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*Comes home from work*
Cait: Happy sweetest dayy! *Hands candy and a present*
Daniel: Thanks! I got you a kiss. *Kiss*
Cait: =^_^=
Daniel: Also, I ate most of your bread and the rest of your cereal... but I didn't touch your pizza yet.
Cait: D::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So for sweetest day, Daniel got me the fact that he ate my food. LOL. We're gunna go get a cake later to share I think.
In other newz...
Managed to mess more stufff up okay, but i'm totally okay with it! You cant learn till ya mess up!
And I ate my pizza, so daniel couldnt. LOL.
Tore my tiny lappy apart again to fix a couple things inside, got it charging... I need to play with it tooniiighhtt <3
ALSO, going to make pumpkin muffins!


Oct. 13th, 2014 11:54 pm
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"For my birthday, I want alllll the kitties in the world! :D"
-me to Daniel!


Went to the dentist today. Thought it was going to be fairly stress-free as it always is. (I dont have an issue with dentists)
The girl was new to me.. was extremely rough on my teeth, felt like she was deliberately drilling holes in them with her little metal pick thing. I was bleeding like crazy, way more than the normal little bit...
Afterwards, we did x-rays, since I hadn't had any since 2011. The machine was new, very stress free, and way easier than the old method of x-rays.
In 2011, they said my wisdom teeth were doing fine, coming in perfectly, and that they were essentially "perfectly shaped and aligned". It made me happy. I've never had an issue with my teeth - ever.
We went back into the room, the other dentist stated one of my wisdom teeth had a cavity because it was "sharp"... Huh?
She said 3 of my wisdom teeth are fully in, and 1 hasnt even started popping down.
She looked at my teeth herself and proclaimed "I love your wisdom teeth... They all have to come out"
Shocked, and with metal in my mouth I go "WHA?"
She says there's "not enough room for them" Which made me confused. She said they are all in place 'cept the one.. there's enough room now, why wouldn't there be later? And even so, why would the bottom two have to come out, if they are finished and aligned fine right now?
She said this was serious, and that they had to come out within 3 weeks, that I couldn't wait.
She said the one bottom one (which is already in place) is going to hit my jawbone. (why? It's in place, why would it?)
I dont understand. They don't even hurt. They aren't pushing my teeth together.. Why would I get them all pulled for no reason?
Obviously, i was upset, and bawled on the way home. (bad, i was driving...)
Cory said that they wanted him to get all of his out too... and his haven't even started coming down yet.
They referred me to this place in Jackson.
TBH, I feel like they want referral money... asking people to get their wisdom teeth out for no reason.
I had a psychologist do this to me once.. She said I was Bipolar, and referred me to this place in Marshall... The Marshall lady did nothing but talk to her kids on what they were going to have for supper on the phone during our 10 minute "sessions" and ask how my mom was doing. (which, she was dead, so.... not well.)
I can't trust anyone these days, not even the dentist. :'(

Also, fiverr is having a free sample thing
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lololol. Daniel: *picks up taco bell bag* *Taco bell bag starts to fall over* Daniel: WTH THERE'S A BURRITO IN HERE? *smiles* *Starts to eat it* Me: o_o what did you expect was going to be in there? lol
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Today, i was invited to sit with some people for 3 minutes during their break.
I never get invited to anything.
the feelz T-T <3

Daniel: Hey Cait, Nessie has a Tail Bone
Cait: Uhhh... yeah? Of course she does.
Daniel: NO I said a Tail BOW.
(Nessie has a bow tied to her tail)
Cait: OHHHHHHHhhhh


Aug. 29th, 2014 03:15 am
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That nap is gunna ruin me, lol... Gotta be up in 2 hrs... Still cant sleep.... Ack.

