Aug. 2nd, 2014 10:46 pm
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So... Had 3/4ths of a panic attack today... Was shopping when it happened. The first time in a year and a half, and the first time in public....

Luckily it wasnt a full blown loud talking freak out with complete brain fuzz. It was mostly just brain fuzz and weird feeling, chest pain and numb arm and leg....

Feeling mostly okay now, tyler and jordan helped me keep my sanity till daniel got off.

2 days off, and i may just do absolutely nothing for them.

Feeling much better today... So cleaning house majorly. Got my dragon table in!
Photo: Feeling much better today... So cleaning house majorly. Got my dragon table in!
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So, had an ok time shopping today... Messed my foot up though, somehow... Hope its better after a nap!

So... On with the nap! Lol!

Got to bed at a reasonable hour last night (2). Off to the library today and maybe karaoke on second life!

What's Ridiculous Today!:

So, I want to buy a house! Sounds simple enough, eh? Well, I need some information on how to do so. Sounds simple enough too, right? Apparently not.

Original Stop - Pines: They sign me up for their healthymichigan insurance and whatnot. They tell me about HUD houses / Grants for first time home buyers. Sounds awesome! They give me a website to look at.

1st stop: The library! I'm not a fan of doing this stuff online, I want to talk to a real live person! The library has got to know EVERYTHING right? They're the library! The central hub of information! Turns out, they have no idea about where to go. Thanks, library.

2nd stop: Search the website, they say to go to the housing commission! Okay! Enough of this online stuff.

3rd stop: Post office. Hi, I cant find the housing commission, it's supposed to be around here.... Oh, it's in the basement of the apartment building across the street? How odd! Okay, thanks!

4th stop: Apartment Building. Oh, we only do rentals of apartments, no I don't know how to buy a house or know of anywhere to look. Uh, okay....

5th stop: Hmmmm... what now? Michigan Works? They should know about this sort of thing, right? It's how Michigan works! People get jobs to get a house! Okay, Michigan Works! What do you have for me? Call 278-SAFE? But that's a domestic issue hotline! That doesn't matter? Okay, I'll try it! Why not?

6th stop: 278-SAFE: Oh, you're ONLY domestic issues? Understandable. Those crazy people at Michigan Works! But you have someone to transfer me to that knows all about housing stuff! ok, great!

7th stop: The Transfer: You have no idea about housing stuff? How odd! That crazy person on the other line! Oh, you have 3 phone numbers for me to try? Great. They have access to every program in Michigan! Finally, I'll get somewhere today! 

8th stop: Department of Human Services. Oh, you've never heard of HUD houses or first time home buyer stuff? And you were rude to me and hung up on me? Screw you lady.

9th stop: Community Action Agency! They are closed. open 8-4. Okee dokey!

10th stop: Habitat for Humanity! They are closed. Open on Friday + Saturday only.

So apparently no one around here knows anything. I thought I would have learned and remembered that from my DOCTOR ADVENTURE a couple years ago.


Man, I cant believe these Nacirema people! lol


Did some karaoke online today...... and now I feel sick, LOL. Nerves!!!!!
Photo: Did some karaoke online today...... and now I feel sick, LOL. Nerves!!!!!
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Woah! So apparently I just had a really bad blood sugar issue earlier. After I came home and ate, I was 110% again. Seems weird how that stuff happens, even if I've ate something that day.

If you ever need to upload something quick... https://infotomb.com/

Hung out with grandparents again today! Civil War stuff! Then we went to Bob Evans... saw Daniel at lunch break..

Home to work on some orders and do some cleaning and then hang out with Keeley, tentatively!


Mar. 10th, 2014 07:19 pm
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Commander is gettin serious 

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Super Stressfull day... Came into work 2 hours late. Had to deal with a jerk new manager... (Unrelated to the coming in late thing)

Daniel got mad because his car was going to be towed tomorrow unless we move it. I demanded we move it, and he didn't want to tonight...

and my arm feels REALLY messed... Like hot/cold by my elbow, and my pinkie and finger right next to it feels all weird 

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amazed at how good mucinex makes me feel!

ALso is this 3d to anyone? it was taken with 3ds and looks 3d in the 3ds.
Photo: amazed at how good mucinex makes me feel!

My sickness is affecting my brain. So I get ready for work today, right? On the way in, I smash my head on my car door TWICE, trip over my pants in the parking lot...

I get inside, only to find out that I don't work today. Talk about embarrassing!

