Jan. 19th, 2011

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So i was at the hospital today.. (my chest was indeed hurting at the time) and they wanted me to sign a waiver to do some IV contrast on the CT scan of my chest. The waiver stated that "if you die (and theres a 1 in 100,000 chance you will) you wont sue us".

I was like "Mmmm no thank you. *doesnt sign* @_@"
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Just wanted to hit you guys up with a complaint..

Many people are unhappy about the 5gb/month limit, as am I..



when we have better alternatives than a measley 5gb.

"Millenicom' Verizon 20GB @ $60
Millenicom's Sprint 50GB @ $70
16mb cable @250gb cap"

Virgin Mobile is the best alternative for us people in the middle of nowhere where its THE ONLY feasible choice rather than spend thousands to have aforementioned lines run out here.

Please reconsider the 5gb cap.... It's driving many of us away.

My alternative is free dialup... and free is a lot cheaper than 40$ a month.. and i dont want to  pay 40$ a month for dialup speeds after that first 5gb..

Another alternative is to have everyone who already signed up for the 40$ a month unlimited plan not be affected by the 5gb cap, but only new customers.

Otherwise, it's a "bait n switch" Sort of thing....


Talked to VM today, they said that the 40$ plan will still be available, but they are upping it to 50$ a month for every new customer that signs up.. us that are getting it for 40$ right now, will continue to pay 40$ until we switch to another plan.

(That would be retarded?)

Also they said the speeds would be slowed down to a “256kbs” connection speed.. which would be similar to downloading at around 30kb/s – still 6x faster than dialup…

I asked them if the download speed WAS going to be around 30kb/s and they said since it’s a brand new thing, they weren’t sure what the speeds will be just yet, and we have to wait until feb 15th and over 5gb to see.

If you let your service run out (dont top up for a few days) you can still get the 40$ plan, it's just if your ACCOUNT ITSELF gets deactivated (no top up for 60 days) is when you cant top up for the 40$ plan.. (instead youll have to get the new 50$ plan)


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