Difinite Firefly ep ranking:

Nice and slow again today. Worried a bit about a small situation, but im prolly overthinking it.
Im so tired today, i took daniels badge to work instead of mine, lol. Thats not gunna work....
Gunna nap soon i hope :D

The best kind of noise is


So far daniels cake looks ok.
Gunna try and ruin it with frostings later lol

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Me: theres a tv show called "the coolest stuff on earth"
Daniel (delusional and completely serious): thatd be... Ice.
Me: *laughs histerically* LOLOOLOLOL NO ITS NOT

Taking a nap from 10-3... not the best idea in the world, lol.
Been so emotionally exhausted lately!
Feeling okay for now, we'll see how long that lasts.
One of the weird things is... whenever I sleep, my anxiety (and unfortunately happiness) resets to 0 (usually). Daniel says that's weird, and that when he feels different things, it lasts till it's over spanning several (or more) days

Mr. Clean Naked:
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TWO exams left in this class, then I AM DONE!!! Hopefully will get them done tomorrow!!!  Even without those, the last quizzes, and discussion I can almost... ALMOST not even take them and get a good grade - 

Course total 459.00 0–667


Revelations The Demon Slayer... seems like Dragon Warrior meets Pokemon... O_o.

My blood pressure is insane right now. I dont know how so many stupid people fill these DHS forms out, yet i cant get an answer from anyone about anything. :|

I can get, however, as much time as I like on hold!! Several hours at a time even. If anyone wants any hold time on the phone, let me know... i can hook you up.

Photo: :D

So... Is anyone going garage saling tomorrow morning? Can I tag along with anyone?

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Man, my Walmart rage wasn't over yet.  

They have new coupons on their website, which is "Clip n print". I clipped, I fought with their printer plugin for a 1/2 hour, then after it got done, it said "THANKS FOR PRINTING! " and nothing ever printed... and I can't clip any more.

Screw that! D: *hugs her mPerks*

6am and full of energy... WHYYYY?!,!?! T-T

Omg lol. 

Daniel: i cant think of any names for kids
Cait: i like nerdy names... Like maxwell and simon
Daniel: you want to name then SPIDERMAN?
Cait: uhhhh i said SIMON.
Daniel: well spiderman would be pretty nerdy.

Does anyone have any experience with candy making? More specifically cakes, fondant, and possibly rice krispie treat molding?

Prolly gunna die tonight, LOL
Photo: Prolly gunna die tonight, LOL

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Photo: Whoops it was today


I feel like i can't accept the new dub. .

Luna needs to be older... and british. ;_;

Play Video




but funny.

Cory is a n00d. xD

We screwed with his friends at the fair.


so funny xDDD

Fell asleep in the sauna, the chair, and the hot tub..... Time for bed, lol


Mar. 11th, 2014 07:19 pm
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They should make a movie about Leo never getting an Oscar... And the actor playing him should get an Oscar..



I'm doing nothing but dragon ball and cleaning for 3 days. Nothingggg!!!! lol

Good news for ranch lovers!! Meijer sells a 0 calorie ranch now. And less salt than regular ranch! No nasty trade off!

I tried it today... It doesn't taste EXACTLY the same... But it's a really decent replacement! 

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Random Jerk: "Go put those away"
Me: *Looks around* Im not sure where those go.
Random Jerk: "WELL it's NOT Hard to find out where!"
Me: ..................
Someone else: They don't go anywhere, they stay there.
Me: ................................................................... So what do i do?
Boss: You can clock out 
Me: *out of there as fast as i can, even forgetting my coat* -____-

To top it all off, i had to do dishes, which i have no idea how to do.. and my wrists are KILLING ME. it hurts to type. 

Guess it's off the comp for today! 

To mah nerdy friends. I released a working combination of xbox 360 -> pc map converter method today! *point to link if you're interested*

In other news: Holy crap, so daniel set the alarm for 1:00 AM instead of PM... and we went to bed at like 8am. Soo... I woke up at 2:44pm exactly. (I wanted to get up at 2:45pm after 1pm) With no alarm. BUt i rolled over and said "mmm no alarm yet" but then i was like "But this feels too late!" and i looked at the clock. xD

It's weird how those things happen. Apparently my body wants me to go to work today. (I dont, lmao)

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Alright, so everyones been raving about "Orange is the new black" So, i usually watch something boring to sleep to.. Oh no. It didnt happen, lol.