I did get these really cute kitty slippers from big lots though..

Looks kinda like these:
Photo: My sickness is affecting my brain. So I get ready for work today, right? On the way in, I smash my head on my car door TWICE, trip over my pants in the parking lot...I get inside, only to find out that I don't work today. Talk about embarrassing! :/I did get these really cute kitty slippers from big lots though..Looks kinda like these:
3DS! ADD MEH! Caiterz.

OMG LINK BETWEEN WORLDS!!! *touches self*
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Worst headache ever. Feel like poop, lol. 

Some lady was drunk outside too 
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Oh mucinex! I had no idea how well you would work!! 


May. 9th, 2013 10:58 pm
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pinched nerve in my neck.... i literally cant move without the worst pain in the world,,, and all the phones in the house are dead... :'( watching the brave little toaster to help distract


Q____Q So now i've got a weird twitchy spasming thing going on in the left side of my neck..

Right before this happened, when i moved my neck to the right, it soudned like fizzy or sand dropping in my neck.. Ugh..

This happened once before in 2007, and it didn't go away for a few weeks...

I feel like I'm falling apart again.... Q_Q
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Feelin bad the past few days....

Weird muscley twitches everywhere, random pain in my legs and arms and hands and bleh!


*Cait is coughing up a storm*
*Smells Vix*
Daniel: You're addicted to that stuff.
Cait: Want a hit?
Daniel: Sure!
Cait: I'm not addicted to the vix, daniel... I'm addicted to the feeling of not coughing.



May. 5th, 2013 10:58 pm
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Soooo  the flea market..Kind of was a failure x_Xwe made a little bit of money, but we got burnt to a crisp in the process.Daniel got it a lot worse, his head is all like, crusty and bleeding :/Went to walmart for some sunburn medicine, but it didnt help at all. What a waste :/
Soooo the flea market..

Kind of was a failure x_X

we made a little bit of money, but we got burnt to a crisp in the process.

Daniel got it a lot worse, his head is all like, crusty and bleeding :/

Went to walmart for some sunburn medicine, but it didn't help at all. What a waste :/
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Look forward to trying out the seller portion of the flea market :D


 I only started worrying about it since the chest pains thing, never before :'(

Like this day: http://www.boardforus.com/topic/31158-death/

Buttttt... I dunno if I ever told you my thoughts on the subject that helped me feel better... (I Kind of went offtopic in the post LOL) ->http://www.boardforus.com/topic/34240-women-more-susceptible-to-ghosts/#entry229219

Even though 99% of my chestpains are gone, some days i still worry about it so much it disrupts... well, life, lol...

And i do my best to distract myself with things ;-; thats all I can do...

Hope ya feel better...

BTW - I do wanna play more NW with Rodney, but this week is PACKED with crap i gotta do till monday.


T____T Had sometthing new happen today... My right side of my head got really cold for no reason, and i felt on the verge of a panic attack ( It didn't go full blown, thankfully!)

Hot bath later and a walk arond walmart, and i feel a bit better now.. But jebus, really scary...


Went to a larger town today, went to a couple thrift stores n stuff~

Ate at old country buffet.


Mar. 30th, 2013 11:25 pm
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My head is about to explode Q_Q Time to lay down
Pedido de Gabriel Arreguy
Sessão Kawaii - Food 15/20
Photo: Pedido de Gabriel Arreguy Sessão Kawaii - Food >.< 15/20#Nanai


Mar. 9th, 2013 11:25 pm
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Guess there's another fire somewhere, 2 fire trucks just drove by..

I <3 wakin up to a screaming headache, lol
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So i had mountain dew baja blast icee today, and started to feel really weird after it..

Since ive stopped drinking pop, my chest pains have been almost zero. Looked up high fructose corn syrup allergy... and found this article.... Please check it out.

HFCS may be hurting us all...


On this valentines day - everyone remember - I love you!

Even though I suck at starting a conversation (this is why i do better in groups...)... I'll always respond if you talk to me Each of you was hand picked to be part of my 'inner circle' XD

So dont feel lonely guyz. I love you too

Also happy birthday to NESSIE <3


Jan. 21st, 2013 10:13 am
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I had an AMAZING day yesterday ♥ I didnt hurt much, and felt pretty good.

The difference? Daniel made me eat a ton of food. x__x. We'll work on it again. I guess i need to find a good balance.

Its supposed to feel ike -7 degrees out tonig...ht, so everyone dress warm!

