not help them with.

Oh yeah, I sold my stocks this morning, and found out the rest of my vacation was denied, even though I took someone else's hours on my vacation to help them out when no one else would. Now I get to lose those vacation hours because I'm coming up on my anniversary date.

I was so livid, went back and confronted management. They claimed they heard no pages or messages over the walkie. SURE, HOW ARE ALL OF MINE MISSED!?!?!!? I'm so depressed I don't even know what to do.
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also me and cory can chat now =3

02:00] <Cory> im very omni courious
[02:00] <CAITT> oh
[02:00] <CAITT> next question
[02:00] <CAITT> is
[02:00] <Arlans> LOL
[02:01] <CAITT> or commando
[02:01] <Cory> whats your fav tv show/ movie lans?
[02:01] <Arlans> Transformer on mives Tv show NARUTO
[02:01] <Arlans> :o
[02:02] <Cory> give me a older movie and older tv show
[02:03] <Arlans> Dunno older
[02:03] <Arlans> I'm not old
[02:03] <Arlans> :o
[02:03] <Cory> im 14 no complaining
[02:03] <Cory> i wath older shows
[02:03] <Arlans> not me
[02:03] <Arlans> :P
[02:04] <Cory> like home improvment


Jul. 14th, 2009 11:12 pm
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I got my laptop -> PC connection sharing to work


then also.. cracked tees.

[02:00] <Cait> i looked at crackedtees o_O
[02:00] <Salamix> Oh crap
[02:00] <Salamix> Completely forgot about o/x today too
[02:01] <Cait> so did i, dude
[02:01] <Salamix> yeah, there's probably some you like, and some not
[02:01] <Cait> it was like 10pm and my bros like "WE MISSED O/X!!!!!!!"
[02:01] <Cait> but yeah
[02:01] <Cait> like
[02:01] <Cait> 90% of them are like
[02:01] <Cait> "LOL SEX"
[02:01] <Salamix> Yeah
[02:02] <Salamix> There's still some good ones on there though
[02:02] <Cait> only a couple o_o XD
[02:03] <Cait> "id like to change the world, but they wont give me the source code"
[02:03] <Arlans> Lol
[02:03] <Arlans> i'm going to ask the operator of This server
[02:03] <Cait> ni case of zombies ill need a board with a nail
[02:03] <Cait> but yeah
[02:04] <Arlans> i want to ask if I can make a Custom service bot
[02:04] <Arlans> :[
[02:04] <Arlans> Custom name*
[02:04] <Cait> i seriously dont understand everyones obsession
[02:04] <Cait> "ill make milk whats your superpower?"
[02:04] <Salamix> with?
[02:04] <Cait> how is that supposed to impress someone
[02:04] <Cait> i dont know!
[02:04] <Cait> lol
[02:05] <Cait> or even "Quit staring at my cock"
[02:05] <Cait> i would just be like "-_- what an idiot" if i saw someone wearing that
[02:05] <Cait> lol
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The Presario SR5601P includes:
AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processor 4400 operating at 2.3GHz
1MB L2 cache
2000MHz frontside bus
1GB of PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM memory; maximum memory capacity: 4GB
250GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive
LightScribe SuperMulti DVD drive with Double Layer support (reads/writes DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD±R Double Layer, CD-R/RW)
10/100Base-T Ethernet network interface (RJ-45 connector)
56K V.92 modem
6 USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 4 rear)
2 PS/2 ports (rear)
nVidia GeForce Go 6150 SE graphics with 128MB of dedicated video memory, up to 319MB total available
High Definition Audio, 6 speaker configurable
Audio line-in, line-out and microphone input jacks
Compaq keyboard
Compaq scroll mouse

Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic with Service Pack 1 comes installed, providing enhanced security and productivity, and new ways to organize, find and share information. Other software included:
Microsoft Works 9
Muvee autoProducer Basic
Cyberlink DVD Suite Deluxe
Adobe® Reader 8
Norton Internet Security™ 2008 (60-day trial)
The Presario SR5601P is backed by the manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty and 24/7 toll-free and online technical support.

Spent 6 hours in JXN, going store hopping..