The start is boring, seems like generic 'pretty' girl stuff.. So i was kinda tired,,, but THEN.... the dialogue is very witty in some places, reminds me abit of Firefly at times *gasp*.
So of course, now im intrigued, and watch a bit more awake.. and finish the episode. It was good. I'm not a fan of prison/jail/csi shows at ALL.. but this is more along the lines of a girl lost, learning new things... making mistakes and trying to fix them.

So i recommend, even if you dont like jail/prison/csi-esque things. 

Also this is rated "MA" So there is nudes n stuff, so if you cant tolerate it, dont watch LOL

it kind of reminds me of greys anatomy only prison instead of hospital.

OMG I Looove my online community so much... Q_Q♥ They're so funny and random..

<17:35:30> "Lime": Everyone!
<17:35:35> "Lime": Give it up to Cait.
<17:35:44> "Lime": Thank her for her years of service and her love of us all.
<17:35:48> "Lime": -claps-
<17:35:59> "Eeveesprit": *claps*
<17:36:07> "Ratukan": o-o
<17:36:09> "Lime": This is to Cait, the greatest Trickster of them all.
<17:36:10> "Natsumi": *claps*
<17:36:11> "Ratukan": ~claps~
<17:36:12> "Eeveesprit": Thank you Cait
<17:36:12> "Ratukan": QQ
<17:36:21> "Ratukan": ~starts a group hug~
<17:36:21> "Eeveesprit": We love you
<17:36:27> "Eeveesprit": *group hugs*
<17:36:28> "Ratukan": bring it in 
<17:36:30> "Natsumi": The greatest Trickster, with the greatest British accent, evarrrrr!
<17:36:35> "Ratukan": o:
<17:36:43> "Giima": CAIT
<17:36:45> "Giima": I LOVE YOU.
<17:36:50> "Eeveesprit": We all do!
<17:36:51> "Ratukan": we know you do
<17:36:53> "Lime": Where's Haverstock?
<17:36:53> "Ratukan": o:
<17:36:54> "Ratukan": owo
<17:36:57> "Ratukan": not here
<17:36:57> "Lime": He'd say a lot more.
<17:36:58> "Giima": AND FOR FUSING WITH ME.
<17:36:58> "Lime": XD
<17:37:01> "Ratukan": i would know if he was
<17:37:02> "Ratukan": .-.
<17:37:05> "Natsumi": Yeah he probably would lol
<17:37:08> "Giima": THAT'S WHY I'M ALWAYS WITH YOU
<17:37:11> "Giima": CAUSE WE'RE FUSED.
<17:37:14> "Giima": Love you
<17:37:15> "Giima": btw
<17:37:16> "Ratukan": i was talking to him for a while so ya
<17:37:23> "Lime": Cait we all love you. 
<17:37:24> "Natsumi": Pfft, I shared a paopu with cait.
<17:37:26> "Ratukan": are we gonna start?
<17:37:29> "Ratukan": OSU
<17:37:29> "Ratukan": o-o
<17:37:30> "Lime": The gift of GM_Lime.
<17:37:31> "Eeveesprit": Love love love fruit apples~!
<17:37:38> "Lynnie": CAIT I LOVE YOU PLEASE AMRRY ME
<17:37:39> "Natsumi": STARTING
<17:37:40> "Lynnie": MARRY ME
<17:37:49> "Lynnie": LIKE A BILLION AT LEAST
<17:37:50> "Lynnie": k
<17:38:39> "Average_Joe_Caiterz": *Scroll up*
<17:38:47> "Average_Joe_Caiterz": OLOLOLOL @ Where's haverstock, hed do a better job
<17:38:47> "Lime": XD

as you may or may not know. I QUIT trickster development! So im just running the group / tricksteronlineinfo,tk now.