And now for an interesting article from weather.com!


"In fact, he and other experts say, most acute coughs are caused by viral illnesses, such as colds and flu, and won't be helped by antibiotics no matter how long they last.

Yet, many doctors prescribe them, sometimes just to please patients and save time, says Gustavo Ferrer, a pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida, in Weston."

^ I feel like this is every doctor i visited. each time i mentioned the next symptom on my list, they changed thier tune on treatment instead of listening to them all. :/
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Think im gettin sick again >__<

Its also very cold, and i think the heater is about to die, cuz it keeps "trying to start" but it doesnt always work x_X

I'd like a good day one of these days! lol

Why oh Why do trolls flock to me!?

I need to follow my own advice,and just block/ignore them right off the bat!

Let's try that


If i had a store, I would totally do this.


Dec. 31st, 2012 11:17 am
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Alrighty, well my triglycerides are DOUBLE the max amount that they should be... Which basically means that my diet is gotta be even more restrictive than before.

Basically limited to...

Whole grain bread and rice, vegetables (bleh), fish (I hate fish though) chicken (Oh yes)

(in other words... hunter gatherer diet)

Time to starve i guess. I feel like throwing up all the time anyway.

If anyone wants a bunch of candy/snack foods, come over to my house, i cant have it anymore, lol


Dec. 30th, 2012 11:17 am
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just wonderin if anyone is on a low-sodium diet at all? What sort of foods can you eat that dont suck? lol..

It's like.. the internet tells me

"Nuts, bananas, Potatoes, Peas, fat-less meat, fish, multi-grain bread, oatmeal, licorice"

All things that taste like crap, lol.. I feel like i gotta choose starvation or sodium overdose :/

IR The Amperz idk how much you like foods without meat and stuff but i usually follow a lower sodium vegetarian diet.


i can look up some other "dinner" foods for you if you'd like~

Find quick and easy Low Sodium Vegetarian recipes. Become a member, post a recipe and get free nutritional analysis of the dish on Food.com

Ive led communities online for the past 12 years,and its so interesting to see how UNIVERSAL peoples moods are.. and how common sicknesses are...

Like, lotsa people in michigan are sick right now.. but also in california.. florida... europe.. australia. All with prolly about the same thing!

But their MOODS... also.. Last night, all the people next door were screaming and fighting and running outside tellin about how they were gunna kill eachother and whatnot... but also a lot of my 'net friends were very edgy too.

It makes you wonder... HMMMMmmmm....


Dec. 28th, 2012 11:17 am
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More some more sickness stuff..

....Seems what helps best right now, is lots of hugs and crying.

Im trying to stay less than 100% DV of sodium, as I thought maybe htis is what is cuasing my weird feelings.. it's SO HARD! because EVERYTHING has such a TON of sodium in it.. even just 8oz of chicken has 100% DV of sodium! Then what can i eat the rest of the day? Nothing, because every single t...hing i lookd at at walmart HAS at LEAST 14% DV sodium in it.

Even I cant drink water because it has potasium bicarbonate in it, and that interacts with the medicine I'm taking.. and i dont want to drink tap water because its got fluroide in it... and So im down to a choice between milk and juice, and milk has a TON more sodium than juice, so i drink juice, and im over 100% unless i wanna go thirsty all day.


I think i've got that stomach flu that's going around... My head has been hurting for like a week and my belly rumbly, and very burpy. :/

Cory and Sandy have it too.. But my chest has been feeling really weird through all of this. Not PAIN but just PECULIAR... along with the bubbly feeling in my legs and neck... pressure in my left arm.. very hard time sleeping... I slept from 4pm to midnight today...

Very sensitive to the cold.

and im very very nervous right now.. even the slightest out of place sound makes my heart race..

this includes eating. When i eat, my heart races, thus.. I do not like to eat :/

Tomorrow is date day, I hope i feel better, I'm sick of being sick..

I finally fixed my chest pains, and now im a nervous wreck over this weird stomach flu.. I dont think ive had a stomach flu before, because ive NEVER Felt like this before, and i keep debating whether i wanna go to the ER or not... or maybe try prompt care... But i hear prompt care is TERRIBLE. and theyve treated me like crap in the past...

*sigh sigh sigh*


Dec. 26th, 2012 11:17 am
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Spent all day making sure this was updated x_x

hopefully be doing it moar often..

Something to distract me when i feel peculiar ;-;

My belly has been rumbleh bumbleh a lot ;--;-


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