Circuit City closed down, so we couldnt look there..

out of all the damn places that sold computers, we got this at office depot o___OOOOOOOOO

but anyway.

the funniest thing we saw was..

at "Aarons"

1.5ghz, 512ram, 80gb HD GUESS HOW MUCH IT COSTED!!!!!!!!!!????????????????






it was hilarious we just walked out..


they had ONLY ONE

in the entire city.

with XP on it..


it was at ABC warehouse..


2.8ghz single core.
160gb hd
cd burner dvd player

forget what else

but it was 150$

and thats REALLLLLYYYY frikin good for that price O.O

but refurbished....

and so im like

"Karl, i duno what to do, this one is good but refurbished and blaaaarrrgggggg"

he said

"Well they had that one at office depot for 230$....... which isnt much more than 150$ for a LOT more."

me: BUT VISTA T________________________________T

Karl:I cant help that

me: ....well maybe :/

so cory bought a PSP charger there....

and we left.

Went over to office depot.

Looked at it again.

1gb ram, ewwwwwwwwwww

well i can upgrade.

*looks at office depot ram*


90$ for 1gb????????????

i dont think so........

Ima go to walmart! XD

So i hope to do that sometime...

o ya

out of the box, vista was using 800-850MB ram...

I got it down to around 350-450.. by turning random crap off..

and i got it to look like XP for the most part...

so its not TOO bad :/
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we went to that new shop in hillsdale with video games, dvds, guitars, etc...

...and they had a really old computer X3.

I looked at its stats...

16MB ram...
1.2GB HD.

which seems.... ridiculous to me XD

considering my old PC has 32MB ram and 300MB HD...

which means back in the day that was a REALLY expensive computer.

That'd be like today having a 2TB HD with 256MB ram

but it was interesting!

anyway, I bought Kid Pix Studio and Love Hina Spring Movie :3 for 5$ total.

they didn't have any interesting video games... just.. dumbarse sports games x.x

I also go VideoWave III SE, Outpost, and Roller Coaster Factory.

cory got some random racing games

^ those at some random garage sale X3


Sep. 19th, 2007 01:23 am
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If this guy didnt have such ODD eyes, he'd be smokin.


Compy is taking a crap.

it was making odd watery noises this morning that were LOUD...

...and now its SUPER slow..

somethings wont even open PERIOD >_<

there are no viruses.. and no spyware..

So i backed everything up today..

gunna install the other harddrive to see if it works better..

If it doesnt.. then.. welll..

some other aspect of compeh is dying >_<

oh and lappy is completely dead.

wont get power.. wont turn on,.. nothing >_
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it keeps makign these noises.. sometimes when its scannign viruses.. or nothing at all.

It's soooo weird o-O
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3:00 So i made like 80 gallons of tea.. and my stomache feels a LOT better now..

but thats not whats so odd..

i watched the other movie i got..
(the wicksboro incident)
(and the first one was sarah's child btw)

but anyway.. it's like.. a fictional documentary type of thing.. like the blair witch.. the first part where they are interviewing Lloyd is incredibly boring.. so i fast forwarded it. (and i never fast forward stuff)

but when they get to the action part.. it was interesting..

The old guy lloyd was the only survivor from his town which was destoryed by aliens or something.. and so he and these 2 guys set out to find it.. so they go and they cant find it.. but then they do.. and they come up with ideas adn whatever.. and now the FBI is after em.. and they attempt to escape..

Yeah it's.. realy.. weird.. lol..

and like reviews ive read.. it ends rather suddenly.. and kind of.. inconclusive..

interesting :p

now.. off to bed for me, as i have a lot to do.. early tomarrow :(

and i must remember to take the ram out of compy >_>

(and if you were wondering.. the movie sarah's child.. is weird too... its about the miiiiiiiind :O and crazy people.)

EDIT: omg look XD

*** 1/2 --Thomas Brown
(WHIZ Radio - Eye on the Screen)"


Im alone.. and its.. 3am..

XD.. the most i was worried about is my dad waking up and thinking im crazy for renting this movie! XD

4:30 Edit:.

omg.. i am so.. frigging.. scared.. i was just in the damn bathroom... for.. 1/2 hr.. and i wish i could say it on here but i cant..... or people would be.. i duno.. mad.. grossed out.. decieved... something.