Cuz i start mah new job on sunday, and then IRL yay!

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Listin stuff for saless!

All about... L<3ve!

this was actually a response to someones love troubles.. and I'd like to share it, since I think it's an actually really deep and thought provoking subject..

Do any of you guys have any additional thoughts or comments on the subject? Perhaps some more "deep thinking" Cuz I deep thinking :x


"-The "In love" / "Love at first sight aka lust" feeling that most people fee...l, that high, that rush... is just hormones excited at a "potential mate".. When you get PAST that, the hormones are gone/less.. you dont feel the rush anymore.. and that's when "Deep love" sets in.. the real, true, emotional-connection - when people stay together after the hormonal rush is gone, it's usually for the long haul.

People that only "Love others" FOR that rush... are people who dont really emotionally love others (at least not yet)

Teenagers are often incapable of understanding the biology behind love.... that the "high" feeling ISNT TRUE love... It's more like... hormonal lust... its the DNA releasing hormones saying "HEY S/HE COULD PASS MY GENETICS ALONG, LETS GET EXCTED!"

Often long enough for the sex to happen (but not always!), then they get "boring" cuz the hormones are no longer there saying "HEY LOOK A MATE! WOOT WOOT!" either because they think they've secured the other one as a "Mate for life" or, it's just done being excited over a potential new mate.

It's a REALLY really deep thing to think about.. and i did a lot of research on love and relationships throughout my life, mainly because I never felt that "Lust" towards people. Sure, i had crushes, but i didnt want to have sex with them.. in fact, I'm "asexual" meaning, i dont find it appealing with ANYONE.... and as far as i knew this was NOT normal.. so i did an ass ton of research to find out why i was broken XDDD

Anyway - Keep going.... keep trucking on... Another person isn't your life, even though it feels like it.. You'll find someone else. someone that loves you for you, not the way you make their hormones THINK they feel.

And keep in high spirits.. When those sort of girls realize that they arent gunna have that "high" throughout an ENTIRE relationship, they may realize that they HAD a gem (you!)... and apologize, and try and smooth things over between you, and possibly start again..

So give her time.... she might come around again"


What d'ya guys think?

My dad replied to this- "I do my best thinking on the toilet,but thats just me!!!" Lmao.

Extra spicy General tso's chicken.. %*&#@%*(@$(*$@*(%#@$ # <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333

If anyone would like some easy money... (legit! I might add xD) The place i do surveys for (I get $3 per survey, they aren't long, and sometimes send you free samples!)

They're accepting signups for a brief time, very legitimate company, I've done surveys with them for a long time.


So just had a "VIA text message" convo where someone said they missed me and all this sort of thing... and i dunno anyones phone number, lol, so I just play along like I know them.... Cuz i dont wanna sound like a jerk...

and then they asked why i hadnt responded to them.. and im like "o_O i havent gotten anything".. so i check all my accts.. and im like "Which acct did you send it to?"

"i sent it to the Jacob Jones one"

and im like.. WOAH you musta got the wrong number, ROFL

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Feelin bad the past few days....

Weird muscley twitches everywhere, random pain in my legs and arms and hands and bleh!


*Cait is coughing up a storm*
*Smells Vix*
Daniel: You're addicted to that stuff.
Cait: Want a hit?
Daniel: Sure!
Cait: I'm not addicted to the vix, daniel... I'm addicted to the feeling of not coughing.



Mar. 19th, 2013 11:25 pm
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Photo: (M) One of our greatest liberal Presidents. Posted on the Being Liberal fan page.

Daniels birthday this weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Mar. 2nd, 2013 11:25 pm
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Photo: ☣~SH
OMG. Daniel> ROFL.

So okay, theres a Mythbusters episode on about octopuses, and hes flipping out cuz theyre so "GROSS"

and Im like, DANIEL YOU ARE SO INTO TENTACLES! and hes like "NO I AM NOT! They are STICKY and theyre gunna EAT YOU FOREVER and its GROSS"





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