When my dad gets up i'm going to see if he will stay home from work today and take me to prompt care.. or when he gets home... i absolutely can not believe i am saying this... but i actually.. am probably more than likely going tomarrow..

..because this is more than just a stomacheache now.. fact.. after all that tea and ibprofin.. my stomache doesnt hurt at all.. but.. omg.. i have never been so scared in my effing life..

there's no way im getting any sleep tonight.. *sob* im so embarrased.. i dont know what to do.. dad gets up in ~an hour.. so ill wait till he gets out here.. he's prolly gunna be mad at me.. but i dont care

5:40 edit:

yeah im just doin like 80 edits instead of 80 posts.. cuz you people on my friends page always get friggin pissed when blah de blah. but anyway.

ok um.

So at 4:50.. i went out and told my dad what was going on.. that took immense guts.. i walked out there crying anyway.. and i managed to get out "...there... is something i gotta... i gotta tell you ok." and so.. i did.. i told him.. and i was all shaking and fumbling with papers on the counter and bawlin...

so he told me.. well "we'll see when i get home.. you know your mom was different ... as you are too.. you're just uh.. a lot more different. and i dont know why. so if you feel like you're gunna pass out.. tell cory to call me. and dont drive if you feel dizzy."

all i could say was "..i dont think im gunna be driving tomarrow"

then he told me to get to bed.. so.. i went in my room.. rigged up my beanbag.. domo-palegic.. and a towel into a position where it was comfortable on the floor.. next to my dresser as cory seemed to have wanted to randomly fall asleep in my bed again.. i cried.

then dad went to work.. and now im out here.. So i guess i feel a bit better now.. I guess.. that.. i feel as if i have no control over my body and what retarded things it seems to want to do.. heh.. it's kind of like algebra.. it's supposed to work a certain way... but i can never get it to work right.. haha.. stupid algebra >_> but anyway.

I guess that may possibly account for why i am like i am today.. because my body makes no sense and i cant control it.. i need to have control over my mind.. morals.. and (most) emotions.. unlike stupid people who go out and get pregnant.. and whatnot..

which brings me to another point. It really frustrates me.. like today when i walked into the kitchen crying.. and ended up shaking and bawling.. i really didnt want to do that.. i wantedt o just.. you know.. calmly tell my dad and whatever and see what he said.. but NOOOOOooo i have to go and do that.. i hate not having control over my um.. wth is it? freaked out emotion? sadness? or scared? I told my psychologist this.. and she says.. "you want to be a robot then.. and have no feelings.."

i told her "yes" For the past 3~4 years or so.. it feels as if i experience negative emotions.. (like freaked out, sadness, and scared) and hardly any good ones.. (like happy).. those rare bipolar..ic.. hyper days gives me sort of a "high" which is some relief from the negative emotions..

I think ive forgotten.. actually.. what its like to.. um.. feel.. happy? to actually.. LIKE something.. Marianne once asked me.. if i had a million dollars.. what would i want.... or if i could do anything in the whole world.. what would it be. I thought about it for about a month.

and came to the conclusion of.. "i dont know" because i can honestly think of nothing that would make me experience 'happiness' again. I think actualy.. the last time i remember being truely happy.. was when me and sp00ny used to talk a LOT.. and we'd talk of future plans and crap.. but .. as we all know now.. that will never happen again.

As i thought about it later though.. "or if i could do anything in the whole world" i thought of something.. that i would really really like to do.

Get away from everything. To live.. say.. on a deserted island of some sort.. get away from computers.. washing machines.. cars.. people.. but most of all.. myself.

I think the instinct of survival would kick in and i would truely feel "free".

Ive told my dad and cory this.. and they tell me i'm psycho and i "wouldnt last 10 minutes without a computer"

..which kind of hurts me.. because this is a 100% serious 'dream' of mine.. and if i ever become rich and famous you bet your aspergers that im going to do just that.

ok now that ive rambled for 20 minutes.. i feel a bit better now.. so i guess the next question would be.. what am i going to do.. until whatever happens next... happens? HMMMMMMM...
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K so i woke up this morning to the phone ringing.. and.......... it was unknwon name or number so who knows..

then i decided i was gunna DO something today...

so.. i looked for stuff to do.. and i decided to reburn those hilary duff CDs i needed to get reburned..

So i spent 1/2 the day trying to get the missing songs i needed and ended up NOT getting them..

so we went to the uber big garage sale... and i got this sweet USB Modem for a quarter... I got home and plugged it all in and got drivers and it works PERFECTLY.. its actually faster than my internal one o_O..

Ok so also at the garage sale i got some books..

i got this DOS tips and tricks book.. for 50 cents


I got the no BS guide to redhat linux 6.0 or something.. it COMES with redhat linux.. i didnt know that.. but anyway i got it for 50 cents also..

i got it home.. and it was brand new.. never read.. the CD never opened.. i was like SWEET. its a pretty thick book... so.. i looked at the price and it was 35$!!! and im like WOOAH! COOL!

so yea. deal time for cait.

so jerrie called me and told me we had a test on tuesday and i should take it..

so i took it.. and it was incredibly easy.. i finished in 20 minutes. it took most people 1 1/2 hrs o-O

anyway.. i got ready to send it.. when POOF opera DIED and the test was LOCKED FOREVER!!!!
with my score being a "N/A"


I HAPPENED to hit mr. print button before it died.. and it printed out my test and answers.

i hope to WHITEFACE, GOD OF THE EVIL AND CYNICLE.. that he will take that printout... oy..

on the other hand.

I talked to abu today :)

im gunna see if i can talk to him more. He's so nice, and doesnt get treated well :\
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Well as many of you may or may not know..
Sp00ny came to meh house again Thurs-Sat...


It pwned :D

Heres what happened that i can remember due to the best of my memory.. (which isnt very good =()


So.. Thursday i felt very nervous all day >.< So then i went to SHanes after school with Travis....

WE went to PS food mart and got slushies woo...

So Travis was molesting me with the kitty brush... and... i wasnt happy =(..

Sp00ny called for like 3secs but then he got D/Cd cuz of evil no cellphone towerzezz..

Me and Travis were singinggg.. we did a phantom of the opera duet.. XD

Sooo.. Then we took Travis home.. cuz he had play practice and we went to go pick up sp00ny ^^

We stopped at a gas station thingy and got some pop + snax.. And so we went to jackson.... anddd..... Shane's mom hit a bird o_O...
andddd...... So we got there.. and a PSEUDO TRAIN came.. and was rar..
so we went back..
then it was.. THE TRAIN WOO

so sp00ny was like the 2nd one off.. and he was carrying a PINK BAG!!!
and i said
"...Thats a PIMP bag you got there! XD"
and hes like "yeaaah XD Chinese f00d" so yeah
we got in el carrr... and we went to shanes house... and we talked about stuff on the way there... So then.. I was poking shane and... trying to kill him.... er... XD yeah but then sp00ny was GONE.. then he was THERE.. so we went upstairs... andddd.. we looked at crap.. and me and sp00ny were on his bedd.. and shane was standing there.. and then i tickled shane... XP Soooo we played Card Captor Sakuraaaa... Like Shane took out a card and i told him what it was... and i got like all of them wrong XD then we used cards on each other... and then shane randomly threw them all at me.. AnD THEn they got swords out and were trying to kill me so i sat in the hallway with the wood sword and demanded a password but they got through ANYWAY >_> Lol..THEN Azreal was attempting SUICIDE and im like NUUU!!!! and so me and sp00ny were locked in shanes bathroom and sp0ny put the swords under the door.. and then I turned the water on in the bathtub and told shane i was busy peeing.. LOL.. then sp00ny was GOING to go to the bathroom and im like NUUU XDDD.. so.. yeah.. then we got out.. ummmm.. and we went into the other room... Brianne's room.. but brianne doesnt LIVE THERE.. and shane used all her film on me and sp00ny XD and so we were throwing the soccor ball of DOOM around.. and then Shane found a penny and he was gunna throw it at me and im like "NO!" and he threw it RIGHT in my mouth.. OMG XD.. so we threw other stuff.. and we played hide and seek.. and Then we stopped cuz i found sp00ny in the vent.. Then i randomly turned the light off for like 2 seconds and i turned it back on and shane was GONE!!! and im like "...LMAO WHERES SHANE!!?!?!" and he climbed under the bed WITHOUT ME KNOWING.. in those 2 seconds.. XD it was craaazy... but yeah.. so SHane went to do his HW and so me and sp00ny were in the rooooommm and we talked about crap i dont remember what it was though...

So then shane took us homee... cuz it was like 10:00... and so we got home and dad was SLEEPING XD and so sp00ny warmed up his chinese f00d and he FORCED me to try it.. and he fed it to me <=3 but... unfortunatly.. it was EXTREMELY NASTY.. cuz the noodles... were like.. OMG LETTUCE TEXTURED EWWWEY and i about puked XD so i spit it out.. then i tried some chikan.. it was BEARABLE.. but it tasted sugary.. which is not a good taste...
Ummm.. so we went into my room... and.. I dont remember what we did in there.. but I dont think we did much... But then so we went to sleep... Only i didnt.. XD... Sp00ny was out like FAST.. as far as me.. Well i layed there.. and i was nervous that dad was gunna come in... so i layed on the floor and sleeped BARELY... like maybe 2 secs.. anddd.... end of thursday!!


So we woke up friday morningggg.. at like 5.. and im like.. CRAP i have no pants.. so i did the laundry.. at 5am.. XD yeah so ..

Then i got dressed and such... and did morning things.. and thennnnn we headed off to the BUS! I got in the car and sp00nys like "" so i told him we were gunna illegally go.. but then we went to the end of the driveway XD.. so yeah.. um.. Then the bus cameee... and Mr. Milkey was like ".....uh who are you.." and im like "he's just riding with me for today.." So then a bunch of little kids looked disterbed along with victorias dad.. XDD!!! Sp00ny didn't look too happy.. He wasnt talking at all and stuff :\ I tried to comfort him but BLAH I AM A FAILURE. Ok so.. Then we got to the elementary and hes like "is THIS it?" and im like "nuuuu this is the elementaryyy.." XD so we got to sk00l and when we got off.. Mr Milkys like "Whats your name?" he said " *insert Sp00nys name heere*." and hes like ".......ok" so we got off.. annndd we went in the sk00l and i could tell he was UBERLY nervous o_o.. but then we went to the officeee.... and we saw shane on the way there.. To then we continued to the office.. and we got a sticker.. and put our crap in my locker... and showed him my pickle... XD so then we went to shane.. and we talked and stuff.. so we went to Mr. Loveless' room and hes like "hiiiiii" and stuff and theyre all hiiiii ish.. and so yea. We went to Agrimascience.. and The IDIOT WALLY GODFREY was like "OMG WHO IS DAT" I think thats what he said.. I cant understand Pine very well... and so hes over there being an idiot.. and Sp00nys like ":O" and points at him.. XD it was funny.. so we talked to Stashalash.. Cuz he's polish.. and stupid.. so then we went on el field trip to the tractor store and it was stupid and boring.. and wally is an idiot.. so then we went baaaackkk and.. we went to government.. and i traded aleesa spots.. and sp00ny was just sittin there doin nothin for a long timee.. i was gunna give him a book or something but the oppurtunity didnt arise.. So then we played pictionary.. and sp00ny totally SMOKED us at everything... XP.. Ok so then it wasss Psych. timee.. and we did notesss and we read an article.. and we saw a funny pic of a lady holdin her arm up.. (XD i do it too though) then it was seminar time... and we burned the whole 1/2 hr by lookin at my agenda and talkin and crap... i showed him random story pt. 3.... then it was lunch time and we had chikan burger stuffles.. and yep... umm.. Thomas Arnold was like
"HEY GIRL!!"" but we ignored him.. Then Seth was like "HEY IS HE A NEW STUDENT?!" and im like ". . . No.. Obviously you cant read." and sHane said he heard someone say "...his hair's almost as long as hers..." and then SHane said that Wendy and someone else was like "Oh they look cute together.." Soooo... Lunch was overrr and we went to 5th hourrr.. and He was reading my random story while i finished my THINGGGG... and mr. L came in and turned the music on.. so i turned it down XD.. So i drew a baby chikan on the board... um.. Then we went to 6th hour.. and my tutor kid wasnt there soooo.. we played multiplayer notepad. Literally. We both logged in as my name.. XD and.. we had 2 notepad files open.. talking back and forth to eachother XD!!!!!!! um... so then sp00ny made a random powerpoint about... randoms stuff o-O and i asked him to marry me and hes like "well i SUPPOSE so" i think XD and im like "YAAY HONEYMOON IN PARIS" or something.. um thennn we went to 7th hourr... which was drawingg.. So we nabbed a stool and he sat in front of me.. and he was all nervous and so im like "" but then LATER i realized.. "OHH hes FACING all these H1Os.. andd.. sitting on the stool, being taller than all of them" Sorry Sp00ny >_< i didnt realize that... but Mr. L had me interduce Himmm so i was like.. "well this is... *insert sp00nys name here*... (GOD i wanted to say sp00ny XD) and he's from Chicago... and.. He's a Junior..." So random people were asking me.. "....Is he your BOYFRIEND?" and im like "... .... ......... ..... .... Yea" GOD i was EMBARRASED :O but thennnnn.. Theyre like "so howd you meet him?" and im like OMG UBEr EMBARRASMENT.. so i just told them "...on the internet..." and theyre like "..oh." so yeah o-O... So he drew a picture of an ameoba and other random crap.. and Mr. L threw a pen at me so i drew a cupcake with sprinkles on it using LINES :O and then that was ovverr.. and Mr. L was like "OMG COLLEGE" and im like "OMG NO" cuz hes obsessed with me going to college but i cant cuz we're POOR... SOooo then Shane and Travis came inn and we were hangin out there for a bit talking about.... random crappp.. and Mr. L was talkin to us.. He asked me if i was the one that always wrote on his board.. and i said "no thats like the only thing ive ever written.." then Mr. L left.. and we wrote things on the board.. i put "have a good break" "Cait wasnt here" "this message is a fig newton of your imagination" and Travis wrote "OUR CASUAL RELATIONSHIP IS OVER -CAit" and i duno what shane wrote..

SO then we left and we were gunna go to PS Food mart but we didnt.. So then we were gunna go to BP and get drinks but we didnt.. so we went to my houseee.. and me and Travis drove my car home >_< (i put cat o_O XD) andd... Shane went home first... SO... Shane was like waving down the driveway.. and so he was in the middle of the road.. and We stopped cuz shane thought we were gunna let him in... but travis like floored it and shane had to walk back XD.. Umm.. my dad was gone cuz he was goin to lisence buural or whatever...

So we were at my houseee.. and I wore SHORTS. OMG APOCOLYPSE!!!!!... we did stufffff and.. we played Ape Escape... And i recorded a movie of usss.. and Sp00ny sat in my lap...ish.. and i played with his hair.. and it was SNOWING IN MY ROOM XDDD! (inside joke) butt... his hair is soo looong and pretty =3 even if it IS dandrifffull.. I told them.. "I want to just stick your hair in a bucket of water and scrub it!!" and theyre like "...LOL THATS SO RANDOM WHY?" and im like "welll sp00ny = dandriff and its kinda like tooter has dandriff.. but.. I always want to do that to tooter but i cant cuz its always cold..." and so thennn we all tickled each other.. and we pinned corys underwear to the wall again...and Travis' pants fell down like 4584538 times.. and Shane SMOKED Travis in his bokki and He fell on my bed and BUSTED the roller thing off of it. XD OMG it was funny... But then travis got into meh underwear drawer and threw EVERYTHING AROUNDDDDDDDDD... and i was mad >_> soooo.. Sp00nys just sittin there with meh underwear on his head XD and so i took em off o-O... So then i sat infront of sp00ny and he played with my hair and it WAS.. SOOOO. FLIPPPPPIN ORGASMIC O_O I SWEAR O_O dude.. it felt awesome XD i got the tinngly feeling ALL OVER AND STUFF.. and he tickled me alot and i spazed XD and yeah.. so Shane and Travis were playin Ape escape a ton... Shane got obsessed with ape escape.. Um.... Then it was storming.. and the power went out.. and travis tripped over the camera cord like 3453453489 times.. and i got mad >_> Umm.. Travis kept using corys bubble soap and screaming "MERCURY BUBBLES BLASSTTT!!!" XD... Um we played karaoke revolution.. and i did really bad.. XD i BELTED OUT "when a man love a women" i was like "WHEEEEEN AAAA MAAAAAAAAHHHHHNNNNN LOOOVES A WOMENN!!!!" blah blah.. and so sp00ny did some.. and we randomly made up different lyrics.. i was like "WHEN A HERMAMFIDITOUS LOVESSS A WOMAN" and "WHEN A WOMENNNN LOVES A WOMENNN!!!" and crap.. Umm. even SHANE was on this!!! i had to kill travis.. so shane took over the mic and so he + Sp00ny made random noises like cory LOL.... Umm. we got pizza.. and i had like 3 pieces nad sp00ny had like 4 or something.. Shane and travis had like a pizza each.. XDDDD.. and Shane like.. randomly bit a box and tore a piece off.. XD!! omg it was hillarious.. so i tore a different box up.. XD..

.. SO i was joking with sp00ny all throughtout the trip that we should make oUT :O but then i kept doooin it and hes like "BLAH NO" so... rar and then um.. So when the power went out.. And me and shane got into his car.. and i had to talk to him abouttt.. posibly WHY sp00ny didnt want to take our relationship to the next level.. and so we established that.. I was expeciting too much of this and he wasnt ready and he prolly didnt want to do it cuz it might endager the relationship and he just didnt want to take that chance... Shane also told me.. That we are really close freinds.. and we'd do stuff for eachother and i was.. kinda touched by that.... but at the same time i felt REALLY bad because sp00ny had no idea what was going on... sooooo I told sp00ny this and hes like ":|ish" cuz Travis said that Cory said That SP00ny said that Sp00ny was afraid that i might like shane more than him.. and this had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with ANYTHING we were talkin about o-O so i duno.... thennn all 4 of us took off and went to BP and we got beer.. and sp00ny said he was scared of loosing me and i duno why he'd even think that because i am his eternal lover and he is mine weither he likes it or not :P

and we went home and drank it... we were soo wasted.. lol off of root beer.. And then we went back in my room.. and the power was back on.. sooo Shane and travs hung out for a little bit then they went back home.. So it was me and sp00ny.. and we watched an ep of DearS.. and we played Shout about movies 1.. and Cory kept cheating and he lost so he threw a big baby ass fit like he always does.. and sooooo... we watched another ep of DearS i think.. um.. Sp00ny was playing Graffiti Kingdom for like 349392345 hours and he said he <3's Pasteellll more than meh! :O... lol.. but shes like "...graFIIITI KINGdom!!!" and "are you SUUUURE you want to delete that?" and "THAT looks DONE!" or "THAT looks DUH!" and "You HAVE to pick a COnnector!!" and such XD .. Sooo we discovered that a really funny word = Jimmy.. Cuz my tutor kid is always like "im gunna jimmy that keyboard" and whatnot.. So were going on for HOURS about "OMG LETS JIMMY THIS" and "LETS JIMMY THAT" it was funny :P Sp00ny said "Let's name our first kid JIMMY!!" so we can say "JIMMY IS GOING TO JIMMY YOUR JIMMIED KEYBOARD BUT SOMEONE MIGHT JIMMY IT FROM JIMMY!" and it was funny though :P and our SECOND kid would be named ALFREDO!! XD cuz thats the stupidest name ever..

And i was really tired so we went to bed.. and this was the first night we actually BOTH SLEPT in the same bed together =3 <3.. um.. but all throughout the night.. and the night before.. I looked over and im like " is that?" cuz it SOUNDED Like snoop was puking o_O but.. Snoop wasnt there.. and i figured out it was sp00ny.. and i duno perhaps he has Sleep Apnea.. it kinda sounds like it :\\\\\\\.... but.. I duno.. Soooooo.. END OF FRIDAY!


Sooo.. I got up at like 7.. and I poked sp00ny and he slike 'gimme 6 mins" so i gave him 11 and then we got up and we watched DearS for like 3 hours.. and I think sp00ny played graffiti kingdom a little bit.. Then we sat on my floor and Sp00ny physically sat in my lap but he has a boney butt so he sat on the floor XD and he was obsessed with my Bunnicula books o_O aand he was obsessed with pastel.. XD and stuff o_O and he was obsessed with my lanyard things O_o i duno so.. I gave him presents... and stuff.. and we got foood. he ate the rest of his nasty.. I mean chinese :P and i had hamburger helper XD yea at like 9am.. but yeah.. So... noone came over that day... We messed around with Doom and chex quest.. I made a copy of his CD with crap on it.. we tried to run linux but it didnt work at all o_O.. Um.. We went outside and messed with my swing set... and.. we fed the bunnies.. and we had chikan alfredo.. and we listened to music... He ran to ebay to go look for a pastel plushie but they DONT EXIST!!! Then he DEMANDED to see a scale cuz hes like "Oh im so fatttt" and im like "...chaaaa right" so i clinged to his leg so he couldnt go anywhere XPPPP it was fun... Um.. i told him.. that his belt was like.. Totally not on all the way.. XD HE MISSED A LOOP!! XD.. Um.. he claimed to loose his GB but we found it.. IN HIS BAG XD.. He had a trenchcoat with him.. Um.. I tried it on but my BUST WAS TOO BIG :O!!! LOL!! Umm m i tried his sodoku game.. and.. it was stupid cuz you can cheat like poo.. Um.. I'm not exactly sure where the time went with this day... Because before i knew it.. It was time to go.. <=(( We packed up our things.. and.. i got my coat.. i brought along a notebook so we could talk.. So we wrote stupid crap back and forth to each other.. and omg i was sooooo soooooooooo sick then >_< by the time we got to the train station.. i was SOO uberly cold.. i REALLY REALLY wanted to sit down and cory kept SQUEEKIN the fence thing and i wanted to punch him.. So then the train came.. and we hugged.. and said we loved eachother and He was gone.. and i felt soo sick.. and cold i thought i was gunna freeeze.. so thenn.. cuz dad wants to bow down infront of cory.. we wandered around jackson. FOr 4 hours.. I was so flippin arse cold.. I kinda layed back.. and then we got to the mall.. and i got up and my eyes were like SOAKED XD i guess i was crying...... but i was sooo flippin arse hot.. SO i got a slushie and then we went to wendys and got a frosty + chikan nuggets.. Thennnn.. we went to another mall.... adn then we went to meijers and i felt just.. sick to my stomache REALLY bad there.. Then we went home... we got home at about 11:30.. Sp00ny might have been home by then.. *shrug* so i stayed up for about an hour.. and i couldnt take it.. i had to go to bed i was so tired... So i did.. I got up and i felt better.. Sp00ny got on and we talked.. very briefly.. So i was obsessed with finding a THING editor for DOOM but i cant find one..... so then we played chex quest multiplayer till it forked up.. Then i was obsessed with editting Blackbox.. ( a shell for windows) adn i did that for about 12 hours.... it was fun >=P but it crashes.. ... more often than i'd like :\ Then sp00ny wrote in his journal... ... he says he's depressed.. and such.. =( He said that the trip was ok.. he just... cant take life and crap.. so.. He left before i could talk to him so i wrote him a long arse comment in his journal. I really do want him to feel good.. I really really do =(.. But i cant cuz im a failure >_> but.. Shane got on and so did taryn.. and we talked a bit.. shane said hes gunna come over tomarrow.. (which is today...) Um.. i feel really bad right now though.. because sp00ny is unhappy.. =| I really wish he would of stayed on longer so i could talk to him.. But i guess it can wait till tomarrow... I guess.. =(..

So Thats the end of the Sp00ny + Cait experience.. Part 3..

God i miss him...

18000 Characters, 2600 Words in case you were wondering....
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Woo so i reformatted.. Fixed my monitor.. and i have no programs on my computer whatsoever except RO!! XD WOO!!

so.. Im updating via the web.. and this is the first time EVER that ive done that XD

so pizza

but if you wish to join me at RO..

Feel free..

My name is Caiterz.

Shane + Travis have various names so i duno o_O lol..

*yawns* Im level like.. 76.. and i played it for 20 mins. XD..

Um.. so ill try to get semagic DL'd tomarrow... so i can backdate a bit..

Um... I want sp00ny to come over at the end of the month BUt he wants me to come over.. but my dad wont let me cuz hes afraid im going to get raped...

So i duno..
I guess if he cant come over thats ok.. Ill play RO and sort CDs.. and sleep..

Oh god sleep..


*orgasms over the thought of sleeping*

LOL.. ok not that far but man i <3 sleeping..

... ... and people playing with my hair ....



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